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FAQs About Goldfish Disease/Health 17

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Goldfish Disease by "Types", Causes:
Environmental 1, Environmental 2, Environmental 3, Environmental 4Environmental 5,  Environmental ,  (Absolutely the Biggest Category)
Floaty Bloaty Goldfish
Nutritional (Second Largest)
Eye Troubles
Lumps/Bumps/Growths (including idiopathic tumors)
Viral and Bacterial, Fungal Infectious
Parasitic: (Ich, Protozoans, Flukes, Worms, Crustacean/ Anchorworms/Lernaeids, ) Fish Lice (Argulus),
Goldfish Swim Bladder Problems
Anomalous (Misc., Injuries, etc.)

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Goldfish trouble, no info.  - 02/20/06 Hello, <Hi there> I'm a rookie! But I do care about my new Goldfish. I researched the basics on raising and maintaining Goldfish before purchasing them for my daughter and I. My fish (4) are doing well with the exception of one. He has developed black spots around his body and does not eat. I only seem to find case similarities by the names of "black smudge" or "spots," however no real clarification on how to treat my sick one. Please advise. I really feel my fish has little time. I have kept my tank clean. PH levels good, non- cloudy water- ammonia burns are one thing but please inform me what I need to do to keep my Goldfish alive. Thank you in advance, Al <... need to know much more... re the system make-up, water quality, the history of these fishes... See WWM re or write back with more info. Bob Fenner>

 Goldfish problem  - 02/20/06 Hello, Bob: <Jason here.> I have two common goldfish (yellowish-gold color) in a 10 gal. tank.    <Too small.  At that size, you should have them in about 10 gallons per fish.  I'm sure you are aware of how much waste they produce!> I have a filter and a light hood that came with the tank. They have grown to about 2-3 in. each and have become very beautiful.  A few weeks ago, I purchased some food that said it would   help with the color.  One has not changed much, but the other one has developed a dark patch on top of its head and what looks like a   little mustache on top of its mouth.  Its fins have also gotten darker.  I did not know if this was a normal reaction to the food   (which contains Spirulina and shrimp meal). A few days ago, I noticed that both of them are either loosing a few   scales
<Uh oh.  Have you noticed your fish intentionally scraping against any of the decor?  Otherwise, they could have bumped something sharp on accident -- Goldfish are quite clumsy.> or they are loosing color. I also noticed there was a strong smell coming from the tank (which I   figured it to be ammonia). <Now this is a problem.  Please read here about the Nitrogen Cycle: http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/fwestcycling.htm >   I changed the water (about 25%) and it   got better.  I also scraped the tank for algae. I get very confused with all the info out there....change the water   often, but don't kill the good bacteria. <Changing your water doesn't hurt your good bacteria because your good bacteria reside on objects in the tank, substrate, décor, but mainly your filter.  If you are rinsing your filter when you do water changes, don't rinse it in tap water; the chlorine kills all the good bacteria!  Rinse it in the tank water you change out.  Please get yourself some test kits and monitor your Ammonia and Nitrite levels, use water changes to keep these below 1.0 PPM while you are cycling.> Is there a balanced way to do this? <Cycling with fish in the tank is always hard.  Just keep Ammonia/Nitrite below 1.0 PPM.  Try to avoid doing water changes bigger than 30%.> Thanks a lot for listening. Nancy P.S.  The other day, Nemo (which is the largest one) had a piece of   gravel in its mouth and it looked like it was stuck.  I had no ideal how to help it, so I put my hand in the water to get its attention,   and it spit it out. Is this a common thing among goldfish?  If so, what can one do to   prevent/help with this problem? <This is pretty normal.  Goldfish are, after all, bottom feeding carp, scavengers by nature.  Mine will suck up a bunch of substrate, roll it around their mouth looking for food, and spit it out all day.  Just be sure your substrate is not a size that could get lodged in their mouths and you'll be fine.> <Jason N.>
Re: goldfish problem
 - 02/20/06 Jason: Thanks so much for the prompt reply!  I WAS rinsing the filter in tap water....it goes to show you how little I know about fish and tanks. I am learning as I go, with the help of people like you. Thanks again, Nancy <No problem, I'm glad to help!  Learning is a cornerstone of this hobby; everyone who is an active member is doing it.  I am often put in my place on the WWM forums by more experienced hobbyists.  Keep up with your water testing and water changes, re-cycling a previously cycled tank can take anywhere from a few days to the 30-40 that it took to cycle in the first place. Jason N.>

Anchorworm, black moor    2/17/06 Hi. I just brought home my black moor and upon close (really close) observation, I noticed he had some small whitish, stringy things hanging off him. Almost like a piece of long fuzz (less than a centimeter). Any ideas what this could be? <Lernaea likely> I tried doing a search on Google but failed. As for my other black moor that I brought home, he is smaller and when he swims he shakes more than the bigger moor. Is this typical of younger fish? <Mmm, to a degree, yes> He does seem to mellow out, but every now and again he seems rather spastic. Thanks so much. I really do appreciate any information. Pam <I would do a Google search on WWM re the above terms... and physically remove the adult crustacean parasite, treat the water to kill the intermediate forms. Bob Fenner>

Oranda standing on his head   2/13/06 Hi! The crew has helped me with my last few problems, and yet again I'm faced with another goldfish question. On Wednesday, I purchased and gold and white Oranda (small) who seems for the most part very healthy. Today (4 days later) he LOOKS healthy but he has two teeeeny tiny little white spots in its "cap" He is repeatedly "head butting" his head on the gravel and on the ornaments in the tank and seems to be mesmerized by the background scenery of the tank. He's literally standing on his head! He is eating very well, <What is it eating? Not dried food alone I hope/trust> and is swimming around the tank intermittently with the head butting.....should I take him back to the petstore? <...> is my other goldfish in danger of whatever is going on? Thank you in advance for any advice you have.... Michelle <You would do well to isolate/quarantine new purchases. The spots on the head/Wen may be nothing, as may be the other/anomalous behavior. Removing the fish if it has brought a pathogen at this point is moot. Bob Fenner>
Re: Oranda standing on his head   2/14/06
The fish are eating a combination of foods: peas, cucumber, zucchini, and Anacharis (tank plant) <Very good> When he swims he looks great! He is a bit top heavy, seems like his Wen outweighs him! <Yes... a "downside" to over-fancy directed/allowed mutation> He's just getting fixated on certain ornaments and can spend hours just staring at it and head butting! Can you recommend any other foods I should be adding? <The occasional "shrimp" item (frozen/defrosted brine, krill), good pellets like Spectrum...> perhaps blood worms? <Not really a good choice, except for an occasional treat... once a week or so> Also, can this behavior be from having flukes in his Wen??? <Not as far as I'm aware. I have given many "pitches" (one-shots to a week in length) using "feeder comets" (all goldfish, like domestic dogs, are the same species, actually di-hybrid cross), that "never fail to deliver" in having a good sized parasite fauna abundance and diversity. Rarely see specific flukes on their heads... though almost always on gills, sometimes on body (at base of fins in particular)... but Fancy varieties are generally "cleaner", reared in better conditions... often prophylactically treated to remove/discount external parasites...> Thanks again is advance! Michelle <You could treat for Trematodes... but I would not, unless in making microscopic examination, you definitively identified their presence. Bob Fenner>

Goldfish problem   2/13/06 Hi Crew, <Richard> I have just recently found your web site quite fascinating, but the answer I am looking for is not to be found. Firstly I have several goldfish (9 actually) in a 270 litre tank ,a couple of weeks ago 1 of my goldfish developed to white lumps, about the size of a button, one by his dorsal fin ,the other on his top lip, they don't seem to be bothering him, but I am curious to know what they are, <Me too> none of the other fish have these lumps, this fish is 4 years old. they have a 25% fortnightly water change, they get fed once a day. And they seem very happy. Any ideas would be appreciated regards Richard <Please check, fix your grammar before sending mail... Likely your problem here is environmental and/or nutritional. Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm and the linked files at top. Bob Fenner>

Goldfish, env. disease 02/12/06 Hi my 2 new gold fish: Glitter and Goldflakes are my first fish ever. First Glitter didn't look so well... cloudy all over and even in his eyes. <Usually a sign of improper conditions> Goldflakes had a cloudy spot in his eye. then after treatment with Maracyn and Maroxy (still 2 days to go on both) Glitter is good. However, Goldflakes has developed the same cloudy spot on his eye (right eye only) and I'm not sure if the 2 meds am using will help. Please help....no idea what to do :-( Thanks, Janhavi <I would read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm and the linked files at top... consider possibly adding salt... as you will see. Bob Fenner>

Re: Oranda goldfish with collapsed stomach  - 2/11/2006 Thank you for the information.  The following day he was swimming around as if all was fine.  However, a new problem has developed.  While his eye balls are still in their proper places, the area around his eyes are very swollen. <Evidence of internal trouble...>   They look like clearish/grey donuts around his eyes.  I don't believe it is pop-eye, as the actual eyeballs do not appear to be affected.  He seems to be able to see and does not have cloudy eyes.  He is in a 50 gallon tank with 2 roommates, and the water test results are:  Nitrates: 0, Nitrites: 0, Hardness 110, alkalinity appears to be somewhere between 80-120, and pH is 7.2.  He is hanging out at the bottom of the tank, but still eating.  What sort of treatment would you suggest?  Thanks a lot for your help- I truly appreciate it. -Jennifer <See WWM re the use of Epsom Salt and goldfish. Bob Fenner>

