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FAQs about Collecting Aquarium Literature & Other Content 2

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Agaricia lamarcki Milne Edwards & Haime 1851, Lamarck's Sheet Coral. on the left (Agaricia grahamae, Graham's Sheet Coral. on the right).

Hinshaw - Book inquiry. EAF Innes ed.s      1/31/15
Hello Bob,
I gleaned your email address off of the wetwebmedia.com site in the hopes that you can help me out!
I am attempting to complete a gap in my collection of Exotic Aquarium Fishes by William T. Innes (see attached picture). I need the 11th (1950) and the 12th (1951) edition WITH their dust jackets. I have a complete set including all variations of this book and numerous side books associated with the publication.
<I have a large collection of this venerable title, but none for sale Steve>
Modern Aquarium Magazine published by the Greater City Aquarium Society out of New York City has printed several of my articles describing the collection. If you have not seen those articles, I can provide you the web-links for the magazine issues. There is some debate when the books had dust jackets, but my collection has them down to the 6th edition; with the 11th and 12th dust jackets missing. Finding them will solve the final mystery of when the edition number began to be printed on the dust jacket? It had to be the 11th, 12th, or 13th (which has the edition printed on it).
<Yikes... I don't know... don't have dust jackets for these though>
As you can see, I need both the 11th and 12th to fully answer the question.....although the priority is to find the 11th...if that had the edition number, then the question is answered! ....and the 12th would complete the series! Alternatively, if I find the 12th without an edition number, ....still need the 11th to fill the gap AND solve the mystery! Either way, I need both.
I am willing to pay $100 for each book. If both volumes with their respective dust jackets can be found, I would include a signed copy of the 6th edition and/or a first edition as a bonus. Do you have these books on your shelves?!
<As stated. Good luck w/ your search. Oh! Do ask this on the AHHS site... on Yahoo; but poss. their FB mirror. The best chance I know of getting an answer. Bob Fenner, who will share on WetWebMedia.com in the hope someone may have an answer for you through there>
Steve Hinshaw
San Antonio, Texas
Re: Hinshaw - Book inquiry     1/31/15

OK, Thanks Bob.
I appreciate you mentioning it on WetWeb....maybe someone WILL be able to answer the question and maybe they’ll want to have a few bills as well! It is exceedingly generous. In my correspondences with Gary Bagnall, he informs me there is a new Facebook page dedicated to Aquarium book collectors entitled: Aquarium Related Book Collecting.
<Ah yes... Ted Coletti, originator of the AHHS Yahoo Groups page started this recently. Am on both>
I am not ready to bite the bullet and get onto Facebook....are you familiar with this site?<FB is no big deal; and as stated, yes>
I used to have a Yahoo account, but kept coming up empty on AHHS....although this collection has been mentioned on the site. I’ve exhausted all the online book stores and searches. My final resort will be to start writing individual aquarium clubs in each state....
<Am sending:: Mmm; AquariumHobbyHistoricalSociety@yahoogroups.com>
We are moving to Japan this summer with my wife’s job, so I would like to finish this collection before then....as my options will very much be limited after the move.
Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Online aquarium literature archive  8/1/12

AFI closing down     7/16/12
<Yes; heard from Clay (Jackson, ed.). A sad event. BobF>

Greetings to Bob from Brad in Basalt; Marine tomes in Espanol     7/15/12
Dear Bob,
Say, I just sold a tank to a family who is shipping it to Argentina.  They do not have a lot of marine/reef aquarium experience.  With this in mind, do you have a link where I can find your/other author's books in Spanish?
<Mmm, I do not... would ask others who speak/read Spanish to suggest good works>
Hope all is well with Wetwebmedia.com 
<Ah yes>
Kind regards,
Brad in Basalt
<And you, BobF in San Diego>

You recently purchased a copy of the book ORNAMENTAL FISH FARMING from me.      6/16/12
I tried to confirm that this has been posted, using the address  bob@wetwebmedia.com  but was advised that the email could not be  delivered.
<Really? Unusual>
I am therefore trying this email address. Your postal tracking number is EQ012408891AU. I would be grateful if you could confirm receipt of the book.
<I thank you. Cheers, Bob Fenner (at WetWebMedia.com)
Regards and thanks,
Re: New book: ORNAMENTAL FISH FARMING     6/16/12

Thanks for that - hope it arrives safely!
<Ah yes. Arrived today. A very nice volume. Thank you for your efforts.

Partnership with FieldHerpingGuide.com... No, leave them be     4/17/11
To Whom it May Concern,
I'm writing you on behalf of http://www.FieldHerpingGuide.com . Our client would like you to consider a link exchange with their website.
<Mmm, no. It's my wish that folks would almost entirely not find herps in the wild. Bob Fenner>
FieldHerpingGuide.com offers an information packed guide on finding reptiles and other animals in the wild. The book also includes a section on taking professional photographs of wildlife.
If you would consider linking to them, they will reciprocate by placing your site on their links page. To get started please add one of the following links to your website and then submit your own sites information on the following page:

European fishes PDF book   3/25/11
Dear colleagues / Chers collègues,
You will find joint the link to download the seventh and fifth Pdf versions of books project based on diversity, identification and classification of fishes (Actinopterygians and Chondrichthyans) from the North-eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean and adjacent areas. This new versions includes 525 species belonging to 162 families. These Pdf versions are available on the following website: http://www.mnhn.fr/iccanam.
So these Pdf can be used as bibliographic references. These versions are sent to an e-mail list of ca. 1600 names. You can send me the names and e-mail addresses of the people that did not receive this link and who may be interested to receive the next versions. Your comments and corrections are welcome for the improvement of the next versions.
Vous trouverez ci-joint le lien pour charger les septième et cinquième versions Pdf d'un projet d'ouvrages sur la diversité, lidentification et la classification des poissons (Actinoptérygiens et Chondrichtyens) d'Atlantique Nord-est, de Méditerranée et des zones limitrophes. Ces nouvelles versions incluent 525 espèces appartenant à 162 familles. Ces versions Pdf sont disponibles sur le site Internet suivant : http://www.mnhn.fr/iccanam.
Ces Pdf peuvent ainsi être utilisés comme références bibliographiques. Ces versions sont envoyées à une liste de diffusion denviron 1600 noms. Vous pouvez me joindre les noms et adresses e-mail de personnes qui nont pas reçu ces Pdf et susceptibles dêtre intéressées pour recevoir les prochaines versions. Vos commentaires et corrections sont les bienvenus pour lamélioration des prochaines versions.
Sincerely / Cordialement,
Samuel Iglésias
Dr. Samuel P. Iglésias (Maître de Conférence MNHN)
Thank you. Bob Fenner

