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FAQs about Lionfish Compatibility 3

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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Lionfish Trouble; soc. dis.        4/18/15
Ok so about a week ago I purchased a lion fish. as the days went by I noticed that one of its find <fins> were damaged and I just thought that it just got injured from being netted at my LFS.
<Quite common; yes>
I Googled around and found that lion fish can regrow their pectoral fins
<All fin elements if not broken back, missing too far back>
so I just didn't worry about it. I wake up Saturday morning to check on it and not only are both of her pectoral fins are practically gone,
<In a day or days? Something in the tank chewed them off
... Slow degeneration most often due to environmental issues>
there is a huge chunk of flesh missing from her side!
<Back to the first cause... social trauma>
I narrowed it down to four suspects in my tank: three blue crabs
<Oh yes; these will do it>

and a freshwater moray eel (Gymnothorax tile).
<Much less likely... It's the Decapods>
I'm really confused as to who it was because the crabs are about the size of a one dollar coin, but they can be a little nippy at times.
<Yes; will eat the Eel in time as well>
The eel usually just keeps to himself and doesn't normally attack anyone.
I will add that the crabs were added at the same time as the lion fish. I would just like to know what is going on so I can be better prepared for the future because the lion fish was suppose to be the centerpiece for my aquarium. If this helps any, the tank is a 125 brackish that also has two Columbian Sharks, eight monos (four sebae and four argenteus), a red scat, and a green spotted pufferfish.
<Mmm; well the GSP might be a partial nipper as well. I'd remove the crabs.
Bob Fenner>

Volitans Lionfish question; comp.       1/16/15
Good morning,
Question for you: I have a 120G saltwater aquarium with two healthy Volitans that are about 10inches long each. There are no other fish or corals in the tank. I reviewed your FAQ concerning habitat and was thinking of adding another one (since they are so scarce now in FL). I noted that your page showed a recommended 30-40 gallons of water per fish.
That said, I should be OK adding the new guy right?
<Mmm; you could... >

Thanks in advance for your help.
Rich Clements
<There are other... better choices to go with just the one large Lion. I'd like you to consider after reading here:
and the other Lion Comp. FAQs files linked above.
Bob Fenner>
Re: Volitans Lionfish question      1/17/15

Thanks. I'll be adding one lion to my other two already in the tank. So it won't be just the one large lion in the tank.
Rich Clements
<Aye ya; do be on the look out for possible aggression twixt. BobF>
Re: Volitans Lionfish question      1/17/15

I'll keep an eye out for that. Thanks!
I've found that keeping one alone in a tank removes competition and they tend to not want to eat.
<Ah yes>
Two on the other hand works out great for feeding along with keeping good water parameters, etc. Bad water is what I find causes the "hunger strikes" many talk about in the hobby.
<I do agree>

Thanks again.
Rich Clements
<Cheers, B>

Snowflake Eel acting weird. In w/ Lion, mis-fed, no rdg.     2/8/14
I have a snowflake eel that I have had for a year now. She is roughly about 12 inches or so. She is housed in a 29 gal tank with my lion fish
<Not a good match compatibility wise>

 (working on new 75 gal tank as we speak), 2 snails and 2 hermit crabs.
<Lions have been known to swallow>

Tank has been healthy, regular water changes etc.
<What re water quality tests?>

Two days ago after feeding she vomited back up the pieces of silversides
<A poor choice in foods... READ what we have archived re their nutrition; Marco's article on Thiaminase....
and the linked files above>
she had eaten (never done that before) and over the last week and a half or so she has re-arranged pretty much all of the sand in the tank and burrowed under all the rocks (she has always had her set rock cave hole).
Now she is not swimming around like normal, would not eat tonight, seems to be breathing a little fast and didn't seem to care that I moved around a couple of rocks. She is just kind of hanging out on the sand. Her color seems to be normal. I can not see any markings like she scratched herself on a rock or something. I read that these eels are pretty resistant to disease and lionfish stings.
<The former yes; no to the latter. Seen many Eels/Muraenids killed by such>

