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FAQs About Goldfish Disease/Health 29

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Goldfish Disease by "Types", Causes:
Environmental 1, Environmental 2, Environmental 3, Environmental 4Environmental 5,  Environmental ,  (Absolutely the Biggest Category)
Floaty Bloaty Goldfish
Nutritional (Second Largest)
Eye Troubles
Lumps/Bumps/Growths (including idiopathic tumors)
Viral and Bacterial, Fungal Infectious
Parasitic: (Ich, Protozoans, Flukes, Worms, Crustacean/ Anchorworms/Lernaeids, ) Fish Lice (Argulus),
Goldfish Swim Bladder Problems
Anomalous (Misc., Injuries, etc.)

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Goldfish are not "Bowlfish"!  3/25/07 <Hi Amy, Pufferpunk here> I bought 2 black moors today and tonight they died not even 8hrs after I bought them. <Sorry to hear that.> We didn't have air going into the bowl that I had them in.  Could that be the reason? Do they need to have heat, oxygen or anything else special that I just didn't know about? <They don't need a heater & actually prefer cooler water.  An airstone & filtration system is a must.  Did you dechlorinate their water?  Goldfish are messy fish=high waste producers.  Keeping them in a small bowl will quickly deplete it of O2 & their wastes will poison them.> I was under the impression that they didn't need any of that because every time I went to buy one the pet store said no, because I have a tropical tank set up with platies and mollies and one id shark. <Wow, do you have any idea how large an iridescent shark gets??? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v345/Pufferpunk/Other20Fish/iridescentsharks.jpg  > They said the moors would die in there or that their skin would flake off at the high temperatures and kill the rest of my fish. Is any of this true? <Hmmm... never heard that one before.  It's still best not to combine the messy cooler-water goldfish with your tropical fish though.> I probably sound stupid for asking such simple questions but I just wondered why they died and I know nothing about gold fish. <It's always best to ask stupid questions before you purchase your pets.  If you are still planning on more goldfish, be sure you have at least 10g per fish & a good filter, to accommodate them.  ~PP> Thank you, Amy

Possible Furunculosis  - 03/24/07 Hi, I bought 3 goldfish about a month ago, all from the same source on eBay. I have a 5" Oranda without tail measurement, and two Orandas. They're in a 46 gallon bow front tank with no UG, a penguin 350 with 2 BioWheels, an Emperor 200 with BioWheel and a H.O.T magnum with part carbon and part ammo chips. One of them recently developed ulcers. <Is this system thoroughly cycled?> He has 2 on his sides, one on his rear and one on the Wen on his head. Now the other Oranda developed a lump that burst open today just in front of his tail. <Yikes...> I do 2 partial water changes a week. Their appetites are good. I added 5 rounded tablespoons of aquarium salt for each gallon. <Good... though not efficacious for Aeromonad infections...> I treated them for 4 days with Jungle Fungus clear <... worthless except for the preponderant principal ingredient... Sodium chloride... salt> after taking out all the carbon. I realize that if this is Furunculosis, it's not a fungus, but the box says it also treats Furunculosis. <Mmm, not> I cut way back on their feeding. I'm feeding Hikari Oranda mini pellets. <Switch to Spectrum> Now I did a large water change added fresh carbon. Today I'm starting another round of medication with more salt. I live in a small town and have limited access to any fish products. The nearest PetSmart is an hour and a half away. I don't want to lose these beauties. Our vet doesn't treat fish. Help!!! What should I do? I've looked at every site I can find on the internet. But I need help fast. Thanks. Linda <... Need to know that this is actually a "Furuncular" condition... Which actually is difficult for home/hobbyists... as this entails culture, sacrifice of specimen/s... You have read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/PondSubWebIndex/holedispd.htm and the linked files above? You present no data on water quality... Your system has no discernible ammonia, nitrite... and these fish were not exposed to same? How much nitrate is present? Can you send graphics/images of these non-emarginated sores? Bob Fenner>
Re: possible Furunculosis additional info
 - 03/24/07 I just sent you an email about my gold fish with red sores. I forgot to tell you that I also have tried netting the first ill Oranda and treating each sore with hydrogen peroxide as per your suggestion in your site. Now with the second fish having a sore, does this cause too much stress from the handling everyday? Thanks. Linda <... all such handling is stressful... I would not manipulate these fish daily. B>
Re: possible Furunculosis... Uhh, no toxic water conditions
 - 03/24/07 Hi, I tested the water, this is with the medication in and no carbon. ammonia .5 <Toxic... deadly> alkaline 300 ph 8.4 hardness 300 nitrite .5 <Ditto> and nitrate 40. <Twice as high would allow...> I also raised the temp in the tank to 80 <Not advised...> when I started to treat the tank. Should I do another water change add salt and hope for the best? or is there a medication to use. You said switch to spectrum. I'll have to go a ways to find it. I'm assuming that's a med, not a food. Also sometimes one of them has stringy threadlike poop. Parasite? Thanks. Linda <... your fish are suffering from environmental poisoning... Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm and the linked files above... You don't have a bacterial disease... you have a poor maintenance, set-up condition that is poisoning your goldfishes. Bob Fenner>
Re: possible Furunculosis...
- 03/24/07 I forgot to say the tank should be cycled, it's been up and running 8 months. But I suppose I just wiped out all of my good bacteria with the meds. Should I just hope for the best and keep the water clean? <Read>
Re: possible Furunculosis   4/1/07
Hi, well I quit treating for disease, continued my 2 times a week 25% water change <Good> and have kept an eye everyday on the water conditions. They've been what the colors on this test kit say are acceptable. Ammonia 0, ph 7.8, nitrite 0, nitrate 40 , <Mmm, this is too high... by about twice. I would keep nitrate under 20 ppm. Means are listed... on WWM> hardness 300 and alkaline 300. Our water in this town is very hard, but nothing like this has ever happened to me before. Since I last talked to you about red sores, they have become deep ulcers, I lost one large Oranda several days ago, and my favorite fish  is floating in the corner with raised scales like dropsy, and is squishy to the touch. He will die any minute like my other Oranda. I cut way back on feeding, switched to Spectrum like you said, <Very good> and feed a couple of peas every day. <Even better> When I do a water change, I add Stress Coat and Stress Zyme or Cycle, <I'd leave off with this last... unnecessary> the only bacteria cultures available in my area. I have no undergravel filter, a small amount of gravel, a Marineland Penguin 350 with 2 BioWheels, Marineland 200 with BioWheel and a H.O.T  Magnum that I fill with carbon and ammo chips. <Very good> I have one 6" without tail Ryukin left. He's active and has a good appetite, but has red streaks in his tail fin and has a red lump at the base of his tail which I assume will burst open like the other fish. Oh, they're in a 46 Gallon bow front tank. <Big enough...>   Since your email I've been thinking. I moved the tank into the living room about a month ago which required a large water change. I suspect I don't have enough good bacteria in my system. <Yes... probable... along with too much nitrate. This last is indicative of waste-accumulation at dangerous levels... Could be the sole cause of the ulceration here> The water is crystal clear. <Mmmm... so is certain kinds of vinegar...> I did add 2 Tablespoons of aquarium salt per gallon. Now what? Thanks, Linda <More water changes, reading re lowering nitrate, patience. BobF>
Re: possible Furunculosis. High source water nitrate   4/3/07
Hi, Sorry to say it's me again! I lost my second Oranda shortly after emailing you. I froze him. Just in case, well I don't know. Anyway I read on another site to test my tap water. The nitrates directly from my tap are already above 20. <This is extremely high... So much so that I strongly encourage you to have professional help in sorting out their origin, removal... for your drinking, potable uses... Really> Somewhere between the two colors 20 and 40. What the heck? <Indeed> How can I can keep nitrates below 20 if they're already above that before I even do a water change. Great. Now I'm more confused, and my remaining Ryukins tail is bright red. Thanks, Linda <Turn your rightful angst and confusion to positive change... Seek out the knowledge of what NO3 is, whether your tester is accurate... inexpensive means of excluding/filtering (RO likely)... Bob Fenner>

