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May 2020 Calendar

May Calendar     5/6/20
Hi Bob, hope all is well. Here is a calendar for the WWM website.
<Fab Mike. BobF>

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Calendar   10/6.5/11
Hi guys... Any way you will ever start the monthly calendar pic's again.
The current one looks great, but it is over a year old...
Leon Berod
<Thanks for the note Leon. Will send to our calendar master MikeK. BobF>

July 2009 Calendar 7/21/09
Hello Crew!
Love the site and use it just about daily for guidance in keeping my marine aquarium. Any chance of posting this month's calendar? I love them for my desktop!
<Yikes! Thanks for the reminder Karen... Am sending to MikeK who makes them... stat! "And they did... and there was much rejoicing..." BobF>

February Calendar -- 02/07/08 This one looks great on your desktop. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/calendars.htm Cheers, Mike <Nice. B>

Thirty days hath September...   7/2/07 Hi Bob, Given that it is now July first and your calendar page is still assuring us that the April calendar will soon be available. <Yikes! Will send this note along to MikeK who makes them> At this point the 'passive-aggressive' thing seems about right. >Sometimes volunteers can feel a lot of pressure, often self-induced; a paralysis of >sorts sets in. ><Do know about this... for sure> Yes. I don't know what the dynamics are, the reasons people volunteer, resume' enhancement, working with a world renown author/expert, getting the word out about conscientious critter keeping. the calendar thing just seems, well, odd. I love the site, the resources, even the advertising. I love the daily pictures and now the freshwater pictures. I guess I'll just accept the calendar eccentricity and continue to enjoy the site. Joe <Thank you for this notice Joe... And sorry re the rush around here... lots going on... EricR is out getting his eyes zapped... and short on time, seeming- to apparently on patience. Cheers, BobF>

Monthly calendar  8/8/06 Friends I don't mean to complain... but for several months in a row I have your beautiful calendar as my desktop photo at home as well as in my office. We are on Aug. 8th and I sure miss your update. Best regards Wilfried Caracas / Venezuela <Yikes! Miguel must be very busy. Will cc him here... he makes and places these. Thanks for the reminder. BobF>

Re: Calendar from WetWebMedia.com - 8/10/2006 Thanks a lot Mike, I wonder, do you use a special software for placing the calendar on top of the photo? Or do you use text editing in Photoshop? I would like make some by myself, either from your daily desktop photos or my own, and I also could commit myself to send you the calendar at the end of each month for posting on WWM, if you like. Best regards Wilfried P.D.: Bob, loved the Conscientious Marine Aquarist,  any plans on a new book? Or already have one, which I'm not aware of? <Mmm, am always working on such projects, but no "closing" dates as of now... You likely know of Reef Invertebrates, Fishwatcher's Guide... listed on Amazon. Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. BobF>

I Don't Mean to Complain, Missing the Calendar, New Daily Pic 12/4/05 Hey Crew, <<Hi there.>> I realize that you are all really busy, I can't imagine it because my mind won't grasp the amount of email you must get and how you all handle it. But... when is someone going to change the calendars? <<I just noticed that I forgot to change the date from Friday's date. Has been changed just as I finished up posting today's dailies.>> The daily photo has stayed the same for several days too. <<Yes, is very low on the list of priorities here.>> Of course I do know that it is much more important to help people, like me, with their problems and lack of knowledge, like me again. But. I really liked having November's calendar on my desktop with the beautiful picture. <<Bob-O has that knowledge, I don't know anything about calendars, have been trying to post a new daily pic but am having trouble with the program (some huge files, other issues). We are currently trying to get it sorted out.>> Thank you for listening to me whine, now I'll go get some cheesenips. Agnes Gray <<Well.. alright, just means you noticed, there's a feature you like and miss, no worries in saying so, right? But.. I know it's not exactly the breakfast of champions (tiny chocolate doughnuts hold that title), but I've only got my morning vitamins in my belly right now, would you mind passing me some of those Cheese Nips? Mmm... cheesy. <grin> Marina>>

July Calendar 7/6/05 Hey, you guys get me hooked on the lovely wallpaper with calendar, and then leave me hanging -- no July! What am I paying you for anyway?   Oooops. Guess I'm getting what I paid for -- but sure would love to see July (free as always...) And I *did* buy the book! (CMA) David Potter <Heee! Thanks for this reminder... MikeK makes these. Miguel? BobF>

February Calendars Hello my friends, I need desktop calendar for this month, we are already the 5th, and soon the sixth at this side of the water.... Best and friendly regards. Claude <Hey Mon ami! Mike.K is visiting with us in Hawai'i and claims he will quickly make and post the Feb. calendars. Merci for the reminder my friend. Bob F> <<Claude produces the French version of WWM>>

February Calendars Bob, <Bonjour Claude> we really can talk about lucky people.... I wish you all the very best there. From an European who's gonna set winter after him and enter spring. Best regards and many thanks Claude <Merci my friend. Bob F>

Re: WEB CALENDAR (Claude of French WWM wondering if it's an April Fool's joke) Claude, I will get to work on a calendar right away, and put it on the website today. Cheers, Mike Kaechele mike@wetwebmedia.com Claude Declercq  wrote: Mike, no offense but to morrow we are April, you know, the first of April: April's fools..... urge to place a calendar because without it the french site still remains in march....Greetings Claude <Thank you, merci to all. Bob>

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