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FAQs on the Cichlids called Chromides

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Etroplus maculatus black dots.      11/24/16
Hello crew, hope you are doing fine.
Here I am, again, asking more questions.
I have had a pair of Etroplus maculatus for well over a year. These are tank bred specimens from a local hobbyist, and he bred them in complete freshwater (although, fairly enough, our water is on the hard side with 9 kH, 10 GH and 8.0 ph out of the tap).
So far so good, but some 5 months ago the Etroplus started developing some small black dots at first, which have continuously expanded and multiplied through these two fish. It does look like coloration, but I searched in a lot of forums and there are no reports on this phenomena. No other fish have this, and these black dots don't seem to bother the Chromides or affect them in any noticeable way, it is just that they are getting more covered in black and I kind of like them yellow. Still, I thought I would better ask your opinion on this. there is no growth, no wounds, nothing. Just coloration.
Again, thanks a lot, for your help.
<Unusual, but I do think this is "normal". The Orange Chromides you have are an artificial form, not the wild-type. The black spots are actually much more like the grey-green colour of wild-type Orange Chromides, which have orange spots on their flanks rather than being entirely orange as with your fish. My guess is that what you have is some sort of genetic throwback, old genes that for some reason are become expressed again. You see a similar thing in Goldfish when they're allowed to breed freely, as among feral specimens, and over time they gradually revert to their original bronzy, greenish-brown colouration. I don't think these look like classic ammonia burns (which tend to affect the fins first) and nor do they resemble Black Spot Disease, a parasitic infection seen among pond fish. Just an odd expression of colouration genes, a bit like "orange blotch" on Pseudotropheus zebra. So assuming your fish are healthy, I wouldn't worry too much. I suppose you could try adding some salt, but as you probably know, Orange Chromides can thrive in hard, alkaline conditions as well as slightly brackish, and ordinarily there isn't much benefit to adding salt unless your water is soft or acidic. Cheers, Neale.>

Brackish Tank Compatibility, Chromides   2/22/07 I have a 20 gallon planted salt less brackish tank containing a pair of Malaysian wrestling halfbeaks and a wild type orange Chromide. The substrate is comprised of washed beach sand to maintain a high pH and I have lowered the water level to accommodate some emergent plants and create a swampy feel. I wanted an archer but the tank is too small but I would like to add some more surface dwelling fish to the tank. I have been doing some research on Bettas and gouramis and read that some are found in brackish coastal swamps and mangrove forests. Would it be ok to add a Longfin Betta or would the Chromide be likely to nip its fins? Would a three spot gourami be a better option? Yours Sincerely, Adam H < The Chromide would pick on the fins of the Betta and the feelers or ventral fins of the gourami.-Chuck>

Re: Tankmates In A Brackish Tank, Chromides f' as well   - 02/22/07 I didn't think Chromides were overly friendly but I couldn't find much info on their temperament. Can you suggest any more suitable, colorful, plant safe tankmates? What about the short-finned fighting Bettas? Adam <There are many fish that tolerate some salt in their water verses those that actually need it to be healthy. Many brackish water fish really don't go together in terms of temperament or size. That is why you don't see too many brackish water tanks. Try Celebes rainbows if you want a group of open water active fish. Bumble bee gobies are always a cute little addition that stay close to the bottom. I still think if you have more that one Betta of any kind they will fight.-Chuck>

Keeping Orange Chromides (Etroplus maculatus) in SW  1/17/07 Hello WetWebMedia Crew, <Hi Adam, Pufferpunk here.> I've done some reading on orange Chromides (Etroplus maculatus) but I cannot find the info I want. I've read that this is a brackish water fish that appreciates some salt in its water but I want to know if it can be maintained under fully marine conditions. I have a marine tank planted with Halophila and I read that Halophila beds are there natural environment so would it be ok to convert them over to saltwater or are they predominately from fresher sections of estuaries? <I can find no literature that state these fish are ever found in SW.  I'd keep it in low to mid-range BW (1.005-12).  ~PP> Adam Harbeck

Asian Cichlid Problems 8/6/05 I have what I think is a Green Chromide. < Go to fishbase.org and check out Etroplus for an ID.> She changes colors from Orange/Yellow to a brown then a grey tiger stripe. < Sounds like an orange Chromide, Etroplus maculatus. Stays small, around 3 inches.> I found her with a eye that appears to be protruding out of the socket as if it was swollen and very cloudy.  I think she can see a little out of it.  On the other side of her body, her fin has a white speck that looks like ick on a gold fish.  She likes to tear up everything in her tank and has recently dug up her bubbler.  She is slow and does not respond vigorously like she used to.  She is the only fish in ever in the tank.  Can you help? Melissa < If this is a fresh water fish then these answers will apply. If it is a saltwater fish then you will need to get more info for the crew on what you have. There are three species of cichlids from Asia that all go by the name Chromide. They are brackish and require some salt to the water. I would do a 30% water change, clean the filter and vacuum the gravel. Add a tablespoon of rock salt per 10 gallons of water. Treat with Metronidazole, or clout or a double dose of Metronidazole.-Chuck>

Is it really a Chromide ? 8/7/05 Thanks for the advice.  I'll get the rock salt tomorrow.  She is indeed a freshwater fish.  If she is not the right species will the salt hurt her? < The salt won't hurt but should probably not be used for a long term if not a brackish water fish.-Chuck>

Is this really a Chromide? II 8/7/05 I looked at some pics of an orange Chromide and she is never that orange. < Most photos of orange Chromides are in breeding dress. Normally they are not very orange, especially when they are sick.> She really looks like a green Chromide.  Does this change your diagnosis on the salt and Metronidazole? < It will work for either one.-Chuck> Is it an Orange Chromide? III 8/7/05 could be a convict. < If you don't know what the fish is then you really don't know what its needs are. While we guess at what fish you have you have lost a day that you could be treating your fish and making it well. Convicts don't need the salt, but it wouldn't hurt to use it while it is sick.-Chuck.>

Chromide Getting a Little Ragged 8/11/05 I saved this fish from being flushed because she was so aggressive to the other fish in the tank where they kept her.  I did not purchase her to know what kind of fish she is. I got the rock salt and the Metronidazole and started using it but she is looking pretty bad.  Her fins are starting to look like they are decaying and she still will not eat. She is active though and will mouth some food. Would it be a good thing to clean her gravel and do a partial water change while I am treating her?  How long can I leave the carbon out of her filter? Thanks and say a prayer for her, Melissa < Do a 30% water change while vacuuming the gravel. Get some Nitrofuranace and treat as per the directions on the package. Clean the filter and remove the carbon.-Chuck>

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