Backorders of UM Mag. 06/9/10
I wanted to ask Bob about the ultra marine magazine, and what does the subscription and back orders cost in us dollars. thanks John
<Got me John... Please see here: http://www.ultramarinemagazine.co.uk/backissues.htm
and ask here: editor@ultramarinemagazine.co.uk
They've got back-issues for sale... but I don't know re what the deal is to ship to the U.S.
Bob Fenner>

Marine World, FAMA magazines, mortuus est    3/24/10
Bad news, I am afraid.
I guess some of you will have heard that Frederick Law & Co. Ltd. that own Marine World magazine have decided to take steps to place the Company into Creditors Voluntary Liquidation. Letter arrived today from Beever & Struthers, Manchester M15 4JE.
Kind regards,
Ahhh, thank you for this Iggy... FAMA was folded into AFI recently as well... Am hopeful that some e- content outlets will surface to help buy our writing, photography... And serve to inform and inspire our fellow aquarists. Cheers, BobF
Re: Marine World, FAMA magazines   3/24/10
Hi Bob,
I guess everyone is having a tough time at the moment.
<Many friends... myself included>
In the UK, magazines have to pay big chains shelf space if they want the magazine sold in the store! How ridiculous is that!
<I really abhor such practices>
I heard about FAMA and AFI last weekend. Fortunately, they like my column and I have been co-opted into AFI.
<Ah, great news>
I guess I was also lucky to switch to Ultra Marine here in the UK.
<Very nice lads>
All the best,
<And you my friend. BobF>

Re: I want to read your books. (RMF, want to chime in?)   3/17/10
So sorry didn't email back immediately like everybody always does for me when I ask a question. I had to move to a new cubicle at work and it was impossible to access the internet or Gmail without being seen doing it (against the rules, mores the pity). I would like both kind of books, but would be satisfied with books that exist in reality currently but are basically impossible to me to purchased without the dreaded "SPECIAL ORDER"
followed by the horrid wait for it to arrive. In the past month I must have looked for at least 75 books that are in print right now, or books were first published anywhere from 150 years ago to about 30 years ago. I can understand why books published in the 1890's and not since are not there, but just don't understand why books first published then, and still being reprinted now, are not available. Too bad TFH books are not available. I
have some from the 50's and 60's that are really cool, both the actual books to look at and the information inside of them. I'd have more if I had any means of getting them. Just have to spend hours on eBay in the antiquarian books section I guess! Thanks for answering me!
<Penny, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I see the real problem with publishing an aquarium book on Kindle is making it economically worthwhile. The publisher who wants me to write such a book is offering a profit sharing deal. If I wrote a similar book for TFH, I'd get an advance against royalties of a few thousand dollars. Given a TFH might remain in print for ten years or more, TFH have to take a long term view to make a profit on each title. But at the same time that gives me, the writer, an incentive to set aside the weeks it takes to write the manuscript. It's difficult to know if an aquarium book written for the Kindle will be as worthwhile: will it really sell in the thousands required to match the sort of deal I'd get writing for TFH. This is the same problem the newspapers and book
publishers generally face. Consumers seem happy to accept second-rate content thrown together by amateurs online because it's free, and don't want to pay for edited content written by experts. Your books from the 50s
and 60s probably make this point very well: they were relatively expensive items, but about the only source of information most people had about keeping fish. That's just not the situation any more. As for converting older manuscripts to online or electronic publishing, the issues there involve digitizing paper manuscripts (expensive to do well) and copyright (the contracts signed by authors of books published even in 80s wouldn't mention electronic publication). Cheers, Neale.> 
<<All works should have a sooner "public free date, from publication". I salute Google and others for making the commitment... monetarily and more, for electronically reproducing all print works. This... the advent of the written word in all formats is a hallmark and has been the principal source of our civilization. BobF>>

Wall posters 4-6-09
Good afternoon.
My husband is right into the saltwater / coral reef tanks. We were at a fellow's home this weekend picking up some frags and I happened to notice that on his wall he had several posters (one anemone's / one on corals / etc.) on the bottom of these laminated posters was your web site.
Do you guys supply these or any idea where I might find them. I didn't want to ask our new friend as I would like it to be a surprise for my husband.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you
Laurie Ridley
<Mmm, we do not. Anthony Calfo added my name, the website to give credit (I guess) to me for lending him use of some images. He and they can be found at ReadingTrees.com
Bob Fenner>
Thank you
<Welcome. BobF>