New goldfish, new goldfish owner  - 2/11/2006 Hi all: <Anne> I may be worried about nothing, but I'd rather be safe than (very) sorry. On Sunday, February 4, we got our first two goldfish. We have a 16-gallon (60-liter) BiOrb tank that we had run with conditioned water for about 3 or 4 days before purchasing the fish. <... needs to run a bit more than this before introducing livestock...> About 6 hours after we released our new pets into the tank, we noticed that the smaller one (Jojo) had a fish louse. <Good observation> My fiancé removed the fish from the tank and took off the louse, using tweezers. The next day, we purchased some Clout from the fish store and, following the store's directions, treated the tank. We did a partial water change and waited. Each time we have tested the water (twice now), it's been theoretically perfect. <Okay> We had been feeding them exclusively Mini Sticks but read more about feeding them fresh veggies and so offered them a spinach leaf (lightly cooked -- still mostly firm). They did bite at it but didn't appear to have removed any visible pieces from the leaf when we removed it. We then started feeding them peas (baby peas, microwaved for 1 minute, shelled, and split into smaller pieces). <Good> Jojo is missing some scales -- and had been since we brought "her" home. Mojo, the larger one, appears to have been healthy. We picked them both from the same tank in the fish store. <Likely "just stress"... the new tank and Clout exposure> We noticed that Jojo had not been pooping -- at least not that we saw -- regularly, and when she did, it was thin and white. So we treated with the clout again and did another partial water change, this time adding a little aquarium salt. Today, February 10, I tried to feed them some peas -- but they showed little interest. In fact, although Mojo took a couple of pieces, Jojo took one but then spit it out, showing no further interest in any pea pieces. They've always preferred the Mini Sticks, so I did soak some of those in aquarium water and put them in the tank. Both fish did go for the sticks, but without their usual vim and vigor. Later, I noticed that their fins are starting to be clamped -- specifically their top fin and their bottom (not side) fins. This is more the case on Jojo than on Mojo, but both are exhibiting this symptom. <Again, good observations, reporting> In addition, as of yesterday, we noticed that Mojo's right front fin is very frayed -- no white around the edges, but "he" struggles to swim straight. The fish seem to get along well, and we haven't seen them chasing or biting each other. In fact, they spend most of the day together in what appears to be peace and harmony. I called the fish store again this afternoon and spoke both with the person who had recommended the Clout for the louse and with the general manager. Because the water has been in good shape, and the fish shouldn't be crowded (they are each approximately 2 inches long -- probably a little smaller -- in a 16-gallon tank), the manager suggested pulling them out to examine their gills for parasites. We have not noticed any when watching the fish inside the tank, but we will absolutely check them more closely this evening (we had to go back to work). If we don't see anything, the manager wants us to take them back to the store for evaluation. <Mmm, it is very common for gold (and other fishes) to have considerable parasite fauna as a consequence of being reared out of doors...> Long story short, is there anything else we can do to help our poor fish? We have both grown quite fond of them, and I'd be heartbroken if we lost one or both. I am concerned that pulling them out of the tank and driving them 40 minutes to the fish store, and then 40 minutes home, will be too stressful -- they've already had a challenging couple of weeks. Would it be better, assuming we don't see any parasite signs, to just wait and be patient? <Yes> This is the first time I've owned fish, so although we've both done lots of reading, I'm very worried that I'm going to do -- or not do -- something that will cost them their lives. Please help. Thanks in advance. Anne <I take it you have measured ammonia, nitrite... and these are non-detectable... I might add a bit (a level teaspoon) of Epsom Salt here... but otherwise leave the system and fish be. Bob Fenner>
Re: New goldfish, new goldfish owner  02/12/06
Dear Bob: <Anne> Thanks so much for your reply. We did end up getting recommendations yesterday for ParasiteClear and antibacterial food, both of which we used last night. Mojo has "his" fins unclamped and is swimming more. Jojo, however, switches between moving around more slowly and just sitting at the bottom of the tank. "Her" fins are still clamped. They are, however, both interested in the antibacterial food and are eating it. <Takes a while... weeks to months> I am hesitant about over treating them -- medicines are all to some degree poisons -- but as you mention, and as we've read, fish store fish are prone to parasites because of their provenance. As either the ParasiteClear or the antibacterial flakes helped Mojo unclamp and be more active, the manager of the fish store (we called him again this morning when we saw Jojo at the bottom of the tank) suggests that we continue doing both treatments for 2 more days (3 days total). We also noticed this morning that the water has a slight greenish tinge to it. The manager and said it may be from the fluke medicine (we keep testing the water, using two testing systems, and it tests healthy) and to not worry about that right now. He said to keep treating the tank as we have been and not to bring the fish in, but to call him again if they appear to get worse. He has been very helpful. <Good> We will do a 25% water change today and continue with the salt and two other treatments for 2 more days. Then, assuming all is well, we will add carbon back to the filter, do another 25% water change, and resume feeding with peas and soaked Mini Sticks. I hope that this is a good course of action. After these 2 days, we will have done everything external possible and will be able to wait and see without worrying that we've left out something essential. Thanks so much for your help -- we're both pretty new at this, but we are very fond of our fish and want them to be happy and healthy for a long, long time! I especially appreciate the speed with which you responded! Yours, Anne <Welcome my friend. Bob Fenner>