Goldfish w/lockjaw  3/23/07 Hi, <Hello> I have read about goldfish with their mouths stuck open and feeding difficulties.  We would like to check for rocks but would appreciate some advice on doing so before we proceed. <Mmm... Please use the terms above in the search tool on WWM, for WWM... Such apparent cases are due to a few causes... Material/s getting wedged in the fish's mouths as you state... But also from genetic/developmental dispositions... the mouths not growing normally... due to heritage, nutrition, water quality... And at times the involvement of pathogens... Not a pleasant topic, but necessary at times/cases to understand. You will find, read re quite a few of these by perusing WWM. Bob Fenner> In advance thanks for any advice, Robert Shaw

Black Moor, env., nutr. dis.  3/23/07 Hello, We are looking after a sole Black Moor while offspring is off at University. <? During the holiday break I take it> The fish is about 5 years old, and has stopped exploring the tank.  He is staying at the bottom of the tank, but now has something looking like a worm coming out from below his anus.  It is like a thread and has a central core and is about 5cm long, and has appeared in the last day.   <Mmm, likely fecal material...> The fish looks happy, and his scales look in good condition, but he is quite bloated, and not eating.  We feed him TetraFin flake food twice a day, <A poor exclusive diet> which he has always come to the top of the tank for, but shows no interest now. We have read that peas may help clear a blockage - if we give him this instead, will this help? <Possibly> Or is there any treatment that we should add to the tank. Many thanks, Andrew Robinson <"When and where in doubt" run in circles, scream and shout? No... do water changes... Likely this, along with improving diet, will save your Moor... Please read here carefully: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/fwlivestkindex.htm Scroll down to the orange bar... the linked files on Goldfish Disease, including Mal-Nutrition. Bob Fenner>

Last Chance For A <sic> Sic Fish... Doing your best for a Comet  03/22/07 After 2 months of searching, reading, attempting, and calling... I'm now writing you in a last ditch effort to save my goldfish Columbo.  He has been unable to open his mouth for going on 2 months now.  He's managed to stay healthy until just the past 2 weeks when its finally started to catch up to him.  Currently am force feeding him with a syringe of which he manages to get a quarter of the food down that I give him.  He's become decidedly emaciated and is starting to slow down. <Not good> His lives in a 20 Gallon tank with a rubber nosed Pleco as his only tank mate.  I'm very aggressive about the water conditions and keep the tank chemistry fairly steady.   78deg F, 7.2pH, 0amonia, 0nitrite, and  trace nitrates.   He's had a varied diet of TetraFin goldfish flakes, Brine shrimp, and algae tablets. <Not enough greenery...> He has a congenital defect in his left eye.  That particular eye is malformed and what my wife describes as a proteoeye.. i.e... much smaller not well formed but has some function. He shows no other signs of illness except that he cannot open his mouth to eat and not from lack of trying.  On occasion I have seen him open his mouth to "yawn" and then jerk after the fact (Pain?).  I've read about rocks being stuck.. checked none found. <Good> Read about Columnaris disease... other than being unable to open his mouth no other symptoms, but tried an antibiotic anyway.  I've read about poor nutrition, as I've stated his diet has been varied so not sure what else to do there.  I've tried MelaFix treatments multiple times. <Worthless>   I have noticed that he will be able to open his mouth for a few seconds after adding a dose of MelaFix to the tank.  I've tried finding a vet in the area that treats fish and I've had no luck, none here (major metropolitan area) treat fish. I'm running out of options and time.  If I can find a cure soon I'm going to have to euthanize him.  I know he's in pain, and the added injury of allowing him to starve to death would be just plain wrong. PS I would have tried the forum first, but your account creation seems to be down. <Please contact Zo there... he runs such, not us> Thank you for your time Wes <Likely there is not anything that can actually be done here... This condition is likely congenital... If your goldfish does appear to be suffering, I would euthanize it. I do encourage you to try another variety (other than Comet) of goldfish, as these are very poorly produced, treated in culture. Bob Fenner>

Oranda problem 03/22/07 Hi, <Andrea> I have a 5yr old Oranda who I think is a male.  He has a white dot on his right side over his eye <Could be nothing to be concerned about> and his stomach's right side is bigger than his left side. <Not good> I checked water parameters and everything is normal. PH is 7 and no nitrites, no ammonia and nitrates is 20. <This last is border-line high>   He seems to be leaning on plants yet swims normally.  He is eating normally. <What though?>   He is housed in a 55 gallon tank with one Red Cap and Veil Tail goldfish, both of whom are unknown sex as well.  My concern is the PH last week was 7.4. <Not a problem> I feed then peas, and they have plants in the tank the they eat, and also pellets but just once a week, Tanks for your help..... <Mmm... could still be a myriad of things... and not much presented here to go on... I encourage you to read, starting here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshmalnut.htm then on to the linked files above... in the hopes that others' accounts will stir your awareness... Bob Fenner>  

