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FAQs on Schooling Fish

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- Schooling Fish - Hi, i have a 240 gallon reef tank and want some reef fish that will school or just hang out together.  I have seen tank raised percs in some tanks that do this but they was the only fish in the tank. <It rarely lasts...> can i add 6 perculas or will this be a problem as they get older and want there own space? <Well, in 240 gallons of water, they would have no trouble finding their own space.> I would love to have either true Percs or Balck Percs. if they will go together is there anything i should do before adding them? <Not really natural schooling fish once they get some age on them... Fish that school in the wild don't always stay in the group in captive environments. It's not so easy to get fish in captive systems to school - some will hang out in pairs or small groups - some types of Chromis will, Heniochus Butterflies will, and so will the semilarvatus butterflies, but they need to be obtained as a pair/group; pairing them after the fact almost never works. But looking at your tank, it's not really suited for the semilarvartus Butterfly... the Heniochus is much safer bet. More reading on those here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/heniochu.htm http://www.wetwebmedia.com/chromis.htm > Thanks for any advice. Attached is a picture of tank when first set up after this pic i have added a black acrylic backing. Tracy
<Cheers, J -- >

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