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FAQs on Marine Disease Treatments in General

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common ailments   3/1/14
Hello Bob. I have  2 strange cases going on in my tank, and have spent a few days searching and reading on possible causes. I have found very similar threads on WWB, that seem indicative on what is going on. I would like to state them and ask if my analysis seems right.
1. Miniatus grouper, (3 inches) has a very large eye on one side. It is not cloudy, suggesting it is a physical injury, and not an infection. My hypothesis here is either another fish, or a rock, caused this swelling. He still eats very good, Mysis, krill, clam etc, but the larger eye is very much noticeable. Treatment: good water quality and nutrition.
2. Indian Trigger (5 inches) Has white spots or patches on only one side of his body. Have developed there a few days ago, and have not spread or reduced any. Certainly do not believe it is parasitic in nature, Ich etc.
Again, physical injury/repair. Still eats anything I put in there, and doesn't any abnormal. Same scenario here as the aforementioned, good parameters and food.
I do have a .3 copper (Cupramine) in the tank. It has been in there about 3 weeks now, I was thinking this could be irritating/itchy the fish. On Monday, I will start to use poly pads to remove it.
What do you think of my diagnosis?
<As stated. B>

HELP - 11/25/12
Hi, I have a 55g tank that has been set up for over a year and half now, I have never had any major issues with the tank, but when i arrived home from vacation the water was very cloudy, my Koran Angel (Juvenile)
<This species needs more room than this>
 has pop eye and red legions and my lunar wrasse wont swim, he just lays on the bottom of the tank. Please help, I have already contacted a local pet store and they had no idea what to do, I'm at a loss as well.
<I am not. When/where in doubt, change a good percentage of the water out>

Thank you!
<Send along useful data. Bob Fenner>


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