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FAQs on Long Tentacle Anemone Social Disease/Health  

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LTA Reproduction

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One specimen to a tank... slowly acclimated, via isolation; moving water back and forth daily for weeks

Clowns can damage them.

You MUST keep your eyes open for signs of competition, deterioration of your stinging-celled livestock... AND be pro-active in moving out offendis, offenders, water changes, use of carbon and more.

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Anemone Decline (allelopathy) and leather coral question (sys.)   12/5/08 I purchased live rock from an aquarist who was moving and it included a long tentacled anemone and clarkii clown. The anemone has done fine for about a month, moving to his own spot and staying for most of the time. The clown often feeds him from formula two and pieces of chopped krill that I place in the tank. <Ah, good> Two days ago the anemone moved two feet across the aquarium under a rock and began getting smaller, different than the usual fluctuations. He has now moved further under the rock and totally withdrawn and emitted a pile of mucous. <Needs to be moved... now> He hasn't distend anything from his mouth but doesn't open to feed or move into the light for the algae to produce food. I've read the FAQs and other answer, but can't seem to find out what the problem is. <A "lack of agreement" with some other form of Cnidarian life here... in a word, Allelopathy. Read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/cnidcompppt.htm and possibly elsewhere on WWM re Anemones, Macrodactyla in particular if you don't understand enough what is happening here, the need for action.> I don't want to give up on him prematurely but don't want to risk harm to the other inhabitants. Any thing I can do to help him out or sure way to tell when he's dead (assuming the hermit crabs won't start eating him as a sign). <You don't want to wait this/that long> My second questions is regarding a small leather coral 1 1/2" long that was on the live rock. It was partially covered by algae film. I removed the film and placed in in my Nano tank. It was knocked off the top of the reef by a fish or crab and fell to the rear. I left it there since I wanted to minimize stress of repeated touching and movement. Now it has grown a 1" long stalk and attached to the rock, and all feelers extend. My q is there anyway to relocate it (it is towards the back and difficult to see) or is it better to leave it alone? Thanks, Sid <If in a "very bad spot" I would move it... it cannot move itself. Bob Fenner>

LTA?  is it too late? Hlth...   2/10/08 Hello, super site! <Hi, Mike I here> We are new to the saltwater tanks and so far so good - but, in the section of your anemone discussions . . . I was unable to avoid contacting you. <OK> The day we bought our clown and anemone ( pink long tentacle w/neon green highlighting throughout and a white base ) together all was GREAT! ! ! <White base does not sound like a Long Tentacled Anemone, but with you so far> It's been a few days now and the Clown is eating part of the anemone. <Yikes! Doesn't sound good if I'm understanding what it may be eating> At first, he fed it and slept in it and wouldn't leave the area. Now, he explores some while the anemone looks like it will die. It is curled into itself a lot and I am worried. The only difference to daily feeding has been a recent treatment of purple-up and marine snow for the others in the tank. Was this why? <Could be a number of things> How long does/should it take for the anemone to put it's foot down? <Almost immediately if healthy> I might be the reason it is in this state . . . what to do? DeAnna <Anemones are delicate little things, and not something that should usually be attempted to be kept until a little experience has been built up. You haven't stated your water parameters - would be helpful, as would details of your set up. List of other inhabitants too perhaps. How long have you owned the animal? Some pictures may help too. There are many reasons why anemones fail, and it may seem I'm asking for than giving, but is essential to try and provide more help. Mike I>

Re: New LTA question   5/25/07 Thanks for the response Bob!  Yesterday, the Anemone changed from a  ball to a deflated, wrinkled half ball.  Still has it's red coloring <This is normal, natural> and changes shapes slowly.  The clown fish are trying to get inside of it most of the time. <You might do well to cover this animal for now, to keep the Clowns away... they may well be damaging this organism>   This morning it looked virtually the same but had greenish tentacles coming out of the bottom area. <? Is this anemone upside down?>   (Well, it look like it was coming out of the bottom but I'm not sure). I took pictures of it yesterday and brought them with to the store I bought it.  The owner just smiled and said, "That's what Anemone's do. <... no> He's just getting acclimated to the new environment. Just leave him alone."  I picked up some silversides and hope to someday have use for them. I am interested in your comment about a possible conflict with the corals I have.  Currently, I have the Anemone placed about six inches away from a bubble coral <I see this... and this is WAY too close for an anemone to be near a Plerogyra> and, since the Anemone was blowing around, I moved a piece of live rock in front of him that has some green mushroom corals on it. <And these too...>   This changed the flow so he's not being blown around anymore.  It was the next day, however, that he changed into a ball....so perhaps the rock with mushroom coral is part of the reason? <My friend... please read, investigate before you buy anything live... Your mis-steps here may cause your system to crash... Really> I've also re-started two of the four power heads to keep the tank flowing.  They do not place added flow on the Anemone, so it's been pretty stable.  It seems to be a good compromise for the fish until the Anemone situation is rectified.  After only 1 day with the power heads off I was surprised to wake up to a half dozen 1/4 inch bristle worms on my front glass.  (I've only seen a couple of 1 inchers in my refugium in the past).  My Copper banded Butterfly was eager to pick them off for me.  Anything I need to know/do about the Bristle worms?  I've placed a couple of the traps in the water, but didn't catch anything with the bait they sent with the trap.   I've sent two pictures along.  One show's it's placement in back of the bubble and mushroom coral.  The other is just of the Anemone. (Sorry...Not the best pictures. Darn cell phone cameras!) Thanks again, and in advance of your next response. Thanks, Gregory E. <Read re the compatibility of the Stinging-celled life you have here... and soon Greg. Bob Fenner>

