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Brackish Aquarium Systems Articles & FAQs Index

Brackish Daily FAQs

    Updated FAQs On Brackish Systems & Livestock    


Brackish Water Aquaria: 20 Questions; Yours Questions Answered
by Neale Monks,

    Good Books for Beginners: Part 1, Freshwater & Brackish Aquaria by Neale Monks FAQs on: Freshwater & Brackish Books, Magazines,    

Brackish Water Systems by Neale Monks
FAQs on: Brackish Water Systems

Brackish Aquascaping

     Aquascaping for Beginners; Twenty Tips for Realistic Aquaria by Neale Monks,

     Small Species for the Small Aquarium: A South Asian Coastal Stream by Neale Monks,

     Big But Beautiful: A Southeast Asian Estuary by Neale Monks,

 Brackish System Components & Set-up

   Brackish Water Set-Up by Bob Fenner,
FAQs on: Brackish System Set-up

Converting You and Your System from Freshwater or Brackish to Marine by Anthony Calfo
FAQs on
Converting Systems from: Freshwater to Brackish & Vice Versa, Freshwater to Marine, Freshwater to Marine 2, Freshwater to Marine 3, Brackish to Marine,

    Brackish System Components by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Brackish System Components

    Brackish Substrates
FAQs on: Brackish Substrates,

     Water... and Salt!, Brackish without the salt; Do all 'brackish water fish' really need brackish water? by Neale Monks
FAQs on: Making Brackish/Salty Water,

     Aquarium Stands by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Aquarium Stands 1, Aquarium Stands 2, What to Use, About Floors Underneath, DIY, Finishing/Coating, Commercial, Leveling, Modification, Repair, & Tanks, Stands, Covers, Tanks, Stands, Covers 2, Tank, Stands, Covers 3, Tanks, Stands, Covers 4,

     Brackish System Filtration
FAQs on: Brackish System Filtration

        Cycling a Brackish System
FAQs on: Cycling Brackish Systems,

        Power Filter Impressions,  A review of some popular mechanical filtration systems by Steven Pro,

        Review of the ViaAqua Canister Filter by Gage Harford

     Air Pump Impressions by Steven Pro
FAQs on: Air Pumps

       GFI, Ground Fault Interrupter Use on Aquariums by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
GFCIs and Brackish Aquariums,  

       Chlorine/Chloramine Poisoning: Treating Tap Water by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Treating Tapwater For Brackish Aquarium Use,  

       Rock and Wood in Brackish Aquascaping by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Rock and Wood in Aquascaping,  

        Rate your tropical fish store; Use these 20 questions to find out if your local retailer is at top of the tank or the bottom of the filter! by Neale Monks  










Livestock: Plus See Categories Below

    Brackish Water Livestock (and see below)
FAQs on: Brackish Livestock/ing,     

    Brackish Water Livestock Selection by Neale Monks,
Purchasing, Transporting and Settling New  Freshwater/Brackish Water Livestock by Neale Monks
The Brackish Waters of the Bayou: Native brackish water fish for the home aquarium by Neale Monks

FAQs on: Brackish Livestock Selection & Acclimation,      

Brackish  Plants and Invertebrates Used in Aquariums: 

  Brackish Water Plants by Bob Fenner,
Planting The Brackish Water Aquarium. It's Not Just Java Ferns Any More! by Neale Monks,
FAQs on: Brackish Plants

   Mangroves for the Marine Aquarium by Anthony Calfo
FAQs on: Mangroves

   Brackish Invertebrates
FAQs on: Brackish Invertebrates

      Fresh and Brackish Water Nerites by Neale Monks,
FAQs on: Brackish Snails,

      Horseshoe Crabs: Latter Day Trilobites for Some Systems by [to be written]
FAQs on: Horseshoe Crabs 1Horseshoe Crabs 2,
FAQs on: Horseshoe Crab ID, Horseshoe Crab Behavior, Horseshoe Crab Compatibility, Horseshoe Crab Selection, Horseshoe Crab Systems, Horseshoe Crab Feeding, Horseshoe Crab Disease, Horseshoe Crab Reproduction,