Is this list of books overkill? Recommended substitutes?  1/11/09 Hi. I don't know if you're still getting feedback on this or whether it never arrived... But I am resending just in case. Thanks! <Hi Sam, I never saw your first email, but I'll answer this one for you. Hopefully it doesn't go to your spam folder! Mich> Hi guys. <Hi Sam, Mich here.> I made up a list of books that seemed to cover all the bases for a beginner in SW reefkeeping. I now see that your recommended lists of books do not perfectly agree with what I was thinking. <All a matter of perspective. There is no one right or wrong here.> While I will start out with a small (28 gallon, Nano Cube HQI) tank, I actually prefer highly technical books after getting the basics down. <Mmm, OK.> I'd appreciate your opinion of this list. <Will gladly share.> I realize that there is some conflict of interest here, given the overlap between the suggested books and the people who answer these questions. <Heehee! Certainly everyone has their own preconceive view of what is important/interesting.> So, I throw myself on your mercy. <Hope it's not that painful!> Thanks! Sam The New Marine Aquarium: Step-By-Step Setup & Stocking Guide (Paletta) <This is a wonderful take home instruction manual for the new hobbyist. It is a great book for the beginner. If you didn't have it when you set up your tank, you are going to wish you did when you see it. This book should go home with your first marine system. In my opinion, this should be every hobbyists first book.> The Reef Aquarium (vol 3 by Sprung) <Superb book but more for the intermediate hobbyist.> Book of Coral Propagation, Volume 1 Edition 2: Reef Gardening for Aquarists (Calfo) -> note, I was thinking of Aquarium Corals: Selection, Husbandry, and Natural History instead. Eventually I expect I'd get both. <Both are excellent, but I would choose Aquarium Coral by Borneman first. I use this book as a reference all the time. And for someone who is a relative newbie, I think this book gives you more mileage. It is a great visual resource for the identification of corals both those suitable for the home aquarium and those which should be left in the sea, and the potential problematic interactions which some of these corals are known to have. Would be in my list of the first 5 books you should get.> The Conscientious Marine Aquarist: A Commonsense Handbook for Successful Saltwater Hobbyists (2nd ed, Fenner) <Don't keep a marine tank without this book. If you plan on staying in the hobby for more than a month you should have this book. You will use it now and if you stay in the hobby, you will pick it up to reference many years from now. The second of the first 5 books that should be in your library.> Natural Reef Aquariums: Simplified Approaches to Creating Living Saltwater… (Tullock) <I own this book and it is a very nice book, I highly recommend it, but it would not be in my first 5 books, but perhaps in the first ten.> Reef Invertebrates: An Essential Guide to Selection, Care and Compatibility (Calfo, Fenner) <Beautiful photography throughout this book. But would not make it in to the first 5 books, but perhaps in the first ten. The other books that I think are missing are the Pocket Guides, one on fishes by Scott Michael and the other on inverts by Dr. Shimek. I always used to take these books anytime I went to the LFS. Hope this is helpful. Happy reading! Cheers, Mich

Re: Is this list of books overkill? Recommended substitutes? 1/15/2009 Hi Mich. <Hi Sam,> Thanks for your advice! <Happy to help!> Now that I am mostly done with the Paletta, I couldn't agree more that it is an essential first book. <Oh yes, is a beauty. I wanted to cry when I realized it was available before I sent up my first marine system.> I don't know how such a thin book could provide so much obviously essential info, but there you are. <And there it is...> I have adjusted my book list in line with your recommendations. <All are excellent books and all are worth investing a little money into.> I was thinking of getting those Pocket Guides, actually. I see that there is now a newish guide for Reef Fishes by Michael. I would think this would be slightly preferred to the older (by a few years) guide? <The new one is more specifically geared to reef fishes, both are excellent, but somewhat redundant. I'd pick one or the other.> Thanks! <You're welcome Sam, Happy reading! Mich>

Book Recommendation for Corals  01/01/09 I'm looking for a good beginner book about corals... any suggestions? <I would recommend "Aquarium Corals" by Eric Borneman as good all around book on corals. Happy New Year, Mich>

Salt Water Magazines... English...   12/15/08 Hello, <Hi there> My boyfriend does business with your site all the time and I was thinking of getting him a fish magazine for the holidays. I've been having trouble finding one. Can you please tell me if you know of a salt water only magazine, not fresh water? Thanks so much, Rachel <There are a couple of U.K. pub.s... Ultramarine and Marine World (both have .coms)... but unfortunately, neither have U.S. distribution (directly) as yet, and are rather pricey. http://www.marineworldmagazine.com/subscribe.asp http://www.ultramarinemagazine.co.uk/subscribe.htm at 50 pounds, quite a cost per issue... Do know that Coral Magazine is about to undergo a re-launch... see Microcosm here: http://en.microcosmaquariumexplorer.com/wiki/Coral_Magazine Otherwise... Leng Sy/Ecosystem Aquarium, that were producing Coral are about to put out a new title: Reef Life: http://www.coralmagazine.com/ Neither of these U.S. efforts is "really out" as yet... but are "just around the corner"... I would contact the above agencies re. Bob Fenner> Alright, thank you very much for your help and your prompt reply. Have a great day. <Thank you Rachel. You as well. BobF>

Coral Magazine...   "Then there were two"    12/09/08 Hi guys! Happy holidays to each and every one of the great staff members of WetWebMedia and as always, thanks so much for the invaluable gift of education and advice that you give us readers on a daily basis. Your gift is invaluable to so many of us. I wanted to ask if anyone on the staff has any information or knowledge about Coral Magazine. I am a very happy subscriber and I look forward to each issue like a kid at X-Mas. I was very disappointed to receive a letter saying that Coral Magazine would no longer be available to me and they would either refund the remainder of my subscription or I could become a subscriber to a new magazine they are offering called "Reef Life". <Mmm, good to see that something will be forthcoming... from... someone in its (Coral/Koralle) place. I have been party to some of the going back and forth re this issue... twixt the players and folks who might be involved. It is not my place though to discuss other peoples' business, as am sure you understand/agree> I will choose the latter as I love reading anything I can get my hands on pertaining to aquatics of any kind, but was also curious if anyone on the staff knew anything about the new publication as well. <Nothing concrete, no> Does anyone know if Coral Magazine will be completely unavailable in America, or could it be that maybe the company I am getting my subscription through will simply no longer be offering it? <I doubt that the German re-do which is Koralle will be available in English any longer...> I will inquire with them as well, but thought if one of you guys/gals were familiar with this topic, I may get a more honest answer. I'd really love to be able to continue getting that magazine if I could. Well, either way, thanks for your time and consideration. Thanks again for everything!-Nick Sadaka <Thank you for this news Nick. I do hope (not simply as a content provider myself) that a pulp 'zine... hopefully a monthly... will continue in Coral's place... Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Re: Coral Magazine   12/09/08 Thanks kindly Mr Fenner. I did suspect that information about this coming from Wet Web Media would have to be... careful/carefully worded, but my love of the magazine (which is similar my love of WetWebMedia, but in slightly different aspects) prompted me to inquire nonetheless. Thanks kindly for the information you were able to impart and if I find out anything as a subscriber that I can share, I will do so if you'd like. Thanks once more and I wish the best for all of you.-Nick Sadaka> <Thank you for your kind words Nick. I did receive back a note re the magazines... from friend Leng Sy of EcoSystem Aquarium, the re-publisher of the English edition: "Re: Coral Magazine... Bob, I can assure that ReefLife will be the world best magazine second to none! Thanks, Leng" Cheers, BobF>

