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FAQs about Dragon Moray Eels: Reproduction

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Eggs???    4/5/20
So guys we were having a nice fun experience at the store today these randomly showed up and started floating all over the system didn’t know if you have any rough idea on what it could be
<Interesting... DO look like eggs of some sort... are your systems separately re/circulated? What sort of livestock is in this tank? Can you give me/us some idea of the objects size? Bob Fenner>

Re: Eggs???    4/5/20
Yep not a problem so the livestock is actually very limited in this aquarium it is a 500 gallon with a 125 gallon refugium
Total livestock is a 3to 4 inch red leg hermit
One 8 inch Sailfin tang
2 yellow tangs 1 3-4” 2 6”
<Mmm, too small to breed...>
2 yellow stag horn damsel was not able to find any nest location and one is only about 1 inch in size
One Hawaii zebra moray 28 inches
2 Hawaii dragon Morey have been in the system for about five Hawaii Dragon moray have been in the system for about five years now both 28-32”
<Maybe some organism in the (live) rock, or refugium... I'd put some in a floating, all plastic fine meshed net and see what they hatch out as! BobF>
Re: Eggs???    4/5/20

We were thinking the dragons as it was coming from the general area that the larger “female” was siting having some labored breathing
<Oh, wow~! That would be incredible. Am going to ask Marco here (our muraenid expert) to comment. Bob Fenner>
Re: Eggs???    4/5/20

<Would be great. Had a look at the pics. Cannot exclude that they are eel eggs, cannot confirm either. The fertile moray eel eggs I've seen had a clearly visible embryonic larvae, so maybe they are not
fertilized. As Bob suggested, put them in a net and observe if they change and how. Moray eels become significantly obese when carrying eggs (like at least 1,5 their normal diameter) and this quickly goes back to normal once the eggs are laid. You can take this as an hard to miss indicator for if those are really eel eggs. Also, have a look here to compare:
(there was also a case in a zoo in Germany in 2002 if I remember correct). If you wish keep us updated. Cheers, Marco.>
<Ahh, thank you Marco. Will forward any updates your way. BobF>

Re: Moray eel question    2/4/17
<Hi Brad.>
So since your last email I have had a very interesting change in my eels behavior. Two dragon morays.
The smaller of the two displays a very swollen abdomen and "cloaca"?? Every once and a while. I thought it was just backed up and needed to relieve it self. After a day or so it just went away and I didn't think anything of it. Well this morning I noticed the eel is again very swollen and its anus(?) is protruding like a belly button ( same as last time ) and it
won't leave the other dragon, larger and darker color alone. At first I thought it was aggression but they are not biting each other just a lot of face time and pushing. The smaller very light color dragon moray is usually very shy and reclusive except when this happens. I watched a YouTube on morays mating and my eels body looks exactly the same.
I know morays don't breed in captivity but do they still attempt?
<There are a few documented cases where moray eels produced eggs in captivity. The eel increased their diameter significantly during this time. In at least one case the eels mated and the eggs were fertilized, but the larvae could not be raised. So, it does happen in captivity.>
Is there anything I should do or watch out for besides aggression ?
<In the best case: eggs scattered in the tank... (we demand a picture in this case). If you are less lucky, it's the beginning of some intestinal disease.>
Thank again.
Sincerely Brad.
pS both eels are moving to 180 gallon next weekend.
<Good luck. Marco.>

Sexing Hawaiian Dragon Moray Eels Dear Mr. Fenner, <Hi Ronald> I currently have one Hawaiian Dragon Moray Eel and now have an opportunity to purchase a second specimen.  I would most appreciate any information you could provide relative to determining the sex of Dragon Moray Eels as well as breeding information.  I recognize that this would be a difficult challenge and am prepared to do whatever is required.  I am currently in the process of setting up a 437 gallon tank to hopefully house these two Morays.  Your anticipated response is most appreciated. <Have looked through my print references and fishbase.org... No external differences between the sexes. Have seen (rarely) morays in "pairs" (and on occasion more than one, two species in a hole/cave) while diving, but never Enchelycore pardalis. Bob Fenner> Kindest regards,
Ronald Allard

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