      Freshwater/Brackish/Marine Palaemonidae Rafinesque, 1815
FAQs on: Ghost/Grass/Glass Shrimp,

    Fresh to Brackish Crabs by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Brackish CrabsFiddler Crabs, Red Claw Crabs, Soapbox Crabs,  

Brackish  Fishes Used in Aquariums: 

  Brackish Water Fishes by Bob Fenner
Marines in the Brackish Water Aquarium by Neale Monks  
Why do the oddballs all seem to need brackish water? by Neale Monks  
FAQs on: Brackish Fishes,  

Brackish Stingrays &
FAQs on: Brackish Stingrays

Brackish Eels

Brackish Eels
FAQs on: Brackish Eels,
   Freshwater Moray Eels
by Marco Lichtenberger,
"Freshwater" Moray Eels, Family Muraenidae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: FW Morays 1FW Morays 2,

FAQs on: FW Moray ID, FW/BR Moral ID 2, FW Moray Behavior, FW Moray Compatibility, FW Moray Stocking/Selection, FW Moray Systems, FW/BR Moray Systems 2, FW Moray Feeding, FW Moray Disease, FW Moray Reproduction,  

Freshwater Eels, family Anguillidae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Freshwater Eels

  Reed or Ropefish, Erpetoichthys calabaricus by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Reed/Ropefish,

  Killifishes: Part 1 by Dr. Robert J. Goldstein, Killifishes, Part II- The Nothobranchius Family  by Robert J. Goldstein, Ph.D, 
FAQs on: Killifishes

  Needlefishes, Family Belonidae
FAQs on: Needlefishes

  Freshwater Seahorses? Fresh and Brackish Pipefish: A Challenge For the Advanced Aquarist by Neale Monks,
Freshwater and Brackish  Pipefishes by Bob Fenner

FAQs on:
Brackish Pipefishes    

  The Bullrout, Notesthes robusta, of the Subfamily Tetraroginae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Bullrouts,   

   Toadfishes, "Freshwater Lionfishes, Stonefishes", Family Batrachoididae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
" Freshwater Lionfishes", 

Brackish Gobies & Blennies

Fresh to Brackish Water Gobioids (includes Bumble Bees, Gudgeons, Sleepers, Dragon Eel...  by Bob Fenner,
Gobies and Sleepers: The Low-Down On These Quirky Bottom-Dwellers by Neale Monks

FAQs on:
Brackish Gobies

   Bumblebee Gobies
FAQs on: Bumblebee Gobies,

    Butterfly Goby (actually a Waspfish, yes, venomous), Vespicula depressifrons, The Waspfishes, subfamily Tetraroginae
FAQs on: Butterfly Gobies

    There's a Dragon in my Tank! (the Violet, Dragon/Eel Goby, Gobioides broussonetti) by Jeni Tyrell
FAQs on: Dragon/Violet Gobies 1, Dragon/Violet Gobies 2,
FAQs on: Dragon/Violet Gobies Identification, Dragon/Violet Gobies Behavior, Dragon/Violet Gobies Compatibility, Dragon/Violet Gobies Selection, Dragon/Violet Gobies Systems, Dragon/Violet Gobies Feeding, Dragon/Violet Gobies Disease, Dragon/Violet Gobies Reproduction,

    Knight Gobies, Stigmatogobius sadanundio
FAQs on: Knight Gobies,

    Sleeper Gobies, family Eleotridae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Sleeper Gobies,

  Fresh to Brackish Water Blennies by Neale Monks
FAQs on: Brackish Blennies

    Mudskippers, An Introduction for Aquarists by Gianluca Polgar,
Mudskippers, Family Periophthalmidae petfish biblio. by Bob Fenner,
FAQs on: Mudskippers