Re: Coral Magazine    12/09/08 Great to hear! I was on board one way or another, but now I'm on board AND excited!!! Thanks a million. <Welcome and me too Nick. BobF>

Re: Coral Magazine...   12/10/08 Bob,

<James> I am just back on a red-eye from M?ster, Germany, and I am very happy to report that CORAL now lives again in the States, specifically here with us on prehistoric coral reef on the shore of Lake Champlain in Vermont. We will relaunch the magazine, with worldwide English-language distribution, in January.
<Ahhh!> Subscribers who migrate over to the new CORAL will not miss an issue. Bob, just as you said, Matthias Schmidt, the lanky publisher of KORALLE, is a smart, funny, terrific guy. <Yes> We wandered through the mind-boggling local aquatics/pet shoppe, and every department manager (esp. Marine) greeted him warmly by name and vice-versa. Daniel Knop, a friend of many years, was instrumental in getting us together, and I think the relaunch of CORAL is going to be a rejuvenating event for the magazine, both in Germany and the English-speaking countries. People who have CORAL subscriptions, and wish to continue, PLEASE stay tuned.  If you have any subscription issues with the former publisher of CORAL, please be assured that we are here to help. (We will have a new subscriber web site live this week.)  (I will answer all notes personally; see below.) <I, I'll take this as a cue that this news can be broadcast> In short, CORAL Magazine is very much alive, and I will let you know more in the coming few days. <I appreciate this... Welcome to the petfish mag publishing biz!> As you once said to me, when pitching “The Conscientious Marine Aquarist,” “No good deed goes unpunished.” <Heeeee!> Keeping CORAL alive, perhaps even better with more American content, methinks, is a good deed.  Hope you will be on board as an advisor and writer. <Certainly... More than glad to>
Best, James James Lawrence, Editor & Publisher CORAL Magazine Charlotte, Vermont 05445 My MICROCOSM address, for the time being: james.lawrence@microcosmaquariumexplorer.com
<Be working... overtime! BobF> Re: Coral Magazine...   12/10/08
Bob, Sure. The news is now out. Thanks, James
<Ahh, real good. BobF>

Re: More Re: Coral Magazine  12/10/08 Wow! Thanks so, so much Mr. Fenner and I can only hope that Mr. Lawrence saw all the accolades I heaped on that great publication. <He did> I now feel like I made the right decision by coming to WetWebMedia with that query (but I do thoroughly apologize if I put you in even the slightest of awkward positions, Mr. Fenner) and hope that others will see what a great magazine it is as well. <No worries Nick. I am friends with all the concerned parties> If anyone's on the fence because it's only a 6 issue per year publication, trust me, it is well worth it. I read every article and every one is an inspiration. Thanks so much once again and I'm 99% sure you've published articles in it as well and I always look forward to any and all "Mr. Fenner material" I can get my hands on as well. It really is great knowing how many really good people are in the aquatics industry. I thank you and I thank Mr. Lawrence as well. Long live WetWebMedia and long live Coral Magazine! Thanks for keeping me in mind regarding this information. <Welcome! Bob Fenner>

CORAL Lives! The Magazine -12/11/08 Bob, <James> I am astonished by the outpouring of emotions surrounding the rumors that CORAL has been killed off. <Ahh!> Happily, this is not the case, and we here in Vermont are now in full production mode to get the next issue into the mail in January. <Great!> Here is a hastily created blog I have put up so that all CORAL subscribers can communicate with us and, if they wish, get on the file to receive the new CORAL as soon as it appears.  http://coralmagazine.blogspot.com/ <Will post, share> We will do our best to make sure all former CORAL subscribers are treated fairly and can get their subscriptions reinstated so as not to miss an issue. Daniel Knop sends you his best regards. <Hello to him in Germany> Cheers, James <BobF>

Salt water magazine? 10/24/08 Hi everybody <Quinn> I love your site, you have so much great stuff on here. My brother just recently started an interest in salt water aquariums, and I was thinking that a subscription to some kind of aquarium magazine would be a great Christmas gift idea. I was wondering if you could recommend a good one...I figured you guys would know which ones are the best. Thanks for your help, Quinn <Mmm, yes... of "all saltwater" pulp 'zines (to distinguish these from some excellent online ones by sites such as reefs.org, reefcentral.com...) are English (Ultramarine and Marine World, can find on the Net)... the U.S. re-write of Koralle/Coral is in English, but is not sufficiently husbandry oriented for a person who is new to the hobby. The "all aquatic" pulps in the U.S. (TFH, AFI, FAMA) have considerable useful marine material each (monthly) issue, but they're likely too general for your brother. The UK pub.s mentioned above can be ordered, sent to U.S. addresses. Bob Fenner>

