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FAQs on Anampses Wrasses Identification

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Tamarin wrasse ID?? Anampses c.      1/15/14
Hey crew! How are you?
<Kbytes, not Megs...>
Basically, I am looking to buy this fish but not sure what it actually is?
Looks like a blue spotted tamarin wrasse to me but not 100% sure, can someone confirm this?
Cheers and have a nice day! :)
Bob Fenner>

A brand new found species of Anampses Hi Bob, <Maya... oh, and there is a lady with your name spelling on the Big Island, and have another friend there with the homonymous name: Maia> Yesterday I found a sweet wrasse, the seller told me this is a brand new found species of Anampses en do not have a species name yet.  And I want to know if this is true, he told me also it was found 2 months ago, but I don't know where this little fish is coming from.  The 3 things I know are: he's difficult to keep...  <This genus is overall> ...he's a flatworm-eater.... didn't knew this but saw it this morning, and he's a Anampses species. <Does appear so to me> Sorry for the bad pics... he wouldn't stand still front of the camera one is with flash, other without.  http://www.zee-aquarium.nl/contents/maya/167_6701.JPG  http://www.zee-aquarium.nl/contents/maya/167_6773.JPG  Greetings, Maya <Take a look here: Fishbase.org  on fishbase.org... click on the species names... It may be you have a new species... or just a variation of a described species. Bob Fenner>

Re: a brand new found species of Anampses Hi Bob, <Maya> Thank you very much for helping me out.  This morning I've visiting the Fishbase and also WetWebMedia for some information and pics.  And even Google didn't find my species.  His tail is 3 banded, yellow, black and white at the end his body is yellow/brownish with blue spots and on his head he got also a blue spotted painting.  His fin above is red coloured and the one below is dark blue near to black.  He don't have an eye-painting spot on his fins.  It's the same fish as this one, only the wrong colours.  http://www.fishbase.org/Photos/PicturesSummary.cfm?StartRow=1&ID=7800&what=species  <As stated previously "could" be a new species, but much more likely either a variation of a described one> You said to me: It may be you have a new species... or just a variation of a described species. <Oh... yes> I've been thinking the same, maybe this is a juvenile of 2 different kind of Anampses, maybe the A. lineatus & I really don't know, can't find a second species who looks like mine.  The man at the store told me this fish is called Anampses sp. it don't have a species name yet.  http://www.zee-aquarium.nl/contents/maya/anampses_3.jpg  Greetings, Maya <Believe what you will till experience changes your mind my friend. Bob Fenner> 
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