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FAQs About Turtle Babies, Young: Identification

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 It's a baby turtle!   3/28/12
We just found the baby turtle near the nest that we fenced as you instructed.  Photo to follow...
<Congratulations, Christine!!!  You're the proud parents of a baby Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina).   They tend to be a bit more carnivorous as babies … I feed mine the amount of wet cat food that will fit on a toothpick twice a week.   I soak them in about an 1/8 inch of tepid tap water for 5 minutes and then offer the cat food.  Usually within a week or so of hatching they'll start chomping away.  You can leave greens and fruits in his indoor enclosure for him as well.  Keep in mind that when he is small, he is easy prey for rodents, birds and the like, so a small terrarium setup is best.>
<Also, the eggs are laid 4-6 at a time, so be on the lookout for some brothers & sisters!>

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