What books to purchase for salt water? Building a Salty Library   5/29/08 Hello there. <Hey there! Scott F. in today!> I'm a long time reader and I've even helped add my silly questions to the FAQs from time to time. <Trust me, no question is silly here! After 6 years on the Crew, I've seen some, ahem- "interesting" ones, but never a "silly" one.> I just recently received a $150 gift certificate to Amazon.com and I'd like to get some books on saltwater aquariums. <Lucky you! Have fun with that!> Basically all my knowledge has come from trial and error and from sites like WetWebMedia, I have literally ZERO books about fish/reefs/aquariums. <Good to learn from experience, but it's great to have a nice library to refer to in a pinch!> Can you recommend a couple good books for me please? Something geared at the intermediate reef keeper? <But of course!> I plan on getting Bob Fenner's book about the conscientious Aquarist, but other than that, I don't have any real preferences. <A great primer. The other books that could help start a well rounded library would be Eric Borneman's "Aquarium Corals", a great book on the identification, care, and selection of corals, Sprung and Delbeek's "The Reef Aquarium" (I favor volume 3, myself), "Natural Reef Aquariums" by John Tullock, one of my all-time favorites, and Anthony Calfo's "Book of Coral Propagation". Bob and Anthony's "Reef Invertebrates" is another excellent choice. Any of Scott Michael's "Reef Fishes" books would also be excellent! This collection may exceed your $150 budget, so you may have to pick and choose, as well as look for used copies, to come in on budget. Nonetheless, this would be the start of a very well-rounded library.> Something about giant clams would be great, I have a T. squamosa that has been doing good in my tank for 6 months now, but I wouldn't mind actually having a book dedicated just to giant clams. Something that covers LPS corals would be good too, as I have a couple open brain corals and a frogspawn in my tank. <Ahh- a couple of good references: Daniel Knop and James Fatheree have both written excellent books on the topic, so do look into them.> Anything else that is just in general a good or must have book for a saltwater aquarist would be great. If you had around $150 to spend on books and didn't have ANY (which I know is not true for anyone who gets this email) what would you purchase? <See my selections above.> Thanks again for all you do for the hobby, you're saving lives. Sure, it's little fishy lives, but lives nonetheless. Grant Gray <Absolutely! I couldn't agree more! Hope that you enjoy the selections recommended above. Happy reading! Regards, Scott F.>

Re: polyps? Now: issues of "currency" in in-print mat.s  2/1/08 hey thanks for getting back, I actually in the mean time did read up on most of the articles I could find on both your site and other mags/books, got them under control. The Parazoanthus is looking good again and the other Zoa is doing well also. Thanks, Forrest P.S. question regarding timeliness of publications in this field. I have seen many posts and books still considered "current" but have publication dates up to and including 7 years ago. In trying to read as much "good" info I am concerned about this. Would you say there is a certain cut off point with regard to aquarium literature? <A very good question... Thought-provoking, and complex...> I have some rather old books which are in my Library of references only as a look at the past and where things have come from and also have newer books, including Conscientious Marine Aquarist, <Finished by me in '95... Thank goodness a second, much-updated edition is on the way> The one you and Calfo did, <Ah, in 03> Calfo's book of propagation, which I must say has been a good source on husbandry and allelopathy concerns, and provided much guidance on the issues I was having, am considering Getting Borneman's Book, <Worthwhile in my estimation> also the "pamphlets" of Goemans and the Delbeek and Sprung trilogy but am concerned about the ages. <I as well... It is highly likely that the pamphlets and Jules accumulated "Notes" (revised and revisited or not) are well- to better-explained and gone over in over works, the Net... To volunteer a bit more generally to your question though... there are some "standard works" (e.g. the tomes of the "Bard of fishes", William T. Innes come to mind), that are timeless, in their usefulness, writing, beauty... Much of "modern" ornamental aquatics writing may pass as knowledge-transference, but it is poor prose in comparison. The better method of "checking" re the utility of such works is interrator agreement with other hobbyists; likely best achieved through interaction/reading on various BB's.> Thanks again <Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Re: polyps? CMA 2d ed.  2/1/08 ok, thanks Bob. I shall continue my reading as I have finished what I have, and now must move on to buying from Amazon and the like, was trying to purchase all from the LFS first as I know how you feel about good LFSs (how you make that acronym plural I have no good guess), and am inclined to agree. Also any clue on when the 2nd edition will be on book shelves? Till then Forrest <Should be anytime soon... Though I checked on Microcosm and TFH's websites... and they're ridiculously out of date... The re-writing, layout was finished the end of 07... BobF>

Marine Aquarium Reference Books  1/19/08 Dear sir: <Brian> I kept marine aquaria in the later 1980's and early 1990's. I have recently decided to re-enter the hobby. There is a great deal of new information available in print and on-line. <Ah, yes> I used to own a fairly complete reference about marine fishes that provided photos and a brief description of each species including: the Latin name, common name(s), adult size, distribution of the species, special husbandry and feeding, etc. Could you tell me the titles and authors of some of the best new reference books with similar characteristics? Thanks! Brian E. Clatterbuck, P.D. <On-line the ultimate resource is Fishbase.org, in-print there are some excellent series by the team of Rudie Kuiter and Helmut Debelius (through TMC) and Microcosm/TFH titles by Scott Michael... and for less pet-fish oriented folks the works of Gerald Allen (with and w/o Roger Steene), John Randall, and Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach. For non-fishes (invertebrates) there are the excellent works of Sven Fossa and Alf Nilsen (The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium)... for algae and vascular plants? You can look for the specific titles with these authors names on etailers like Abe's Books, Barnes & Noble (won't plug Amazon, as they surreptitiously remove negative reviews). Bob Fenner>

Invertebrate Book Recommendations – 1/01/07 Hello to whom is reading this. <Hello Phil, Brenda here> A few weeks ago I purchased the book Dr. Burgess`s Atlas of Marine Aquarium Fish and I am very happy with my purchase. If you are not familiar with this book, it is a huge directory of the majority of fish sold in the home aquarium trade containing about 750 full color pages, each with typically 8 pictures of different species of fish and their scientific name. <I do not currently own this book. However, I will check it out. Thank you for the recommendation. > I was wondering if you knew of any books like this for invertebrates. Everything I've seen so far has given but a small variety of species. I do not need much information for each species. I just wish to be able to identify them. <I have two that I find very useful. One is, Reef Invertebrates, by Anthony Calfo and WetWebMedia’s founder, Robert Fenner. The second is, Marine Invertebrate, by Ronald L. Shimek.> Thank you for your advice. Phil <You’re welcome! Brenda>

