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FAQs about Sandperches, Family Pinguipedidae

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Parapercis hexophtalma, the most commonly offered Sandperch to aquarists.

Fish ID       2/20/19
<Hi Beta>
Can you please help in an ID for this fish?
<Looks like a Sand Hooper Blenny (Parapercis schauinslandi). Cheers. Wil.>

Re: Fish ID       2/20/19
Thanks Wil
<You're most welcome. Wil.>

Can you identify this fish? 7 megs? Pinguipedid        5/4/16
My LFS has this little guy in there tank. I believe it is misidentified as a harlequin Basslet.
<.... what's in a (common) name? BillyS>
Can you confirm or deny what it is?
<Appears to be Parapercis lineopunctata Randall 2003>
It's face and color look very Basslet white and black. However it has two pectoral fins it uses for perching on rocks or perching vertically like a hawk fish.
And it walks along rocks and the bottom of the tank with them. It's about 4 1/2 inches long and has two fins behind its gills instead of the typical 1 in most fish.
<A common family of fishes in shallow tropical seas... not usually used as petfish due to....>
They also said it killed 2 medium Heniochus that were the same tank at the LFS.
I was also looking at its dorsal fin and it doesn't seem to match the typical Basslet fin of the harlequin. I have searched the Web on Basslets, gobies, and Hawkfish but didn't find a match. So I figured I would ask you. Any suggestions?
<See WWM>
Thank you for your help.
Kellylynn Robitaille
<Bob Fenner>

Goby or Sandperch. prev. ID      10/12/15
Greetings Crew, I was just thinking the mystery goby(10/11/14), resembled a red spotted Sandperch (Parapercis schauinslandi). A fish not normally not seen in the aquarium trade but seems to do well in captivity. Thanks for the great site. Aloha Brandon
<The sender/querior did find a Tomiyamichthys sp. labeled by Quality Marine. I do agree re Sandperches (and similar Lizardfishes); very hardy, interesting behaviorally, and many are nicely marked. Just not yet discovered for aquarium use... will be in time; are numerous in the wild and easy to catch. Bob Fenner>

Need Help with Fish ID: Red-spotted Sandperch -- 7/18/09
<Hi there Steven, Lynn here this afternoon.>
Appreciate your help to ID this goby. I have Googled WWM and others but unable to be certain.
<It's actually a neat little Sandperch called Parapercis schauinslandii (family Pinguipedidae), commonly known as the Red-spotted Sandperch. For more information/photos, please see the following links:
http://www.marinelifephotography.com/fishes/sandperches/sandperches.htm >
<You're very welcome.>