Smudgy goldfish, speckled plant... Not a new Jet Li film, unfortunately   3/21/07 Hi crew! <Well hello there, this is Jorie this Tuesday evening, errrr, rather, *very* early Wednesday morning...> I've been looking all over the internet, and apparently no one has the problems I do with my goldfish.  Please forgive me if they are actually dumb questions because I've only just started keeping fish, but I'm already pretty much addicted.  I have a 29gal tank (ammonia/nitrates 0ppm, ph 7.8, nitrites 0ppm) with 4 goldfish in it (2 Ryukins, 1 fantail, 1 comet), 1 lavender mystery snail (about 1.5in diameter) and a 60gal tank filter. <Sounds like a good goldfish setup - decent amount of room, extra-filtration, good water parameters, etc.  Since you are a self-proscribed "beginner", I will give you my standard "newbie links", but sounds like things are going well thus far: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/fwestcycling.htm Also, my favorite goldfish 'net site is www.kokosgoldfish.com - lots of useful info. there as well.>   Two days ago, I noticed that one of my Ryukins and my comet had a little bit of fin/tail rot, so I took out the activated carbon and started treating them with Melafix, which had worked in the past. <Although your current water parameters are good (very good, actually - usually there's a small amount of detectible nitrate in even the healthiest systems), fin and tail rot are most often caused by poor water quality.  How often do you change the water on this tank, and in what amount? Also, how often do you change the filter media?  I'm thinking if perhaps you had *just* done a large water change, that would account for the excellent parameters, but could still be the cause of the fin and tail rot you mention. Re: MelaFix, I too use this, but just be aware that it is really only effective when used in conjunction with pristine water quality...that's the real key!>   Yesterday, the Ryukin started getting dark grey streaks on his tail, and today it's on his side fins as well.  I'm not sure what exactly it is, so I don't know what to do about it. <Sounds environmental; likely an extension of the fin/tail rot. I suggest re-testing the water. What type of test kit do you use? Hopefully not the dip-sticks (they are notoriously inaccurate). Also, be aware that test kits can and do expire. In any case, if this Ryukin is the only affected fish and the fin/tail rot progresses too far, you may need to isolate him into his own QT/hospital tank so that you can administer a broad-spectrum antibiotic.  Hopefully you can catch it before that, though. I do believe careful monitoring of water parameters, and increased frequency of water changes, coupled with the MelaFix should combat the problem. Regarding test kits, I am a personal fan of the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals product, seen here: http://www.amazon.com/Aquarium-Pharmaceuticals-Freshwater-Master-Test/dp/B000255NCI > I got my fantail from a friend who had been mistreating her, and once I started caring for her properly, she developed black smudges all over. <Not good - sign of ammonia burns (which I see in jumping ahead you realize!>  I assumed these were ammonia burns that were healing (because that's all I could find online).  These smudges, however, have been on her for about 3 months now, and they change almost daily (they disappear and reappear). <Again, even though your current water parameters seem great, I wonder how often and how much water you are changing. In a 29 gal. tank with 4 messy goldies, I'd be doing 5 gal. water changes 2-3 times per week. What you are describing here sounds like the fish reacting to stress, which can be in the form of poor environmental conditions...> They look like they're part of her coloration, which is why I don't think it's the black spot parasite I read about, but the constant changing worries me. <Me too. It doesn't sound like black spot to me either, or any sort of ectoparasite, but rather I think perhaps she's just very sensitive to fluctuations in water chemistry...> Finally, I noticed this morning that my tank itself is starting to become spotted.  I have fake plants in there that used to just be green and white, but are now speckled greenish/brown. <LOL - welcome to the wonderful world of ALGAE! Increasing the amount/frequency of water changes, frequency of changing filter media, not overfeeding (feed only what the fish consume in about 3-5 minutes, two times per day, at the most...), not over lighting the tank (which includes not placing the tank in direct sunlight), and keeping the phosphate levels in check will all help you battle this monster.  Regarding the latter, I like to use an additional filtration media called "PolyFilter" - it does a very good job in reducing phosphates.  Check here: http://www.poly-bio-marine.com/polyprod.htm Also, using filtered water (reverse osmosis/de-ionized being optimal) will help too.  If you get a chance, I suggest checking your tap water for phosphates (via a standard test kit) - you might be amazed with what you find...> The sides of the tank itself and the piece of slate I have in there also have these spots. <This can all be wiped off using algae-scrubbing pads (they make ones specifically for glass and acrylic aquariums), then siphoning out the debris-laden water. Like these: http://www.marinedepot.com/aquarium_maintenance_algae_scrubber_pads.asp?CartId= > The ones on the glass are actually circular, and individual. <There are also magnet-type algae scrubbers that work well for this: http://www.aquacave.com/searchresult.aspx?CategoryID=298 As you can see by the amount of product just a quick internet search turns up, there's an entire industry devoted to helping aquarists battle algae issues! Just stay away from the "chemical fixes" - these can lead to nothing but bad results. All the techniques I've mentioned above for combating algae are safe for your goldies and their friends...> I've attached as many pictures as I could take.  Sorry for the bad quality, but my fish are active (which is awesome) and won't stay still for me to take their portraits :) <No worries- I was able to see that indeed this is just plain ol' algae, nothing harmful to worry about!>   Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. <Hope I have...see above.> Have a great day! <Same to you! I'd better get to bed so that I can be at least a little bit human in the a.m.!> <Jorie>

Goldfish eating problem   3/20/07 Hi folks! Executive summary: <Heeee!> Comet goldfish can't open mouth. Details: I have a 20 gallon unheated tank occupied by a single comet goldfish (three years old) plus five white clouds (this is Australia, so unheated runs at a reasonably warm temperature - mid seventies ºF this time of year, a little cooler in winter). It's reasonably heavily planted - the goldfish and I have come to an understanding that I have a few sacrificial plants in there which he eats and he leaves the rest alone, although he is something of a landscape gardener and insists that things get replanted every now and then! <Oh yes!> The goldfish is quite small for his age - I suspect stunted as he spent the first 18 months of his life in a far too small tank with two companions (now deceased) until he was rescued. <Likely so> Usual water parameters - Ammonia zero, nitrites zero, nitrates 5-10, pH 7.1. Weekly 25 per cent water changes, clean filter pads with tank water. diet - flakes, odd treat of brine shrimp, plants from the tank, peas a couple of times a week, frozen brine shrimp and frozen blood worm as the occasional treat. <Sounds good> Now the problem: I noticed three oddities when I changed the water: Increased nitrate levels - up over twenty; <Mmm, check your source water here...> increased amounts of food debris; and the milfoil which the goldfish usually keeps thoroughly pruned is showing signs of growth. <Also the tap, mains water likely...> So I gave the tank a thorough gravel vacuum, and a larger than usual water change to get the nitrates down. <Good> But further investigation revealed the source of the problem  - the goldfish has something wrong with his mouth and can't open it. He doesn't appear sick or stressed yet (although I suspect a bit thinner - judging from the plant growth he has had this problem for four or five days) - still active, rooting around the gravel. He just looks puzzled as when he comes up to food he only nuzzles it and doesn't take any in.   I netted him out for a closer look, and attempted to gently (very gently) manually open his jaw with a toothpick, but it wouldn't budge - <Good try though> at least not with the level of force I was prepared to exert. There is no sign of physical trauma externally, although he looks rather "sucked in" underneath between his gills. So I'm a bit at a loss as to what to do. <Two choices really> I've cut down the amount of food I was putting in the tank to avoid water quality problems, and I'm crushing flake very fine in the hope that he can suck something up somehow. Any suggestions of further action? - my suspicion is that there isn't much I can do except wait and hope that the issue will resolve itself <This is one> or until he loses so much weight that euthanasia is the only option. <Hadn't considered this as an option> I presume that physical trauma is the most likely cause? <A possibility, yes... most likely this... though there are some genetic, developmental, pathogenic possibilities> I have lost a couple of white clouds in the last two months to what I suspect may have been fish TB (loss of weight, refusal to eat followed by death - in a quarantine tank - with severe curvature of the spine - one of the original goldfish died with the same symptoms) Thanks for your help Susan. <Well... you are faced with these choices really... to wait and hope, to euthanize this pet, or to try exerting more pressure (an inserted thumb nail is likely best... holding the fish in a wet towel... I do hope this problem is transient, not Mycobacterial involved... and that your Goldfish will make a full recovery. Bob Fenner>