Re: Question for Neale/Bob... PFK...    11/27/2007 Neale, Thanks for your response. I learned the hard way about a year ago just how much Practical Fishkeeping cost here in the states. I placed a subscription without bothering to check into how the currency would convert to U.S. money. Man was I surprised when I got that bill! Anyway thanks for explaining how it works, not sure if I will pursue using the same article in a different article. I work for Penn Plax, and I can certainly bring up your idea of floating plants. All the best. Paul <Hello Paul. PFK is a nice magazine but you are right, the cover price in the US market is very steep. It's a shame it can't be printed and distributed in the US. Luckily, Americans have access to any number of excellent fishkeeping magazines. So I guess it all works out in the end! Best of luck with whatever you choose to do! Neale.>

Google books, a resource for aquarists 11/22/07 Greetings, and Happy Thanksgiving to all of the WWM crew! <And to you and yours Gina> I just stumbled upon this and thought I would share. I was doing a Google search for a place to buy some aquarium books, and came upon this. Google books has six aquarium books online in English! Below is a list of books that are available in their entirety: The Aquarium Fish Handbook by Mary Bailey, Nick Dakin Aquarium Owner's Manual by Gina Sandford The Aquarium Fish Handbook: The Complete Reference from Anemonefish to Zamora Woodcats by Dick Mills, Derek Lambert Aquarium Atlas by Hans A. Baensch, Rudiger Riehl Aquariums and Aquarium Fish by Mary Bailey, Gina Sandford Aquarium: Owner's Guide by Gina Sandford Even all 1216 pages of Aquarium Atlas! I was certainly impressed. I know that all of you often recommend to beginners (actually, to all levels of expertise) that they read a book... and if they have high speed internet access, as most people do nowadays, reading a book online is an option if a certain book cannot be obtained from a local library. I hope that can help someone! I, for one, was not aware of this valuable resource. Nicole <Thank you much for this timely input. Will post/share. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Re: Google books....not so fast 11/22/07 Hi Crew, <Gina> Boy, I am really embarrassed. I was a little overzealous in writing you. It turns out that these books are "limited preview" where only a few of the pages can be viewed. You can search using Google Book Search and find your keywords highlighted in the relevant places, in the available pages. <Ooops. Just responded to your prev. post... Will add this one> One book, The Aquarium Fish Handbook by Mary Bailey and Nick Dakin, has quite a few pages available for browsing...but none of the books are in fact available in their entirety. I misunderstood the way the search results are displayed. They tell you the number of pages each book has, but that doesn't mean that many pages are available for review. So sorry for the confusion! Nicole <No worries... Am sure all the world's content for sharing is on some not-too-distant horizon. BobF>

Marine Breeding, fishes, book   – 11/16/07 Good afternoon Bob! <Matt> I stumbled across your article on Marine Breeding at http://www.wetwebmedia.com/reproduc.htm - first let me thank you for the plug to MarineBreeder.org in the "further reading" section! <Okay> I actually was spurred to contact you regarding an update to the "Knowledge: Where To Get Help" section of the article. You may or may not be aware of the new book that Matthew Wittenrich published earlier this year - Breeder's Guide to Marine Fishes ("The Complete Illustrated Breeder's Guide to Marine Aquarium Fishes"). Definitely worth every penny (and heck, it's actually a very affordable book too!) and happens to be probably the best (and only!) current book on where we've come in the last 30-40 years of Marine Fish Breeding... (here's a link to it on Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/dp/1890087718?tag=mariornafishi-20&camp=14573&creative=327641&linkCode=as1&creativeASIN= 1890087718&adid=05PK5QDT0FRSC0XADEQS ) Thought it was worth mentioning :) Best Regards, Matt Pedersen MOFIB - www.MarineBreeder.org <Thank you for this input. Will post, share. Bob Fenner>Read Read Read… Recommended Book on Corals is “Aquarium Corals” by Eric Borneman 10/2/07 Good afternoon crew!! <Early AM now, Mich here.> Can't tell you how much your site has helped in the past. <Glad to hear!? I'm still new to the hobby, just over a year into it and my reef tank is doing great!! <Wonderful!> Some credit should go your way for the help! <Thanks!> I have become ok with my tank husbandry but really want to extend my knowledge further. <Always a good thing.> I have read "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" and just ordered Mr. Fenner's invert book. <You will enjoy it.> I really like the writing style <Me too!> and great info in "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" <Yes there is!> but cannot seem to find anything written by him/them regarding corals. <He's more of a fish geek, if you will.> I did find one written by Anthony Calfo but its 199 bucks <Really? US dollars?> and I'm not really looking to propagate or frag mine. Can you recommend a good book on Corals? <Yes. The best book out there on corals is "Aquarium Corals" by Eric Borneman. I'm sure you'll be able to find it for less than $50!> Much appreciated <Welcome! Mich>

Beginner's Book for Children.  9/7/07 Dear Neale, <Lisa,> I thought you might appreciate this. Dennis came home yesterday all excited because his 8 year old niece would like "emulate" me and my fish keeping. He mentioned that when we go visit at Christmas time, we could buy a tank, fill it up and pick out a fish (all in one day). &^%$# <Hah! Actually said to be possible if you use Bio Spira (supposedly) but never used the product myself. I'm old school, and mature my tanks over a couple of months with a few hardy fish.> I truly burst his bubble in informing him that fish keeping is highly underestimated and an eight year old is not solely capable of administering proper care for any fish - even barbs in my opinion. (When his sister and niece last visited my abode, his sister commented "oh, I've never been able to keep fish.") <Very good!> So after I ranted and raved a bit on the subject, I suggested buying a children's beginner's book to fish keeping, not fish. I looked on the wetwebmedia site for a book listing however didn't see any. Are they any books you'd recommend for a child? <Not so much. It's really the mums and dads who need to be trained. The children can then join in. Children learn best by doing rather than reading, but for that, mum and dad need to be up to speed and willing to shoulder the responsibility. Really, there's enough to get started here at WWM. But I'll tell you my first aquarium book was by Dick Mills and called the "Guide to Community Fishes". It is still in print, amazingly enough. It covers all the basic fishkeeping science -- filters, plants, etc -- plus a nice selection of species that should get along together. I'd argue with one or two of the choices, like bettas and mollies, but basically it's sound. Dick Mills is one of the doyens of the hobby, and pretty much anything with his name on, if a trifle "old school", is likely to be a good read.> Thank you! Lisa <Cheers, Neale>