Marine Stocking…A Sand Perch with Smaller Fishes? (Nope!) - 07/24/08 Hi Eric <<Goddag Michael>> I hope you okay (you know, health and everything) <<Ah yes…aside from trying to sever (okay, more like fillet) the ring finger of my right hand two nights ago (while trying to install a new ceiling exhaust fan over my in-wall reef tank) and having to go to Emergency for stitches…I'm doing fine>> A little stocking question. <<Okay>> Quite a few things have happened, since my last email. I asked you a question some months ago (I think it was in March) about adding a Flame angel to my 80G tank. <<Yes>> I decided against it for various reasons. At that time my fish collection included. A Yellow tang A Firefish (Decora) A Goby Okinawae A Royal Gramma A Dwarf Angel (Argi) A Blenny (Bicolor) 3 Chromis (Viridis) And A Clownfish (Ocellaris) Since then I have added a six line wrasse (Pseudocheilinus hexataenia) <<Mmm, wouldn't have been my choice…nasty little buggers…especially in such small confines. A smallish Halichoeres species (e.g. - H. chrysus) would have been a wiser choice in my opinion>> A Rusty dwarf Angel (Ferrugata) A Sand Percher (Parapercis schauislandi) <<A danger to your smaller fishes>> A Pseudochromis Fridmani will be added soon, a fish that has taken me 9 months to get hold of. <<That should about "fill you up" my friend>> And I guess that will be the last fish. <<Ah good>> I assume I am close to reaching the limit of fish load in my tank. <<More than "close" I think>> And I don't have 3 Chromis anymore. I am now down to 2, since one of them decided to jump out of the tank. My question is regarding the Sand Percher. I did something stupid, I bought it without researching. <<Gee…haven't I taught you anything? [grin] >> I was told at the shop that is was a goby (Which I highly doubted). <<Does look very similar>> But they didn't have the name for it (The name didn't appear on the invoice). <<Was likely an unexpected (even unwanted) acquisition which was just "passed on" to the store to fill their shipment>> But I thought it was so interesting, so I couldn't resist it (I know!). <<(heavy sigh)>> Later I found out that it could be a potential threat for my shrimps in the future, since it has a potential size of 6 inches (18cm right?). <<Indeed, maybe a bit more…and a threat to more than your shrimp>> Right now it is about 6-7cm. So Eric should I get it out of my system? <<I would return this fish if it were me…yes>> It is such an interesting fish, and I like it very much, but it has to go if it is going to kill my cleaner shrimps. <<perhaps a species tank?>> A $1000 for your thoughts Eric? <<Ah, if only I could make this kind of money for my humble opinions! But seriously Michael, either give the Sand Perch it's own home with more suitable tankmates…or return it to the store (hopefully for a credit)>> By the way the Rusty sometimes chases the Argi a little bit, but it doesn't seem to be to serious. I have had it now for 1 1/2 month. <<Not unusual in this volume…do keep an eye on them to make sure it doesn't become more>> Take care Eric, Michael Fick Denmark <<And you my friend. Eric Russell…Columbia, SC>>

Re: Marine Stocking…A Sand Perch with Smaller Fishes? (Nope!) - 07/25/08 Hi Eric, <<Michael>> Thanks for your quick reply. <<Always welcome>> Sorry to hear about your finger. <<Thank you my friend…it is healing nicely thus far>> Ouch! I almost fainted when I read it (I am a real Navy Seal, am I not). <<I must admit to getting a bit weak in the knees while I was standing at the sink running water over it just after it happened…but at least "this time" I had the foresight to wrap the wound with a "wet" cloth before heading to the ER>> So The Sand Perch has to go. <<Yes…else it will certainly snack on your shrimp and some of your smaller fishes as it matures>> Well I kind of thought that would be the case. A species tank sounds nice, but the wife...you know what I mean? <<Hee-hee! Indeed I do!!!>> I think one tank is my limit. <<Mine as well>> Even though we talked about replacing my 80 G with a 150 G corner tank at some point. <<Keep working on her mate>> I will contact a local LFS store and ask them if they can take it into custody (Grin). <<Very good>> Do you think I could replace it with another fish. <<Sure>> I will then be down to 12 fishes. And what about getting another Chromis? <<I wouldn't…if the two you have are now "paired." Likely any third addition will be harassed to the point of death (which may be what happened already)>> I have a male and a female. <<Ah…well then…>> So I could have 14 fishes (I don't like the number 13). <<Mmm…was the number I wore while playing baseball, in my younger days>> Your thoughts! (Now its $2000, just send me your account number). <<Ha-ha!>> And then that would be it no more fish! <<Another small fish or two will be fine…or maybe a trio of a small Cardinal species (e.g. - Apogon leptacanthus)>> And what about the Sixline? <<Is a gamble>> I like it but will replace it if I have to. <<Opinions will vary… Just keep an eye on it…and be cautious re introducing any fishes of similar shape/size>> And the Rusty Angel too, but what a beautiful fish, well at least in my opinion. <<Agreed>> I love this hobby! <<Me too!>> Thanks for all your help Eric <<Is a pleasure Michael>> Who knows? Maybe one day we can have a beer together. I would like that very much. <<As would I!>> Take care my friend, Michael Fick Denmark Drag? (A city close to the seaside, I live half a mile from the ocean) <<And you, mate. Eric Russell…Columbia, South Carolina (about 150 miles to the ocean)>>