Goldfish (troubles?)  3/16/07 Hello, <Carrie> Thank you for all the extremely useful information on your sight. <site>   I have already learned so much.  Unfortunately I can't seem to find anything that really seems to match what is going on with our family goldfish. <I see it> Our fish is one of ten original "feeder" fish bought for our daughter 8-9 years ago.  It is the only survivor and has been the only fish in our ten gallon standard aquarium for about 5 years.  We seem to do an okay job maintaining the tank, although recently it was neglected.  (As the ammonia burns on the tail show.)  The problem is, about a year or so ago our fish developed a growth on it's right gill.  It grew rather large, but didn't seem to affect the health of our fish.  We have tried several doses of "Tank Buddies" fizzing fungus tablets with no change.  Recently the growth has begun to change in appearance (size and color.)  It seems to have a growth on its growth for lack of better words.  The new growth is kind of white in color and looks almost fuzzy (why we tried the fungus tablets) but also has some black running through it.  The fish seems to be uncomfortable at times, although it mostly seems fine.  My four daughters have become very attached to this fish and we hate to lose it if it's something we can treat.   <Mmmm> I am unsure if it is a tumor of some kind, or if it is a disease that can be treated.  Nothing described seems to match this.  I am going to the pet store soon to get a water test kit (all I currently have is a pH kit, pH is currently 7.6/7.8)  The majority of the water has been recently replaced, and dechlorifiers added.  I now know I also need to test the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels (after searching through this site) and plan to do so today.  I am attaching a couple of photos to helpfully aid in the diagnosis of our fish.  (Sorry, the one photo is a little fuzzy, but gives you an idea of how far our this growth extends.) Tank info:  standard ten gal. tank, one 8-9 year old goldfish (approx. body length 4 1/2" about 8-9 total length?), long bubble stone, heater (not sure if it's needed, our house is always between 68-72 depending on the season), Penguin bio-wheel mini, assorted plastic plants, rock. Any suggestions you can offer will be greatly appreciated, even if it is preparing the girls for the eventual loss of their pet.  Thank you in advance for all the knowledge you share! Carrie <The best advice I can render you is to keep up the maintenance you've been doing... for the "breed", background of this Comet/Feeder goldfish, its history of being kept as it has been, likely fed just dried food... This is "about it" health wise... This tumor will hopefully not continue to grow, debilitate this animal. There are no specific cures... Bob Fenner>

Goldfish Question   3/14/07 Hi, I'm sorry to bug you with this, but I've read up on goldfish disease <Not on our site you haven't...> and nothing seems to fit "Mr. Fish's" symptoms exactly.  First, we got this $1 fish at a child's birthday party as a parting gift.  It seems like everyone's died within days, but 2 years later Mr. Fish is stick kicking (so to speak).  I went to Petco and bought a tank for him - about ¾ of a gallon, <Too small> no filtration <Needs...> - some gravel and some food. <Won't live on just dry/prepared...>   My maintenance routine is to periodically (when water cloudiness dictates) take Mr. Fish out of the tank and rinse it thoroughly, replenishing all the water with distilled bottle water. <Not a good practice...> He's done great thus far, but about a month ago I noticed a white spot (about the size of a large grain of sugar) on his side a little bit down his body from his gills.  The next day it was sticking out further and looked cottony in nature.  I looked it up on this site and determined it was a fungus of some kind.  I went to Petco again and got some kind of fungus treatment for beta fish because they didn't think the other treatments could be used in a tank without a filter.  I thought I was doing right by Mr. Fish by moving him out of his tiny bowl he came with and spending $30 on his set-up, but apparently I should have splurged a bit more for a filtered tank?  After a few days of the treatment the spot seemed to dissipate, only to return in the same area a few days later.  This has continued for the last month: white spot appears, it gets "cottony" goes away and then returns.  Some time he has two or three spots at once, but they're always localized to the same general area.  It's never on his mouth, eyes, gills or fins, and never on his right side.  Now the last two days he seems lethargic and while he'll take his flake food, he then spits it out and doesn't eat it.  Last night I was about to put him out of his misery because he was just sitting on the bottom of the tank apparently laboring to breathe, but then he started to swim although not like he usually does.  He also now seems to have one spot that isn't white, more tannish in nature with a "tail" like thing hanging off that looks like it's forked, which I think would describe a different disease, although this new parasite is not like what he's had previously.  So, any idea what's wrong with Mr. Fish and what I might be able to do to cure him?   Thanks for any advice you might have. Best, Kevin    <Have just skipped down. Your and your fish's troubles are "environmental"... Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Cloudy water, dropsy and Popeye... Goldfish dis.    3/14/07 Hi Guys <Yvette> Hope you can help me?  I have two fancy fantail goldfish about 18  months old now.  I have just nursed one back from swimbladder and having  changed his diet to lost of green veg and live food - <Good> he appears to be  fine.  A couple of days ago I noticed his mate was really listless but no  other symptoms.   Yesterday he had swollen up incredibly and has pinecone  like scales on one side.   <Yikes... a dropsical condition... actually called "Pinecone Disease" in some languages... e.g. Japanese> I rushed out to get some Interpet # 9, did a 50%  water change and added 2g per litre of aquarium salts.  I tested PH once  change and medication complete and all was fine.  This morning (he is  swimming about a bit and has eaten a little) the water is exceptionally  cloudy. <Yes... you've likely "bumped off" your beneficial and not bacteria... I would be checking/monitoring ammonia, nitrite... and have plenty of conditioned water on hand for change-outs...> Should I change the water again and redose with the salt and  medication?   <I would try Epsom Salt...> Is there anything I can do to make him more comfortable or  not?  I know the prognosis for this kind of infection is not good but I'd  like to do as much as possible...Their tank is 35litres and they are both about  2 inches excluding tails.  Their water is changed (about 30%) every week  and checked for PH, nitrite, nitrate and hardness.  With the swimbladder problem, your site had some fabulous "alternative" remedies which  seemed to work wonders but I guess no such "miracle" is available for bacterial  infection? <Mmm, no... depends on the type of bacteria involved... and is necessary to get the medication inside the fish... FW animals by and large do not "drink" their environment like marines...> Anyway sorry to ramble but worried about my poor fish Thanks Yvette <Please read here:    http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/saltusefaqs.htm Bob Fenner>

