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Archive 1377: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Halichoeres radiatus (Linnaeus 1758), the Puddingwife Wrasse (2), is another old standard from the tropical west Atlantic. Good looking when young, keep in mind this fish grows to twenty inches in the wild. A six inch initial phase one in Bonaire 2019.

Xyrichtys novacula Pearly Razorfish. Pinkish to pale-gray bodied, steep forehead. Terminal phase/male in Bonaire 2019.

Scarus iseri <formerly S. croicensis)(Bloch 1789), the Striped Parrotfish. To 35 cm. Tropical West Atlantic. Feeds on plants; often Thalassia. Juveniles with three black body stripes, transparent tails. Initial phases with yellow around the nose and eye, translucent tails. Adults with orange patch behind the pectoral fin, yellow patch lower, no distinctive bordering on tail. Here is an initial phase/female one in Bonaire 2019.

Apogon maculatus (Poey 1860), Flamefish. Western Atlantic, Massachusetts to Brazil. To four or so inches in length. Bonaire 2019 at night.
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