I know that they need a variety in diet, so I go back and forth between frozen silversides (which she loves), live ghost shrimp, frozen clams and live feeder fish.
<... dismal>

I just did a water & filter change tonight. I don't want to lose her. Any help would be great! Thanks in advance!
<Keep reading. Bob Fenner>

Lion fish compatibility   9/29/12
I recently bought a Mombasa lionfish and he is approximately 2 inches long.
<Wow, tiny>
He eats frozen shrimp and silversides very well and if I'm not mistaken he should grow to be 6 inches and maybe larger.
<Much larger; likely twice this length in time>
 Now my only concern is what would make a good tank mate for him. At its full size, would a Mombasa lion be capable of swallowing a fish that is 3-5 inches in size?
I was hoping to house him with large clownfish or maybe dwarf angels but I'd prefer them not to be snacks either. Thanks for your help!
<Best to have you read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/LionCompF3.htm
and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>
Re: Lion fish compatibility, and now Pseudoplesiops typus     9/30/12

Thanks for answering and being honest. I'm a little disappointed the store mislead me on the potential size of this lion. A 40 gallon isn't large enough in my opinion.
<It is not>
I'll be rehiring him to a friend who has a 6 foot tank and suitable tank mates.
<Ah good>
I do have another question though about Dottybacks this time. I'm having a difficult time finding data on a species called Pseudoplesiops typus or the ring eyed Dottyback. Is there anything you can tell me because nothing is listed on the WetWeb site either?
<Mmm, I've never seen this fish offered for sale in the US, but glad you've sent the name over, as I have photographed this same species in the wild, and didn't know the name. I have no knowledge of its practical husbandry...
Some Pseudochromids are quite easy going (esp. captive produced), others are sheer terrors. I'd read/heed others input re... Bob Fenner>

sick lionfish... incomp. w/ Balistid/s  6/27/12
I'll start at the beginning. 90G
tank set-up is crushed coral, 90lbs
live rock, lots of swimming room, and Tunze
9011 skimmer (I’m on well water) all my parameters are good. I got 2 Volitans lionfish (6" and 4") and a Picasso trigger,
<... not compatible... the image you show evidences this Rhinecanthus having chewed the larger lion>

the guy I got them off of only had them for 2 weeks and didn't want them anymore and they have now been in my tank for 2 weeks. The Picasso is fine but the lionfish was not active in his tank and very hard to feed.
<... stressed... by the Trigger>

 In my tank same thing... lethargic and very hard to feed. I got them to eat on the 4th day (1 silverside) and then 5 days later (1 silverside) nothing since. 3 days ago I notice they both had mucousy
stuff on their back by their spines. The next day it peeled off and it was just white underneath. Today the area is bigger and now they have white dots (not like Ich),
it's larger dots and in a concentrated area. The smaller lion is now pale. I ran out to the local SW store and bought feeder guppies, carbon, Kent garlic Xtreme and prime. I added the garlic (9
drops) than added 5 guppies...I got no reaction from the lions. I then added the prime and carbon. My smaller lion looked like it was having trouble staying perched on the rocks so I turned off one powerhead (1 have 2 Koralia 1080's) and the smaller lion started swimming around...she's been swimmer around for about an hour now. The larger lion has perch himself on rocks so his mouth is at the surface sometimes out of the water. She has never swam around since I got her...hopefully a good sign. Do you have any idea what is going on with them...velvet disease? Stress? PH - 8Amm - 0Nitrate - 20ppmNitrite - 0Temp-80 I sent you a picture i took today
<The Trigger and Lions need to be separated... NOW. Bob Fenner>

