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Archive 1014: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Titanoderma sp. The pinkish crust and filaments on many bubble algae is a combination of two Red Algae. The pinkish grey filamentous bit is Fosliella farinosa which is found growing epiphytically on many macrophytes in shallow waters. Titanoderma appears as thin crusts up to 5 mm in diam. Roatan 2016

Porolithon pachydermum, Reef Cement. The actual credit for holding reefs together, cementing sand and living bits together... and holding them there through storms and eons should go to this species. Holes here caused by the Chiton Acanthochitona lata Pillsbury.

Coelothrix irregularis (Harvey) Boergesen. Bright iridescent blue wiry turf, 2-3 cm. tall. Irregularly branched, upright. To 10 m. Turks and Caicos 2007.

Bodianus rufus (Linnaeus 1758), the Spanish Hogfish. Western Atlantic; Bermuda to Brazil. To sixteen inches maximum length. In the wild eats mollusks, urchins, Brittlestars, crustaceans, and juveniles act as facultative cleaners. Hardy aquarium species. Roatan 2017
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