Magazine Options... A Few Come to Mind   9/4/07 Dear Crew, <Hello Andy! Mich with you again.> Hope all are well. <Can only speak for myself, and am quite fine thank you! I had a most delightful holiday weekend!> I am finally getting to enjoy a week off from work and am enjoying the beach my wife thinks that "vacation" includes vacation from fish). <I guess she just doesn't understand, huh?> I was wondering if someone would recommend a good magazine subscription that covers saltwater husbandry generally. <So you can make you fish portable? Heehee!> By "generally", I mean fish keeping, reef keeping, and just the hobby in general--nothing too scientific, but something geared towards the intermediate-advances aquarium addict that discusses general topics of interest. <In the USA, there are a few options here, the one that comes to mind given your general description would be C... The Journal http://www.readingtrees.com/calfojournal.html There is also Coral http://www.coralmagazine.com/ Other possibilities include: FAMA (Fresh and Marine Aquariums) http://www.fishchannel.com/fish-magazines/freshwater-and-marine-aquarium/default.aspx TFH (Tropical Fish Hobbyist) http://www.tfhmagazine.com/ Aquarium Fish http://www.fishchannel.com/fish-magazines/aquarium-fish-international/october-2007/2007-october-toc.aspx Others I'm forgetting... perhaps > Thanks for your suggestions. <Welcome! Mich> Andy <<RMF suggests instead either of the two dedicated UK marine mag.s: Ultramarine or Marine World http://www.ultramarinemagazine.com/contributors.htm http://www.marineworldmagazine.com/ Superior...>>

Great Book for Fish Lovers  7/10/07 Hi There, <Howdy> This message is for Bob. We met in Toronto at the MAST dinner. My husband Dave and I shared a Guinness with you and talked about diving, politics and travel. One of our more enjoyable evenings in quite a while. <Ah, yes> I just finished reading a book I thought you might enjoy. It's called "Gould's Book of Fish - A Novel in 12 Fish" by Richard Flanagan - a Tasmanian writer. My favourite quote reads, "And when I finished the painting & looked at that poor leatherjacket which now lay dead on the table I began to wonder whether, as each fish died, the world was reduced in the amount of love that you might know for such a creature. Whether there was that much less wonder & beauty left to go around as each fish was hauled up in the net. And if we kept on taking & plundering & killing, if the world kept on becoming ever more impoverished of love & wonder & beauty & consequence, what, in the end, would be left?" Take care, Cindy Mersky. <Good questions and suggestion. Thank you Cin! Bob Fenner>

Book Recommendations? Dear Crew, <Karen> I only have experience with freshwater aquariums, but I would like to get into keeping a reef system. <I see> I have spent untold hours researching your site, but am totally confused as to how all the equipment etc. is assembled and what goes with what. Sumps, refugiums, reactors, and skimmers...oh my! Does "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" Book explain how to set all these things up...what goes where etc. <Mmm, yes> <Mike Paletta's simpler work on the same subject material is worthwhile as well... particularly if you're wondering "yes/no" whether you want to get this involved, what is basically involved> a great distance away from an LFS, and do not know anyone locally with experience in such matters. www.reefcentral.com>Thanks for your help. Karen <I suspect the Net will become very useful for you as well as a good reference or two. Bob Fenner>

Book Recommendations? Dear Crew, <Hi Karen, Mich here.> I only have experience with freshwater aquariums, but I would like to get into keeping a reef system. <It can be quite addicting and expensive... you've been warned. Hee!> I have spent untold hours researching your site, but am totally confused as to how all the equipment etc. is assembled and what goes with what. Sumps, refugiums, reactors, and skimmers...oh my! ><Heehee!> Does "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" Book explain how to set all these things up...what goes where etc. <It is a wonderful book to start with. I think you will find it helpful, though it is getting a bit dated which will hopefully be remedied sometime in the future... Right RMF? ;D ><<Yes, CMA is over-due for an upcoming re-write, new edition... M/TFH says likely to be done and re-issued some time in 09. RMF>> If not, can you please recommend a book that would help me to figure all his out. I live in a rural area <Ahh, yes, I can relate all too well...> a great distance away from an LFS, and do not know anyone locally with experience in such matters. <A local aquarist would likely be quite helpful to you. There are clubs all over the world, likely there is one within in driving distance. You may want to check around for clubs in your region at bulletin board sites like www.reefcentral.com or www.reeffrontiers.com> Thanks for your help. Karen <You are most welcome! Mich>Dr. Randall's new book on Hawaiian Marine Fishes...   - 5/18/07 Bob: <Dr. R> No, I have not heard of an albino R. rectangulus  Or for that matter of any balistid. <Me neither...> Did you receive the discount order form I sent for my new Hawaiian fish book? <No... please do... in fact, if you would, and if it's available, will you send along a notice of what the new title is, how it may be ordered? And I'll post it on our site.>   I will send a form to Linda Brennan. Aloha, Jack <Thank you my friend. A hu'i hou! Bob Fenner> Re: Dr. Randall's new book on Hawaiian Marine Fishes...   - 5/18/07 Bob: Here's the 30% professional discount form.  There is information on the form how to order it from the publisher (Sea Grant College Program of UH). Aloha, Jack <Very nice! My Natural World Press paperback by you is more than slightly worn! Congratulations on this fine work... Will be ordering. BobF, who is giving a pitch two months hence to a dive club on Kona, of course will plug this work... and show Fremblii BFs>

