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FAQs on the Threadfin or Sea Breams, Family Nemipteridae

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A Scolopsis bilineatus in the Andaman Sea, off Thailand.

Re: Hi there from a fan, setting up my first saltwater reef aquarium.       4/19/20
Thanks Bob, as always. You always give great advice and info. Would you mind helping me ID this fish? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Once again, I’d really appreciate it.
<Oh! Appears to be a Nemipterid; likely Scolopsis vosmeri (Bloch 1792), the Whitecheek Monocle Bream.>

Hey everyone..... Pentapodus emeryii, or Bream fish, beh.  11/28/09
I can't find much on the forums nor on the internet in general about Pentapodus emeryii, or Bream fish, as they call them. Do these fish keep their bright colors or do they dull out as they mature?
<Do change, but are still attractive. See Fishbase.org re:
And if they do in fact dull out, are they still attractive fish at larger sizes?
<IMO yes>
What types of colors do they have at maturity?
<See the above link>
I want a fish like this but if it is going to lose color and be completely dull at large size, I'd prefer to choose something else. On the other hand, if it does in fact keep some of the purple-ish and fluorescent yellow stripes, I like.
<Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

Monacle Bream / Shark Question 8/7/05 Hi Guys!! <Hayley> I have had a look on your website but haven't found all that much information on breams. <Some gorgeous species... a family not in much use in the West> I was wondering how difficult it is to keep Monacle Bream in particular Scolopsis bilineatus. I have an aggressive fish only tank with the following inhabitants: One Banded Catshark Chiloscyllium punctatum One Purple tang Zebrasoma xanthurum Two Fortesques Centropogon australis I currently have a 150gal (i think - not that familiar with imperial volumes) it is 5'x2'x2'. (I am aware that this tank is not ideal for my shark in the long term and have been upgrading tanks as necessary) <I see...> Do you think that the above mentioned bream would be a suitable inhabitant? <Should get along behaviorally... though it too really does better in a larger system> Or are there any other fish that you would suggest as suitable inhabitants with my shark? Rabbit fish possibly? I particularly like Siganus dolineatus but was worried the spines may cause trouble for the other inhabitants in the event of a tousle. <Yes> I have read that species tanks are ideal for sharks, however I have had no problems with my current inhabitants. Thanks heaps for your help. Hayley <Would "go along" about as well as a Bream... as long as the shark is well-fed, it should leave these fish/es be. Bob Fenner>  

Re: Monacle Bream / Shark Question  08/08/2005 Thanks for the prompt advice! I think I'll wait for a larger system before getting more inhabitants that aren't going to be fine in my current tank. Hayley <You are wise here Hayley. Cheers, Bob Fenner>  

Pentapodus emeryii 4.3.05 Hello Mr. Fenner, <Ryan helping you out today.> I have seen one of these fish in a LFS and I am wondering if the are reef safe and if you know any thing about them. <From the order Perciformes, these are more attractive in younger forms. Grow to about 30 cm. Feeds on small fishes, crustaceans. Not reef safe, will eat worms as well. Here's more from fishbase.org: Pentapodus emeryii> I have a 135gl. with a Blue Hippo, Purple tang, Desjardin (?spelling), Hawkfish, Shrimp Goby, Tomato Clown and a jaw fish. I intend to add an Anthias and a Wrasse at a later date. <I'd venture to say that your plans exceed your space...Those tangs will become intolerant of mostly anything as they age. Jawfish isn't a great choice for these robust tank mates.> Would this fish be in conflict with any of those critters? Also have a lot of soft and hard corals and assorted clean up crew. <I think he may squabble with the tangs, and eat beneficial life in your reef. If you decide to give it a shot, make sure to have a quarantine tank on hand! Ryan> Thanks again,
Nick Shushkewitch 

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