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Note: RMF's given up detailing the expansion of subdivided FAQs files, intermittent posting of batches of images, WWM Digital... Suffice it to state that these are added most days.
Beginning UW Photo/Video-graphy by Bob Fenner 6/22/16
The Flatworms That Are Flukes by Bob Fenner 4/15/16
Top Five Marine Fish (Groups) for Beginners by Bob Fenner 3/22/16
Goldfish 101: The Top Ten Goldfish Questions by Tiffany Bromfield and Bob Fenner 3/22/16
ZooMed AquaSun LED HO Review by Bob Fenner 3/22/16
Cassiopeia for Jellyfish Tanks by Bob Fenner 3/20/16
Basses and Groupers; the Larger Serranids by Bob Fenner 3/20/16
Top Tridacnids: Select the Right Clams for your Aquarium, and Provide The Right Setting For Them To Thrive by Bob Fenner 3/20/16
Reducing Environmental Stress For Disease Prevention & Management by Robert Fenner 3/20/16
Stress in LPS Corals; Definition, Recognition & Avoidance by Bob Fenner 3/20/16
Corallimorphs! Mushrooms and More by Robert Fenner  3/20/16
Sea Urchins: Some Toxic, Some Spiky, Others.... by Robert Fenner 3/19/16
Scorpionfishes: Venomous But Not Poisonous by Robert Fenner 3/19/16
Hawai'i'; Land of the Puhi by Bob Fenner 3/19/16
Moray Eels; Look For; Don't Feed or Touch by Bob Fenner 3/19/16
Attached Hydrozoans by Bob Fenner 3/18/16
Look, Don’t Touch. Dangerous Marine Animals: An Overview  by Bob Fenner 3/18/16
Saber or Fang-Tooth Blennies; of Biters, Fakers & Their Mimics by Bob Fenner 3/18/16
The Lemon or Milletseed Butterflyfish, Chaetodon miliaris; Still Legal and Still a Treasure by Bob Fenner 3/18/16
Ecsenius Blennies; Delightful Additions to All Types of Marine Systems by Bob Fenner 3/18/16
Tell-tale Signs of Pond Predators; Awareness, Detection, Avoidance by Bob Fenner 3/13/16
Selling Service Accounts by Bob Fenner 12/26/15
Could This Be Your Dream Job? Aquarium (& more!) Install & Maintenance!
by Bob Fenner
10 Most Surprising Aquarium Hitchhikers (Good and Bad) by Bob Fenner 12/25/15
Close Up On Corals: Family Euphyllidae by Bob Fenner 12/25/15
Corallimorphs! Mushrooms and More by Bob Fenner 12/25/15
Stoloniferans; Clove, Star Polyps, Pipe Organ Corals by Bob Fenner 12/23/15
Salt and the Freshwater Aquarium by Byron Hosking 12/9/15
Creating a Water Garden Teeming with Aquatic Animal Life by Jonathan Leger 11/9/15
Naso vlamingii, a Whopper of a Tang by Bob Fenner 6/16/15
Coralfish, Genus Coradion Butterflyfishes by Bob Fenner 6/16/15
Butterflyfishes of the genus Chelmon (Copperbands) by Bob Fenner 6/16/15
Small Tank Options; A selection of species for freshwater nano aquaria by Neale Monks, 2/1/15
Aquarium Set Up: Considerations, Gear & Steps to Completion, ppt. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5,  by Bob Fenner, 12/18/14
A Large Striped Sailfin Tang, Zebrasoma veliferum by Bob Fenner 11/30/14
Zebrasoma flavescens (Bennett 1828), (lau'ipala), the Yellow Tang of Hawai’i’; Revisited, and Revised by Bob Fenner 11/30/14
The Blotched or One-Spot Rabbitfish, Siganus unimaculatus by Bob Fenner 11/30/14
The Pyramid Butterflyfish, Hemitaurichthys polylepis by Bob Fenner 11/30/14
The Common Lionfish, Pterois volitans by Bob Fenner 11/30/14
Pseudanthias bimaculatus; the Twin or Two-Spot Fancy Bass by Bob Fenner 11/30/14
Pseudanthias squamipinnis; the Lyretail Fancy Bass by Bob Fenner 11/30/14
An Emperor Among Angelfish, Pomacanthus imperator by Bob Fenner 11/30/14
Keeping Your Oscar/s Healthy by Bob Fenner 11/30/14
The Fire Goby or Dartfish, Nemateleotris magnifica by Bob Fenner 11/30/14
"It’s the Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa", Lagoon, Picasso & More Triggerfish, Rhinecanthus aculeatus by Bob Fenner 11/30/14
The Giant Plecos of the Genera Glyptoperichthys, Hypostomus, Liposarcus & Pterygoplichthys by Bob Fenner 11/30/14
Corallivorous Butterflies for Aquariums? by Bob Fenner 11/30/14
The Marine Betta or Comet, Calloplesiops altivelis by Bob Fenner 11/30/14
Tank Tools and More; Keeping Your Aquarium in a Healthy State by Bob Fenner 11/30/14
An Achilles in More Than One Sense; the Tang, Acanthurus achilles by Bob Fenner 11/30/14
The Balling Method of Dosing Briefly Explained by James Gasta 10/23/14
Understanding Spectrographs and Chromaticity Graphs by James Gasta 3/24/14
Protein Skimming: An Important Tool For a Successful Reef Aquarium by James Gasta 3/24/14
Calcium Reactors and How They Work by James Gasta 3/24/14
The Myth of the Roman Aquarium by Al Klee, Ph.D. 1/2/14
Setting Up Successful Aquariums pt. 1 (.ppt), Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 by Bob Fenner 12/14/13
The Banggai Cardinalfish, Endangered Ornamental? by Bob Fenner 10/4/13
Acclimation, Quarantine ppt., pt.s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 by Bob Fenner 8/15/13
Coral Color and What it Requires to Maintain it by James Gasta 1/2/13
Photo-acclimation: Why and How by James Gasta 1/2/13
Understanding Spectral Wavelengths and How They Affect Photosynthetic Life by James Gasta 1/2/13
Correct Spectrum and Amount of Light is Needed for Good Coral Growth by James Gasta 1/2/13
Understanding Calcium and Alkalinity by James Gasta 1/2/13
Orphek LED Photo Acclimation, Myth or Fact by James Gasta 1/2/13
Is UV light a gimmick in LED Fixtures, or do corals benefit by it? by James Gasta 1/2/13
Accelerating Coral Growth in a SPS/LPS Dominated Aquarium by James Gasta 1/2/13
Orphek’s Tips for Buying an LED Fixture by James Gasta 1/2/13
SPS Coral Color and What Is Required To Maintain It by James Gasta 1/2/13

