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FAQs about Chubs, Subfamily Kyphosinae

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Kyphosus elegans off of Socorro Island in the TEP.

Marine Fish Identification- Microcanthus strigatus 02/20/08 Here is a link to the picture of my fish: http://i126.photobucket.com/albums/p117/dryvern/Pets/IMAGE_069.jpg have also tried to attach as Jpeg. Feel free to use. I bought this fish nearly a year ago (an oddball that someone had brought in to my LFS). It is in my fish only marine tank & is a wonderful addition. It is peaceful yet not at all shy. Very active & a friendly attractive temperament. Pleased as I am, I have tried identifying it totally unsuccessfully. So I thought I'd give you a try. To me it resembles a chunky Scat around 4" in length (not grown really). <Not a Scat, looks like a Microcanthus strigatus or "stripey," a chub. Please see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/chubs.htm> My Question is what is it? It would also be good to know it's Latin name to see if I can get some more...depending on it being as sociable to its own kind as it is to all of my other fish. I also wonder if it is likely to be reef friendly. <Please see above link. All great questions best asked BEFORE you guy the fish! ;-)> Simply it is a wonderful fish & it would be great to find out more especially as I have never seen another. <They don't seem terribly common in the trade.> Cheers.... Ed Robson
Sara M.>

Please help ID my fish  12/13/05 Morning Bob, <Dizzy eve here (a day plus flying...), but good whatever time this finds us> Firstly, thank you for offering this wonderful site, with so many useful hints, tips and advise that have helped me on many occasions. I was hoping someone could help me ID this little marine fish I have that a friend gave me. As you can see from the two pictures he is yellow with black stripes, or black with yellow stripes, however you wish to describe it!!! He is about 2cm. Thank you in advance. Toni <Some very nice pix of a "Stripey": Kyphosidae, Perciformes... http://fishbase.sinica.edu.tw/Summary/SpeciesSummary.php?id=7804 on Fishbase. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Kyphosus? Dear Mr. Fenner, <Hello> I captured in Mediterranean 2 fishes of never seen species in this Sea. I think can be of family of Kyphosidae, but I'm not certain of it. Can you help me? Here the link to my website with images of this fishes: http://microavventure.it/kyphosus/kyphosus.html With best regards, <These do look like Kyphosids. Please go to fishbase.org on the Net and key in either the family Kyphosidae OR marine fishes under "Fishes by Region" under the area "Mediterranean", then either re-sort by family or look under the genus (alphabetically) "Kyphosus"... What do you find? Bob Fenner, who tried to do this just now, but fishbase seems to be "down".>

Re: Kyphosus? Dear Mr. Fenner, in base of your instructions on FishBase, the only one "Kyphosus" resulting in Mediterranean Sea is "Kyphosus sectator". But my fishes seem unlike from these! http://fishbase.org/Summary/SpeciesSummary.cfm?&genusname=Kyphosus&speciesname=sectator What do you think about, please? Thanks, Gennaro Di Bisceglie <Mmm, well, Helmut Debelius' "Mediterranean and Atlantic Fish Guide" lists only K. sectatrix and Girella stubeli from the area... and the last just from the Cape Verde Islands. I would post your question (identification) and link on a fishing/fisheries bulletin board in the region. Bob Fenner>

Re: Kyphosus? I hope to arrive to an identification of these exemplars that, I'm sure, are not typical of our Sea. And I've uploaded on my site a page dedicated to these fishes (but in Italian, naturally!), with hope of somebody can give me some information. ( http://microavventure.it/kyphosus/kyphosus.html) Cheers, Gennaro Di Bisceglie <Good luck, hunting to you. Bob Fenner>

Footballers... Microcanthus strigatus (Great Fish!) (Also a common name applied to Damsels of various species) Anthony, thanks for your reply. After your advice I won't be releasing the coronation trout (ill just have to eat him when he is to big-yum!! or try to sell him to someone with a huge tank.). <hehe...now you are talking <wink>!> you mentioned "footballers" in your reply. I did a search for them but to no avail. What is their scientific name so I can have a look at them. Thanks again. <yes...my apologies. We should always at least use scientific names. Also known as a stripey, Microcanthus strigatus hails from around Australia, I believe (!) and is a fantastic fish. Sturdy, shoaling and very good natured. Unique body and color two (striped like a referee). Best regards, Anthony>

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