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Archive 1374: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Pomacanthus paru (Bloch 1787), the French Angelfish (1). Another standard in the aquarium trade. Beautiful and hardy, and large (to fifteen inches in length and a foot tall). Tropical west Atlantic from the Bahamas to Brazil. A medium sized individual (about 5" overall) in Bonaire 2019.

Sargocentron coruscum (Poey 1860), the Reef Squirrelfish. Tropical W. Atlantic, FLA to N. S. America. To 15 cm./6". White tips on first dorsal spines, first three or four with black spot. Nocturnal. One out at night Bonaire 2019.

Neoniphon marianus (Cuvier 1829), the Longjaw Squirrelfish. Tropical West Atlantic. To seven inches in length. Distinctive yellow body lines.  Bonaire 2019.

Paranthias furcifer (Valenciennes 1828), the Creolefish. Eastern and western coasts of the Atlantic. To fourteen inches in length. Zooplankton feeder much as its namesake group (Anthiines). A small one in Bonaire 2019.
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