Re: sick <killed> lionfish   6/28/12
Thanks for your advice!! I lost my large lion today but the smaller one seems to be active all today. I pulled the trigger out of the tank and into my QT. Unfortunately it's only a 15G so the trigger is not liking it but hopefully in the next couple days I'll find a home for him....or if i lose my smaller one he'll go back in the 90G. Lets hope the feeding for tomorrow will go well now that there is no trigger in the tank.
<... see WWM re feeding Pteroines... they're eager eaters>
I guess I presumed because these fish have lived together for the last 3 years they would be okay but I guess the stress of moving got to them. For the future is a niger trigger safe with the lions?
<? See WWM re... No. B>


Tankmates for Antennata Lionfish     6/12/12
Greetings from the Texas coast!
<Hello from South Louisiana>
Before delving into my inquiries I would first like to offer my sincere thanks for your service to the aquatic community. If I spent as much time working as I spent reading your endless articles and FAQs, perhaps I'd be able to afford more aquariums!
<I have the same problem.>
I jest, I jest.... Anyways, on to the question.
In the near future I am looking set up my first marine tank. I have kept freshwater fish for years but finally feel comfortable attempting saltwater (mainly due to reading your website...). My plan is as follows - 40g Breeder tank, 30lbs base rock, 5-10lbs live, 2" sandbed (Seachem aragonite sand), Marineland DB LED fixture (too bright perhaps?)
<May want to look into dimmable/controllable fixtures...>
, 2 Hydor Koralia 425s (too much flow here? If so, then the 240s...),
<Really going to depend on tank layout.>
150W heater, either AquaC Remora or Aquamaxx HOB-1 protein skimmer (no sumps for me...),
<May regret not having a sump.>
one 250gph canister running for circulation, possibly phosphate media. I will be using Instant Ocean salt mix, and I plan to keep a 25g bin under the stand full of mixed SW at all times, with a powerhead/tubing to pump into main tank during water changes. WC schedule will be determined by nitrogenous readings once tank is established. Stocking list consist of one antennata lionfish, approximately 3-3.5" upon purchase.
<An adult Antennata is going to be a large load on a 40 and severely limit stocking options.>
 The only problem I am encountering with this plan is (what a surprise!)
my special ladyfriend. The lionfish isn't quite "pretty" enough for her. I was wondering if you knew of any particular species that would be suited for this size tank, and be able to avoid becoming lion lunch and not grow too large too quickly at the same time?
<Not many options due to tank size. A larger Dwarf Angelfish or Hawkfish would be my recommendation but note that an adult Antennata will likely try to eat them. A dwarf species of Lionfish or a larger tank would open up many doors. If you are set on the Antennata and she wants colorful, I'd go with Damsels. They're fast, colorful, and won't break your wallet replacing them.>
Thanks dearly for your assistance, always appreciated.
<Here to help>
Re: Tankmates for Antennata Lionfish 6/12/12
Thank you for the very prompt response! The reason for use of the 40B and Marineland lights are that I already have them leftover from FW projects.
<Great reason.>
 Once the lionfish outgrows/when I decide to spend the money, something larger is in the future. I will keep your recommendations in mind as I continue my quest!
<Best of luck! Feel free to ask if you have anymore questions.>
Re: Tankmates for Antennata Lionfish 6/12/12

Assuming the antennata is around 3" at time of purchase, how long would you say I have ideally before he will need to be moved to a large environment?
<Lionfish are one of the fastest growing species commonly kept in home aquariums but giving a specific time frame is difficult. I would estimate 12-18 months and you will have a large fish on your hands. Feeding less often will buy you some time but this can be difficult as Lionfish always act as if they are starving.>
 I also have an old 55g I could use, but I figured the lion would appreciate the larger footprint and rockscape of the 40b over the length and height of the 55. Which of these would you use in this situation?
<This is a toss up but I would go with the 55. Larger volume will help with the load and the added height will provide will allow for larger caves for the Lion to rest in. Lions tend to find a cave and sit in ambush mode rather than openly swimming; the larger footprint of the 40 may be a moot point.>
Re: Tankmates for Antennata Lionfish  – 06/14/12