Fantail Goldfish constipation   3/11/07 Hi!   <Hi Michele, Jorie here today> I have a fantail goldfish and he has stopped eating. <That's never good.> He also hasn't defecated recently. <Also bad.> His abdomen seems distended so I'm assuming he's suffering from constipation. <My guess as well.> His water ph, ammonia and nitrate levels are perfect and he's the only fish in a 10 gallon tank. <By perfect, I hope you mean ammonia = zero, and nitrates are no higher than 20 ppm. Also, I'd suggest checking nitrite levels. With regards to pH, so long as it isn't one extreme or the other (basic or acidic), and it remains stable, that should be just fine.> I've read about 15 min Epsom salt soaks and feeding them peas. <Both can/do treat goldfish constipation.> He's not eating though so I can't get him to eat peas. <There's a product called Kent Garlic Xtreme (basically concentrated garlic oil/extract) that does wonders for stimulating fish appetite.  I'd suggest getting some, soaking a pea or two in a couple of drops, and seeing if this can entice the goldie to eat.  I've also read that putting one grain of Epsom salt inside the pea can/does help; obviously, the fish must eat the pea for this remedy to be effective. If your fish continues to absolutely refuse food (and, that may not be the worst thing, as many goldfish keepers swear that a few days of fasting works wonders in treating constipation), then I'd suggest adding Epsom salt directly to his tank (since he lives alone) at the rate of 1 tsp. per 5 gal. Keeping a close eye on the fish, I'd suggest leaving him in this treatment bath overnight, then doing a water change the next day. Some goldfish keepers do Epsom salt baths at a concentration as high as 1 tsp. per gallon, but I'd use that for a short-term bath (15 min., as you suggest), and only if the lesser Epsom-salt concentration doesn't work.  If you see improvement, you can treat your fish for a couple of days in the 1 tsp./5 gal. solution.> I'm not sure what else to do for him without hurting him.  Please let me know. <See above. Hopefully at least one of the above methods will work for you and your goldfish.> Thanks for your help! <You're welcome. Good luck, Jorie> Michele
Re: Fantail Goldfish constipation FOLLOW-UP
 3-13-07 Hi again, <Hello again>    I've tried the salt baths but nothing that I've noticed yet. <What concentration of salt and for what length of time? Perhaps gradually stepping up the amount of Epsom salt (up to 1 tsp./gallon of H20) may help.> I'm going to the pet store later to buy the garlic oil to put on his food to see if that works.  He hasn't eaten in a while.  I thought it was just him getting used to his new environment. <This 10 gal. tank is new for him, then? Was it cycled prior to adding the fish? Have you tested the water parameters recently?> He was actually on his death bed over the weekend.  He was pale and laying at the bottom on his side.  I took him out, prayed a little, started looking online for things to do, put him in the salt bath, tested his water, etc.  He's better, he's swimming, he has all of his color back - seems happy. <Good sign. I would recommend adding the Epsom salt directly to his tank for a period of 24 hours - if the short-term bath helped, then a longer-term "soak" should be even better.> As of this morning though, he still hasn't eaten (that I can tell) and I can't tell if he's finally defecated.  My question is - what if neither of these work?  Is there anything else that I can do for him?  I'm afraid I'll lose him soon.   <It's so hard to treat sick fish. The best thing you can do is keep his water clean, keep up the Epsom salt treatments, and try to stimulate his appetite with the Garlic Xtreme. If he won't accept the peas, you could try spinach or zucchini (boiled or blanched), or even Tubifex worms.  Anything that's not too starchy. Also, read through here for some additional feeding ideas: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshfdgfaqs.htm Treating fish ailments is truly an exercise in patience, and I can relate as to how frustrating it can be.  I do recommend longer Epsom-salt treatments, and will cross my fingers that this will help. Good luck, Jorie>       Thanks for your help!   Michele
Re: Fantail Goldfish constipation FOLLOW-UP
 3-13-07 Hi!  Thanks for your reply.  My answers to your questions are below. <<<Ok - let's take a look!>>>    Hi again, <Hello again>    I've tried the salt baths but nothing that I've noticed yet. <What concentration of salt and for what length of time? Perhaps gradually stepping up the amount of Epsom salt (up to 1 tsp./gallon of H20) may help.> <<I put 2 tsp in his tank and then I have a soak tank with a higher concentration in it.  I only soak him for 15 min per day in that.>>   <<<This is a 10 gal. tank, correct? I'd suggest increasing the amount of Epsom salt in the main tank from 1 tsp./5 gallons to 1 tsp./2-3 gallons - in other words, add a couple of additional teaspoons of Epsom salt to his main tank. How high is the soaking concentration?>>> I'm going to the pet store later to buy the garlic oil to put on his food to see if that works.  He hasn't eaten in a while.  I thought it was just him getting used to his new environment. <This 10 gal. tank is new for him, then? Was it cycled prior to adding the fish? Have you tested the water parameters recently?>  <<I put him in the new tank after the holidays.  He went from a 1 gal to a 10 gal.  I cycled it before I added him and I've been testing the water parameters.  All is good there.>> <<<Excellent. He could just be adapting to his new environment - does he have sufficient plants and decor to hide in? If he feels too "exposed", that can cause stress, lack of eating...>>> He was actually on his death bed over the weekend.  He was pale and laying at the bottom on his side.  I took him out, prayed a little, started looking online for things to do, put him in the salt bath, tested his water, etc.  He's better, he's swimming, he has all of his color back - seems happy. <Good sign. I would recommend adding the Epsom salt directly to his tank for a period of 24 hours - if the short-term bath helped, then a longer-term "soak" should be even better.>   <<Currently, I am keeping Epsom salt in his regular tank and then soaking him in the smaller tank for 15 min.>> <<<As per above, I'd increase the concentration of salt in the main tank.  I can't suggest the same for the bath without knowing the exact concentration of Epsom salt there...>>> As of this morning though, he still hasn't eaten (that I can tell) and I can't tell if he's finally defecated.  My question is - what if neither of these work?  Is there anything else that I can do for him?  I'm afraid I'll lose him soon.   <It's so hard to treat sick fish. The best thing you can do is keep his water clean, keep up the Epsom salt treatments, and try to stimulate his appetite with the Garlic Xtreme. If he won't accept the peas, you could try spinach or zucchini (boiled or blanched), or even Tubifex worms>   <<I'll try some of this later because I soaked some of his regular food in the garlic extract and he didn't care.>>   <<<You can alternatively add a couple of drops of the Garlic Xtreme to the tank water - see if this makes a difference. Don't overdose, though; as I'm sure you've noticed, this is really potent (and smelly!) stuff!>>>   <Anything that's not too starchy. Also, read through here for some additional feeding ideas: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshfdgfaqs.htm Treating fish ailments is truly an exercise in patience, and I can relate as to how frustrating it can be.  I do recommend longer Epsom-salt treatments, and will cross my fingers that this will help. Good luck, Jorie>   <<Thanks again!!>> <<<You're welcome. Hope these new suggestions help.>>>      Thanks for your help!   Michele
Re: Fantail Goldfish constipation FOLLOW-UP 3
 3-13-07 Thanks again for your quick reply.  Sorry I'm bombarding you with a zillion question.  I've answered your new questions below.   <<<This is a 10 gal. tank, correct? I'd suggest increasing the amount of Epsom salt in the main tank from 1 tsp./5 gallons to 1 tsp./2-3 gallons - in other words, add a couple of additional teaspoons of Epsom salt to his main tank. How high is the soaking concentration?>>>  For the 10 gallon tank, I only put a 2 teaspoons in there.  For the soak tank, I think I put a tablespoon in there.  I'm pretty sure this is what I read. <<<<Again, I suggest increasing the Epsom salt concentration in the main tank - as high as 1 tsp./1 gal. This should alleviate the need for the soak tank, also.>>>> <<<Excellent. He could just be adapting to his new environment - does he have sufficient plants and decor to hide in? If he feels too "exposed", that can cause stress, lack of eating...>>>  Unfortunately, he had 1 plant that I've removed since he's been sick.  In his smaller 1 gal tank, there wasn't any room for a plant.  He didn't have any in there either but he was so different in that tank.  It seems like when I put him in the new tank, he got lost.  He seems to like the smaller tank.  Not sure why and maybe I'm just reading him wrong.  His attitude is just so different.  What type of plants do you suggest?   <<<<Anything - plastic, silk would be just fine. Any sort of decorations, even simple ones like terra-cotta flower pots or PVC would help too. This should help your fish feel less "lost" in the new tank.>>>> I tried some real ones a while back with another fish that I had and it just got slimy and died.   <<<<Setting up a planted FW tank is quite an ordeal; for the time being, I suggest going with the "fake plants", just to make your fish more comfortable. Doesn't have to be fancy, just efficient.>>>> <<<You can alternatively add a couple of drops of the Garlic Xtreme to the tank water - see if this makes a difference. Don't overdose, though; as I'm sure you've noticed, this is really potent (and smelly!) stuff!>>>   Yes, it sure is.  :OD  When I put the food in there, he seemed to perk up and follow the food but he never went over to eat.   It's so weird because he belongs to my daughter and she named him something goofy but at the time all he wanted to do was eat and he would go crazy when it was food time so we changed his name to Starvin' Marvin and he's a totally different fish.  We definitely miss the fish he used to be.  Trying to nail down the problem is very difficult. <<<<It sounds as though he's stressed. Try adding the decorations, hiding places, etc., and perhaps even turn off his tank light to allow him to "settle in".>>>> Thanks again for all of your help and wisdom. Michele <<<<Good luck, again. Jorie>>>>

