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FAQs about Cardinalfishes, Family Apogonidae, Identification 

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Cardinal ID'¦maybe Apogon pseudotaeniatus -- 07/30/09
At my LFS, I saw a cardinal fish named Black Tiger Cardinal. I came home to research it and can't seem to find anything under that name other than a website selling them.
<<Indeed'¦is a problem with 'common names''¦which are often just 'made up' by those folks selling. I suppose 'Black Tiger' sounds more interesting than 'Double-Bar' or 'Two-Belted''¦>>
The website does not give the scientific name for this fish,
<<They probably don't know it>>
or any care specifications.
I was wondering if you knew the scientific name for this fish or had any info? Below is the link to the website.
<<This looks like it might be Apogon pseudotaeniatus'¦ Have a look here and see what you think: http://fishbase.org/summary/SpeciesSummary.php?id=26632 (You can also try your own search'¦ Go to the home page (fishbase.org) and enter the name 'Cardinal' in the 'Common Name' search engine'¦many many species to peruse). Care is likely similar to that of most of the Cardinal fishes available to the hobby, with similar habits/diet'¦though this guy is a bit larger than most at 6+ inches at maturity. Cheers, EricR>>

"High fin cardinals" Hello again,  a LFS in the area has some cardinal fish, that look exactly like the Pterapogon kaudneri.  They are selling them at less than half the cost I usually see them for. <many people are captive raising them and they have come down on price a ton>   The only thing is that they are calling them "high fin cardinals".  They look exactly like the Banggai cardinal as I stated above that they are commonly called in my book.  Are the "high fin cardinal" and the Banggai cardinal one in the same? <yes common name>   Is there a difference I should look for to differentiate the two?  They look exactly like the Banggai that I have come to know and love and would like to buy a few if possible.  How many should I buy at the same time if they are one and the same?  I understand that to place them in an aquarium you must put them in in groups?  Is that correct to ensure that they will survive?  Or is there a specific number that would be best?  3?  5?  or does it matter? <Unless you want to make a mated pair I would only add 1 some times you can get away with 2.If you add 3,4,5,6 they will pair up like clowns do, and fight with each other. Most of the time until the other ones dies Good luck Mike H>   Thanks again for your help, Jeff

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