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Livestock From Around the World; Where our Fish, Plants and more come from, Pt. 1

To: part 2


Bob Fenner


Where resources we use originate should not be a mystery. As the ornamental aquatics fields are international endeavours, it is especially important to determine where what we buy comes from, in order to both be good consumers, as well as to "cast our votes" with our money/commerce for better/best practices.  
The freshwater and saltwater interests are quite different in the present in terms of how livestock is generated. Most of the fresh are captive produced, and almost all marines are still wild-collected (though this is changing rapidly, with great strides being made by both commercial and hobbyist aquaculturists).  
Thinking about the environments themselves, freshwater bodies are quite transient geologically, lasting just a few thousand years generally. They fill in and become meadows over just these few millennia. Compare this state with the world's ocean/s... A much more stable and homogeneous make up, spanning billions of years. This contrast is important in understanding the relative hardiness, and tolerance of life from both areas... Freshwater organisms are substantially more forgiving in change and rates of change in their chemical and physical water quality.  

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