Thanks again for your help.
 Would larger damsels such as sergeant majors or blue fins be a suitable choice?
<I would stick with smaller ones and replace them as needed. Larger species will claim more of the tank as their territory and pick each other off.
Chrysiptera sp. are my go to Damsels for predator systems. They are small, fast, colorful, and difficult to catch.>
 Most places report maximum length of ~6", but I've never seen any for sale larger than 2" or so. Perhaps I can get the LFS to request some particularly plump specimens. I believe I will be going with the 55g.
<Good choice on the 55 but remember the Lion is going to need a larger home at some point.>

Puffer stung by a lion fish treatment 9/23/11
Hello Gang,
I have a question that is more of general interest that actual experience.
A number of people have requested aid for their puffers because of a lion fish sting. I KNOW this combo is not a good choice, but was wondering what the treatment would be. In humans it is heat / hot water. Would that work with fish for a "dip"?
<No. It works on humans only to the degree heat denatures the proteins that make up the poison. It isn't a cure as such, and reduces rather than stops pain.>
Or would it just add to the trauma?
<Assuredly yes. The heat required would "cook" the Pufferfish.>
Any thoughts on secondary infections and antibacterial treatment?
<Yes; don't combine the two species. They don't belong together and aren't safely kept together. If you keep them in separate tanks you should find things work out beautifully. Couldn't be simpler.>
Thanks in advance
<Cheers, Neale.>
Re: Puffer stung by a lion fish treatment 9/23/11

Hello Neale,
Does that mean there is no known treatment?
<Not for a stung fish, no. Even for humans, it's a case of pain management, and the fact we're that much bigger means we're less likely to be permanently harmed or killed by Lionfish venom. The fact Lionfish shouldn't cohabit with Puffers has been firmly established now, and while the combination has surely worked on occasion, experienced aquarists recommend against it. Accidental stinging isn't the only or even main problem; feeding is. Do read:
Cheers, Neale.>

Lionfish Derby 5/17/11
<A good start for PR. B>

Lionfish question, trigger incomp. 1/20/11
To whom it may concern,
I was perusing the FAQ on Lionfish disease looking for my problem in particular and could not find anything that matched it exactly.
Consequently, here is my email with hopes of a response. We brought our 3.5" black Volitans lionfish home about a week ago and now it seems that he has lost the covering on 4 or 5 of his dorsal spines thus
revealing the spine itself(which I hope to never be on the receiving end of).
<Mmm, the loss of tissue here "does happen", for a few reasons... "just" being moved, harassment from tankmates, dissimilar/disagreeable water quality...>
I have a 75 gallon system with a (approx) 20 gallon sump and water quality has not been an issue for me up to this point 0 ammonia 0 nitrites and less than 5 nitrates. His appetite is excellent, we feed him small
bits of table shrimp that we enrich with one of the amino acid supplements.
<Do expand this diet... shrimp are insufficient, can lead to deficiency syndromes, Thiaminase poisoning>
He has tank mates. Two small triggerfish(a blue throat 3.5" and a niger 3")
<These fishes will all need more room than this 75>
and a damsel left over from the tank cycling that we have named "lunch".
The representative at the LFS has suggested fin rot and triggerfish picking at the fin coverings both of which seem feasible to me.
<Is possible>
If it is the triggerfish I haven't ever caught them doing it and if it is the fin rot I have no idea what to do. I have attached some pictures that kind of show what is going on please let me know your thoughts.
<The best and easiest "cure" will be to move either the Lion or Triggers... in other words, to separate them. Bob Fenner>

Lionfish... comp., rdg. 12/25/10
I am currently attempting to start up a salt-water tank and would like to have a Lionfish; although, I would also like to have other fish inside the tank. Do you have any recommendations as to what fish can live with a lionfish comfortably and how large of a tank should be bought.
<Hi Kraig. Do read here:
And also follow the links on those pages to sections on "systems" and "compatibility". Pterois spp. can make excellent additions to large (100+ gallon) marine communities, but they are predatory towards smaller fish whilst also being easily bullied by nippy and aggressive tankmates. But that still leaves lots of options. Cheers, Neale.>
Re: Lionfish,,, GF comp.? 12/26/10