Goldfish Problem  - 2/11/2006 Sorry if this is a bit long, but a bit of history may be in order to understand the problem. <No worries> My friend had a 20 gallon tall tank, which had been stocked with seven goldfish, one male Betta and two Plecos. <Mis-mixed and crowded> (Yes, I know - severely overcrowded).  It was filtered with a small corner filter (inadequate) but she did at least vacuum the gravel fairly regularly.  It wasn't too bad until she introduced the Plecos without quarantining, and of course picked up Ich.  In spite of medicating promptly with Aquarium Pharmaceuticals General Cure, four goldfish, both Plecos and the Betta died.  She then decided she'd had enough, and gave the set up to me along with the three survivors, as she knew I had several Bettas, and had kept a tropical tank of this size many years before. When I got it, it had a severe algae problem, as it had sat in a sunny window, and the nitrates were sky high.  Somewhere over 110, <Yikes> as that is as high as my test kit reads, and it was the very darkest colour there was. I yanked out the corner filter, and put in a Whisper 20 power filter, along with a Lee's undergravel one to act as back up and to provide additional aeration.  I'd been a bit concerned about that being insufficient as the surface area is smaller on a tall tank than a long.  I also added a six inch bubble wand to help out as well.  I got rid of a number of unsuitable ornaments, and retained only the gravel from the original set up, which is a very attractive tumbled sea glass.  I'd added a couple of proper aquarium ornaments and some silk plants. Everything went well for almost a year, apart from one minor fungal infection which I'd managed to get on top of. I had the ammonia and nitrite counts at zero, and the nitrates were approximately 20 before the weekly 25 ? 30% water changes and gravel vacuuming (thank god for Python systems), and 10 just afterwards.   The water was always treated with Aqua Plus, which removes both chlorine and chloramines ? not exactly sure what Toronto tap water is treated with.  Ph steady at 7.5.  A couple of weeks ago, I noticed all three of them bottom sitting, all in a row, and breathing heavily. <Do be aware that water treatment municipalities at times "pulse" treat their systems... and the water can be quite toxic to aquatics following... My purpose here in advising folks to store change water for a week or more before use>   They perked up readily enough when they were fed.  I had a close look at them, and one of them had a slightly cloudy eye.  I wasn't quite sure if I was facing another fungal infection, <... not directly. Water quality is the cause here> or if I had a bacterial problem.  They were medicated with both Furan 2 and Fungus Cure, both by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals.  In spite of this, one died.  He'd been eating, and then suddenly keeled right over backwards, looking like he had a swim bladder problem.  He died about six hours later.  Of the two remaining, one had perked up after the medication and was back to normal activities, and the other one was still bottom sitting.  The one who was still bottom sitting had developed little spots mainly around his mouth and eyes.  They didn't look like classic Ich spots ? they were more like tiny clear air bubbles rather than white, but I added some Clout just in case I was wrong about that. <... stop... these medications are killing your fish>   There had been absolutely no fish or live plant additions in the time I have had the tank, which is a year now, so if it was Ich, I had no idea how it was picked up.  A day later the second fish died, keeling over just like the first one had.    I then decided I'd best break things down, as I suspected something seriously wrong in the tank.  I'd been testing the ammonia, nitrites and nitrates throughout, and they had remained rock steady.  I knew I'd probably clobbered the biological filtration, though, and I didn't think my readings would remain stable much longer.  So the lonely only was transferred into a currently empty Betta tank ? 3.3 gallon Hagen Living World all purpose type tank with a cover and a 7.5 watt mini light.  I added a new corner filter I'd had in stock, but had taken out the Hydor mini heater.  I'd filled with (rather gingerly) one third old tank water, and two thirds tap water treated with the usual Aqua Plus.  I left the bottom bare.  He remains active and eating (Big Al's Staple Goldfish Flakes and one frozen pea a day), but I noticed the morning after I put him in the small tank that his poop was small and white.  Am I possibly looking at internal parasites here? <No... just a toxified animal> I've ordered some Jungle medicated food for this, but it won't be here for a day or two yet (my local PJs doesn't carry it!!)  Is it possible that all three fish were carrying them for a long period of time before they showed symptoms?   <No, not likely...> I've been testing the small tank daily, as I knew it wasn't cycled.  After 24 hours the nitrites had gone up to .1.  I've been doing 25% water changes each night.   How long can he manage in this small tank?   <Not indefinitely... but with water changes, careful feeding, likely a few weeks> I've been working steadily at stripping out and cleaning the 20 gallon tank. Is hot water and aquarium salt adequate for this? <Yes> I'd still like to keep the original sea glass gravel, and my ornaments, if I can.  Should the silk plants be replaced, as they're a bit harder to clean? <Can be soaked in a light bleach solution to clean> Should I leave the set up dry for a while after its been cleaned before refilling and starting to cycle the tank again? <I would not, no> I want to do a fishless cycle, using the dregs of a large bottle of goldfish feed.  I can't get Pro-Spira in any of my usual sources, either in shop or online ? <Should be able to... it's Bio-Spira... from Marineland> can Cycle or Pro-Biotic be used just as effectively?   Is my undergravel filter a good back up for the power filter? <Mmm, not for goldfish... please see here: http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm> There wasn't nearly as much crud underneath of it as I'd thought there might be, although there was some.  The fish itself looks to be 2 ½ inches long excluding tail (Ryukin, I think).  My friend first got him about 2 ½ years ago, and he wasn't really tiny then. Is this normal for his age, or has his growth been affected by his poor start?   <You are very likely correct here> I'd like to give him another companion once things are more stable, as I think they do better with company.  How long would the 20 gallon be suitable for the existing fish and another goldie of possibly about half the size of the one I have now, given my maintenance program and filtration and aeration systems? <A few years>   Obviously any new comer would be quarantined for a while in the small tank.   Is there any further testing I should be doing to keep an eye on things in addition to what I'm already doing?   <Mmm, no... as stated, I would start storing your water ahead of use... You can stop treating it if you'd like by doing this> Are goldies generally better with flakes or pellets?   <Pellets> I'm considering one of the Hikari feeds, as my Bettas eat their stuff with great success.  Any thoughts here would be appreciated.  Great site, by the way, and I can't get over how much things have changed since the late 1960's, <Heee, agreed> which was the last time I had anything larger than a Betta tank.   If you do send any response via e-mail rather than on the web, please use my Hotmail account rather than my work account which is what I am sending this from.  Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer. Fiona <Your intelligence, concern and capacity for communication shine here. Please do take your time, consider what is stated here and on WWM. You'll do fine. Bob Fenner>
Re: Goldfish Problem  02/12/06
Thank you for your prompt response. <Certainly welcome> I wasn't aware that municipalities "pulse" their water treatment programs.   <Yes... to put this quickly, there are times when distal checking reveals either a lack of sanitizer or abundance of bacteria in the potable... overdosing temporarily (and often venting a bunch of water at the ends of "runs"... via hydrants usually) is a means of redress> Maybe I should look into seeing if I can find something to test for chlorine and/or chloramines as well.   <Yes... unfortunately advisable... or just storing the water as stated> Leaving buckets of water sitting out for a week or so really isn't an option for me - my place is small, and usually filled with kids, dogs, cats etc. etc. etc.  But maybe testing and adjusting the AquaPlus when I do the water changes could work.  Something to think about, anyways. <Yes> The fish is still very active and eating well in his Betta tank.  I did notice this morning that he has unfortunately developed three patches of fungus.  Not the really fluffy stuff - the whitish grey patchy kind.   Too much stress, I guess.  I've salted the water in two separate doses to bring it up to about a tablespoon of aquarium salt (I think its supposed to be a tablespoon for five gallons, but my salt is quite coarse.)   I'd prefer to avoid more antibiotics if I can at this point. <I agree>   Does the salt affect the ammonia levels, by the way? <Yes... actually helps in a couple of ways...> I noticed when I tested this evening that it had spiked to about 2 from the previous days .6, in spite of a water change this morning before adding the salt.  Nitrite steady at 1.  Or is it just cycling? <Likely... or re-cycling> I've acquired the anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial food now, but haven't given him any of it.  If he doesn't need them, I won't, but I like to be well stocked just in case. I'm glad to hear you think the goldfish can survive for a few weeks in the Betta tank, as I think it will probably be about four more weeks before he's back home, if he survives the fungus, that is.  I won't put him back until I'm 100% sure he's over that, and I want to cycle the tank anyways.   Everything is soaking in a strong solution of hot water and aquarium salt right now, and tomorrow I'll drain the tank out again, and refill with fresh and start over. I've been doing quite a bit of reading on your site in the last week or so - about the goldfish as well as the Bettas.  My Betta care and water temperature isn't quite what is recommended, but, seeing as how my guys are pushing three years old now, I think I'll work on the premises of if it isn't broke don't fix it. <Good>   My daughter wants a tank with neon or cardinal tetras, so I've been reading up on them as well, as I think she'll be acquiring a six gallon tank kit for her upcoming birthday, but I've already got a good idea of who will be doing most of the work. <Outstanding> Anyways, once again thank you for your help. Fiona <A pleasure to aid your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Orange spots on a goldfish   2/10/06 Dear WMC crew; <Okay (Gives Crips sign, surreptitiously)> I would not normally stoop to bothering you, but I have a fish question that I have not been able to find the answer to. I have a single 7" long goldfish named Weezer that I rescued four years ago from a party (he was a centerpiece), and for some time now he has become a nice rosy-quartz color. As a baby he used to be orange, but I know that kind of color change is normal. He has always had a deformed upper jaw, but I took that to be a genetic defect and it has never really caused a problem, other than making him look funny.  In December, we left for slightly over a week and noticed when we came back that he was quite sluggish and had dark orange spots, two of them, on the scales at the base of his tail on the right side. He also had an orange streak on one of his front fins. <Signs of stress... likely from diminished water quality> At that point he was living in a translucent Rubbermaid container with about 10 gallons of water in it, <Too small...> a large chunk of rose quartz (matching pretty well with his color), a few plastic plants, some gravel, a power-head filter (not a great one, but it kept the water quality up) and a box filter that sucked from the bottom and overflowed back over the top (with a mechanical filter insert and a bag of activated carbon we changed every 2 weeks to a month). In this tank we really only got a good view of the top of him, because of the green growth on the sides of the tank and the non-transparent sides of the tank. I admit, we rarely did water changes, but when we checked after a few 25% water changes, it looked like there was about 80 ppm nitrates (although the nitrate test occasionally turned orange instead of dark pink, I really don't know what's up with that). <Pollution> Just after Christmas (gotta love boxing-week discounts at the aquarium supply store), we bought him a larger tank. We filled it to around 30 gallons, added gravel and switched over the power head with some fresh media in it (it was a bit clogged). We added some of the gravel from the established tank and a few scoops of water from it as well (just used discarded water from the partial water change). <Good changes> At first, we tried cycling the tank with fish food, but could not ever register any ammonia, <Likely already cycled...> so we decided to use household ammonia. <Not a good idea> It took a bit of searching, but we eventually found a brand with no other additives and dose about 2 ppm, bringing the pH back down to about 7.6 with some pH-down. About this time, we started worrying that Weezer might have septicemia, because the orange spots weren't going away and his eyes were rimmed with orange and protruded slightly. There were also a few small raised blood vessels around his eye area. <... the fish was poisoned> So we dosed his tank with Maracyn two for about ten days (before we realized it had expired in 2003-oops!). Meanwhile, we kept the ammonia dosage in the cycling tank up for about a week, dosing more ammonia as needed, until the filter was able to bring it down to non-detect in a bit over 24h. Figuring that Weezer couldn't possibly produce that much waste by himself in the 30 gal tank, we decided that when the nitrite levels dropped to zero it would be safe to move him. That weekend, the water quality in both tanks matched pretty well, ammonia and nitrite were non-detectable, with the pH around 7 (we did have to drop the pH in the new tank to match the old). When we moved him using a net, a few of Weezer's scales got a bit damaged and he seemed to have a white spot on one of then, a bit like a zit. Also, the orange spots had not really gone away, and we discovered some orange patches on his belly right between the front fins, which we had not been able to see with the top view we had before. The fin joints also seemed a bit reddish and there was a single short dark orange streak in his tail. So we went to the fish store to get him some more meds. We dosed the tank with CopperSafe to guard against parasites <... from where?> (because we weren't sure what the white zit thing was), and got him some anti-bacteria fish pellets which we fed him twice a day for ten days. Good news: the zit thing is now gone, his scales have healed nicely - although he seems to have lost another this morning from hitting something in one of his mad dives - and his appetite does not seem to have suffered (still greedy as ever). Bad news: after 10 days of the medicated fish food, the orange spots have not really changed and there is now a third orange spot at the base of his tail. <I wouldn't be concerned re these> Plus, since the meds weren't really proper floating pellets, we had to skim a lot of floating fish poop because of the attached air bubbles. Weezer is still acting sluggish (except at feeding), and his lower lip is inflamed (it protrudes because of the lack of a proper upper jaw) from rummaging head-down in the gravel to retrieve the pellets that did not stay afloat. So, after this long winded story, I have two questions: 1)       Could the orange spots be septicemia? <Not likely... just environmental stress, not bacteria directly> Everything I have been able to find refers to red and bloody patches and streaks 2)       If not, what could these spots be? Are they dangerous? <Are indicative... of likely nothing> Thanks for your patience! Christine, <Your fish will likely be fine in its new, improved quarters... with regular maintenance. Bob Fenner>

Looks like my goldfish may have dropsy   2/10/06 Hello WWM,      First off, thanks for having this site... so informational!!      I have a moor and what I think is a blue fantail (gorgeous creature) which I was given as a gift in a tiny 1 gallon plastic do-it-yourself tank.  I know nothing about goldfish and aquariums, but I went out a week or two later and bought a 10 gallon tank with a proper filter and moved them.  They <Them, they? More than one> live with 2 little black snails also.  The fish are rather young, about 1 inch each.  They have been very active and it looks like they are quite fond of each other because they always swim together, eat together, etc.  They've been in the tank for approx. 2 weeks and I have changed 30% of the water since.      Sadly, this morning I noticed that my blue (Pinky I call it) was not as peppy as usual when I come to feed them.  Instead, I noticed it was sunk to the ground, bloated (looking obese) and with scales sticking out.  The moor (Inky) is just fine like usual.  I know that they have been constipated (cause of their poop) so I've been feeding a pea every two days in place of their normal food, as well as their normal flake food each day.       I'm very new at this stuff, but I love my fish as I love my other pets.  Please help me.  In the meantime I'm going to my LFS.      Thanks a bunch,   S. <Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshmalnut.htm and the linked files above. I would likely try Epsom Salt... changing diet and regular water testing... Bob Fenner>
Re: Looks like my goldfish may have dropsy   2/13/06
Hello,   <Where is the previous correspondence?>   Thanks for the quick reply.  After I wrote that day (4 days ago),  I quarantined her in the small 1 gallon tank that was originally given  to me.  I have been changing her water and giving her the dropsy  medication daily.  I didn't use Epsom salt.  I have been  feeding her Hikari sinking pellets (2-3 daily).  I'm happy to say  that she is eating, pooping normal poops, and has become more  active.  Her dorsal fin has even become erect again.  I think  I mentioned that she also had Popeye.  Well, her eyes have come  down quite a bit.  However, her body is still bloated and her  scales are still sticking out.  Is she on the road to recovery?     S. <... impossible to state. Bob Fenner>

Injured Goldfish   2/9/06 Hi, <Hello> I have just bought a 3rd goldfish for my tank and soon after placing it in the tank I noticed it had a large cut down the one side of it. I presume this happened when the fish was first released into the tank.  The fish does not seem to be affected too much by this cut, however I have noticed the other two fish are biting at the cut and the scales around the cut.  Are they doing this to help the wound heal or are they doing this to pick on the new fish?   <Mmm, for whatever reason this is not good for the injured fish. Should be separated, treated> Many thanks for any help you can provide. Jason Taylor. <I would add aquarium salt and maybe a sulfa drug here. Dosages, regimens are detailed on WWM. Bob Fenner>