Re: New LTA question  - 05/26/07 Will do, Thanks.  You know what?  I think you are right...it must be upside down as the bottom of the Anemone was red and that's what's on top now.  I think I'll take this opportunity to move it very far away from the corals.  I'll do the reading you suggested right away. <Ah, good. RMF> Thanks, Gregory
Re: New LTA question  - 05/26/07
     Thanks for your help Bob, but it appears the bad advice I got yesterday from my fish store proved to be costly.  I rushed home from work to find that, as you guessed, the Anemone was upside down.  The red underside began disintegrating as I started turning it over.  More of the same when I got it right side up and let a small amount of current pass over it.  I then called the fish store and they told me to "leave it in my tank for a day to see what happens <What? No!> and they couldn't tell me more unless they saw it."  Umm, I brought a picture of it in yesterday and they didn't even notice it was upside down.  After giving it a half hour to move, I finally removed it from the tank to avoid an ammonia problem. <This and worse> It was already dead.  I'm upset that I didn't notice that it was upside down.  Even a little more that they didn't as this is the premier fish store in my area of Park Ridge, IL....and I was speaking with the owner.             I bought the clown fish and Anemone as I wanted that fish/anemone activity in my tank.  I would not have purchased the clown fish on their own.  Is it probable that a new anemone would attract the clown fish or am I out of luck? <Please... read> Currently, they seem to be hanging around my bubble and elegance corals. Thanks again, Greg E <RMF>

What happened to my LTA, Macrodactyla doreensis and my Shrimp, Lysmata debelius, Lysmata amboinensis? -- 5/20/07 I am having problems with my saltwater tank.  It consisted of 2 Macrodactyla doreensis, <<Two?! No! RMF>> 2 Amphiprion percula, 1 Lysmata amboinensis, and  2 Lysmata debelius. It all started when one of the LTA incased itself and would show no tentacles. Soon after, one of the Lysmata debelius died. I tested the water (Ammonia: 0.50ppm, <<Danger Will Robinson! RMF>> Nitrite: 0ppm, Nitrate: 10-15ppm, pH: 8.0-8.2) and did a water change.   <What is the temperature, salinity, alkalinity, and tank size?  How long have you had each of these animals?> I pulled the incased LTA and put him in another tank, he was dead the next morning. The Lysmata amboinensis and the other Lysmata debelius were also dead that morning in the other tank. I tested the water again and got the same readings I then did another water change. The fish seem to be doing fine and the other LTA seems to be hanging on for right now.  I just don't know where to go from here. I checked everything, filter is running fine, I don't over feed the tank, and the tank has been established for 2-3 years. <What have you been feeding the anemones?  Are you dosing the tank with anything?> Is it one of those mysteries I may never solve? <Possibly> Thank you for any input that you have. <You're welcome!> You guys all do a great job! <Thank you!  Brenda>

LTA/Health/Systems  - 06/07/2006 Hi, <Hello Charity> I was reading through your anemone FAQs and came across the advice to never buy a white anemone. <Think it meant a bleached anemone.> I was at the local fish store and had been researching and wanting a LTA for a while. Somehow I missed that advice before. I have a: 55 gallon long aquarium Wet/dry Excalibur skimmer 1 pygmy bicolor angel (6 months in tank) 1 maroon clownfish (3 yrs in tank) 1 yellow tang  ( 1 year in tank) 1 hippo tang (1 inch, 1 year in tank) 4 turbo snails 1 rock of mushrooms 1 green star polyp 1 Montipora orange 2 strips of coral life 65 *2 50/50 lights (260 w) 1 strip of 40 watt no fluorescent lights Ammonia:0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate 10 ppm but did have a spike the night he was added. We did a 30 gallon water change that night. Calcium: 380 (slowly raising it up) Ph: ranges from 8.0 to 8.2 I have included pictures showing the decline over the last few days. Is there any chance of survival? I feed him silversides. The first night he took it immediately to his mouth. It has gotten slower over the last couple of days but he does still eat. <For starters, never attempt feeding an anemone until he anchors down and blooms. None of the pics indicate an anchoring took place.> Any advice you could provide would be wonderful! <It is not recommended having fish other than clowns in the company of anemones.  Also looks like water flow may be a little low.  Is your total flow at least 600gph?  I will post a link or tow here for you to read along with related links above.  Will provide a link with info on their care, requirements and keeping.  Do read along with related articles shown above title. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/inverts/cnidaria/anthozoa/anemones.htm http://www.wetwebmedia.com/macrodoreensis.htm> Thanks! <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)> Charity <<James... where's the original msg., pix? RMF>>
Re:  LTA/Health/Systems  - 06/07/2006
Hi James, <Hello Charity.> Thanks so much for the quick reply. <You're welcome.> I do have 605 gph flow rated return on my tank. <Do take into account head pressure loss.  Will not have an actual 605gph, especially if the pump is of the powerhead type.> He was anchored to the glass under the sand at one point but he has fallen over and remained since my maroon has been bothering him. Should I move the sand back again. <Not necessary, the LTA should anchor itself in the evening when there are no menacing fish around.  You could put a clear acrylic/plastic perforated container over him until he anchors.  Will have to do the perforations yourself, unlikely you will find anything like this.> I will do the readings you suggested. <I hope you do.  We just do not have the time to elaborate on all the details of keeping anemones, that is what the Wet Web Site is for.  Can learn much by reading FAQ's on the subject also.  Do learn/use.> Thanks again! <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)> Charity
Re:  LTA/Health/Systems  - 06/07/2006
The link above has a title but no information. <Mmm, hasn't been penned yet, correct, Bob?  Other articles on anemones will steer you right since they share similar requirements/needs.  James (Salty Dog)> <<Correct James... there are many such articles/topics to be written... Not just by me! You may likely have more accurate, complete information re Actinarians use in captivity than moi... RMF>>