Thank you, but I also have one other question. I would like to know if a Picasimus sucker fish would be able to live a healthy life inside a tank with a Lionfish.
<I'm confused. By "Lionfish" do you mean Pterois Volitans? And by "Picasimus" do you mean "plecostomus", i.e., Pterygoplichthys pardalis?
Pterois Volitans is a saltwater fish, so no, cannot live in the same aquarium as Pterygoplichthys pardalis. As I hope you realise, Pterygoplichthys pardalis is a freshwater fish. Please do not confuse the Lionfish, Pterois Volitans, with the Lionhead, a variety of Goldfish. The Lionhead Goldfish is one of the more delicate varieties of Goldfish. For a variety of reasons, including the fact Lionhead Goldfish are easily damaged by aggressive fish, they CANNOT be safely kept with Pterygoplichthys pardalis.
Cheers, Neale.>

Lionfish In The Caribbean 11/24/10
Hello Bob,
If Lionfish fish are decimating the coral fish in this huge area of water, what keeps them from doing the same in the Indo Pacific or other areas if they have no natural predators.
<Oh, they do have such in the other oceans of the world, and I fully suspect/believe others in the tropical West Atlantic will "learn" of their tastiness as time goes on. BobF>

Adding A Lionfish To My Existing Tank, now w/ clowns 5/30/2010
I am so wanting a Lionfish but am confusing myself everyday. I wanted a Volitans but think he will out grow the tank quick
I have 2 Ocellaris Clowns (male about 2cm),
<And eat these>
Scopes Tang ,Bursa Trigger ,Fox Face ,Purple Spotted Puffer
<? What is this?>
and a Huma Trigger.
I'm concerned that the Lionfish will attack the male clown or am I worrying about nothing ?
<You're not worrying about nothing>
I've looked at the Dwarf Zebra Lionfish but every time I've seen them in the LFS they are sitting on the bottom of the tank doing nothing while all the Volitans are swimming around gracefully or is this common with the Dwarf Lionfish
<... very common... Most small Pteroines are lethargic... larger ones a good deal of the time>
I'm worried about the Clownfish and Lionfish if did they get on ?
<The Lion/s will inhale the Amphiprionines>
Also can you see any other problems with this combination of these fish ?
I know the Trigger might have a go at the Lionfish but he is only 4cm in size and has never harassed any other fish.
My tank is a 85 Gallon
<A poor combo. Bob Fenner>

Bamboo Shark and Volitans Lion, comp. 5/18/10
I have a 7 day old Bamboo Shark and about a 6 inch long Volitans Lionfish together in a standard 120.
<Mmm, I do hope the Volitans Lion doesn't poke/sting the Shark, nor the Shark bite the Lion>
(I know I need bigger, but that's at least 6 months down the road.) So far everything is fine with the exception of
some bizarre behavior patterns. 3 times now I find them snuggled up together.
Oddest thing I've ever seen. The first time I thought was a fluke. I find the Lion on the bottom of the tank and the shark with his head propped up on the side of him just relaxing. The next day, I find the Lionfish actually on top of the shark with the sharks head sticking out from under the front of him. Then yesterday the shark had his head propped up in the corner of the tank and the lion was laying on his tail with his fins all spread. The Shark decided to move but couldn't get around the Lion so he went OVER him.
Right over the top of those poisonous dorsal fins.
So here's my question. Obviously the Lion isn't trying to kill him. He could have done that at any time with his anal fins and definitely when the shark crawled over him. But he never deployed them. So I'm assuming he wasn't angry. So, is there evidence of ANY kind of symbiotic bond between these 2 species? I can't find any. Should I be concerned? Should I separate them?
Could the Lionfish just be lonely?
<I don't think this is some form of symbiosis, but Lion species can be/are social to extents, and this one may "recognize" the shark as a conspecific.
I would be concerned, likely put in separate systems>
I'm very confused here. Thanks for your time,
<Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