Goldfish Fin Rot   2/8/06 Hi I have another question. My goldfish who recovered from Floaty-Bloaty syndrome, developed fin rot in the process. <Quite common> I performed a complete water change <Best to avoid such> and the rot disappeared almost completely but the fins hadn't completely healed yet. <Takes time...> He had been doing great until I did a partial water change on Sunday and this morning the water was very cloudy. The fin rot   returned and he was unhappy, so I did another complete water change   <You will kill this fish...> this evening and the white rot tufts at the edges of the fin disappeared once again. He is pretty much cleared up again, but should I purchase an Anti Biotic for him so this stops occurring or try and heal him the natural way. I just don't like that this keeps re- occurring. What do you think? <Partial water changes... see WWM re> Here's my water parameters Ammonia-Was at .25, now is at 0 Nitrate- 0 Nitrite-0 PH-Neutral Additives: -Tetra's Easy-Balance (I still do regular water changes, I don't use it for the sake of leaving water for 6 months, I use it because it keeps his water clear and pretty :) -SeaChem's; "Prime" De-chlorinator -Aquarium Pharm's- Aquarium Salt I was looking into Maracyn Plus (biospheres) but prefer not to douse medication in there. Thanks for all your help -Jon <Bob Fenner>

Unknown Disease - Goldfish   2/8/06 Dear Mr. Robert,             My fan-tail goldfish has dropsy, and it shivers and shakes and its breath along with it when I put anti-biotics in its bowl. Please reply!                                                                    With all due respect,                                                           Jessica Chang <Don't live in bowls... Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm Bob Fenner>

Sick goldfish. Google: goldfish, bloated, one-side   2/8/06 Hi, I have a goldfish that is bloated on just his left side. <Not good>   His upper fin isn't fanned out like it normally is, and I find his hanging out in the bottom corner of the tank for long periods of time usually.  I have 3 goldfish in my 10 gallon tank.  I don't know if I showed put him in an isolation tank, or what's wrong with him.  I would really appreciate your help.  thanks.  Becky <Could be "just" a damaged gas bladder (on one side) or possibly a tumor or non-symmetrical fatty infiltration. Please read here: http://www.google.com/custom?q=goldfish%2C+bloated%2C+one-side&sitesearch=wetwebmedia.com Bob Fenner>

Ill Shubunkin   2/8/06 Hi    I mailed you once before regarding constipation in my yellow goldfish and after following your excellent advice regarding diet, I have come to the conclusion he is just podgy!    I now have another problem. My 5 yr old Shubunkin, Dyson, is displaying some puzzling symptoms. He has a ragged tailfin, and his dorsal fin has split into two. There is no sign of any white spots to indicate fin rot, and other than the raggedness, the colouring is normal. His mouth is now permanently open, as if he has had a stroke. <Maybe> He appears to be swimming ok, and there are no other signs of illness. I have removed him from his normal tank (17.5 gallons), and placed him into a wide rimmed isolation bowl for an emergency measure. I used 6 pints of main tank water in this to minimize the stress, and added Disease Safe (Interpet). The PH is 7, ammonia and nitrite are 0, and nitrate levels are at 40. <Too high by about twice. I'd keep below 20 ppm... means are gone over on WWM> I use tap safe each water change, and add a biological supplement on a regular basis, each time following manufacturers instructions.    He appears to be feeding OK, and I can't see any stone in his mouth although I am only looking through the tank wall for this). I am really stuck, the petstore didn't have any ideas, and I am a bit concerned about the little chap!      Any help would really be appreciated.      Paula <Not much to say or do here. The cause/s? Perhaps just environmental... but could be nutritional, genetic... Cure/s? Better water quality mostly... and hope, time. Bob Fenner>

Goldfish - White ... and one passed away   2/8/06 I had three goldfish here at school - have had them a little over a year.    About three months ago, one of the goldfish started turning white, eventually turning all white.  He looks kinda freaky now but seems fine otherwise.  Is this normal?  What would cause this? <Can turn color, sometimes natural, often nutritional, water quality related> The second goldfish recently started having trouble swimming - he'd swim upside down, sideways, etc.  He did this for 2 days. I watched carefully and he seemed to be fine otherwise, even eating.  He did eventually become very "sick" in appearance, alternating between laying on the bottom and swimming right at the top.   He is now no longer with us.    I am very concerned about the two goldfish who remain (including "whitey") even though they appear to be fine.   What could have been the problem? <Improper diet most likely> Is there something I need to do in order to keep the other two from also getting sick?   <The reciprocal...> The water is partially changed on a regular basis and the filter is working fine.      Yvonne <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshmalnut.htm and the linked files at top. Bob Fenner>

Foam & Fin Rot Question, poisoned goldfish, system   2/7/06 In my goldfish tank in which I have been treating for Finrot w/ T.C. Capsules there is a white foam on top. <... Tetracycline is not efficacious for treating fungal infections, but good for creating foam> It is coming from my lift tubes  from my UGF. When I removed it with my net there was a brownish residue, is  this from the medicine? <Yes> My carbon is expired and I'm going to buy a new one  today. I just want to know why there is foam, and if it is harmful. <Can be... but generally not as long as there is strong circulation, aeration>     My second question is that my goldfish that I have  been treating for Finrot with salt, Pimafix, Melafix, and T.C. capsules for  8days now has a blackish line surrounding his/her damaged fin.  It is not  healing fast. What is the black line? Is it going to heal? Thank You <Is damaged flesh from being poisoned... by your treatment. See WWM re these materials, treating goldfish maladies. Bob Fenner>

Quite suddenly my goldfish is swimming with his mouth wide open. It    2/6/06 appears he can't eat this way. I took him out and checked for blockage inside (as he likes to pick up and spit stones) but didn't   see anything. PH is good. 2nd fish is OK.  Water/filter change last weekend.  Any insights? Lynn Ann Richardson <Use the Google... for goldfish, mouth, open: http://www.google.com/custom?q=goldfish%2C+mouth%2C+open&sitesearch=wetwebmedia.com look at cached versions, read. Bob Fenner>

Sick goldfish, system    2/3/06 I have 4 goldfish that since a day ago, they have been staying on the  bottom of the tank. <Something's wrong with their environment> They have not been swimming up to the top since then to get their food. I have only seen them wait until it comes down to the bottom. They   float down there on the very bottom and they swim erratically a few times. They swim a little, but barely. We haven't did anything different to the tank, except  my mom soaked the accessories from the tank with vinegar in a pan, rinsed  them really well and put them back in the tank with the fish. She got that from  somebody's advice. Is this why they are like this, because they started acting  like this after she did that?, <Maybe... do you have test kits for water quality?> or is it something else? Please help me, because I  don't know if it's serious or not. <Is serious. Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm and the linked files above... in the hope that something will become obvious to you re what's wrong here. Bob Fenner>

Lionhead with black eye  - 2/4/2006 Hello, I am a recent new owner of two one inch Lionheads. On examination after release into my established tank I noticed one has a black eye. The entire eye looks like a pupil. <Happens> The other fish does not have this and I am unclear if this is pop-eye or something else. <Mmm, no. Likely genetic or developmental...> Tank is ten gallons, gravel bottom and I have one algae eater, <Keep your eye on this... can be trouble> two snails and two orange "unknowns" that came with my husband. This must have been present when purchased and I am unsure what to do. Any help would be appreciated.   Molly Roddy <Nothing to do here... not a tremendous impediment. Enjoy them. Bob Fenner>
Re: Lionhead with black eye  02-05-06
Thank you, I am relieved to know that this is not likely a parasite or fungus. Hate the thought of giving my other fish a problem. Will keep an eye on that Plecostomus, I know they have a reputation for being hard on the water quality. Thank you so much for your help. Will keep you updated on any changes. <Ahh, the Pleco's are not as much an issue as Chinese Algae Eaters... Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Red streaked finned goldfish problem  02-05-06 Hi there: I just happened to find your e-mail address on a website and am desperate, my daughter's 7 yr old goldfish is sick. Have you ever seen anything like this before? Kathy White <The condition is termed septicemia... do please read on WWM re causes. BobF>

Aggressive Goldfish   2/1/06 Hi crew. Sorry to bother you again, but I think I need your help. Your advice with the scenery change seemed to work for about a week, but now Robert (sex is not actually known) is attacking Lucy again, even more aggressively than before. She tries to get away, but she's not very fast. Sometimes when he lets off she just floats listlessly at the top. I guess I'll probably have to separate them. But I don't have another tank, I don't know anybody with one and I can't return my fish. Also, I don't want them to be lonely. That was why I bought another one in the first place. Is there anything else I can do? Lindsay < Get a tank divider. It will allow water to pass through. When you are home watching them you can reintroduce them. When things get too rough then you can reinsert the divider.-Chuck>

Goldfish Bloated Up   2/2/06 Thanks so much for your help again. Unfortunately though, I think I may require some assistance again. I will definitely try the tank divider-that is, if Lucy doesn't die first! She can barely swim now, and mainly floats upside down at the top! I think it might be a dietary problem. I only learned recently that vegetables are good for fish. However, I don't know how to treat this. I tried giving her some peas, but she can barely swim to get them. I know how annoying this endless correspondence must be for you, but I really do need help. Lindsay < The stress of continuously being chased has stressed your poor goldfish to the point that it has an internal bacterial infection (Bloat/Dropsy). Do a 50% water change, vacuum the gravel and clean the filter. Put the sick fish in a breeder type net and treat the tank with Metronidazole as per the directions on the package.-Chuck>

Goldfish won't open mouth, querior won't use WWM   2/1/06 I have a 2" Sarasa Comet in a 20 gal tank for now (until I build a new pond) with 1 tankmate of similar size. I've never noticed them fighting or making any contact. They've been fed various flake food, bloodworms, peas and occasional lettuce. Recently, my fish will not eat anything. He swims up to it and noses it, but appears to be unable to open his mouth. He used to open and close his mouth occasionally while swimming, but I haven't seen him open his mouth for a few days now. Is there anything I can do to help this fish? <... am doing what you should... using the Google search tool on WWM, with the terms, goldfish, mouth, open... look at the cached views: http://www.google.com/custom?q=goldfish+mouth+open&sitesearch=wetwebmedia.com Easy, eh? Bob Fenner>

Goldfish health   2/1/06 Hi there my name is Kamran. I've a little problem regarding the health of goldfish. her tail is getting blood lines and getting heavy too. sometimes she sits at the bottom. I've changed water but no fruitful result obtained. she is about 5 inch long and takes food regularly. pls tell me the solution. the size of aquarium is 2ft x 2ft x 2ft filled with fresh water Thanks Kamran <Mmm, most likely directly to not so direct environmental influence/s. Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm re Set-up, maintenance of goldfish systems. Do you have filtration? What is your tested water quality? What do you feed this fish? Bob Fenner>

Sick goldfish query with little useful info.   1/31/06 I recently purchased a new goldfish after bringing it home and having a close look at it, the fish is bent with a bloated belly but only on one side, my first thought was that it may be pregnant but not really sure as the swelling is only on one side the other side is flat !!! please help!! <... not good. And much to say/relate. Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshdisease.htm and the Related FAQs linked at top... and write back with pertinent information re system set-up, nutrition, water quality history. Bob Fenner>