More Anemone Woes'¦  9/23/05 <Adam J here.> Bryan here and I must first say that this is the best informative website I have found on marine life, keep it up you guys are the best! <Yeah I like this place too.> My question is about 2 LTA's I have in my 55gal, these are the only two inverts in the tank and not sure exactly how there health is.  First tank conditions Ammonia-0 Nitrite-0 Nitrate-12 <Try getting this as close to zero as possible, increasing the frequency of water changes is the easiest way.> Ph-8.5 Salinity-1.022 Temp-77 Substrate-crushed coral SeaClone 100 skimmer 330 BioWheel MaxiJet 900 powerhead <You may want to add a few more of these.> Lighting- 2ea 15w Actinic 03 blue, 2ea 15w Actinic full spectrum lights (I hope tomorrow I will be adding 1 ea 110w Actinic 03 blue light and 1 ea Aquasun 110w white light (both are VHO bulbs) <More lighting is definitely needed, as the current scheme is highly insufficient for the anemones, if they continue to be subjected to this they will meet a quick demise, so yes please upgrade.> 40lbs live rock (just coming to life, started them as base rock, but have awesome coralline growing now) 15 hermits 1-Clarkii, 1-yellowtail damsel, 1-purple Anthias, and 1-yellow tang (very small and will move as he get older) <Glad to hear it.> Anyhow, the blue LTA I placed in the middle of the tank on a rock, overnight it move down the rock to a spot in between three rocks where there is water flow, but not very strong and not in the brightness area of the tank (can't see if it foot is buried or not).  This does puzzled me because right now lighting levels is not where it needs to be. <Not really puzzling at all, the anemone is doing what comes naturally, moving to the substrate in which it can hide its 'foot.'> The Clarkii has taken to it very well, in fact, unless he is coming out of the LTA at night he has not come out for 2 days, not even to eat. <You can use a turkey-baster to direct food to him.> The colors look fine, but is there a chance it's dying? <Without food and light'¦.yes it will eventually die.>   I am not sure it is eating since the Clarkii will not leave. I started feeding it ChromaPlex and also use iodine supplements. <I would use 'heavier' meats of a marine origin, (i.e. squid and krill).> On to the green/purple LTA, from the time I put this one in, it went from being 4" to pretty much closing up.  I can't tell if it is moving or if it is just the current pushing it around.  I gave it a little help by placing next to two rocks, but still nothing, just laying on the bottom on it's side.   <Not a good sign.> Until my slow shipment of lighting arrives which was suppose to be here before the LTA's, I have place a Halogen light next to the tank shining in LTA direction, is this a bad idea?    <Better than nothing.> I also notice that it's mouth stays open for extended periods of time, and occasionally the base inflates for awhile than deflates.  What is going on with this LTA? <Likely in a slow demise at the moment.> Should I move the LTA to a hospital tank where I can provide 3-4w per gal? Until my other fixtures arrive? <Moving the animal may further stress it, leave it be for now.> Also the foot on both LTA's look fine when placed in the tank and still do (bright orange/red).  Should I be worried? <Well to be honest these anemones rarely acclimate and thrive in captivity, for the average hobbyist I rarely see them live longer than 2-3 months, they do best in shallow tanks with a DSB in which to bury their foot.  They also prefer 'intense' lighting. To give them the best chance, keep water quality pristine and target feed 1-2 times weekly.  Furthermore having two in a 55 gallon is not a good idea, I have seen up to 30' in diameter. Please read in the LTA FAQ's for more detail http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ltafaqs.htm .> Thanks Bryan <Adam J.>

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