Frogfish sick? Stuck, stung 3/15/10
I have a 40 gallon tank with a frogfish, a Volitans lionfish,
<Ummm, this is too small a volume for a Pterois volitans... and it's stung your Antennariid>
sea star, snails, Longspine urchin, and a lobster.
<Also misplaced>
The frogfish is only about four inches in length. I have 25 pounds of live rock and all the levels are good... no ammonia, ph is 8.2, no nitrite, the nitrates float from 20-40 at the most.
The tank has a protein skimmer and filter and everything. I just recently purchased the orange painted Frogfish from a local fish store. I bought him this past Wednesday 3/10, the fish store said he had been eating (3 damsels in a day and a half) so we brought him home and he ate a frozen eel on Thursday. He seems to be healthy and swims around a lot. But since Thursday he hasn't eaten. I bought him ghost shrimp but he didn't go for any, there were even some crawling on him but he never ate any. He also won't eat anymore frozen eels. I'm not quite sure why he isn't eating, but I noticed a black spot that popped up on his right arm/fin that wasn't there when we bought him and I wonder if maybe this has something to do with him not eating. It doesn't look like the other black spots on his body, this is
much darker, almost looks like mold. Is this anything you've heard of?
<Yes... poked by the Lion>
There is also white crusty looking stuff by his tail/back. It has been there since we first saw him but it is getting bigger. I think it might just be camouflage but I'm not sure. I attached the pictures. Thanks
<I'd return this Frogfish, and/or get rid of the Lion, pronto. Bob Fenner>

Re: Frogfish sick? 3/15/10
We are getting rid of the Lion Fish today. I also read on the website that the urchin we have isn't good with Frogfish so we are also getting rid of that and replacing it with a Tuxedo Urchin, is that okay?
<Still too spiky really>
So will my Frogfish make a full recovery?
<These are very tough animals... I give you good odds here. IF the animal had been sufficiently venomized, it would have been dead w/in minutes to a few hours. BobF>
Re: Frogfish sick?
Thank you for your help. My boyfriend was sad to see his Lionfish go. Is there any fish that is compatible with the Frogfish and compatible with our tank size?
<Mmm, not likely in the long/er run. Please read here:
and the linked files above as well. BobF>
Re: Frogfish sick?
Would a dwarf Lionfish possibly be compatible with the frogfish?
<No. B>

Stocking list 3/2/10
Can this list work in my 150 gallon?
1 harlequin tusk(already have)
1 Russell's lionfish
1 hippo tang
1 bluethroat trigger/one spot Foxface Rabbitfish
1 freckled Hawkfish
Thanks Connor
<Please learn to/search each species needs on WWM. The indices, search tool... Bob Fenner>
01/03/10 stocking list, Lion/ Trigger compat. 3/2/10
<Hello Connor>
I know most of these are compatible but the Bluethroat Trigger and Russell's Lionfish I'm not sure about. I know that Triggers will nip/eat the fin's of the Lions <Sometimes yes, but I think these will be ok> but this Trigger is reef safe and I read that it probably won't harass tankmates.
<Yes, this is an easygoing Triggerfish.>
Does this matter? If not the Trigger will the Foxface work?
<Yes this will go as well, all depending on how big your tank is. All three are large fish, so space permitting... Simon.>