Stringy white poop, goldfish health  - 1/30/2006 Hi, I have recently bought a black Moor and have now noticed that his poop is long white and stringy. After doing some reading online it sounds as if it is an internal parasite. <A possibility, but not necessarily> I ordered Jungle-Laboratories Anti-Parasite Medicated Fish Food. I was just wondering if this would help him. He doesn't seem sick, he's still swimming around and eating really good...no problems other than that. Also I was wondering... there are four other fish in the tank with him...should I treat them too or separate him from the others? Thank you Lindsay <... I would treat all... and read on WWM re Goldfish Systems, Feeding... Bob Fenner>

Re: Very Sick Fantail   1/27/06 Help again!  My fantail was doing really well after doing everything that you told me to do.  He seems to have gotten worse, however.  Instead of floating upside down, he's now floating on his side.  The plants worked out great at first (for my other fish, but he didn't seem to take to it), but the other day when I cleaned out the filtration system, I noticed that there were a ton of baby snails (At least I think that's what they were.  They were so small.).  I got rid of the plants, but I've been feeding them peas.  They don't seem to like other vegetables (cucumbers and lettuce).  Is it harming them to give them peas every day?  If so, what else can I give them? <Other blanched terrestrial greens, some meaty fish foods (fresh, frozen/defrosted)... posted on WWM> Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Kris Lawson <Help yourself... read on WWM. Bob Fenner>

Goldfish disease   1/27/06 Dear Wet Web Crew, <Carla> Your website is wonderful - I did look around for quite a while, but I couldn't find an answer to my goldfish's problems. Dash is a white and gold fantail who I've had for two years.  He's definitely been on-again, off-again with swim bladder disease, which I manage by keeping him on a constant pea diet.  Is it healthy to only feed goldfish peas, by the way? <Not indefinitely or alone, no> Dash has this recurring string-like white/grey thing that grows/attaches itself to his tail in the exact same spot every time - it grows, gets kind of fuzzy, falls off, and then a few days later, a very thin strand will appear, attached to his fin, and then it will get fuzzy and thicker.  I've treated him with a number of antibiotics, for fungus and for "true" fungus, and they don't have any effect.  Any idea on what this might be and how to treat it?   <Mmm, might be a parasitic crustacean or worm. I'd give a pair of tweezers, pulling it off a go... Daubing the area with a mercuric topical after> There is no redness or sore at the site of contact, so I don' t think it's a worm. A few days ago he developed a slight black spot above one of his eyes - more than a line than a spot, almost like an eyebrow above the eye.  It appears to be part of his skin - not fuzzy or protruding in any way, and his eye appears normal. Could this just be a change in pigmentation, as happens with goldfish? <Yes, likely> In the past two weeks he has had some bouts of being a lot less animated than he normally is; sometimes he sits on the bottom of the bowl, but more often, he just sits motionless halfway below the surface. <Is this a system of size? Filtered?> Otherwise, he has a good appetite and other than occasional lapses into swim bladder buoyancy issues, seems healthy. Thanks very much for any insight you might have! best, Carla B <I take it you've read my article on Goldfish Systems. Bob Fenner>

Goldfish lethargic   1/27/06 I bought 2 fancy goldfish a couple of months ago. I was feeding them too much because they always seemed hungry, now I feed them a little twice a day. They were relatively the same size when purchased, one seems to have a bulbous head and is now twice as big as the other, though they are both plump. I changed their tank from glass to plastic and since then the larger one seems to rest at the bottom most of the time whenever he is not eating. I have 2 plants in their tank and when I've cleaned the tank twice now there has been some type of deposits on the fern plant. Otherwise they seem very healthy. Their tank is 5 gallons and they have a Hydor Ario 1 Turbo Air Pump, I clean there tank about once a week and use Plant Care Solutions Water Conditioning Fizz Tabs plus trace elements. thanks, ck <? See WWM re Goldfish Systems and Health. Bob Fenner>

Bubble Eye with Anchorworms, treatment   1/25/06 Hi there, <Hello to you> I have three small bubble eyes in a 20 gallon aquarium.  It appears that two of them seem to have some sort of external parasite.  One of them often swims or floats on his back, but the other one seems fine.  The only thing I could seem to find that resembled this on the Internet is anchor worm. <Possibly>   The worm can be up to 4cm long and on one of the fishes it looks like there are eggs (small bubbles at the end).   <Yes> I have increased aeration and removed the worm with tweezers numerous times, but they always come back. <You have to treat for the non-adult forms that are off the fish... usually with an organophosphate> The fish don't seem to be scratching along anything though.  I treated with CopperSafe (5 tsps), and it seemed to go away for about 2-3 days, but then came back again. <Copper won't cure this/these>   My one other fish doesn't seem to have it though.  Do you think this could be anchor worm? <Yes. Likely so> How can I treat it?  Where does it come from?  I also did a 20% water change.  If you are unsure, could I send you a picture? Thank you in advance Erin <A picture would be helpful. Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/PondSubWebIndex/contrpdparasit.htm and the linked files at top. This information pertains to both ponds and aquariums. Bob Fenner>

Re: PLEASE READ...My Oranda is close to death...probably too late now    1/25/06 I don't know what I'm suppose to do with this .above. was  there an answer in there.... or did I send this to the wrong person...ALL of  what I sent you is missing... <Ummm, did you not go to WWM, read re Epsom Salt use? Here: http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/saltusefaqs.htm> BUT IF you happen to have my letter could you forward it back  to me so I can send it out to get help. I'm tired and won't remember what all I  wrote. <... save a copy to your active desktop...> MY ORANDA is DIEING and I'm getting No results here. I'm NOT being  mean so please forgive me if it sounds that way but I don't have time to  spare... I've had tanks all my life but never an Oranda...he is bloated  and laying on the bottom of the tank...still eating IF I hand feed him... I've  done everything... I've spend over 50 dollars...I have ROPE FISH still around  after 10 years in a different tank...so why an ORANDA should be so hard is  beyond me...Please help... I just did another water change and added Epsom  salt...can I add Melafix AGAIN w/ that or what other meds to help? thanking you Cindy <Not Melafix... the Epsom by itself. Please read... Bob Fenner>
Re: please help I'm on the last days I'm sure    1/25/06
I'm not sure if I'm writing to the wrong people or not But I have an Oranda  who is dying. I'm sure its to late. I've written in much more detail to the   address below but I need help. here is the answer I got ...supposed to be I guess but this is my response   to that. Please know I've looked for everything for the last week, and this is all I find... all I know is he is bloated and looking like he is going to pop, on his right side...and is now only eating if I hand feed him. He's been on the  bottom of the tank trying to stay alive BUT repeating my self I'm sure its too  late... <And Sabrina's piece on: http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshmalnut.htm Learn to help yourself... WWM is a tool, with indices, search capability... we've not enough time to direct people, sorry to state. Bob Fenner>

Sick Goldfish  - 01/24/06 Sorry to bother you, again.  But I really need help this time I  checked all your forums and searched through the site but nothing really  explained what happened.  I have a goldfish tank and last week one of my  fish had clamed fins and started to lay on the bottom.  The next day it was  on its side breathing hard.  That night it died.  Two days later  (today) another goldfish shows the same symptoms.  This had happened many  times in the 6 months time my tank was set up. (11 times to be exact)  Do  you know what is going on, I really need help!!! My ammonia is 1.0 and I am  using the ammonia remover cartridge for the AquaClear line of filters.  My  ph is always 7.0.  PLEASE HELP!!!  Thank you. < Do a 50% water change, vacuum the gravel and clean the filter. The elevated nitrogenous waste levels have continually stressed your fish and now they probably have come down with a bacterial infection. Treat with Erythromycin. Do not feed them during the treatment. Follow the directions on the package. After the treatment is over you need to add carbon to the filter to remove the medication. Then add Bio-Spira from Marineland. Feed your fish only once each day. All the food needs to be consumed in two minutes. Remove any uneaten food. Change 25% of the water weekly.-Chuck>

Sick Oranda  - 01/23/2006 I see that it says it's dropsy BUT there are no other  signs besides his right side like that pic... no scales sticking out...he leans  towards that side, stays on the bottom, and swims sideways BUT seems to be  trying and actually normal besides ...I feel so bad...like he has no  strength... Dropsy, swim bladder...constipation??? <All possibilities> .. ALL I know  is I hope I can fix it... Also...I have also added 3 Tablespoons of  aquarium salt to his 20 gallon tank... leeway for the  gravel <Please see WWM re Epsom Salt use. Bob Fenner>

Re: Goldfish, DTHP  - 01/23/2006 Well, I think it might be Metacercariae. Digenetic Flukes. If not, it   seems that anchor-worms use the same remedy. Do you have any good Organophosphate recommendations? Thanks! Jon <See WWM re "DTHP Use". Bob Fenner>

Black moor red eye/white spots  - 01/23/2006 Recently my black moor (Black Jack) has had tiny white spots on its  face. I've been watching it and they seem to come and go. But when they come  back there in a different spots. Now it looks like his/her eye has blood on the bottom. I have a 15 gallon tank with one other fancy goldfish  (goldie Hawn) who is showing none of these signs. Sometimes I see  them at the top gasping for air. Other than that they're still very active and  get excited when you feed them. Please help! I've grown pretty attached to them  and feel helpless. Thanks, hope to hear something  soon-Kim <Could be from a physical trauma (bumping into something). I would administer aquarium salt as posted on WWM. Bob Fenner>

Goldfish Poop 1/22/06 Bob, we have 16 Comets in a 4' indoor tank.  All had been going well for the first few months.  We fed them the food recommended by the pet shop when we bought them.  It is called TetraFin goldfish crisps.  When this food ran out we just bought another type.  Since then the fish have had long feces trailing behind them.  I have since finished the second lot of food and have gone back to the original product thinking this would solve the problem.  But it hasn't.  I was thinking that we were overfeeding them, so have been very vigilant with how much we give them for the last few days, but this has not solved the problem.  Any ideas please.  It is not a good look when the tank and the fish look so spectacular but the fish have long feces trailing behind them.  Please help. Gavin & Ann-Louise Nolan <Hello, Gage here tonight, as long as the fish doo is green or brown in coloration your fish are in good shape.  The best thing that you can do is provide them with a proper diet and see if it makes any difference, for more information on a good Goldfish diet please see the following article.  Best regards, Gage http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshmalnut.htm >

