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FAQs about Cephalopod Identification

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Re: That brown octopus species... 12/22/08 Hey Bob, Nice pics! I cant say for sure, but I would bet its an unplaced species. Check out page 301 of Mark Normans 'Cephalopods a world guide'. <Didn't see yet... but hey! Did catch a program on the (re)making of the CAS... What a project! That $4 million "Buddha" glass from CO... ! Ten days to haul... and then it didn't look like it was going to fit! BobF> Richard Ross Aquatic Biologist, Steinhart Aquarium California Academy of Sciences

Cephalopods Mr. Fenner, just wanted to bring this site to your attention regarding everything to do with cephalopods. It includes pop culture as well as Ceph husbandry. It is frequently visited by Dr Steve O'Shea and Dr James Wood of CephBase. I was wondering if you would include this site in your links page or from the cephalopod FAQ? Thanks for your time... Colin link is............. www.tonmo.com  <Thanks much for this, and your work. Will post to Marine Links and Cephalopods areas on our sites. Bob Fenner> Colin Dunlop Moderator, TONMO.com The Octopus News Magazine Online: www.tonmo.com 

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