20-01-10 Lionfish stung by Sebae? 1/21/10
Hello! <Hi Bill>
I have a 110 gallon tank. In there I have a Volitans Lionfish (6 inches or so), Snowflake Eel, and a Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish. In the last week I've added a Sebae Anemone <not easily kept> for the clown that it loves and the Sebae seems to be doing ok <For now. Have you researched WWM re: these animals?>. Two days ago I was watching the tank and noticed the Lionfish was chasing a Peppermint Shrimp (which I knew was pretty much inevitable but had gotten a while back for help with an Aiptasia outbreak). He didn't get the shrimp which got away in some rock. Following that though I noticed the Lionfish was acting odd. He was having issues swimming and he was all over the place (even towards the top where he rarely goes). Looking his body over I noticed he had a patch <could indeed be a sting> that looked kind of pale (by the second day it looked like a scratch, which now is looking much better) and his tail area almost looks bent to a side which can even been seen when he's swimming <is probably 'favoring' one side over the other>. His fins are also more red than usual and one is missing all together <?which one? This is very bad>. He also hasn't eaten since then <no, they won't when distressed>. I had moved some rock work around, so a fear of mine was he got hurt or trapped during the process. Really though he was on the other side of the tank while I was doing it and it wasn't until a while later that I noticed these issues he's having. From reading online it sounds like the Anemone may have stung him <is a possibility>. Are Sebaes stings enough to kill a Lionfish or just injure one? <Could be. Varying factors would decide on life/ death here including size of fish, seriousness of injury, the fishes general health and quality of the system> Is this feasible as to what happened? <It does sound feasible to me>. He is still alive but continues to have issues swimming. I've had to turn off a power head so he's able to swim otherwise he gets blown around and into rocks <hmmm> and seems like he can't get himself up. Is there anything I can do to help him? <Pay attention to water quality. It is now that he will succumb if other conditions are not on par. I am not aware of any medication that might help here, that could be applied in a quarantine setting. <Bob -- have you any thoughts/ recommendations here?>, but I would definitely be looking to make things as comfortable as possible water quality wise (good skimming and low nitrates at least) and maybe to separate these animals going forward>. If this was the anemone, is there a possibility of him living? <Is a possibility that he can recover. A testament to the fact that anemones are better suited to species only tanks w/ clowns and not mixed settings>. I really try to be a knowledgeable tank owner but this was a very unexpected issue. Thank you so much for everything you guys do!! <No problem, and sorry for the delay in answering> -Bill (The Joker) <Simon>

Re: 20-01-10 Lionfish stung by Sebae? 1/26/10
Thank you very much for your response Simon!
<No problem Bill, I'm sorry it's taken me a few days to get back to you, but I am moving house (and fish tanks!) at the moment and over the next week or so, so I am struggling a bit>
I think I overstated his missing fin. It's really part of one of his side fins. My lionfish seems to be doing a lot better.
<If he is still ok by now and improving then he is over the worst and will probably be ok>
Unfortunately he still hasn't eaten (but there's a feeding tonight, so I'm hopeful!)
<Mmm.. he looks in otherwise good health to me, (although there is no picture of his head which is always telling) so he should be able to go a while without food. He will probably start feeding soon>.
His colors are fully back to normal though!
<Yes, I can see>
He's not being blown around as easy but he still seems like he has a little issue swimming. His body also still looks "broken". Also his fins are still very red. I've attached pictures of both issues. Sorry if the "broken" issue is a little hard to see
<I do see him slightly favoring one side>
Will he heal his bones or whatever could be wrong with his shape? The only reason I'm not sure he's really favoring a side is because one side seems to bulge out a little more (right behind his fin), in a not very natural looking way.
<This is probably a reaction to the sting. I would be more concerned re: the feeding -- If he starts to feel better then he will feed, and if he starts to feed then he will recover>.
Also, if you can see the red on fins, is this anything to be concerned with?
<Not really, no. As stated the feeding is the key here, but you probably have some 'time in the bag' here>.
Thank you again! It is greatly appreciated!
<It's a pleasure to help, and I hope I have!>
Bill -(The Joker)
<Simon - (The one with the bad back from moving a 6 foot tank at the weekend)>

Scorpionfishes: Lionfishes & Much More for Marine Aquariums
Diversity, Selection & Care
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by Robert (Bob) Fenner
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