New WWM articles  6/24/08 > Hi Bob, > There are two articles I'd like to suggest for WWM or CA. > One is my moray eel bite piece that was in TFH last year (September). > I also had a look at the WWM article on phosphates > http://www.wetwebmedia.com/phosphatemar.htm and thought it was maybe a little bit brief, so I'd also like to suggest an unpublished article I wrote to possibly even take its place.  My simple question: Since you are travelling and may not always have a  good internet connection, which would be helpful for picture files, is it OK to send the articles to you?> > Cheers, > Marco. drinking mit some Deutschlunders from Bavaria> Hello, the mentioned articles are attached. <Ahh, very nice indeed!> Feel free to change, what should be changed or let me know what needs to be fixed, also if more pictures are needed. <I've looked over quickly... they appear comprehensive (for pet-fish purposes) and complete graphics-wise> @Bob: I see we have another hobby in common. Enjoy your beer. <Oh yes mein herr! Sorry to have missed you at Interzoo... were you there?> Cheers, Marco. <Will you accept a paltry $400 U.S. (not Euros!) for one time posting of this work on WWM Marco? Have these already been sold into other petfish (pulp) magazines? If not, would you like or even mind if I made submission, introduction of these to a UK mag. for you? Cheers, BobF>

New WWM articles  6/26/08 @Bob: I see we have another hobby in common. Enjoy your beer. <Oh yes mein herr! Sorry to have missed you at Interzoo... were you there?>  <<No, I had no opportunity to get to Interzoo. Neither did I have a ticket, nor was I able to get enough free time to get to Nuernberg and back. I regret that, because I would certainly have enjoyed talking to you and other crewmembers.>>  Cheers, Marco. <Will you accept a paltry $400 U.S. (not Euros!) for one time posting of this work on WWM Marco? Have these already been sold into other petfish (pulp) magazines? If not, would you like or even mind if I made submission, introduction of these to a UK mag. for you? Cheers, BobF>  <<If you feel they are worth that much... I'll re-invest it into the hobby, exchange an older tank. The moray toxin article was suggested to UK Ultramarine, but they did not like the pictures, eventually it was printed in US TFH. The phosphate article was not sold to any print magazine. Although I wrote it to fill a gap on WWM (in some answer I wanted to refer to a phosphate article), if you think it could be printed, the additional income would be great. If you tell me where to send it, I could adjust the article/s and pictures (will need high resolution for print) to the guidelines of the magazine. Thank you very much Bob. Cheers, Marco.>> <Will try the HPO4 piece to Ultramarine... and send along payment for all in WWM. Danke, BobF>

Recent Article Postings I gotta get a hold of your time machine. Following the "What's New" link I found the two most recent articles posted show a Feb 27, 2004 posting date. Next trip could you advise on the price of certain stocks? ;-) Charlie H. <Go long on Sea Biscuit in the 7th! Hee hee. Thanks. Bob F>

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