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FAQs about Coldwater Sharks in Captivity Foods/Feeding/Nutrition

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Sharks and Rays in Aquariums
Gaining an understanding of how to keep these fishes in captive saltwater systems   

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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Grey Smoothhound not eating    04/18/10
Hey guys I have a 310 gal tank I have an 18" hound
<What, which species? Most are cool/coldwater animals>
and 2medium size eel's and a soap fish grouper
<You know this fish is toxic... can toxify the water? Read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/soapfishfaqs.htm
medium Tues. will be to <two> weeks I have the shark and I haven't seen him eat yet ph is on the money the chiller is set @ 60'
<Oh! What species eels are these? This is too cold for the Grammistid>
I read on grey smooth and got as much book info as possible before I purchased him but as much preparation you could make ur <...> still going to find challenges I tried garlic extract frozen squid, krill, clams, silversides, even bought some damsels and I haven't seen him eat yet he swims calmly no trashing not breathing heavy I could really use some adivse on what to do and I also broke night with a nite light to see if he would eat (lol I really did) what can I do???
<Read... Here: http://wetwebmedia.com/coolh20sharks.htm
the linked files above. Bob Fenner, who would be returning the shark, raising the temp. back up... looking for more suitable livestock>

Re: Young smooth hound shark question 6/7/09
Awesome. Thanks again for all your help. The sharks appear to be doing quite well - substantially better than when I picked them up. They're eating daily
- they really love frozen krill and chunks of silversides (whole silverside appears to be too much for them to swallow).
<Do take care not to over-feed... best to feed to just full a couple of times per week>
Horn sharks it is. My buddy tells me he sees them off Catalina frequently, so that's where we'll look. Should be fun. Can't wait to stock the BIG tank.
<Ah, good>
Thanks again, for all your help. I'll send pics when they're big and healthy in their big home.
<I thank you. BobF>

Port Jackson Shark Stopped Eating - 10/25/06 Hi Everyone, <<Hello Adam>> Just a quick one, I have a 9-month old Port Jackson, he has been eating prawns since day one and now he spits them out. <<Perhaps some variation is called for here>> The water levels are fine and he is still very active, could he just be tired of prawns? <<Maybe so...or maybe something in the system you haven't/can't test for is out of whack causing the shark to lose its appetite>> Is this something I should be more worried about? <<If it continues for long...but may only be a temporary hunger-strike>> Do you have any suggestions why he is not eating? <<Is this a chilled system?  These are cold-water organisms, keeping in too-warm waters will certainly be deleterious...do have a read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/portjacksons.htm >> His 2 dorsal fins have also changed shape like something has been eating them, could this be possible, only damsels are in the tank? <<Maybe, though more likely due to problems with water chemistry/stray electrical current.  Make sure you have fresh reliable test kits and assure your nitrates are not elevated>> Is this another problem? <<Sounds like it could be>> Thank you, Adam <<Regards, EricR>>

Big Small Shark Stocking Plans Hello, I was wandering can you have an epaulette and port Jackson shark in a 500 gallon? <Likely so.> and are Portjacksons fish eaters <Like all members of their family, Heterodontidae ("different teeth"), they eat both fishes and hard-shelled invertebrates...> if so how big would the fish have to be for them to be not interested in eating? <Small, slow, unaware enough to either fit in their mouths or a good piece therein> How big would the Portjacksons get in a setup like this with the epaulette and 4 other big fish that would include a honeycomb grouper stars and stripes puffer, queen angel and other big angel? <About thirty inches> Do you see any problems in this stocking list? <Hmm, just a need for big filtration, aeration, circulation. Bob Fenner>

Horn Shark Update Hey Bob welcome back! Two months after purchase the Horn Shark I put in my 800 gallon tank is doing way better than expected. The little guy is still about 1'6" still, which is a good size he looks really small in the tank so I know he's got room. How big should I expect him to grow? I figured about 3-4' at most at least that's what I have been reading. <Yes, but likely two and a half foot maximum in your care> Probably less than that though in a captive situation right? Any way he has not been to fond of the lights which are reef intensity from my previous tanks. I lowered the amounts of light considerably, however he continued to hide in the giant cave I built for him in the far left of the tank. I visually reduced the size of the tank by adding a removable panel that matches the wall. This way he can have privacy and when I need to awe some viewers I can take it off and show the entire tank. This has been a great success as he now spends most of his time fishing through the sand or swimming open water. The teeth I can see when I look close appear to be purplish. Is this from the occasional urchin I feed him?  <Likely, yes> I'm guessing so, I usually feed him mostly muscles and shrimps and once a week an urchin but lately he's been getting spoiled more like 4 urchins per week. Its hard to tell just how he is getting at the soft body inside he does it so fast its mostly a cloud of sand. Any help on how he pulls this off?  <Crushing in mouth, inhaling most all that is edible, blowing rest by gill slits, otherwise passing through spiral intestine...> The water temp now is about 60 which is just about right I think. He had some sort of a corrosion on his tail fin when I got him however it has disappeared and the tail is fully grown again. Any other help/ info on this guy would be appreciated. Thanks Again! <You likely know more than I... should write a husbandry article on this groups (heterodontids) captive care, your experiences, speculations. Bob Fenner>

Question: I have a 240 gallon tank, 8ft x2 x 2. I bought a small leopard shark (8-9"). I have read that they don't see too well and rely on their smell. I have feed him frozen krill and live fish. The shark seems almost blind. He eats the krill only after bumping into it. He seems to smell the food but has a hard time finding it. And the live fish I have to hold with a pair of tongs and put it directly in front of him. Is this normal eye sight for the leopard shark? This is the only fish in the tank and I am concerned if I add another fish, perhaps a trigger (something aggressive), the shark will not be able to compete for food due to his eye sight. Bob's Answer: Jim, Leopard Sharks (Triakis semifasciata) have excellent vision, but are easily damaged in collection and shipping. They're cold water animals usually caught off California and really inappropriate for water of more than sixty five degrees. Yours is likely doomed by its processing and/or being kept in a tropical system. To others: please don't buy these animals. If you must try a shark, look to the Epaulette and Bamboo families.

I recently purchased a 12 inch leopard shark, I was wondering what would be the best food to feed it. Thanks in advance. > In my opinion cut fish, or whole fish... and not too frequently... these are messy feeders... and you don't want yours to grow too fast, or eat, waste too much... BTW, this shark, Triakis fasciatus is a cool/cold water animal... am curious about the environment you're providing it... How big, the shape of the tank, if you're using a chiller, if there are other livestock in with it... Bob Fenner

Hornshark I have a Horn Shark that was eating very well up until 2 days ago . It seems a little sluggish and just has no interest in food .. I feed it squid and shrimp.. any ideas ? > Probably a little "indigestion". I definitely would not worry. These animals can and do go without feeding for weeks sometimes... Maybe try a bit of fish fillet in a few days. Bob Fenner 

Sharks and Rays in Aquariums
Gaining an understanding of how to keep these fishes in captive saltwater systems   

New Print and eBook on Amazon

by Robert (Bob) Fenner
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