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Aquarium Photography:

How To Take Worthwhile Pictures Above Water,
Part 3 of 3

By Bob Fenner

A Lobophyllia pic sent in by Mark Odams.

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Which says more, a solitary Clown or a "pair" of obvious different size? Should Anthiines be shown in "couples"... would a group shoaling tell a better story?

Can you make out the definitive dark undersides of these Maldivian Clownfish, Amphiprion nigripes? Are these Pseudanthias bartlettorum or P. evansi? How would you know w/o their pink showing?

Who wants to see a boring Dascyllus suspended mid-water? How much more interesting is an image when it relates how an animal makes its life... here diving into a bit of Cat's Paw Coral. 

Display the types of relationships your subjects enjoy to tolerate. Think for your intended audience... "What sorts of information can I convey"? What will this image state regarding how large these respective elements are, how they orient to light, gravity, to each other...?

There are exceptions, but by and large you should strive to create/record compositions that display three dimensional objects, animals... in three dimensions... two in two... 

If, for presentation's sake you are soft focusing some part of a subject of primary interest, make sure it's head is in focus.

Take a look at the major magazines (the ones with the people on the covers...) and you will see they're all "looking at you"...

Get the eyes.

Find out who you're working for... they'll supply guidelines, valuable information on formats, methods of submission. 

Take pix of everything that catches your eye... write, submit "travelogues" to in-flight, local-regional magazines... publish to your own website for practice... 

No doesn't mean "no", it means, not this, not right now... ask, what is it going to take to make this deal work?

Shoot both! Turn those cameras! Leave dead space for Headers, Footers, margin tables, text...

Fill those frames... and keep all in perspective... too many images are "where's the fish"?

Again... use that exposure/focus lock button and don't center, but don't go to far off the edge in positioning the principal elements of your photographs.

Help is available... Use it... Just starting out? Do the "scientific" route and just manipulate one variable at a time...

A pitch for all those who might say to you, me, or whoever, "That's not how you do it"!

Thank you my friends. 

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