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FAQs on Anampses Wrasses Behavior

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Anampses neoguinaicus    5/15/07 Hiya Bob! <Erin> My LFS had ordered a Anampses neoguinaicus as a replacement for one a customer of theirs had lost, but when it came in it was much too small for the customer's liking. This little guy is only about 3/4" long. <Oh, man! Tiny... but just like me, oh so cute when small...> I watched it for several days while it was at the LFS before I decided to bring it home. I've had it for roughly a month (QT for 2 1/2 weeks... my QT needed to have it's pod population reduced a tad) and I was wondering if there's anything more I can do for it. <Mmm... reef like conditions, a paucity of aggressive tankmates... live food provision... you're there!> My tank is a 120g with 46 gallon sump/refugium. I've got approximately 160lbs of rock in the tank and about another 30 pounds in my refuge. There aren't any other fish in my tank that will compete with it's food source. I know their diet is primarily benthic micro organisms, but I'm on the lucky side that it does accept prepared foods. I've been feeding it a mixture of Cyclop-Eeze, frozen Mysis, and this frozen carnivore mixture (its Mysis/brine that have been enriched with vitamins) on top of whatever it's picking out of my rocks. <Neat> Is there anything more I can do to try and ensure its survival? <Mmm, just the usual good maintenance for your reef period... really> So far it appears pretty healthy. It has a nice fat belly every time I see it, disappears into the sand about 6pm, and spends the rest of the day actively grazing for tasty morsels of food. Due to it's size, I was rather worried about it disappearing within my tank, but surprisingly it didn't. <Will continue to become a focus, highlight of your system... Lucky for both of you that you met up!> Here's a link to the photo of it. It's not the best and the glass was a little bit dirty. This was taken while it was in my 10g QT. You can see it's got a nice fat belly on it. http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s110/JokerGirlsPhotos/IMG_3724.jpg Also, I haven't been able to find any good, high res photos of what these fish look like as adults. I know WWM has one up there, but it's rather dark/blurry. <Mmm, take a look see on fishbase.org... or write back and I'll try to get off my duff, look through my files, scan, place other/s...> Any suggestions and/or help would be greatly appreciated! Have a great day!!! Erin <What's that line at the end of "Casablanca"?... "Louis/Erin, this looks like the beginning of a long/beautiful friendship". BobF>

Forward to Bob please - Re: Anampses neoguinaicus 10/30/07 Hiya Bob! (My e-mail to you got bounced back for some reason?) <We "lost" our ISP... they became so wealthy they let go their small customers... hence no more ...@WWM. email addies> How are you? <Fine my friend> It's been quite some time now, so I figured I would give you an update on how the little fella has been doing. It has grown remarkably fast, and is around 2 ½? - 3? now. It has continued to thrive (as well as my pod population). <Ah, good> Only time will tell if I will continue to have good success with it. I have attached two photos for you of it. It is definitely the fastest moving fish in my tank, so it's been difficult to get any decent shots of it. Please don't mind the algae, I've been battling a nasty brown algae for a while now (finally winning), and when it dies off it forms strings of Cyanobacteria if I don't get in there and pull it out. One question for you though. At about what size should I expect to see a colour change, if any? It's beautiful now, but I'm anxious to see what the adults look like in person. <About this size... any time now!> Thanks again for so much helpful information, <Welcome! Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Re: Anampses neoguinaicus   12/12/08 Hey Bob! How are things? <Fair to middling Erin. Hope/trust things are better there> I just figured I would give you an update since it's been well over a year since I last talked to you. My New Guinea Wrasse is still doing very well, and has managed to eat my mandarin out of house and home. Still no colour change, though, but that's alright as it's still a gorgeous fish. <Ahh, I see this from your photo. This, and other Wrasses really don't change as much to terminal/male phase colourings, markings w/o the presence of conspecifics...> I'm just happy that it is alive and well, despite the odds. No real problems with it. It's been a great addition to my reef! I'm not sure what I would do if something ever happened to it. I have attached a new photo of it for you to have. Note the nice fat belly! Cheers, -Erin <Hey! I always say this is just the look of being prosperous! Cheers to you, Bob Fenner>

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