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Archive 940: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Paguristes erythrops, the Red-banded Hermit Crab. Tropical West Atlantic. To four inches in length. Claws about the same length with red spots or bands. Antennae are golden, eyes blue.  Here in Cozumel 2016

Clypeaster subdepressus, the Sand Dollar. Filter feeders that live under the sand by day, emerging at night to feed generally. 3/4 inch diameter. Tropical West Atlantic. Cozumel 2016 image. 
Phidiana lynceus, Lynx Nudibranch. Cerata, tentacles and rhinophores are brown, tipped white. Trop. W. Atl. To an inch in length. This one a few mm. Cozumel 2016
Pinna carnea, the Amber Penshell. Found singly in mud, sand, interspersed between rocks on reefs, fore-reefs. Look like their thin shells were stuck in the sand facing up, slightly agape. Tropical west Atlantic. Cozumel 2016
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