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International Ornamental Aquatics Conference Input


Marineland orchestration of MACNA events? Hey Bob, Loved your talk at MACNA. Too bad it will always be remembered as the one where Anthony became a  martyr. <Hee hee! His fave role!> After dealing with Ron Wishna, I can well understand how it all happened  but now I hear increasingly that Marineland may have had a hand in pulling the   puppetstrings of Wishna. <I did hear summat re this... but discount the possibility seriously>        If this is true, then the precedent is  disturbing. The CENTRAL...[cough..] PET-ization of the trade would make a standardization that would serve to squelch independents and promote a Home  Depot/Wal-Mart style uniformity. <Nah, doubtful... the trade and ready reserve which is the aquarists themselves are too "independent"... we'd have a few "Bob Sherman's" (the founder of Marineland) come forward and dust off the corporate rogues>         The independent speakers may not  see it this way.     Was it really just personal or was Ron making serious  money by serving in the interest of larger players?      What do you think? Sincerely, <I really think RonW is a business/show coordinator who sees some sort of income/future from his involvement in shows, but is sadly lacking in knowledge, expertise re the hobby, business of ornamental aquatics... I suspect his time is done. Bob Fenner> Steve  Robinson _www.cortezmarine.com_ ( http://www.cortezmarine.com) PS The MAC / MAMTI / REEFCHECK/ PACKARD mob to rule the livestock  world is already a fact and the funding already approved to push it. Dry  goods as well? <No doubt here. Bob F>

Hotel idea Re: An international show for ornamental aquatics, hobby, business and science Well, chalk it up as a dream location, anyway... [quote] Hydropolis is being built off the coast of Jumeirah. Jumeirah is an artificial palm shaped peninsula and island with a 75 mile coastline located in Dubai, which is one of the Emirates in the United Arab Emirates. <Yes... have read stories about this... I think second largest man-made island... some 2,200 residential spots have been sold and re-sold... fabulous. Bob F> Here's a picture of Hydropolis: http://dev.space.com/php/multimedia/imagedisplay/img_display.php? pic=040623_hydropolis_night_02.jpg&cap=Enter%20Hydropolis%20- %20no%20aqualung%20needed!%20The%20futuristic%20hotel%20envisioned%20at% 20night. Here are some pictures of Jumeirah: http://www.space.com/imageoftheday/image_of_day_040129.html [/quote]

An international show for ornamental aquatics, hobby, business and science Been cogitating furiously re the start-up of such a venue... The IOAC... talked with Sue Busch re (RIP), back in the early nineties. What time of year, city location for the first show or two do you think would work? Am thinking perhaps 2006 for the inaugural year. On an unrelated note, Diana called, said the papers in NJ have stories re HRA's arrest in Germany (had been visiting in Zurich), pending extradition to the U.S., IRS... Bob Fenner Hey Bob, IOAC???? <The "Intl. Ornamental Aquatics Conference"... a meeting of all things, folks involved in aquarium and pond science, biz and enjoyment. Bob F> I have been following the story of HRA. John Dawe <Yes... a sad semi-ending... at least to his money, freedom. Bob>

Re: An international show for ornamental aquatics, hobby, business and science > What time of year Just before the tropical season kicks in, or just before the water garden season in... <And make sure there is no conflict with other shows... Poor Sue picked "Super Bowl Sunday" weekend!> > city location San Diego, of course. Sunny and pleasant, and close to Mecca. (er, L.A.) Not to mention the hometown of our fearless leader... -Zo <Di had mentioned Miami (!), and I agree/d with you. See you here, soon! Bob F>

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