Stocking Without Researching…Tale of a Lesson Learned - 07/28/08 Hi Eric, <<Hi Michael>> Here is a little update, about what have happened in terms of The Sand Perch. It has been an interesting couple of days. <<Oh?>> And maybe someone can learn a little bit, about what NOT to do when it comes to buying, before doing proper researching. <<Ah yes>> After spending most of a day trying to catch The Sand Perch with a net (several nets actually) unsuccessfully. I tried a new strategy. (Not one of the LFS shops I contacted had any fish traps left) I cut the bottom of a cola bottle. And put some food in it, and managed to capture almost every single fish I have except... well you know. <<Ha, indeed! Always seems to be the case>> I spent another 1 1/2 hours doing this. My patience was running dry. Then I managed, to get hold of a large piece of glass, so I could divide the tank up in two halves, removed the corals and the live rock. And was the moment of truth (At least I thought so) there was a tiny hole, where the fish could squeeze itself through. So I found another little piece of glass to cover that hole. And then the hunting could begin. <<Queue the stalker theme music from the movie 'Jaws'>> The fish swam like its life was at stake, <<In its mind it is/was>> it didn't know that that was not my intention, although I was warming up to the thought of it, considering what I had been through the last couple of days. I almost had it, and THEN the tiny piece of glass tipped over and the fish went through to the other side of the tank. <<Ah…typical, eh>> At that moment I have to admit that I lost my temper a bit, and said some words I would normally not say. <<Hee-hee!>> So I took a piece of live rock and put it in the tank, because I knew that it favored that side of the tank, I opened a tiny hole so it could squeeze itself back. And BINGO, that was what it did, and this time I got it and put it my sump. <<Success!>> I decided to take a look about 15 minutes later to see how it was doing, and it WASN'T there, <<Ulp!>> I couldn't believe it I started looking frantically after it. And then I found it; it had JUMPED into a different area of the tank, near the return pump. Luckily the return pump was shut off at that point; otherwise it might have been sucked into it. But I got it and put in a plastic container with a tight lid on, and put it into the tank, and tomorrow it will go back to a LFS store, and that will at last be the end of that story. <<Mmm…do punch some holes in the container to allow water exchange>> So DON'T buy any livestock without knowing precisely what it is. <<Indeed…as well as its needs/requirements…and your ability to provide re>> It's just not worth it. And on top of that it attacked my newly introduced Fridmani and hurt its eye. I hope it will heal up. <<Depends on the extent of the damage…but observation, along with providing good nutrition and maintaining excellent water quality is what I recommend at the moment>> I have waited 9 months for that fish, but I didn't think it was large and strong enough to attack the Fridmani, but it was. It also attacked and killed, and ATE, a Hectors Goby, which I introduced with the Fridmani. I don't want to think what could have happened in the future. <<Yes…as the perch got larger mayhem would have ensued>> But something good did come out of it, I decided to rearrange all the live rock, and I think I got a more Reef like setting. <<Cool>> The new fish a Fridmani and a Banggai Cardinal will have a chance to get settled more easily maybe. <<Possibly, yes>> The Rusty Angel doesn't seem to care about the Argi any more (hope it lasts) and I also got hold of an annoying shrimp I bought some months ago (again without researching) which have been feeding of my polyps and corals (Dancing Shrimp, Rhynchocinetes durbanensis). <<Ah yes…these shrimp are quite opportunistic/destructive in reef systems>> So all is not bad (Grin) Thanks again for your advice Eric, even though it included a lot of work (Grin). <<All for the best I think>> A couple of side questions Eric. Will a small cycle begin after I have rearranged the live rock; some of the live rock was out of the water for a short period of time (ran out of buckets). <<This does often happen…due to the disturbance and exposure of organic material/detritus along with disturbance and damage to some biological function. But the resulting cycle is often small and easily managed with simple monitoring and performing water changes to dilute as/if necessary>> Can I add another Hectors goby (Amblygobius hector) or could the Fridmani pose a threat to it? <<It may…But if the Dottyback is a "cultured" specimen, and considering it is a recent addition as well, I think your chances of doing this successfully are best if done sooner rather than later>> I lost another Chromis during all this commotion, I only have the male back, can I add a couple Chromis (two female) Don't you think that he will perish if he is alone? <<They are certainly "social" animals in the wild, though the unnatural confines of captive care can often change/effect behaviors. I think you can do either here, add a couple more or keep it as a single specimen…up to you>> Or (I know this maybe a long shot, is it possible to add a male Fridmani, to keep the female I got, company? <<Unless "acquired" as a mated pair, I would not try this in your 80g system>> If not, you know my stock list, anything else you think I can add as a last fish. <<You mention the Banggai Cardinal was also a new addition…I think replacing the Chromis will pretty much fill you up mate>> What a story this has been. Thanks for your great help Eric, I really appreciate it. <<Always a pleasure>> I will now drink an ice cold beer (It is hot in Denmark right now, not complaining, it has been raining almost constantly for the last two summers prior to this) in honor of you Eric. <<Ah well…then have two!>> Once again take care my friend, Michael Fick, Denmark signing off (Local time 00:40 AM) <<And you Michael… Sk?! Eric Russell…about 8:00am here (is it too early for beer?)>>

