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Aquatics Business Articles & FAQs Index 

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Employment Opportunities in the Trade

Jobs, Companies For Sale Listings for Folks, Companies
FAQs on: Ornamental Aquatics Employer/Employment Opportunities

 Are You Right/Ready to be in the Industry? by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Ornamental Aquatics BizOrnamental Aquatics Biz 2,

Aquatic Service Business

Could This Be Your Dream Job? Aquarium (& more!) Install & Maintenance!
by Bob Fenner
Service Businesses in Ornamental Aquatics by Bob Fenner

Selling Service Accounts by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Ornamental Aquatics Service Business

     Pond Livestock and Service Business by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Pond Business,

  Manufacturing in the Pet-Fish Industry
FAQs on: Manufacturing in Ornamental Aquatics

  Frequently accessed Questions about the Pet-Fish Industry

  Upcoming Industry Trade Shows  

  Five Critical Elements of Business:



  Selecting the Best Business Location by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Business Locating


Setting Up Your Business by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Business Set-up

FAQs on:
Commercial, Custom Tank: Design, Materials: Acrylic, Glass, Other... Tools, Location, By Make/Brand/Manufacturer Name,

FAQs on: 
Commercial Stands,

  Central Filtration by Bob Fenner
Flow-through Live-holding Systems by Bob Fenner
Raceway Live-Holding Systems by Bob Fenner, 

FAQs on: Centralized Filtration Systems, Holes & Drilling, Set-up for Your Business,  

  Do It Yourself The Indoor Pond by Anthony Calfo
Liners for Above Ground Ponds by Bob Fenner
Liners in Pond Construction Overview by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Above Ground Pond Liners

 Plumbing Marine Systems by Bob Fenner,
Plumbing Return Manifolds, Marine System ComponentsRefugiums, Central FiltrationFlow-through Live-holding Systems, Business Set-UpWater Flow, How Much is Enough,

FAQs on: Marine Systems Plumbing, Marine Plumbing 2, Marine Plumbing 3, Marine Plumbing 4, Marine Plumbing 5, Marine Plumbing 6, Marine Plumbing 7, Plumbing 8, Plumbing 9, Plumbing 10, Plumbing 11, Plumbing 12, Plumbing 13, Plumbing 14, Plumbing 15Plumbing 16, Plumbing 17, Plumbing 18, Plumbing 19, Plumbing 20Plumbing 21, Plumbing 22,  

FAQs on: Plans/Designs,
Parts: Pipe, Valves, Back-Siphon/Check-Valves, Unions, Tools, Solvents, Use of Flexible Tubing, Leaks/Repairs, &
Holes & Drilling 1, Holes, Drilling 2, Holes & Drilling 3, Holes & Drilling 4, Durso Standpipes, Overflow Boxes, Overflows 2, Overflows 3, Overflows 4, Bubble Trouble, Plumbing NoiseMake Up Water Systems, Pumps, Circulation, SumpsRefugiumsGear Selection for Circulation,
FAQs on: Circulation : Rationale, Designs, Pumps, Plumbing, What's About the Right Amount, Troubleshooting/Repair, & Pump ProblemsWater Changes Surge Devices


   Dry Goods: 

Stocking a Business
FAQs on: Business Stocking in General

  Dry Goods in Business
FAQs on: Dry-goods,      

    Selling Aquarium Set-ups by Bob Fenner  
Custom Aquariums
by Bob Fenner
Selling Tank Set-ups Right! by Bob Fenner
Office Aquariums, by Bob Fenner

Aquarium Repair, Buying Used Aquarium Gearby Bob Fenner,
FAQs on: Designer Tanks, Stands, Covers, Custom Tanks II Office Aquariums, DIY Gear 1, DIY Gear 2, DIY Gear 3

     The Mini-Reef Revolution by Bob Fenner

     Merchandising and Selling Aquarium Lighting by Bob Fenner

     Stocking & Selling Aquarium Filtration by Bob Fenner

          Aquarium Filters for Freshwater Systems by Bob Fenner

          Aquarium Filters for Marine Systems by Bob Fenner

     Aquarium Pumps (Air and Water), Sales & Selection by Bob Fenner

     Ultraviolet Sterilizers; Sale and Use in Filtration Systems by Bob Fenner

     Fish Food by Bob Fenner
Foods, Feeding Accessories by Bob Fenner
PowerPoint Pitch on Nutrition, Part 1, by Bob Fenner,  Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Basic Fish Nutrition by Pablo Tepoot
Marine Nutrition, Probably the most overlooked component of proper fish keeping By Aaron Loboda, 

