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FAQs about Dragon Moray Eels: Foods/Feeding/Nutrition 

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"Train the eel to take frozen Saltwater Fish (as Freshwater fish will be too fatty) and thawed frozen shrimp from the grocery store. "

Moray Eel Species Only tank for a 75g suggestions 12/28/07 <Hello Joe> I had been planning on making my now 75g grow out tank as a species only tank for a prized Japanese Dragon Moray eel. I know this eel max's out at 3' so I'm a little concerned that the tank may be too small even if he is the only one in it. If it is too small for a DME what size eel should I be shopping for to place in a 75g species only tank and do you have any good suggestions? <This tank should be fine for the eel as it will spend a majority of its time in a cluster of live rock waiting to ambush some prey. The main points of concern are not the 75g tank size which is the smallest tank I would use, but that water parameters are kept as constant and close to Natural Sea water (NSW) as possible. Keeping Nitrates and Phosphates as low as possible too will aid in the long term survival of this animal. Finally, feeding it appropriate foods is also very important. Train the eel to take frozen Saltwater Fish (as Freshwater fish will be too fatty) and thawed frozen shrimp from the grocery store. These are much cheaper than aquarium prepared frozen foods for predatory fish) Frozen foods are best as they will limit any introduction of parasite or disease that live foods could introduce. Hope this helps-Rich...aka...Mr. Firemouth> Thanks

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