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FAQs about Moorish Idols, Family Zanclidae: Reproduction

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Moorish Idol Gender 2/14/09
Hello everyone at W.W.M, Ben here,
Could you please be able to tell me;
How can you tell the difference between a female and male Moorish Idol?
<There are no reliable secondary (morphological, color...) differences
twixt the sexes in Zanclus as far as I'm aware>
because I have two juvenile Moorish idols that seem to have already paired up and they both look extremely identical.
Cheers, Ben
<Have seen such "pairs" in the wild on many occasions... I agree re there not being any real difference between them. There was a very nice article re the, care, including reproductive behavior of this species in "Coral" Magazine a few issues back... Bob Fenner>

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