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Thirty days hath September... 7/2/07 uh 08 Hi Bob, <Joe> Just my annual missing calendar alert. <Dang!> Though I must admit I did see on The History Channel last night, an expert on time-keeping say that our solar calendar is actually terribly complex. This is the reason lunar calendars were so popular. So I got to thinking (always dangerous and often painful), since you folks are big time sea faring folk, in tune with the rhythms of the planet and confounded by those darn solar calendars, the Gregorian (a rule-based solar) calendar being the worst. <Darn social inertia!> Why not adopt a lunar calendar. The problem aside from the 29.53058244 days a month thing is political as much as anything else is. The Islamic calendar is the most widely used (purely) lunar and of course, the Hebrew, Japanese and Chinese calendars are available. Then when stumbling between tanks I found The Yerm Calendar at http://www.hermetic.ch/cal_stud/palmen/yerm1.htm<http://www.hermetic.ch/cal_stud/palmen/yerm1.htm> I think this rule-based system would be the perfect WetWebMedia.com calendar. <Neat!> As always, I love your site. <Me too... usually> Be well my calendraically challenged friends, Joe <Will send along to MikeK for rumination, action. BobF>

Just give me some pix... Hi, I know beggars shouldn't be choosers, but is there some reason the monthly desktop pics don't include inverts? Fish are okay sometimes, but I would prefer some reef shots. e.g. today's daily dendronephthia_fj.jpg would make an excellent monthly desktop pic. Thx, David Moulton <David, I think you are referring to the monthly desktop calendar image. I choose these images at random and I will try to use more variety, something other than just fish, in the future. Thanks for visiting the WetWebMedia.com website. Mike Kaechele >

Fab, Feb, Calendar... <Beauty, and quick! Bob F>

Calendars (new numbering scheme!) Hey Bob, Has anyone told you that two of your three October calendars are wrong? I've had one on as "wallpaper" for ten days now & just noticed there are two 18th's and two 26th's. I love them, though. Thanks! Susan <Yikes! Thanks for this... will send off to Miguel (Mike.K who makes these up). Thank you for this heads up. Bob Fenner>

desktop, live sand Hi Robert, I just downloaded your desktop image. Pretty neat, and I have a few suggestions: * Can we have last month and next month on here as well? <Don't know... Will ask my cohort, Mike the high tech man to help here> * My desktop is 1280x1024, and the scaling is terrible - can you make these available in a higher res also? <Good idea... about how much pixellation do you think will do? Will put on a linked page (... "for higher resolution copy click here"...)> Thanks for that either way. <Thank you for the input... invaluable> Also, I am going to the caribbean on Feb 3 (don't know exactly where yet, buying with www.lastminuteclub.com, a Canadian outfit.) I wonder if there's anything I can collect that would be good for my aquarium. For instance, I could easily fill a mason jar with beach sand (and water and air - help me with proportions) right before leaving if that would have a positive effect on my benthic biodiversity. Is there anything else I could pick up that might be fun, and how long would whatever stay alive? <A lot of work... do take a look at the collection, and Fishwatcher's Guide to the... of the Tropical West Atlantic (pix and more in my latest book... haven't even begun to catch up on posting these to the site> I also thought I would fill you in on the marine ich incident you helped me with before Christmas. The aquarium was fish-fallowed for 26 days at 82 degrees and 1.019 sg. I put the fish in (Centropyge argi) and there has been absolutely no sign of the ich for 10 days and counting. I don't know if I've just been lucky or what. Thanks, Paul <Not luck my friend. Congratulations. Bob Fenner>


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