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Merchandising and Selling Aquarium Lighting

Bob Fenner  

The what of aquarium lighting, facts, theory and application of aquarium lighting have been covered by Joe C. elsewhere in this issue. This article describes the how of merchandising and selling of this gear.


First, allow me to offer this insight: Sales of full hoods, strip lights, fixtures, lamps, bulbs, switches, starters, ballasts, and other related paraphernalia are more than oft-neglected substantial bottom-line profitable items; they are the stuff of "selling the sizzle" in our fields (aquatics & exotics).

Many people like the "tech-y" aspects, and obviously, illumination makes or breaks the overall effect and functioning of a system.


Optimizing your presentation of these necessities involves convincing display of the items and elucidation of what they do and their benefits. This ought to be done in at least the three places: 1) On "the floor" in concert with your tank combination & kit offerings, 2) Functioning on and with your livestock display systems, and 3) In an appropriate display fixture either as a "stand alone" or gondola/shelf mount.

Display fixtures for fluorescent lamps are available from some manufacturers (e.g. Hagen, Dura/Vita-lite). Penn-Plax used to have a real spiffy one with built-in fluorescent fixtures for comparing and contrasting different lamp qualities. Some innovative retailers have built their own elaborate racks, but basically here we're looking for a device for separating and keeping straight the various fluorescent conversion/replacement fixtures and lamps.

Label, Label, Label:

The worst presentations of resale merchandise I've ever seen have no labeling, the next worse simply have a little tag with price and sku; the best have the following information prominently and professionally presented on each component.

What is the essence of effective advertising? Telling advantages/applications and urging people to action (buying and using). Does your signage do this? Why not? Lighting labeling must (1) describe (fact tag) the item. An example; "Ten Gallon Full Fluorescent Hood, 20 X 10" ".

Next, the label should (2) have a "hook", a "silent salesperson" message; in this case maybe something about the relatively long effective life of fluorescent lighting, energy savings, benefits in appearance and/or enhanced health of livestock from using the product. This addition to the label has several benefits. It informs your staff and customers, and allows better self-guided shopping.

The last addition to your labeling should be omitted unless their is a specific reason for it's inclusion; it is (3) delimiting information such as the manufacturer's name. Hear me out on this. What does it matter who made the item, except for name identification/prestige, or to inform the purchaser that the component will only work on particular makes/models of systems?

Tell the Story:

Make your displays thematic. Place lighting accessories and necessities together and near the units (tanks and terrariums) they service. Related items like timers and extension cords need to be with what they go with.

And how about your staff? Teach them a few key things about lighting. Encourage them to mention an "extra" service aspect to this, and everything else, you sell. "You might wipe a little petroleum jelly on the threads of those bulbs before threading them into your fixture, it'll help when you want to remove them". Can your people install your fixtures, or replace a switch, put in an automatic starter?


You should stock and sell all the lighting tools and materials you use and vice versa. Extra hoods are a must for all the types and sizes of tanks you, and possibly your competition offers. Put some of those specialty fluorescents et al. on your own systems with Point Of Purchase or at least informational labeling. You don't have to put a ton of money into this. Lighting is one area where there is not a need for a "one to show, one to go" stock level.

One last suggestion: Tape up the ends of the sleeves of your fluorescent and incandescent lamps and bulbs. This greatly reduces breakage due to slipping/falling out of the sleeve/box, and precludes thievery or accusation of the same from products making their way into a more or less expensive wrapping.

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