Re: Stocking Without Researching…Tale of a Lesson Learned - 07/28/08 Hi again Eric, <<Hej Michael>> Well the Chromis made it, against all odds it showed itself in the tank this morning. So I am up to two again. So I guess you can forget the Chromis question (Grin). <<Meget godt>> Take care Eric. Michael Fick Denmark <<Vi ses! Eric Russell>>

Re: Stocking Without Researching…Tale of a Lesson Learned - 07/29/08 Hi Eric, <<Hello Michael>> Thanks (again) for your quick reply, <<And as always…welcome>> Well the good news is that the Fridmani's eye seems to be healing, it looks considerably today. <<Perfekt!>> The bad news is that the Fridmani killed my Firefish (Decora). <<Mmm…sadly, not a great surprise. Too similar in size, shape, feeding habits, and environmental preferences…being "purple" didn't help either>> Apparently a fight occurred during the night over a cave that the Firefish have been using since I introduced it to the tank. <<More likely that once the Pseudochromis decide it wanted the cave…the Firefish never had a chance>> A large chunk of its tale was missing. And it was just lying on the bottom of the tank while snails and shrimps tried to get a piece of it. So I put it to sleep. <<For the best>> The Fridmani has also shown some interest in the shrimps, but the Sixline and the Bicolor seems to put it in its place. I don't want another Firefish, to risky. <<Yes…especially with the Pseudochromis "established">> Could I replace it with another Banggai Cardinal? Or another fish? <<If you can manage a "pair" I think another cardinal would be fine>> Thanks again Eric <<My pleasure Michael. Eric Russell>> P.S. Your Danish is really starting to pick up. << Tak skal du have!>> Maybe you have a talent for it (Grin). <<Ah well, more a talent for finding words and simple phrases on the NET…if only I shared Bob's extraordinary ability for learning/memory/retention. Oh yeah! His beer drinking ability is pretty good too! [grin] Cheers, EricR>> <Oh yeah! B>