Goldfish Problems... lack of useful info.  - 01/23/2006 Hey Guys    I bought 2 fantail goldfish a few days ago. One of them, looked sick by the time I got it home (swimming sideways). The other looked perfectly healthy. I thought perhaps that it had Ick, since I heard that this is common among fish, goldfish in particular (and I thought I could see some whit spots). I put some Ick Away into the water and they both seemed healthy the next day. <... not a good idea... already apparently weakened... toxic> Now, that fish is completely missing its black eye, and it seems to be swimming sluggish again. I noticed that the other goldfish also has a black eye. I cannot recall if it had a black eye when I bought it. I saw an earlier reply saying to test the fish with a net to see if the fish can see out of the black eye, and it seems to be responding equally on both sides. I was just wondering if there was any known disease/cure with this black eye problem I seem to be having, or if there is any way to make sure my other fish will stay healthy (I've pretty much established that the fish that's missing an eye is a goner). Thanks Guys! Kenny Thornewell <... please... go to WWM... read re Goldfish Systems... send along information re water quality, the system... Bob Fenner>

Bloated Goldfish   1/22/06 Hi, I love your site, but I really need your help. My goldfish, Pinky, has been sitting at the top of the water, not gasping for air, but just below the water level. Its stomach is very bloated, and it doesn't want to eat which is utterly surprising). It does an occasional swim around the tank, but otherwise stays in the same spot all day. Please help me I love my goldfish so much I cant express how I feel about them.-melyssa,14 < Your goldfish sounds like he has an internal bacterial infection. This is usually caused by stress like dirty water, over feeding, wrong water temp. etc... Do a 50% water change, vacuum the gravel and clean the filter. Treat with Metronidazole and Nitrofuranace. Don't feed him until he is doing better.-Chuck>

Orandas cap discoloration in Wen   1/22/06 I have an Oranda that is about 2 years old, also a Lionhead that is about 3 months. My Oranda has hole in his cap. They started out as a hole & now look black. What would cause this or would this be? Thank you <Is likely "nothing"... does happen that there are whitish, blackish growths in the Wen of these fish at times... will likely go of its own accord. Just maintain good water quality and nutrition and all will be fine. Bob Fenner>

Recovered/Resurrected Bloaty Goldfish, Lernaea  1/21/06 Cool! Well the goldfish made a full recovery from his floaty bloaty state.   I'm very thankful for that and your site, since it did not look like he was going to pull through but thanks to  you guys, I knew what to do. <Yay!> Anyway, He's good. Eating Peas, and other veggies readily, fins are healing up from a light case of fin rot, when he was weakened and before the big water change. Anyway, he now developed this black thread like matter, just under the top layer of his skin. It looks like there a bit of red at one end. There is another one of these things lining the top of his dorsal fin. I think it might be a bacterial infection,   since the objects were not floating alongside the fish, like attached parasites would. PS. There is freshwater aquarium salt in his tank right now. All levels are good Anyway, I did a search for this but came up flat. Any help would be appreciated! =D <Look up the term "Anchor Worm", Lernaea... Is this it? Bob Fenner>
Re: Goldfish PS... Recovered/Resurrected Bloaty Goldfish   1/22/06
Bob, <Jonathan> Thanks for the info. I thought this might be good to know however.   When my fish was floating, his spine was protruding from the surface of the water. Plus, He developed fin rot. This black stuff on him does not seem to be causing any discomfort or stress since the fish is not acting any differently. Could it be that this is the fins healing? Thanks again Jon <Could be, yes. Bob Fenner>

Sick Goldfish... actually, just killing them in small, unfiltered volumes   1/21/06 I live in a dorm room, and have limited space, so I have a 1 and a half gallon tank.  It has no filters or pumps or anything, just the goldfish.  They are the goldfish that are usually used to feed larger fish.  I don't know their genders.    <Not important>   One of my goldfish has fins that are starting to turn black.  In the last day he has also started to develop small gray spots on his body.  Yesterday, the other goldfish in the tank died.  Today my goldfish started to stay at the bottom of his tank.  I put food in, and it just sat there.      <... environmental...>   I went out and got three more goldfish (I usually have four goldfish in the tank).  I put them in the tank, and now my goldfish is moving off the bottom of the tank.  But, he still spends most of his time just laying at the bottom.        Is there something wrong with my goldfish?  If so, is it safe to have him in with my other goldfish?      Thank you for your help!      Katie <... please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm Bob Fenner>

Black tips on my goldfish's tail   1/20/06 Dear WWM, <Jess> I used to have 2 fish in an indoor tank, one golden fantail and one black moor. However, the black moor died. I kept the fantail alone for about 2 years before deciding to get him some friends. I bought a new, bigger tank and another fantail. The lady at the pet shop advised me to wait a week before getting any more fish. My first fantail was very happy with his new company and seemed a lot livelier. Last week I bought a black moor and (I think) a Lionhead (not sure of the breed). The day after I introduced these fish to the tank I noticed the first fantail had what looked like a split down his tail. I decided to wait and see if it got any worse or just healed itself, as the fish got on well and he still seemed happy and healthy. This morning I noticed, however, that the tips of his tail have gone black. I isolated him in a different tank immediately. The other three all seem fine, but my fantail is definitely missing his friends. Do you know what the black tips are and how I can treat it? Can I return my fish to his friends? Thanks so much for your help Jessica <... need more information than this. Is this system even cycled? See WWM re Goldfish Systems, Establishing Biological Cycling... Bob Fenner>

Sick goldfish -- PLEASE HELP   1/20/06 Hi, I have a goldfish who has been healthy up until now, after the addition of a "friend" to her tank, another goldfish. The goldfish that was added started to develop black spots on her tail and head, which the aquarium store diagnoses as flukes. <Maybe> They recommended "Quick Cure" <Too toxic... Malachite and formalin...> which we used to treat her, but she died. Following this, we began to treat the second fish, to prevent her from becoming infected. She had slightly swollen gills, with sort of a whitish coat,
<Likely from the "medicant"> and it looked as if the skin under her chin was either torn up a little, or maybe infected, but it looked sort of swollen or chunky and whitish and was bulging out. She also seemed to have lumpiness in her abdomen and she was breathing a little heavy. She lives in a 2 gallon bowl, with no filter or heater, just air bubbles. <... not a bowl fish...> We gave her 1 drop of Quick Cure per two gallons, and then did a full water change the next day, <Not a good idea...> and re-treated two other times, followed by a full water change the next day. During the treatment, her eyes looked like they were bulging out a little, and had a dark black outline, and she swam with her fins pinned back. However, she began to look good after about 10 days. However, later, she began slowing down and hovering around the bottom of the bowl, swimming really slowing and not eating. The aquarium store recommended added good bacteria, <Good> so we added one capful to the 2 gallons and in about 30 seconds she immediately perked up, spread out her fins and began swimming and eating. However, the next day, she again looked slow and sluggish and was hanging around the bottom of the bowl and not eating. What should I do now? <Read... on WWM... re Goldfish Systems... mostly> I noticed two small black dots between her eyes, and her gills are still sort of whitish and she's breathing a little heavy and swimming slowly. Also, her side fins are a bit red, but I'm not sure if its from being in formalin or its something else. <Is... Oh, I see below that your field of expertise includes knowledge of such biocides> Jennifer Boyd, Pharm.D, BCPP <Please take the time to read over WWM here. Bob Fenner>

Filter Failure Causes Big Problems   1/18/06 Hello, I have 4 goldfish who are now 1 yr of age. One is a red cap Oranda, the 3 others I am not sure about. However a few days ago I noticed that my filter was not running properly, I changed the water thinking it was that but that was not the case. So I went out an brought a new filter Aquaclear brand 30 gal. After replacement of the filter I also brought new rocks and clean the other ones thoroughly. Tonight when I came in I noticed these little white spots on the fish. On one they seem to be beneath the gills, and on the front fins. From observation the others seem to be fine, though my concern has become that they will get the spots themselves. The fish that seems to be infected is swimming and eating fine as the rest. When I changed the tank I added aquarium salt to the water as well as a conditioner call stress coat as I was told to at the pet store to prevent illness. I notice that my water seems a little cloudy can there be anything causing this? I would like to know if the infected fish is starting to have Ich and what can be done about that. Thank you < You have removed all of the good bacteria required to break down toxic ammonia and nitrites into nitrates. The cloudy water is probably ammonia. The stress has weakened your fish and they may have Ick or a bacterial infection. Do a 50% water change to reduce the ammonia. If you fish have little white spots then it is probably Ich. Treat with Rid-Ich + by Kordon and follow the directions on the bottle. Do not feed the fish while medicating. If the spots are more like patches then it is probably a bacterial infection and needs an antibiotic like Nitrofurazone. When the treatment is done you will need to add some carbon to remove all the medication and then add Bio-Spira from Marineland to reintroduce the good bacteria.-Chuck>

Goldfish sinker   1/18/06 Hi. First I'd like to thank you for helping me a few weeks ago with my new red-cap Oranda and his fin tear. He has completely healed with no infection! Now, I'm facing a new problem: my three year old orange and white fancy-tail goldfish has resorted to sitting at the bottom of the tank. Since receiving him as a gift three years ago, he's always "hung-out" at the top of the tank, and would swim only if someone passed by...today, for the first time, he has done nothing but sit at the bottom of the tank. His scales are all glimmering, no spots. He DID come to the top this morning to eat, his dorsal fin is down, but hell pick it up if I pass by the tank. I have removed him from the tank and put two thawed out peas (no skin) and some aquarium salt in there also. Can you please please offer me some information on what to do, or what the problem could be? Thank you in advance for any helpful information. Michelle < Check your nitrates.  These recurring problems may be linked to nitrate build ups in between water changes. I would recommend that you change 50% of the water, clean the gravel and clean the filter. You should see some improvement pretty quickly.-Chuck>

Goldfish Died In Clean Water    1/19/06 Chuck...thank you so much for your quick reply. I did in fact do this as soon as I saw this change in him. Unfortunately, Sunny Delight died last night...what was even MORE heart wrenching was that he managed to swim into the cave (part of the ornamental tank display) and quietly die there. I am very "on top" of my water situation, so I know it was not the nitrates. Is there anything else I should be aware of as there are two other fish in the tank. Thank you again, I truly appreciate your advice. Michelle <Stress is the real reason behind this disease. Find the stress and you found the problem. Sometimes it could be a vitamin deficiency, poor water quality, water temp or diet. If the water is good then I would look at diet next.-Chuck>

