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FAQs about Croakers, Drums, Family Sciaenidae

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Equetus punctatus juvenile off St. Lucia.

croaker fish enquiry      11/25/15
please am from Nigeria and i want to go into croaker fish business, that why am mailing to know more about croaker fish.
<Can be cultured.... some species are; as food and game fish (often under other names; the White Seabass, Cynoscion nobilis is a croaker here in California). You need to get to a large, college library, seek the help of a reference librarian.... And/or ask in your country re "fisheries extension services" from the government. Other species (e.g. Tilapia, Oreochromis) are easier to produce. Bob Fenner>

Stocking list; Equetus acuminatus -- 02/05/10
I was thinking, could I go for a high hat drumfish for my 150 gallon? My stocking list consists of
1 harlequin tusk
1 snowflake eel
1 yellow tang
1 Blackspotted puffer
1 Picasso trigger
<Might be bullied by puffer, trigger, Tuskfish and eel'¦ Is a rather docile, partly shy species and the long fin is an invitation to nip at. Also, your tank will become quite full. You'll need very good filtration and regular water changes to keep the water parameters in line as these fishes grow. Try entering the drumfish or other possible fish you are thinking about into the WWM search bar found at the bottom of each page to find information on compatibility/character. Cheers, Marco.>

Severe trembling Hi all, I saw something unusual yesterday and am concerned about it.  I have a Jackknife drum (Equetus lanceolatus), which is pretty unusual in itself.  I have had the fish since July '02.  I recently moved it to a new large (110) tank.  Yesterday I entered the room and startled the 3 fish in there, they all scattered and the jackknife went into some sort of convulsive trembling, similar to what clownfish do but far more violent.  I thought he was just going to drop dead right then and there.  The trembling lasted for 30-40 seconds and then he just snapped out of it and has acted normal for the past 24 hours, although he did not eat last night which is very unusual.  This fish has been a major chore to keep, I think they are rare in the trade because they are very delicate in captivity. <These little croakers (family Sciaenidae) from the tropical West Atlantic used to be more popular in decades past... but have been largely supplanted with more exotic, less-expensive Indo-Pacific species in our interest>   He has contracted and survived Brooklynella twice and the slightest stress ( like a water change or tank cleaning) will cause an outbreak of crypto.  This is the first time I ever saw this trembling behavior, any thoughts?  -  D <I have seen this behavior (in the wild) and suspect it is "natural" and can imagine some "species and individual survival value"... a potential predator might be put off by the shaking... And agree with your analysis of the added stress from being moved, perhaps shocked by your sudden entry into the room. In the wild these few drums/croaker species are cryptic, reclusive as/when young, hiding out under overhangs, behind other structure. I also agree with your statement re their apparent susceptibility to disease as a function of stress... and would do my/your best to keep this at a minimum. Bob Fenner>
Re: Severe trembling
Hi Bob, thanks for the response.  I thought I might add the reason for my interest in this species.  I lived in St Thomas for 12 years, it was there that I developed reef keeping as a hobby. <Ahh, visited there last year. Very nice, though dry island> It wasn't the keeping so much as the collecting that held my interest, we would typically go collecting on weekends while releasing whatever we had taken the week or two before.  The drumfish was by far my favorite, although the local species there was E. punctatus, the spotted drum.  The related "high hat" ( E. acuminatus) has been commercially farmed as a food fish (cubbyu) and so there is considerable data on the breeding / rearing of the species. <Yes>   Also Moe reports that both punctatus and lanceolatus have been bred in captivity. <Yes, though not commercially. That is, not (yet) for the ornamental or food fish industries> It is my hope to obtain and keep a group of 6-8 of one of these species and attempt to establish a captive breeding program, I think at the right price this could become a very popular aquarium fish.  It is attractive enough, seems fairly docile and so far appears to be "reef safe". <Agreed, w/ the exception of small crustaceans>   The specimen I have now is the "test fish". <Very well> I'm sorry you missed the SDMAS meeting at my house last month, ask Jason about it. <He said it was a very nice gathering. I hope to see you out at another and get to visit your facility> Not a lot of people around here involved with home based aquaculture, I think people really enjoyed it.   -  David <Be seeing you. Bob Fenner>

Croaker input Respected  sir/madam I  am  research  fellow, working on  seasonal  variations  in  protein  of  Johnieops  dussumieri (Sciaenidae) from  Karachi coast. if  you have  any  information, article, research  papers,  please  send  me ,I  will remain  thankful  to you for  ever. sultan uddin  research  fellow  Karachi  university    Pakistan   <The only croakers we have information on are the three "drums" or "high hats" used as juveniles for aquariums (of the tropical West Atlantic). Bob Fenner>

Croaker ID I got this guy from my local LFS. They called him a "TopHat"  I have done several searches and am unable to ID him. Can you furnish me an ID on this guy?  Thanks a bunch.. I hope the pic comes through ok. <Yes. This is a species of Croaker (family Sciaenidae) from the tropical West Atlantic. Please see here re: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/croakers.htm Bob Fenner>

High hat id Thanks much Bob. I guess my research just did not go far enough. You nailed him! <There are more than 27,000 species of fishes (alone... let's not start on the invertebrates!)... so easy to "not recognize" some! Bob Fenner>
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