Goldfish question... tissue growth?  -- 03/09/07 Hi, I have a black moor that we have had about a year. She is healthy and acting totally like she always does. I have noticed in the past month or so that she appears to have something white lodged in her nose. At first you could only see it when you looked at her head on, but now the skin above the nostril seems to be thinning somewhat and you can see it shimmering there. I have read as many sick fish stories as my eyes can handle but haven't seen anything that looks like this. Since she has been acting normally I haven't been too worried about it but also want to make sure that it is nothing serious.   Thanks, Lily <Mmm, is very likely a bit of natural tissue growth... sort of like the Wens, or "hoods" of other fancy varieties (e.g. Lionhead Goldfish)... and will likely recede with time going by. Not to worry. Bob Fenner>
Re: Goldfish question... tissue growth?  - 03/24/07 Hi Bob, <Lily> I took your advice to heart and wasn't too worried, but I was checking out my fish last night and it looked like a small section of whatever was in her nose was starting to come out and flop around. <Yes... typical> I took a pretty bad picture of her to send to you. You can clearly see the white mark up her nostril, but cannot see the little piece waving around. It is about an 8th of a cm long hanging out of her nose. She is still acting totally normal though. Thanks for your time, Lily <And you for this follow-up... Again, I would not be concerned here... The tissue may "come loose" or you can opt to excise it when it ceases most growth. Bob Fenner>

Comet goldfish with slime disease?  3/5/07 Hello, <<HI.>> I have 2 comet goldfish in a 30 litre tank. <<This tank is far too small for even one goldfish long term.>> One is gold and one is gold and silver The gold one (Bubbles) has recently been staying at the top of the tank after I feed him (Swimbladder disease?? I feed them floating flakes. <<More likely insufficient roughage in his diet.   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshmalnut.htm>> He stays near the mirror at the back, only moving downwards if anybody comes and looks at him. Today I noticed that there was a small white line along his lips, and when he opens his mouth, the whole inside is white/grey (although this disappears slightly through the day). I don't have any nitrate testers etc. I have read that it may be slime disease. <<How did you cycle the tank? How often and how much water do you change?  You need to invest in tests for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, at the minimum.>> It is impossible to tell if the other fish has it in his mouth because that part if his body is white anyway. Could it be slime disease? <<You have not provided enough information, and without proper tests, environment and diet, treating something blind is not going to help here. Lisa>>

Terrible Siphon Accident, Oranda Eye Ball Ripped Out   3/3/07 Hi guys, <Hello, Mich here.> I have been reading your site for a while now, I'm pretty new to owning fish, but have put in the leg work in terms of research. I had a terrible accident today, I was doing a water change on my gold fish tank (10 gallon 2 gold fish and one Cory) I have an Oranda, a Telescope and a Cory cat fish (very tiny). while I was removing the water, my Oranda swam right up to the hole of the tube and got it's face stuck subsequently resulting in it's left eye being partially ripped out of it's head. I feel really terrible about it and I'm not sure what to do.  It was really hard to deal with. <I'm very sorry.  An unfortunate accident.  Traumatic for both the fish and you.> This incident happened about 2 hours ago, we have since removed the Telescope and Cory and put them in a 45 gallon tank (was supposed to be the new home for all of those fish) and we have the Oranda isolated in the 10gallon. He is swimming and eating, although not nearly as active as he used to be, but still active considering the situation. <Relax.  You don't want him to be overly active.  Tis a good sign that he's eating.  You may want to add a vitamin supplement to his food.> What should I do?   <Leave him alone.  Don't beat yourself up any more, and keep your water quality high.  You may want to add some aquarium salt to the tank.  RMF anything I'm missing here?> He seems to be trying to survive which is great and all, but I feel like this could have some bad news written all over it. <Sadly it may, but some fish can be incredibly hardy.  Don't give up!> Any advice you can offer up would be great, if he can survive this I'll gladly keep him and do whatever to cater to his new handicap, <Nice to hear, kudos to you!> but do you think it's a lost cause? <No.  Hope is not lost!  Hang in there.  -Mich>
Re: terrible syphon accident, Oranda eye ball ripped out  3/5/07
What's up guys?? thank you for your speedy reply. So here is an update. <Okay> It's been a couple of days and the Oranda is still alive, the eye ball is still hanging there. He is still eating and moving but again he is not nearly as active. he used to actively move his body to swim now he does a lot of floating around and just a little movement to get going in a direction. From time to time he'll try and shake the eyeball off. Speaking of that eyeball, it is now filled with blood, and kind of cloudy looking. will it fall off?? it's really detached from it's insides but it's still attached buy it's face near it's Wen. I'm hoping it will rot off and the Wen will grow over it, is that something that could happen??? <Only time can/will tell> I'm treating him with quarantine, water changes, and a little salt.   <Good> Also I'm finding this weird, kind of white, film that appears to be shedding off it's Wen. that was never there before this. so I don't know what that is. <Growth, stress...> Also how long do you think it will be before we can introduce him to the bigger tank?? or is he bound to isolation??? <A week or so more> again thanks for all the insight and hard work, I really appreciate it. take care, --Robb <BobF>

Methylene blue  - 03/02/07 Hi there <<Hello!>> I have a 4cm black moor in my 10g tank and 3 days after buying it, it developed white spot - I'm assuming it had this when I bought it and I just didn't notice. <<Perhaps.  What are your plans for tank upgrade?>> So I put some Methylene blue tonic in the tank to treat the Whitespot, and the people at the pet shop (another one - I didn't trust the first lot after the sick fish) said to replace the airstone once the fish was well and the blueness would come out of the water. <<Methylene blue is not the proper medication to treat Ick. There are much better treatments for this.  You biofilter is likely gone now as well from dosing the main tank.  I'd get on large water changes, adding Bio Spira and mature filter media from an established tank, and add some activated carbon to the filter to help remove the medication.>> I have an under gravel filter but not a carbon filter as such. The problem is that adding an air stone has made no difference, <<No, it wouldn't.>> And my healthy-looking moor is now swimming around in blueness. I've done two 50% water changes over the past 2 days in an attempt to clear the water but it's still very blue. I don't want to tip all the water out and start again because I don't want to kill or stress my fish, but I am quite keen to get rid of the blueness -any ideas? <<See above.  If you have nowhere to add carbon (a small HOT filter will do), keep up the water changes.  Please note that the Methylene Blue will permanently colour the silicone in the joints of your tank.>> Would tipping all the water out and starting again be that bad given that the Methylene blue probably killed my biofilter anyway? <<Usually does not. RMF>> <<I recommend large water changes, not total water changes.>> Rose <<Good Luck Rose! Lisa.>>