Black Moors Vision/Health   1/17/06 Hi I have 2 black moors in an aquarium, 3yrs old. The water is half changed every 2 weeks <Much better to change at most a quarter... every week> and checked for all readings nitrates, ammonia etc. One of the moors has grown to a huge size the other stayed about half the size of his/her buddy. Problem huge one has gone blind in both eyes within days. What would be the cause. <Could be... environmental, nutritional, genetic... Happens> They are both good buddies, no aggression. Originally bought for outside pond, but I was told that they are not suitable because of their bubble eyes. <This is so. Where are the spaces between your sentences?> Also in the tank is a huge golden apple snail and a small Plecostomus, who hides inside an ornament. No fighting amongst the residents. What caused the blindness? Thanks for your help. Mary <Wish I knew... definitively. Sometimes (not often), reverses itself with good care... broad nutrition (supplements, fresh food)... but I suspect a strong hereditary component here. Can live, long happy lives w/o sight. Bob Fenner>

Sick Goldfish  1/16/06 Hi. I've been trying to figure out what disease my fish has but I really can't find an answer. Two years ago, on January 1, I bought my dad 2 red Orandas, then after 6 months 1 started swimming upside down then after a few weeks it stopped swimming. After a few more weeks it began to stay afloat with its belly above water level then after that its belly started turning red then it got bloated but after a few more weeks it began to sink and now it looks okay except that it's upside down and it can hardly swim. It hasn't grown ever since. Because of that I decided to buy another one. Again, on January 2006. I noticed that it had white marks on its side but I purchased it anyway since I really wanted to buy my dad a new one. The salesman told me that Methylene blue could cure it but after a week it got bigger and the other fish got contaminated. now, both of them have white patches on their sides. It's pretty big and the scales are coming off. I also noticed that the what medication should I give them? --- the handicapped one seems okay but its not swimming --- the new one's scale is falling off and it has a bump on its side about a centimeter  big. its a bit red. it also has a white mark on its cheek --- the big one has a white patch on its side and it looks a bit like cotton and it has a small red spot on the fin below its belly and white spots around. it also has brown spots on its cheek about 20 small spots. The 3 of them are staying in a 10 gallon tank one 1 about 5 inches long and the two others are about 3 inches long. please help me. Thank you < Your poor goldfish are suffering from a combination of internal and external bacterial infections. Do a 50% water change, vacuum the gravel and clean the filter. Treat with Nitrofuranace and Metronidazole. Do not feed during treatment. Follow the directions on the packages. After treatment you can remove any left over medication with a high grade carbon. When the medication is gone you can add Bio-Spira from Marineland to establish the good bacteria needed to break down the fish waste. Feed only once a day and only enough food so that all of it is gone after two minutes once each day.-Chuck>

Goldfish With Bacterial Infection  1/16/06 My gold fish spotty has recently developed a film around one of his eyes, it seems he is almost blind in it and the film is bulging. This has happened before but once I cleaned the tank it went away. This time it has not. What do you think is causing this? < Probably  high nitrates have stressed the fish and a bacterial infection is attacking the side of your fish.> Spotty is probably a year old, probably older. I'm not sure. Should I treat the tank with salt? < You may need more than salt this time.> I have a sucker fish as well but he is fine, he is also younger then the goldfish. Is it possibly that my goldfish is just getting older? Or is it something else? < Probably high nitrates.> I'm cleaning the tank again to see but it doesn't seem to be helping. Please help me. < Poor water quality has stressed your fish and it is sick with an external bacterial infection. Treat with Nitrofuranace after you clean the tank. When treatment is complete then add carbon to the filter to remove the medication. Add Bio-Spira to establish the good bacteria again.-Chuck>

Help for sick goldfish Dear Mr. Fenner, <Wendy> I am a  new aquarium owner, and I'm having trouble with my fish.  I have explored your web site and discovered many things that I have done incorrectly.  I used the chat forum for fresh water aquariums and got some help (title "sick fish?"), but they finally recommended that I email you because my problem doesn't seem to be resolving.  I will give you all the details as well as I remember below. <Good> "Santa" brought my children a new aquarium for Christmas which was set up and fish put in all in the same night (mistake number 1). <Yes>   The fish were 2 Oranda goldfish.  One of them (Bubbles) we had already had for a year in a 2 gallon tank (undergravel filter with airstone), but the other (Barney) was new from the pet store.  By Christmas afternoon the new fish was dead and our old looked very sick.  I rushed Bubbles back to her original tank which I had left set up, and she perked up very quickly.  I took some water from my 10 gallon tank to one LFS, and they told me that all my levels were fine, but I had put the fish in too quickly so that is why he had died.  At this point, the tank had been set up for about 48 hours, so they told me that it should be safe to put the fish in. <No> We got a new "Barney" and took him home to put in the tank.  Both fish went back in the new 10-gallon tank.  I put them in plastic bags floating in the new tank for 20 minutes; then I mixed some new water with the old in the bags for another 10-15 minutes before I put them in.  They seemed to do OK for a day or so, but then I saw them sitting on the bottom most of the time.  They seemed to take turns.  One would swim while the other sat, and then they would switch places.  Within a couple of days both were sitting on the bottom.  I also noticed that my new fish (Barney) had a white spot developing on his cap, fuzzy not grainy.  During this time I found your web site and began looking for help.  As those in the chat forum recommended.  I took my water back to the store to get it tested, and the ammonia levels were very high (2 ppm). <Know that the ammonia in solution is quite transient, can/does "leave" while you're transporting sample... short answer: you need your own test kits> When I got home, I did a 60%-70% <Too much at one time> water change, and I began treating the tank with PimaFix (an anti fungal and anti bacterial medicine) <More of a placebo...> because of Barney's spot.  I also took the charcoal from the filter bag so that the medicine could work at its best, and I cut back on feeding because I realized that I had been feeding way too much.  I had been giving 2-3 pinches of food each day, but I cut back to 1 pinch every 1-2 days.   <Need other "non-pinchable" food/s> The fish perked up a little for  while, but then they started sitting on the bottom again.  I finally got a water test kit for myself so that I could check the water everyday and not worry about the levels getting too high without me being aware. <Ah, good> I also got a rock and some plastic plants, rinsed them in tap water, and put them in the tank.  (I added the dechlorinator at this time, too, so that the little bit of tap water on the plants/rock would not be dangerous to the fish).  In hind-sight, I probably should have waited on the decorations until the fish were healthy and the tank was cycled.  I don't know if the decorations had anything to do with the fish condition, but after that Bubbles (the old fish) began acting very sick again, not just sitting on the bottom, but beginning to float vertically.  After a day or two of this I moved her back to the old 2 gallon tank which I had left completely set up and ready, but this time she did not perk up.  Her condition worsened.  As I checked her water, the levels were ammonia/0, nitrites/0, and nitrates 10-20.  This remained consistent for 3-4 days, and all the time she refused to eat.  She would go from floating vertically to floating on her back.  Several times I thought that she was dead, but she kept hanging on.  I noticed that her fins were starting to deteriorate, and it looked like she was wearing black lipstick around her mouth.  There was also some dark/black edging around the fins which had deteriorated.  She died earlier this week.  Meantime, Barney is still in the 10 gallon tank.  A few days after I first noticed the white spots, I noticed a hole in his top fin (this was even before I had noticed that Bubbles' fins were deteriorating), and the next day the hole had "grown" to a tear.  His fins also look to be deteriorating.   Current status:  The white spots on Barney have not gone away though I have been treating with the medicine mentioned above for 9 days.   <I would abandon it> There has been no improvement; they have actually gotten a little worse.  The spots seem to be concentrated on his cap, but I see one or two very light areas down his body.  He spends most of his time sitting on the bottom in the corner of the tank, but he does get up to eat, and he loves a "treat" of an orange slice occasionally.  He eats on it almost the entire time that I leave it in his tank (maybe an hour).  I am currently still using the medicine and doing water changes (25%-50%) every other day, and I always use dechlorinator when I change the water.  The water levels have remained consistent for the past 5-6 days, ammonia/0, nitrate/0, nitrite/0.  I still have the charcoal out of the filter bag.  The tank is a 10 gallon with an undergravel filter and air stones and a box filter that hangs on the back. What else can I do?  Is there another medicine to try?  I will accept any help you can give.    Thank you, Wendy Byerts <Mmm, limit such water changes to 25% maximum on any given occasion/day... the troubles you are still experiencing are directly related to residual effects of having placed too much too soon (if you have the two gallon system set-up still, I would pour most all the water/contents into the ten... I would add a level teaspoon of aquarium salt and another level teaspoon of Epsom Salt here and replace with water changes. The spots you mention are very likely just "mucus" secreted by the fish from stress... will go with their improving health. Read on WWM re goldfish nutrition, look to other food types. Bob Fenner>

Goldfish, near-worthless "Fix"es Hello   I have a goldfish and I've had him for about eight years.  Just over the past few months I started noticing white bumps that were starting to appear.  These bumps are very raised and they are only on his left side.  I have another goldfish in the tank but he is looking fine, so I guess it is not contagious.  I went to PetSmart and got some Melafix and I put that in the water for a week and still no improvement.  The fish still has a good appetite and swims good.  There are more bumps that are starting to appear.  Now he has about four or five raised white bumps only on the left side.  I don't know what else to do.  If you can help me in any way that would be great.  Thanks Jeanette <Not likely much you can/should do here... more likely environmental, nutritional, genetic in nature. If you're providing for the first two... Please see WWM... Bob Fenner>

Sab's article, again Ok, now I am nervous. <You should be> About 2 days ago my 7yr old Comet Goldfish developed some sort of buoyancy problem. He cannot swim to the bottom of the tank without getting yanked back up. Unfortunately, he has been eating the same flake food for the last 7 years because I was not aware of their Dietary needs. <...> So, I lowered the water level in his tank, I added Freshwater aquarium salt and Epsom Salt to the water and I have been feeding him peas. I still haven't seen him defecate and he is definitely more bloated today than 2 days ago. About 2 scales look like they are gone. He is kind of calm now, but he has four WHITE SPOTS on his fins. I am very sad and very nervous about what may be happening here. Should I get an antibiotic? I don't think its Dropsy. But now these white spots are making me miserable. its only 4 but if they consume him Ill be devastated. Please PLEASE Tell me what you would do in my situation. PLEASE I am very desperate here and I'm not ready to lose this fish. How long does it usually take for a fish to regain its equilibrium? Thank You -Jon <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshmalnut.htm and the linked.... BobF>