FAQs on: Fish Food Business,

  Aquarium Decoration Accessories by Bob Fenner,
Merchandising Corals & Shells by Bob Fenner

FAQs on: Merchandising Corals and Shells,

     Garden Ponds/Merchandising by Bob Fenner
Mini Ponds in the Trade/Hobby by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Pond Business, Pond Service Business,



  Livestocking a Business & FAQs on Business: Livestocking, Livestocking 2, Livestocking 3,
FAQs on: Wholesalers, Tran-shippers, Jobbers, & Sources For: Freshwater: FW Fish & Invert. Livestock, FW Plants, Pond, Goldfishes/Comets, Saltwater: Marine Algae, Live Rock & Sand, SW Invertebrates, Tridacnid ClamsSW Fishes, & From/By Source Countries, & Facilities: Collecting Stations, Holding Systems, Breeding/Aquaculture, & Research, Tradeshows, Crooked Dealings, CITES, Tariffs, Permits, aka Taxes for simple servants, Other Confiscatory Conventions, Moving Livestock,

   An Open Letter to the Trade: Regarding the Appropriateness of (Marine) Livestock; Collection and Use (lifted from an editorial from Jan. 1994 by Robert Fenner)

     The Marine Livestock Import/Wholesale Industry
FAQs on: Marine Livestock Importing/Wholesaling,

   Ornamental Aquaculture Business, Part 1, Part 2,
   Ornamental Marine Aquaculture Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
by Robert Fenner (ppt. produced for MACNA 2018) 

     Growing Reef Corals For Profit by Anthony Calfo
FAQs on: Cnidarian ReproductionCoral Propagation 1, Coral Propagation 2, Coral Propagation 3, Coral Propagation 4,
FAQs on: Coral Propagation: Coral Prop Livestock Selection, Frag Sources (Info., Livestock, Supplies), Frag Tanks/Systems, Frag Methods, Frag Tools, Frag Feeding, Frag Health, Propagation Economics, Frag Troubles, Fraggle Rock (just kidding), 
FAQs on:
"Frag Momma Frag, Whatcha Gonna Do? " by Group: Polyp Reproduction/Propagation, Sea Fan Reproduction/Propagation, Mushroom Reproduction/PropagationZoanthid Reproduction/PropagationAnemone Reproduction/Propagation, Soft Corals:
Soft Coral Propagation FAQs, Xeniid Reproduction/PropagationAlcyoniid Reproduction/Propagation, Nephtheid Reproduction/Propagation, Stony Corals: Caryophyllid Propagation/Reproduction, Elegance Coral Reproduction, Dendrophylliid Reproduction, Faviid Reproduction/Propagation, Fungiid Reproduction, Mussid Reproduction, Trachyphylliid Reproduction, Acroporid Reproduction, Poritid Reproduction/Propagation,

  Parasitic Diseases of Cultured Fishes overview by Bob Fenner

  Open Letter to the Trade re Quarantining Livestock by Bob Fenner

     A Complete Livestock Treatment System by Bob Fenner

       Livestock Loss/Replacement System by Bob Fenner

       Acclimation of Livestock by Bob Fenner &
FAQs on
: Business/Commercial Acclimation,

  Live Plants Use in the Industry: by Bob Fenner & John Pitcairn,

    Part 1: Rationale, Buying, Keeping

   Part 2: Maintenance

    Part 3: A Good Selection &
FAQs on: Retailing Aquarium Plants,

     Don't Sell Non-Aquatic Plants! by Bob Fenner     

          Live Plants & Macro-Algae (IZOO 98 Report) by Bob Fenner

     Improved (Better?) Products for Bettas! by Bob Fenner

     Marine Life Use in the Aquarium Trade by Bob Fenner &
FAQs on: Marine Life Use in the Trade,

         Marine Macro-Algae Merchandising by Bob Fenner & FAQs on: Marine Macro-Algae Merchandising,

