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Aquarium Divider   8/28/11
I have a 400+ gallon salt water FOWLR tank. My tank is rectangular with rounded edges and dimensions are 96" long, 36" tall and 30" wide.
<Very nice!>
I want to fence/wall off a small part and/or add an aquarium divider to isolate a 6" blue tang from the other tank mates who are bullying it (primary two offenders are a much bigger red snapper and grouper). The
tang has a number of signs of physical and mental abuse but is otherwise seems healthy.
<You are wise to be pro-active in such circumstances>
I could put it in a quarantine tank but I don't see that as a long term solution and would like to try this first. Hopefully a week or two in sight but out of reach will make the other fish forget about it and allow the tang
to regain its composure.
The problem is that aquarium dividers I have seen online tend to be way too small. The divider would have to be almost 36" tall and either 30" wide to go all the way across or maybe shaped like a box and with perforations so the water can flow. Obviously it should be big enough for the tang to be able to swim around. Right now the tang spends most of its time hiding in the rocks only nervously daring to come out for a quick bite during feedings and only if it is desperately hungry.
Any suggestions.
Jeffrey Wilens, Esq.
<Yes... Look into "egg-crate" (aka louvre/louver in Am. Eng.)... chemically inert material used in overhead light fixtures as a diffuser... Can be easily cut or broken by hand tools... you'll need two 2 by 4 foot sheets... and some zip-ties/panduits to fashion a joint to swivel the assembly w/in the tank... easily allow getting it into the tank/place. It is white in colour, but you will soon not notice it as much... Do write back if this isn't clear or complete. Bob Fenner>
Re: Aquarium Divider   8/28/11
Thanks Bob. I will try fashion a cage or fenced off area and see how it works. I will update you with a picture later.
Jeffrey Wilens, Esq.
<Thank you JW. BobF>

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