My approx. 2 y/o comet? goldfish is getting so fat her/his scales are sticking out.   1/14/06 Hello, let me start off by asking you my question. I have an approx. 2 y/o comet? goldfish (Randy). It is getting so fat that its scales are sticking out. What do you think is wrong with it. <Yikes... this condition (Ascites) is often termed "dropsy" in pet-fishing... caused by a few factors... poor water quality, lack of nutrition, other stressors...> I was given Randy and about 14 other goldfish about 2 years ago. I put them in a 20 gallon tank. <... too crowded... part of your answer here> After about a year and a half only 3 of them made it. Randy, Butch and Boy. After watching Butch get bigger everyday I decided to put them in a 55 gallon tank. Butch at this time was approx. 4-6 inches long. Anyway, they all were doing really great but they seemed to be wondering what to do with all the space they had. I decided to add a few more small feeder fish ( the $.20 ones ) I added 15 of them. They all get along great and I didn't see any aggression between any of them. I figured Butch would eat some of them b/c all Butch had to do was open his mouth and he could probably swallow 2 of the new ones at once. <Mmm, not piscivores...> Anyway he didn't and all was great until about 3 months ago Boy who was approx. 4 inches long died one day. It was just out of the blue with no warning. All the other fish were just fine I watched them and didn't see any change in them. Now my 2 y/o goldfish Randy is getting so fat it looks as if he ate a small tennis ball. He/She is so fat his/her scales are sticking out. He/she swims around just like he/she did before only he's fat. What suggestions do you have that might be wrong with him/her? Can you help? Thank you for your time. Sarah from Arkansas <Your best, simplest course of action here is to add a level teaspoon of Epsom Salt per five gallons of water... replace it with water changes... and do switch from all dried/prepared foods... to greens, etc... posted on WWM: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshmalnut.htm BobF in San Diego>

Another Floaty/Bloaty Goldfish...  - 01/12/2006 great! :( Well my goldfish now has the Floaty Bloaty syndrome. Ok. I put away the flake food. <Good> Now, I put in some of Aquarium Pharm. Aquarium Freshwater Salt. I   don't know if this will do the same thing as the Epsom salt will however. <Nope> I fed him a pea, and he ate it. That's about all I did with the   inclusion of a small water change. Is there anything else I should be doing. <Read...> He isn't too bloated or   anything but he cant go anywhere in the water column. He floats at the surface and his dorsal region pokes out of the surface. Thanks. <Bob Fenner>

Goldfish with tumorous growth  - 01/12/2006 I have attached three photographs of a Ranchu Goldfish.  The fish has developed grayish/ivory colored sores on its body. No sores appear on  fins. The sores appear solid and no worm, etc., is protruding. The height  of the sores is approximately 1/8".  I have bathed this fish in separate  doses of Maracyn, Maracyn one, Maracyn two, Maracide and Maroxy. <Good choices... low-toxicity, miscible...> The fish developed flotation prior to the growth of the sores.   <Likely nutritional... very common with "egg-shaped" varieties of fancy goldfish. Please read Sabrina's piece re: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshmalnut.htm> Any suggestions on what is causing the growth and what will cure it? Thank you Larry Lecuyer <Is... a tumor... and as with human oncogenics, can be/is caused by a few possible etiologies... and similarly can be "treated" with various methodologies. I encourage a try at carefully cutting away this growth at this juncture... with a sharp/new single edged razor blade... while gingerly holding the fish in a net hand at the edge of the water (no anesthesia) and daubing the area with a spot of "super glue" (acrylate) subsequently. I have done this on numerous occasions... with success. Bob Fenner>

Ich On Goldfish   1/11/06 Hello, I was looking on the internet for  common fish diseases and I found your site. Late last night I noticed that my  fish had a Ich problem. I treated them with tank buddies Ich remover. This has worked before, but seems to be doing nothing now. This morning I noticed that there was no change in the fish, so I removed the four that had the problem the  worst since none of the other goldfish seems to have it. Now I have five goldfish just sitting on the bottom of my tank with their fins clamped shut. They come up to eat every  once in a while but then right back to the bottom of the tank. I have never had  this problem with them before, they have always swam around with their fins  straight up. What could be the problem and how do I fix it? Thanks. Tina < All of your fish have Ich. Some worse than others. Put them all together in the main tank. Do a 50% water change, vacuum the gravel and clean the filter. Treat with Rid-Ich Plus as per the directions on the bottle. When the treatment is done, add a good quality carbon to the filter to remove all the medication. Then add Bio-Spira by Marineland to reestablish the good bacteria needed to break down the fish waste.-Chuck>

Sick Lionhead Goldfish   1/11/06 My Lionhead goldfish suddenly looks very poorly. A couple of days ago he started 'hanging'  vertically from the surface (head at the top). Then has gone very quiet (a very active fish normally), and this morning he's laying at the bottom of the tank - seems to 'tilt' sideways. All his fins have gone pale and lifeless, and he is gulping only very occasionally  (used to be constantly). Should I move him to a smaller tank? (the only fish in the there and the water seems ok) I have tried feeding him peas (without the skins), and  he seems very ill, unable to feed and almost lifeless. Thank you Simon < Start by doing a 50% water change, vacuum the gravel and clean the filter. Do not feed for a few days. Sounds like an internal bacterial infection. Treat with Metronidazole. Disease is brought on by stress. Poor water quality, poor diet, etc...-Chuck>

Concerns about fantail chasing new fantail   1/10/06 Hello there!! I currently have an 18 litre tank with a simple sponge filter and aerator. One quarter of the water is changed once a week and there are always fresh plants present in the tank. I originally started with two fantails and a snail (not sure what kind of snail he is). Unfortunately after 5 months, one of the fantails passed away due to my lack of experience and swim bladder problems. <The size/volume of this system is also problematical. A mere five gallons is difficult to maintain stability...> Both of the fantails were good friends and got along well without any problems. I didn't want my remaining fantail to be lonely when his friend passed away so I bought a new fantail of approximately the same size. However, instead of being friends with the new fantail, my old fantail started chasing the new fantail around. I thought it was possible that he wanted to mate with the new fantail, but they are both only about 2 inches in size so I'm not sure they're of mating age yet. <Not reproductive, but aggressive/territorial behavior... These fish need to be separated... now> However it is summer where I live and it has been very hot recently. I haven't noticed any physical damage on the new fantail, but I'm afraid the new fantail might get stressed out. The chasing only seems to occur after feeding and he seems to like to put his head in the new fantails moving tail and sometimes he rubs against the fantail if he manages to corner her against the glass. The chasing lasts for approximately 15 minutes and then he gets over it and they just swim around the tank normally. Is my old fantail being territorial or is he just interested in the beauty of his new friend? <The former> My original fish is white and the new one is a very bright orange, could her brightness have anything to do with the chasing? <Mmm, don't know... interesting question, possibility. If you had multiple systems, other colored goldfish, I might encourage you to switch them out to see if this had an effect> Should I try to separate the two fish or leave them to bond with each other? <Separate them> Thank you for your help. <Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Goldfish mixed with tropicals, disease...  11/20/05 Dear Wet Web Media, I have a problem. I have two angel fish and a gold fish which have lived in the same tank for over a year, <Mis-mix> and there haven't been any problems. Two weeks ago I added another gold fish to my aquarium. A few days ago bubbles started to form on the new gold fish, and I knew this was not good so I put that gold fish into a different tank where it was by itself. It got better and I put it back into the big tank, but now my older gold fish has those bubbles too, and much more severely than the younger fish which got the bubbles again. I took them out for two days, but the bubbles are not "disappearing," can I save my fish and how, and what are the bubbles?  P.S. the angel fish never got the bubbles <... Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshcompfaqs.htm and the linked files above. Bob Fenner> 

Re: Angelfish Don't Go With Goldfish  1/7/06 Here's an update... at each red sore site there are anchor worms.  We  have pulled off as many as we could and dabbed the sores with a hydrogen  peroxide q-tip.  We are now treating with Jungle Lab's parasite medication  (which is specifically for anchor worms) as well as MelaFix.  The nitrite,  nitrate, and ammonia levels are within range.  We will be doing a 25% water  change in 48hrs as the meds suggest.  The "kids" are all swimming around  normally now - which makes us super happy.  We are also feeding medicated  food.  We went to our local fish farm (where we purchased our fishies) and  they suggested putting a few angel fish in with the goldfish - they say that the  angel fish eat the anchor worms --- is this a good idea? Thanks, Susii & Erik < Goldfish and angelfish have different water requirements. I would treat with Fluke-Tabs and skip the angelfish.-Chuck>

Goldfish Is Not Pregnant   1/7/06 Hi my name is Daleigh I have a 10 gallon fish tank with about 4 small goldfish in there but I bought a fish yesterday and I thought it was just deformed or something but to find out I believe it is pregnant!!..And it is laying in the grass in my tank, its been there for a while. I bought and net box so when she does have them , I can put the babies in there so the adults wont eat them. But my question is when will they hatch if she is laying them now? Please help never had a pregnant fish before! Thank you < Your goldfish is probably sick with an internal bacterial infection and not pregnant. Do a 50% water change, vacuum the gravel and clean the filter. Treat with Metronidazole as per the directions on the package.-Chuck>

New Goldfish Having Problems   1/7/06 Hello! I am exceptionally glad that I have discovered your website!! I have had an aquarium for several years now, and I have just added a small black moor (about 2") to my little community of 6 guppies, and 2 (I know this sounds unusual) peaceful African Cichlids. (I'm serious. They just hang out together and are content.) Yesterday I noticed that the Black moor's eyes look strange. At first it looked like they had changed a milky color, but it seems like there is a fungus on them or something. Also, his fins are starting to deteriorate, as well as the fact that he is swimming at the top and "gasping" as they call it. My water temperature is at a constant 72 degrees, for the comfort of all my fish. I have just removed the black moor to a separate tank. So far none of the other fish are showing any signs of sickness, and there is no aggression between any of them. I am home most of the day, so I spend quite some time watching them. I can't seem to find anything like this on any of the sites I looked at. Please help me if possible. I really like my black moor, and he's a truly lovely addition to my aquarium. I'd hate to see him leave us so soon. Thanks, Marcelle < When fish are moved they are often stressed and this makes them prone to diseases. Clean water helps a lot with bacterial infections. This bacteria responds well to Erythromycin. Treat as per the directions on the package. If it doesn't get better after a couple of days then you could try Nitrofuranace.-Chuck>

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