FAQs on: The Tridacnid Clam Business

         Ornamental Marine Algae/How to Raise & Market It by Bob Fenner, Macroalgae and Invertebrates by Bob Fenner, &
FAQs on:  Ornamental Marine Algae Business,

     Selling Compatible Marines by Bob Fenner

         Marine Fishes, Selection, Display in the Industry by Bob Fenner

              Retailing Damselfishes: Saltwater Bread & Butter by Bob Fenner

              Clown/Anemonefishes in the Pet-Fish Industry by Bob Fenner

              Hawkfishes in the Pet-Fish Industry by Bob Fenner

              Macro-Algae and Invertebrates, Winter Supply by Bob Fenner

     Garden Ponds/Livestock and Service by Bob Fenner&
FAQs on: Garden Ponds, Livestock and Servicing,

          Treating Pond Parasite Problems with DTHP by Bob Fenner

     "Feeder Goldfish" issues



  Financing Your Business by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Financing,

  Phony Wholesaling Competitors by Bob Fenner

  Example Letter to Wholesalers/Distributors by Bob Fenner, and Example Letter to Other Retailers by Bob Fenner

  Coming soon... the letter to the trade re the farce which is the MAC by Bob Fenner... no, of no more value than discussing the lying, murderous nature of U.S. et al. gov'ts... "be chary of giving advice; wise men don't need it, fools won't heed it"   


   Personnel &
FAQs on: Personnel,

  Employment Opportunities & Input & Work Opportunities, Listings, Input


A Complete Livestock Treatment System by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Livestock Treatment Systems,

  Livestock Loss/Replacement Request Systems, by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Livestock Loss/Replacement Request Systems

  Acclimation of Livestock in Business by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Acclimation of Livestock in Business, Other Acclimation Protocol Input & Acclimation, Acclimation 2, Acclimation 3,
FAQs on: Acclimation: Rationale/Use, Tools/Gear, Chemicals, Methods, Controversies, Troubles/fixing, & Acclimating InvertebratesDips/Baths 1, Best Quarantine FAQs, Quarantine

  Cleaning Aquatic Ornaments by Bob Fenner

  Disinfecting Nets and Related Equipment by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Disinfecting Catch Gear,

Marketing/Merchandising/Advertising: Promotions in General:

FAQs on: Marketing/Overall Business Promotion,  

  Hobbyist/Customer Attrition by Bob Fenner, Rate your tropical fish store; Use these 20 questions to find out if your local retailer is at top of the tank or the bottom of the filter! by Neale Monks
FAQs on: Customer Relations,

  Avoiding the Summer Doldrums in Aquatic Sales by Bob Fenner

  Competing with the "Big Boys" Beating the Mass Merchandisers and Chains... Or why the U.S., Soviet, Roman, Persian... Empires Always Fail by Bob Fenner &, FAQs on: Competing in Business

  Using Printed Handouts by Bob Fenner

    Goldfish Care Handout by Bob Fenner

      Moving Aquariums Handout by Bob Fenner

      Fish Disease Handout by Bob Fenner

      A Brief Outline on Saltwater Set-Up by Bob Fenner

      Beginner Marine Livestock, Some of The Best Available Right Now by Bob Fenner

      900-1000 Words on Live Corals by Bob Fenner

      Breeding Marine Fishes at Home by Bob Fenner

  Releases/Advertisement Ideas by Bob Fenner

     Put An Aquarium in Your Office by Bob Fenner

Trade Shows/Aquatic Science Conferences

  Trade Show, Aquatic Conferences (Announcements)



  Sources & FAQs on: Sources

    Quality Marine by Bob Fenner

    TMC/Tropic Marine Centre by Bob Fenner

    UWW/Underwater World by Bob Fenner

    Helix Camera (and books) by Bob Fenner,   

Aquarium & Ornamental Aquatics Writing Business

  Using the Internet: A Reefkeeper's Best 10,000 Friends by Travis Staut

  Collecting Aquarium Literature by Bob Fenner 
FAQs on: Collecting Aquarium Literature  

  Building Your Aquatic Library by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Building Your Aquatic Library

  Literature Searches: Finding what you want/need by Bob Fenner & FAQs on: Literature Searches

   Writing for the Fields of Ornamental Aquatics: On Writing Reviews by Bob Fenner 
FAQs on: Writing  for the Ornamental Aquatics Field 

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