  Archerfishes, Family Toxotidae by Bob Fenner &
FAQs on: Archerfishes

  Marine, Brackish & Freshwater Catfishes of the Family Ariidae (Silver-tipped, Columbian "Shark") by Bob Fenner;
Colombian Shark Catfishes and other Ariidae by Neale Monks
FAQs on: Ariid Cats 1
Ariid Cats 2,
FAQs on: Ariid ID, Ariid Behavior, Ariid Compatibility, Ariid Selection, Ariid Systems, Ariid Feeding, Ariid Disease, Ariid Reproduction, Marine Catfishes, Catfishes in General

  Chromides, the Cichlids of the Genus Etroplus by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Chromides

  Cichlids of the genus Pelvivachromis (e.g. Kribensis)
FAQs on: Pelvivachromis Cichlids

  Glassfishes, Family Ambassidae/Chandidae, Glassfishes: Family Ambassidae By Neale Monks, 
Seeing it through with glassfish; How to succeed with these misunderstood fish By Neale Monks, 
Seems Fishy To Me:  The Painted Glassfish by Spencer Glass, 
FAQs on: Glassfishes

 Livebearing Brackish Fishes

Mollies, part of the Family Poeciliidae, Livebearing Toothed Carps, The truth about Mollies; Among the most popular aquarium fish, they're also among the most misunderstood by Neale Monks
FAQs on: Mollies 1, Mollies 2, Mollies 3,

FAQs on: Molly Identification FAQs, Molly Behavior FAQs, Molly Compatibility FAQs, Molly Selection FAQs, Molly System FAQs, Molly Feeding FAQs, Molly Disease FAQs, Molly Disease 4, Molly Disease 5, & Molly Reproduction  

  Four Eyes and More! Family Anablepidae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Anableps/Four Eyes

  Halfbeaks, Species, husbandry and breeding by Neale Monks,
FAQs on: Halfbeaks,

  Monos, Fingerfish, Moonfish, Family Monodactylidae by Bob Fenner, Scats and monos; Old favourites and new species for the brackish water aquarium by Neale Monks
FAQs on:

  Mudskippers, the Subfamily Oxudercinae, Family Gobiidae
FAQs on: Mudskippers

  Rainbowfishes by Bob Fenner, Fishes at the rainbow's end;  An introduction to the Atheriniformes, the Rainbowfish and Silversides by Neale Monks,
FAQs on: Rainbowfishes 1, Rainbowfishes 2,
FAQs on: Rainbow Identification, Rainbow Behavior, Rainbow Compatibility, Rainbow Selection, Rainbow Systems, Rainbow Feeding, Rainbow Disease, Rainbow Reproduction,

  Scats, Family Scatophagidae by Bob Fenner, Scats and Monos; Old favourites and new species for the brackish water aquarium by Neale Monks
FAQs on: Scats 1, Scats 2, Scat Identification, Scat Behavior, Scat Compatibility, Scat Stocking/Selection, Scat Systems, Scat Feeding, Scat Disease, Scat Reproduction

  Siamese Tiger Fishes, Used to Be Known as Datnoides by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:   Datnoides/Siamese Tiger Fishes

  Snappers, Family Lutjanidae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Snappers

  Snooks, Giant Perches of the Family Centropomidae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Snooks

  Sticklebacks, Family Gasterosteidae by Bob Fenner, Pondfish Profile: Sticklebacks by Neale Monks,
FAQs on:

  Targetfish, Family Terapontidae
FAQs on: Targetfishes

Flatfishes... Totally Fresh to Brackish to Marine

  Giving your aquarium some sole: Success with fresh and brackish water flatfish by Neale Monks

