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The Roundheads: (for petfish types mainly Assessors), Family Plesiopidae

Bob Fenner

Paraplesiops poweri

Family Plesiopidae:

Assessor flavissimus Allen & Kuiter 1976, the Yellow Devilfish. Great Barrier Reef (Australia) endemic. To a little over two inches in length. 

Assessor macneilli Whitley 1935, the Blue Devilfish. Found on Australia's GBR and New Caledonia. To two and a quarter inches in length. One photographed off Heron Island, Qld, another in an aquarium.

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Calloplesiops altivelis Steindachner 1903, the Comet or Marine Betta. Indo-Pacific, including the Red Sea. To a bit over six inches. A shy species that requires a dark cave and peaceful tankmates to thrive. Aquarium image. Oh, is this fish a Batesian mimic of the Moray Eel, Gymnothorax meleagris? Some think the head of the moray and the tail of the Comet are similar... http://fishbase.org/Summary/

Paraplesiops poweri Ogilby 1908. Southwest Pacific. Occasionally imported out of Australia. To six inches in length. This one at a Los Angeles wholesaler. 

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