Mysterious Deaths of goldfish and Koi  - 03/02/07 Hello, I have a 55 gallon fresh water tank that until recently housed 2 common goldfish, 1 Shubunkin, 1 Koi, and 1 butterfly Koi. A month ago my Shubunkin died. There were no markings or spots on him, and when I was panicking and moving the other fish to a hospital tank I noticed that the heater was broken no broken glass, but inside the glass everything was blackened and when I plugged it into an outlet it let out a flash of light). <Yikes!> I attributed the death to electric shock and moved my fish back into their tank. Per tests at the time there was no traceable ammonia or nitrites, and the nitrates were under 5 ppm. The goldfish and the butterfly Koi seemed to be doing fine, but my Koi had a swim bladder problem. He was floating sideways and upside down for a time. When he got moved back into his 55 gallon tank he immediately swam beneath a piece of driftwood I had in the tank and stayed there for the next 5 days. <Unusual behavior...> I eventually got him to eat by dropping shrimp pellets right in front of his mouth. After a week of barely moving he finally returned to normal, swimming around and interacting with the other fish. The day before Yesterday I did a partial(20% water change) and everything seemed fine, I had a slight algae problem, but otherwise the water was mostly clear. This morning(3 weeks after the Shubunkin died) I woke up and my Koi and my butterfly Koi were both lying upside down at the bottom. <?!> I fished them out, tested the water and still no traceable ammonia or nitrites, and nitrates under 5 ppm. There are no markings on either fish, and last night when I fed them they were all acting normal and gathering around the "feeding corner" waiting for food when I got there.  I am at a loss as to why the fish died, and as they were my girlfriend's favorite (Johnny and Kirika) I want to make sure this doesn't happen again. I have had the tank running for about 8 months now with only minor problems had Oto's in the tank until I caught the Shubunkin eating one, and then the Shubunkin's death, otherwise never had a problem). I have searched through the KOI disease FAQ and it seems odd that they would die when they acted normal, the tank has no ammonia or nitrites, and there were no visible markings. Thanks, Adrian Legg <Mmm, something else is or was at play in poisoning these fishes... but what? A household cleaner? Perhaps an aerosol used in the house? Have you placed something in this tank in recent days? It could be the driftwood mentioned is imparting a chemical or physical property to the water... There is a possibility of metal toxicity... I would get a pad of a product called PolyFilter and place this somewhere in your filter/flow path... to see if a distinctive color of some sort shows... (this may happen if there is a metal present)... Bob Fenner>
Re: Mysterious Deaths... goldfish, toxicity?   3/3/07
Hello Again, I will try the PolyFilter, I have a spare pad or two somewhere in my house (far too much fish stuff in one apartment). And regarding the changes to the tank, I haven't really added anything within the last month, the driftwood has been there for about 5 months, plus my tank has a almost complete cover, but it does leave a slit across the back open. Maybe something got in that way. <Perhaps... can/could even be a "bug" flying in... some are quite poisonous once dissolved> I have already found a sympathetic LFS (Helps that I'm buying 2 Banggai cardinals, 1 Falco's Hawkfish, 1 sea hare, <Do make sure this is a tropical animal... and that it stays small> and several corals from them right now) that is willing to take the two goldfish off my hands and hopefully give them to a family that will take great care of them (going to break down the tank soon, and either convert it to salt water so I can have clowns or sell it off). Thank you very much for your assistance, I just wish this was a simple problem. - Adrian <Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Goldfish... Hlth... No useful info.   2/28/07 Hello, I have had 2 common goldfish for almost a year with no problems, We recently upgraded to a 10 gallon tank from a 2 gallon tank, doing so we added 2 small fan tailed goldfish and 1 big algae eater. <Yikes... need much more room... and what type of algae eater? A "Pleco" needs much more room, and a Chinese Algae Eater is incompatible... will cause your goldfish damage> We also added new decor to the tank, including a hollow log fixture. We have noticed over the last 2 weeks or so, all the goldfish tend to stay in it all day. <Bad behavior...> They only come out to eat. Then yesterday I noticed that one of my common goldfish appears to have been bitten maybe. He's got bloody sores on his belly. I thought goldfish were not aggressive. <Almost always they are not...> Do you think the fan tails are biting him. <No... I think this is either a/the CAE (as above) or poor water quality...> I do not want this fish to die, they belong to my 3 year daughter. What should I do??? Help please... Amber <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm and here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/algaeeatersart.htm and the linked files above... Ammonia/Nitrite... CAE... Bob Fenner>

Fish with no eyes - got a pic!   2/27/07 <Missing from a fancy goldfish... from? Incompatible tankmate/s? Physical trauma? Poor water quality, rough handling...? BobF>
Eyes missing this morning from my new fancy goldfish  2/28/07 I bought 2 new fish 2 days ago for my 90 gallon aquarium which had one Koi 12" <Oh oh...> and 6 goldfish 2-4 inches. They were both fine yesterday. This morning the white with gold one was OK but the dark brown one with the big cauliflower head looked like the top of his head exploded and his eyes are gone! I was horrified. Do you have an idea what might have happened? (I have one other brown one in the tank.) I have him alone now in a small tank. Thank you! Nancy <Unfortunately this was likely a matter of the Koi, or possibly the larger extant goldfish "sucking" on the head, eyes of this new fish (or possibly another unmentioned tankmate, like a Chinese Algae Eater)... The eye-less individual may well be able to be trained to take prepared foods and live a good long while, though blind. Bob Fenner> Re: fish with no eyes - got a pic!  2/28/07 Yes, with a very big head until it got chewed up. <I see... I will match this with your query of today. BobF> Re: Eyes missing this morning from my new fancy goldfish  2/28/07 Thank you for the reply. Can you tell me how to feed it? <Mmm, perhaps a "feeding ring" (can find, buy these at fish stores... maybe use one intended to hold a "worm feeding cup"... I would train this fish by "swishing" the water at the surface, lightly tapping the tank edge prior to offering food... may have to hold right in front for a few weeks... BobF> Re: Eyes missing this morning from my new fancy goldfish  2/28/07 Oh, and is this aggressive behavior or are they just hungry? <Much more likely the last... an unfortunate accident, by fishes having no teeth, not carnivorous... BobF>

Re: Sick Koi, please help with diagnosis, 1 zoomable picture  2/26/07 Hey crew,     I wanted to thank you for your time replying to me. But I'm still have a sick Koi/goldfish and my shark died. Pleco's are doing good though. I have labored over water changes ever since I destroyed my good bacteria and had to resort to BioSpira to spare the Koi more stress (and myself). My Ammonia is 0, nitrite 0, and nitrate is <20. I'm still using salt at 1 tablespoon per 5 gal. because the Koi's skin gets extremely red if I don't.  I also got another emperor 400 bio filter setup. I have also been feeding Medi Koi twice a day, and have just started feeding Metro Med also because the problem was not getting better. I put Prazi in my tank a couple of days ago and I am not sure if I should continue. <... not w/o knowing what you're treating... Do realize that these treatments do have their "downsides"... That in ways, to extents you're poisoning your livestock...> The Koi is now hanging out by the air stones, he is also darting everyone once in a while. He is still loosing scales and find at least 4 in the tank everyday. Where he lost the scales, red bumps occur, and it still looks like the skin is being eaten away. I see little red dots in patches before certain area's get 'faired up'. His tail fin has large red bumps on them and the bumps will burst after a couple of days, the same as the bumps by his tail. As you could imagine, the Koi is starting to get weak but is still begging for food. Through the last week and long hours of research, I think this could be either Costia, Flukes, or Fish Lice? What medicine(s) do you recommend? <... I do NOT like treating systems, organisms blindly... A cheap microscope would/could give you definite direction here... At this juncture, I would "try" Fluke-Tabs... as the organophosphate will kill most all the above... as well as further poisoning your livestock. BobF> Picture attached.