     Family Soleidae, Soles... Freshwater, Brackish and/or Marine 
FAQs on: Soles

     "Freshwater" Flounders, Family Achiridae
FAQs on: " Freshwater" Soles,

Family Cynoglossidae, Tonguefishes

 Puffers... Brackish to Marine

  Brackish to Seawater Tetraodont Puffers by Bob Fenner,
Puffed up with pride; New and unusual pufferfish species for the discerning aquarist by Neale Monks
FAQs on: BR to SW True Puffers 1, BR to SW True Puffers 2BR to SW True Puffers 3
FAQs on: BR Puffer Identification, BR Puffer Behavior, BR Puffer Selection, BR Puffer Compatibility, BR Puffer Systems, BR Puffer Feeding, BR Puffer Disease 1, BR Puffer Disease 2, BR Puffer Disease 3, GSP Disease, Figure-Eight Puffer Disease, & BR Puffer Reproduction & Freshwater to Brackish Water Puffers by Bob Fenner,
FAQs on: FW to BR Puffers 1, FW to BR Puffers 2FW to BR Puffers 3,
FAQs on: FW Puffer Identification, FW Puffer Behavior, FW Puffer Stocking/Selection, FW Puffer Compatibility, FW Puffer Systems, FW Puffer Feeding, FW Puffer Disease, FW Puffer Reproduction

   & Puffers in General, Marine Puffers, Marine Puffers in General 2,
FAQs on: Marine Puffer Identification, Marine Puffer Behavior, Marine Puffer Compatibility, Marine Puffer Stocking/Selection, Marine Puffer Systems, Marine Puffer Feeding, Marine Puffer Feeding 2, Marine Puffer DiseaseMarine Puffer Disease 2, Marine Puffer Disease 3Marine Puffer Disease 4Marine Puffer Disease 5, Marine Puffer Disease 6, Marine Puffer Disease 7, Marine Puffer Reproduction

   Alone But Not Lonely: The Importance of  Keeping Puffers Individually by Damien Wagaman,

   Small Puffer Dentistry By Jeni Tyrell (aka Pufferpunk)
FAQs on: Small Puffer Dentistry,

Green Spotted Puffers (GSP's) Tetraodon nigroviridis by Jeni Tyrell (PufferPunk)  
FAQs on:
GSPs 1GSPs 2,
FAQs on: GSP Identification, GSP Behavior, GSP Compatibility, GSP Stocking/Selection, GSP Systems, GSP Feeding, GSP Disease, GSP Reproduction,

Figure Eight Puffers, Tetraodon biocellatus
FAQs on:
Figure Eight Puffers 1,
Figure Eight Puffers 2  
FAQs on:
Figure-Eight Puffer Identification
, Figure-Eight Puffer Behavior, Figure-Eight Puffer Compatibility, Figure-Eight Puffer Selection, Figure-Eight Puffer Systems, Figure-Eight Puffer Feeding, Figure-Eight Puffer Disease, Figure-Eight Puffer Reproduction,

Brackish to Freshwater Puffers

      Colomesus psittacus, the Banded Puffer &
FAQs on: Banded Puffers,

      Tetraodon fluviatilis Hamilton 1822, the Ceylon or Topaz Puffer to aquarists, Green Puffer to science
FAQs on: Ceylon Puffers,









































Brackish System Maintenance by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Brackish System Maint.

     Brackish Water Quality
FAQs on: Brackish Water Quality

       pH & Alkalinity by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: pH & Alkalinity

      Brackish Algae Issues
FAQs on: Brackish Algae Issues,  

      Water Changes by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Water Changes

      Foods and Feeding, An Overview of Aquarium Nutrition by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Brackish Foods/Feeding

   Moving and Transporting your Livestock and Tanks By Amy Janecek, & Related
FAQs on: Moving Aquarium Systems 1Moving Aquariums 2, Moving Aquariums 3, Moving Aquariums 4, Moving LivestockMoving Live RockMoving Aquarium Systems

    Brackish Disease
FAQs on: Brackish DiseasesBrackish Environmental Disease, Brackish Ich,      

 Surviving extended power outages: how to keep your aquarium alive! By Mike Maddox and Merritt Adkins
FAQs on: Power Outages,






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