R2: Stocking Without Researching…Tale of a Lesson Learned - 07/30/08> Hi again Eric. <<Hey Michael>> Another follow up question. <<Okay>> What are the odds of finding another Banggai Cardinal that can coexist with the one I already have? <<Hit and miss… There is no sexual dimorphism or dichromatism so sexing them is pretty much a matter of observing behavior. Juveniles of this species can/will get along together as a group for a while, but once they start to sexually mature they become brutally aggressive toward conspecifics unless "paired up." If you have the patience for it, you can try placing mature individuals together one at a time and see how they behave. If fighting breaks out you likely have two specimens of the same sex and one will need to be removed. You will need to repeat this until you find a pair that seem to "get along." A lot of trouble yes…but once you have that pair, their behaviors will be more natural and their longevity/quality of life will also likely be improved. You will also very likely get to witness breeding behavior as these fish are known in the trade as "saltwater guppies" re. Another option might be to ask your LFS to get you a mated pair (maybe just identified/separated out from a bunch at the store) and trade in the one you have>> And I know a Decora won't work, but do you think that a Firefish (magnifica) will work, and if it will, will a single specimen be all right or does it have to be a pair? <<I think your Pseudochromis will very likely take issue with "any" Firefish species, considering its previous behavior re>> Again take care, and watch that finger of yours! Michael Fick Denmark <<Stitches out tomorrow! Eric Russell>> P.S Are you saying that Bob has a drinking problem (grin)? <<Ha-ha! Nope! When Bob and I get together…drinking is no problem at all! EricR>> <I do, admittedly, sometimes spill. B>

Red Weever? Hi. I have been looking into adding some fish to my aquarium (we had to take down what we had because we just made a 2,100 mile move across country). I saw a fish labeled "red weever" at the local Petland. I am not at all familiar with this fish, but it looks kind of like the red-spotted Sandperch I am reading bad things about on the net... I can not find any info on this "red weever". Can you provide some guidance? Thanks. -Laura <Is it Parapercis: http://fishbase.org/Summary/SpeciesSummary.php?id=7872 after all? Our scant coverage of this family here: http://wetwebmedia.com/sandperches.htm and the linked FAQs file above. A group of intelligent, bottom-dwelling fishes that deserve wider use in ornamental aquatics. Bob Fenner>

Not much info on this fish -  Parapercis schauislandi, do you know if it is ok to keep more than one of these together? <Can be... would introduce as small individuals (a few inches in length), all at the same time, lots of rock... in two or more piles> If so, should it be a odd number or does it matter? <Not important here> I have one currently and he is in a 65gallon - great personality and hold his own with the other fish. Great fish so far...... <Very interesting family altogether. Bob Fenner>