Advice for a Sick Goldfish?     2/23/07 Hello WWM Crew, <Scott>      I wonder if I can ask for some advice from you folks about an appropriate remedy for my wife's sick goldfish - Lucy.    <Sure>   I'll try to brief but still cover the facts. The fish looked very healthy when she was first purchased about a year ago. About three months back, I noticed that she just didn't look healthy - her fins were eroded and I noticed a faint grayish "film" over much of her body. Also, she was spending an inordinate amount of time swimming right at the top of the water.    <Mmmm>   I poured through your articles and FAQ's on the subject and took the following action (1) lots of water changes and sand vacuuming (say 30% every week)  along with (2) a diet change to brine shrimp (in lieu of the goldfish flakes we were feeding her). Over the next couple of months her swimming habits improved dramatically, and her original shiny gloss began to re-appear. Fins were mending but not back yet.    <Ah good... was, as you seem to have presumed... a lack of vitality probably stemming from environmental and/or nutritional deficiencies>   About a month ago, I purchased a tank mate for Lucy (named Ricky). <Bobaloo!> We did a four week quarantine and Ricky was doing very well so we put her into the tank last week. Things seemed fine for a few days then a couple of days ago my wife found Ricky dead and stuck to the intake of the external filter. Lucy was in very bad shape - floating upside down at the top of the tank and rapidly respirating.    <Yikes>   I figured Lucy was not long for the world - but she is a living creature and I wanted to do my best for her. I did two 50% water changes over a span of about five hours and figured she would expire over night. The next morning I was shocked to find her "still kicking" - a little better, struggling to swim upright in the tank, but still a sorry site. I thought about euthanizing her, but I can't say for sure that the situation is hopeless yet (do you?).  So I have been continuing 50% daily water changes (into the third day now) and noticed that she is nibbling on algae in the tank (and pooping).    <Goldfish are remarkably resilient, given chances>   Even so, she still spends about half of her time upside down on the top of the tank (see attached photos). It is a very sad sight. The grayish film on her body is re-emerging and she has a small bulge on the side of her belly. This morning I decided that now is the time to try to medicate the tank and, based on my very limited knowledge have concluded the best available treatment is a combination of Maracyn and Maracyn Two.    <And perhaps a bit of aquarium salt... a level teaspoon per ten gallons of water>   I wonder if you would kindly share your thoughts on what I am doing and if you have any other suggestions.    <All seems/reads as fine... with the exception of the loss of the new fish... its decomposition impinging on the health of Lucy... your actions will likely "save the day" here>   Thanks in advance for your reply, and all the great work you do for this hobby.    <Excelsior! BobF>

Re: Deb/Siegfried Goldfish     2/23/07 Dear Jorie,  Mr. Fenner,  and Crew, <Well hello there, Debbie!> This is just an update on Seigfried, my fancy goldfish,  who lives now with the "Sucky Fish",  since Roy passed away in early January. <I love getting e-mails like these...> Seigy enjoys being an only child and is doing exceedingly well!  <I'm so glad to hear this, after the rough start you and your fish had.> He keeps the Algae Eater in line as well. <LOL> Since I began using an "adult" water testing kit <you graduated from the crappy, inaccurate test strips to the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals liquid test kit, if I remember>... <Heehee - it's not too complicated, right?> ...and reading my "beginner's book" that Jorie recommended <"The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums", by David E. Boruchowitz>,  all is calm and healthy. <Excellent! I hope you found the book helpful and you are now understanding some of the "why" behind my previous advice.> Seig sends his regards... <Say "hello" back, please> , along with my never-ending heartfelt thanks for all that you've done for my fish "family". <You're most welcome. It makes me feel like I've done something good by helping educate folks about fish and their requirements. Sadly, many people think of fish as nothing more than pretty decorations that can be added, moved around, and kept in totally ridiculous conditions; if I can help teach folks about the wonders of this hobby, and the needs of the living beings that are its subject, well, then, the honor is mine.> I hope you remember us.  We think you're wonderful. <Awww, shucks...> Debbie Karst Baltimore,  Maryland <Keep up the great work, Debbie! Thanks so much for the update. Who knows, maybe one day you'll be sitting on this end of the queries, helping others learn about our hobby? Take care, Jorie>

Siegy, finally a photo!   3/11/07 <Hi Cheryl- Got your photo of Siegy- thanks for sharing! He looks well (and is very cute); I'm glad he's got so much swimming room.  I would, however, suggest a bit of aquascaping (decorations, plastic or silk plants, gravel) to give him a bit more "security", so that he can hide/sleep without being out in the open at all times.  Also, the gravel will help your aquarium establish the nitrogen cycle - the little bacteria (the good kind!) will live in there, colonize, and help convert ammonia into nitrite into nitrate, as we've talked about, and I know the Boruchowitz book you now have discusses. I think Siegy will be even happier with some "surroundings" - but rest assured, he does look well! Jorie>

poorly fish, English   2/20/07 I have 3 gold fish and 3 minnows and all were healthy up until yesterday when I noticed my oranga cant <can't> swim to the bottom and when he does he instantly gets thrown back to the top of the tank again (either upside down or on his side). All the other 5 fish all seem very healthy and are growing nicely. This oranga however seems really ill. I feed them just one pinch of food a day <Dried food only...> and this is all and it feeds all 6 (I make sure they all get some and it is gone with in 2 minutes of putting it in to the tank). I hear that the reason the fish is doing this could be because of the pH however all the other fish are well. <Yes> And I also hear it can be caused by bloating and over feeding yet once again all the other fish are well. <Thus far> I have done a 40% water change just incase <in case> it is the water <Good> (I regularly give water changes every week and filter clean ever 2 weeks). There are no signs of any infection on any of the fish so I am very confused. I also do not want my other fish getting sick if this one is as I care for them very much. Is there much that can be done and do you have any idea's on what the mystery illness could be. I'm scared that it will die and by doing so will make the others ill. Also the colour of my fish has changed and all have gone just one colour when they were all 2 colours to begin with. I hear this is to do with light yet I have put a light in their tank since the beginning and increased it since. Is this detrimental to the fish? I hope you can help. thank you. <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshmalnut.htm and the linked files above. Very likely the one fish is suffering from a dietary disorder... induced. Bob Fenner>

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