Re: Live and Learn <Hi MikeD here> When I first started my current job, I was coming out of an extended period of ordinary PC helpdesk type work, & beginning into an all new path for me of PACS support-- medical images like MRI, cat scan, digital X-Rays & the like. At that time, I would work with those around me & be very impressed with their apparent knowledgeably & soaked up everything I could, until...<That's just new job insecurities and very common.> Now after having been working with this product for two years, I turn around & look at some of the guys I used to regard as super-savvy, & realize they're just huntin-n-peckin their way through, & are not the masters of their craft I once revered them to be. The same effect is beginning to happen with me with my LFS...<Realization #2, sometimes we ARE better than average, then again, in other areas less, all part of the life experience.> When I was 1st getting my tank going, I went to an LFS who specialized in marine aquaria, & whose tanks appeared the most well-cared for compared to other LFS's in the area. I went in looking for some hardy, peaceable fish to start the tank with. The intent was to build up a reef-friendly community that would not peck the hell out of each other. I wound up buying 4 Green Chromis, & 1 "Checkered Goby". I remember I asked him at the time that I had read that blennies could be aggressive, & asked him to confirm that this was a goby, not a blenny, & he said yes.<OK> Well, I don't know if you remember but I emailed in past months about QT'ing my ich-ridden fish, & had partitioned off this Checkered Goby due to some bully some behavior. I found this surprising from my limited understanding of Gobies, that they should not be very aggressive (hang in there, I'm bringing this around in a moment).<OK, but for whatever it's worth, there are some large very predatory gobies. For every rule, there's an exception.> Yesterday while my wife & I were at the LFS, we were looking at some fish & she picked out a fish that she thought might be a good addition to our tank. I looked at him & checked with the LFS's assistant, & tried to get something clarified-- gobies dorsals are a single fin & blennies are divided in 2, right? (don't crack up yet!)<Way too late! LMAO!> The assistant said yes, this is correct. I told my wife that this would be a blenny then, & probably not a good candidate for what I wanted to accomplish. So I got home & started re-reading some things & guess what? I've got it backwards.<Saw that coming.> Gobies have the divided fins with a single fused pectoral fin & blennies (typically) have a single dorsal with separated pectorals. Now the light bulb goes off & everything falls into place-- my goby's not a goby! No wonder he was picking on the other fish! D'oh!<Wait, it gets better.> Don't get me wrong-- I love my LFS & still believe him to be very knowledgeable, if not 100% accurate. I just don't take everything he says as gospel anymore.<Good. Books and searches are always wise, for that very reason.> So now the question begs, just what DO I have here?<Do you want the answer now or later. A clue: it's NEITHER a goby nor a blenny!> He's quite the handsome devil, really, with an alert & inquisitive nature, but I'm concerned now about compatibility with other fish I plan on adding later on, namely a Mandarin Dragonet (which I have been making strides to build up an appropriate environment for).<Definitely NOT a good match!> Attached is a pic of this guy (quite camera shy, which goes along with the 'secretive' nature that seems to be mentioned about blennies generally).<As it gets larger, that will likely change.> I've been perusing some fish image databases, but can't seem to find this guy. Does anybody recognize this "Checkered Goby"?<Sure, it's known by a whole handful of trade names, such as Grub fish, Sand Perch, Weaver and Sand diver. The genus is Parapercis and I think the species is schauinslandii, but each time I try to do a search I lose the reply (this is attempt #3, not sure if it's the site or my old PC) These can grow to almost 8" and can be quite aggressive compared to the type fish you're seeking, while they do very well in predatory/aggressive tanks such as I maintain.> Thanks as always for your time & help<You're very welcome.>, Pete Cushnie

Live & Learn... Sandperch Thanks Mike<You're very welcome, and got me again...how lucky is that!?!>, you got me pointed in the right direction. I hope that some future readers will find my little fish-tail ;-) a useful lesson. Even those who seem more knowledgeable than yourself can be wrong occasionally.<We're ALL wrong occasionally, part of the human condition.> I still respect my LFS for his skill & experience, but it looks like I accidentally stumbled upon a fuzzy area for him<I can understand it, but honestly feel that if you are going to work in an LFS and answer the public's questions, you need to know when to say, "I don't know...let's look it up.">. It is ultimately the responsibility of the aquarist to know what they are getting<True.>. Unfortunately, as I am still only just getting to know some of the more popularly sold species, this leaves me in the position of visiting the store, seeing what he has, then coming home to research it before purchasing it. This comes under the category of what I believe the inimitable Mr. Fenner cited as "the price of admission"-- the due diligence of being conscientious.<Very true, although many forget what is, to me, a very easy alternative, that being that most LFS sells books on fish on the premises. When in doubt, I look it up in their books, even if they obviously don't.> Here is a link from fishbase.org & I believe you are right, that this guy is a Parapercis Schauinslandii, or Redspotted Sandperch (also Lyretail Grubfish): http://www.fishbase.org/Summary/SpeciesSummary.cfm?genusname=Parapercis&speciesname=schauinslandii <Thanks...sometimes exact species can be tricky, with several often being similar, but as I personally collect more aggressive species on the whole, it's one I've kept before.> I have to have a little chat with my LFS & make arrangements for a swap. If my intent were to keep a FOWLR of largish/semi-aggressive fish, I might consider keeping him, but at the moment, he just doesn't go along with the "peaceable kingdom" I'm trying to cultivate.<I think you're on the right track. Best of luck to you.> Thanks again for your valuable insight<You're very, very welcome.>, Pete Cushnie

Parapercis schauinslandii information Hello valued WWM crew member, <Howdy Valued Querior!> I hope you are well and warm (ccooold day here in Connecticut). <It's toasty here on the Big Island of Hawai'i, where you can see this fish up close and personal> I just found a Red Spotted Sandperch for sale at Saltwaterfish.com and I am trying to determine whether this would make a good addition to my aquarium.  I have searched fishbase.org and I have queried your site for sand perch OR Parapercis < http://www.google.com/custom?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&cof=AWFID:c12f9ba1e9294d73%3BAH :center%3B&domains=wetwebmedia.com&sitesearch=wetwebmedia.com&q=sand+perch+O R+Parapercis&spell=1 >   but I have found very little information on these fish. <Not commonly offered... or any of the family for that matter... and a shame... Very interesting, intelligent animals> This does appear to be a brightly-colored fish and is said to have great personality but that is about all I could find.  I am hoping you can add a bit of information for me and for future WWM readers, so on with the questions: * Should Parapercis schauinslandii be considered reef-safe? <Will likely eat small crustaceans... perhaps small shrimp in molts, hermits looking for new shells...> * If they are not "exactly" reef-safe, is this due to their appetite for crustaceans or for corals (or both)? <Oh, just crustaceans> * Are there specific fish that are bad to mix with Sandperch (other than the obvious such as lionfish, anglers, etc. that would eat anything they can get into their mouths)? <Just so the other animals can't inhale the Pinguipedids> * Can more than one be kept in the same aquarium? <Yes... are always found in a small group in the wild... much more interesting to house together> * What do they eat / will they acclimate well to pellet / flake food? <Perhaps> * Can they be bred easily? <Don't know> * Are they jumpers? <Don't know either... but would keep covered> * Do they require any special water parameters (i.e. coldwater fish)? <Not as far as I'm aware... tropicals... seventies, low eighties F> * Anything else worth mentioning?  I have a 180 gallon tank with several tangs (hippo, yellow, purple, blonde Naso, Kole), Foxface, pair of maroon clowns w/ BTA, royal Gramma, lawnmower blenny, three yellow tail damsels, flame angel, diamond goby, 3 Banggai cardinals, maxima clam, brittle stars, serpent stars, red and blue leg hermits, and various snails.  I have recently begun to add corals as well. (only xenia and a few mushrooms).  This probably sounds like a lot of tangs but they have all been together for over a year and have never shown any aggression.  All fish are very healthy and Nitrate, Nitrite and ammonia have also always remained at immeasurable levels. Do you think a Parapercis schauinslandii would have any problems with the above-mentioned fishes? <Nope> Thank you for the advice! --Greg <Thank you for asking/sharing. Bob Fenner>

Goby I.D. Hello, I'm trying to find the correct name for this Goby. The LFS that I got him from called it a red alligator goby. I can't find any info on it using that name for a search. Any help would be appreciated. Here is a picture of him (or her). Thanks, Eric <Nice pic... this is a Sandperch... family Pinguipedidae... looks like Parapercis bivittata to me. Take a look on fishbase.org re. Umm, not a goby. Bob Fenner>

Sandperches What's up? <Whassssupppp?> I recently went to a LFS and saw what they call a red scooter blenny. I searched for pictures of it on the internet (your site among others) and it is called a Sandperch (Parapercis). What can you tell me about these fish? <Intelligent, interesting, social species... not often sold/seen in the petfish interest> Are they reef safe? <Mmm... relatively yes. Will eat small fishes and crustaceans that will fit into their mouths> How big do they get? What size tank are good for them? Aggressive? Thanks in advance. <Size depends on species. See WWM again, or fishbase.org under the genus name. Bob Fenner>

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