Re: Dr. Randall's new book on Hawaiian Marine Fishes...   - 5/18/07 Bob <Jack> Thanks.  I think you will be pleased with the book. I apologize for the high price.  It was originally $150. I could only manage to get the price lowered to $125 and provide the 30% professional discount. Aloha, Jack <Agreed with the present state of affairs with book costs... Thank goodness that some of your work/s are available at lower price points... Am concerned that many earnest readers may miss such due to high cost. I sent in my order... with the $&15 dollar postage fee! Cheers, BobF> Mg & MACNA  4/17/04 Hello,         I've recently discovered that  the Tropic Marin salt mix I'm using only has 960-990 ppm of Mg. So I want to  raise it to 1050 ppm in my make-up water, before adding to the tank in the  form of a water change. I already have Epsom salts, but recently read an article  about how sulfate levels can get too high, via the Mg  sulfate. In this  case is it alright to use the Epsom salts long term/permanently? <Is almost always no problem> Or  should I use Mg chloride? <Could use... though there is some downside to excess chloride as well... Again, either/both are not really problematical>    What's the acceptable range of sulfate in a marine tank with live rock, red headed neon Goby and xenia? <A healthy aquarium (or. seawater) typically has sulfate levels of about 2700...> Is there such a thing as a sulfate test kit made for this hobby? <Mmm... not made for aquariums per se as far as I'm aware... but there are such assays... see Hach's, LaMotte's et al. sites...> I  also know that long term calcium chloride use can cause problems. Does the  same potential problem exist with  Mg chloride use? <Mmm, yes... but once again, with serial dilution (regular water change outs...) not simple addition, top-off... not a problem>         Also, how do I get my hands on  the MACNA XVII, Expanded Horizons video? Is it for sale? Is it for  free? Is it available at my local library? <Maybe... Please contact the "parent" organization (MASNA) re: http://www.masna.org/>      Thanks for all that you've done to help make  this fun hobby a success,   Greg <Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Salt Water Aquarium Magazine Back Copies  - 03/24/07 Hi Crew: Am looking to acquire back copies of Salt Water Aquarium Magazine by Robert P L Straughan dated 1972 - 1973. <I have these, but only one copy... that I'm not selling> Also looking for copies of Skin Diver magazine dated 1972 - 1974. <Dang... threw away my old copies of this venerable mag. just last year... You might try GaryB at ZooMed re the former... And I don't know who... Craig's List? For the latter. Will post your requests on WWM. Good hunting. Bob Fenner> Captain Dick Stevenson Florida's Original Shell Man captaindick@islandgirlimports.com

Setup and Servicing Info, Library   3/3/07 First of all, Hi WWM gang! <A big hello to you Aaron!> I looked on the site but didn't find the info I needed. <This page might help:   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/yourlibfaq2.htm > I own/operate an aquarium setup and servicing/mobile store business. I do the freshwater and a friend with 14 years of saltwater experience does that side of things. He has taught me much, but I would like to learn more. Do you have any suggestions on books or other comprehensive info sources or guides? <Oh yes!  The first book I would start with is "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" by Robert M. Fenner it is the best overall book out there, in my opinion.  Another basic book is "The New Marine Aquarium" by Michael S. Paletta who also authored "Ultimate Marine Aquariums" John H. Tullock also has a nice one on creating microcosms titled "Natural Reef Aquariums".  I hope this gives you a good start.> I want something that starts from the beginning and goes to the advanced, not necessarily all in one book of course!! What about electronic testers? What types should I get for my line of work? <I'm guessing the best you can afford, but for specifics I'll to defer this question to Bob... RMF any recommendations?> <<I like the Milwaukee line for "down and dirty" regular aquarium use. RMF>> Aaron at Tanks-A-Lot <Mich at WWM.>

Book Recommendations   12/18/06 Mr. Fenner, <Hello Chris, Mich here.> I am new to the hobby by way of a used reef tank. (47 gal bow front Oceanic, stand, Current Orbit lights 96w dual actinic and dual 10000k, 35lbs liverock, sump with live rock - all for $600 - if it was a bad deal, I really don't care because the wife, kids, and I just love it!)   <This is what's most important.> I have read a lot of your website, mainly trying to find a listing of recommended books.  I have come across several recommendations here and there but was hoping that you might provide one well rounded list of "essential reading" for someone such as I.   <These are the books I feel are best suited for a new reef aquarist.> 1.  The Conscientious Marine Aquarist by Robert M. Fenner I think you will find this to be the best overall book on how to keep a salt water aquarium.  If you only get one book this is the one to get.  It will be your best friend as you start and as you gain experience, you will continue to refer back to your old friend often.   2.  Marine Fishes by Scott W. Michael A portable pocket reference guide.  Generally there is one fish per page.  Included on the page is a photo and general care requirements.    3.  Marine Invertebrates by Ronald L. Shimek A portable pocket reference guide like the Marine fishes but for invertebrates.   4.  Aquarium Corals by Eric H. Borneman Not a pocket guide, but most everything you should want know about   aquarium corals with beautiful photography.   There are many more fine books out there.  Especially if you have a particular interest such as Giant Clams (by Daniel Knop) or Clownfish (by Joyce D. Wilkerson.)   Thank you in advance. <Welcome!> Merry Christmas! <And to you and yours! -Mich> Chris Taylor

Cichlid Book Recommendations    11/27/06 Hi there, I love your site! I'm seeking your opinion on how I should set up my new 75 gallon tank as far as stocking it goes (tank is 18w/20/48 and currently empty). I've decided on doing a cichlid tank but I'm not sure if I should do new world or Africans. This will be my second tank (I'm highly addicted to the 40g tank I've had for quite a while and have put much time and energy into learning the ropes). For this new tank I'm considering keeping discus but I've heard they're extremely difficult to keep. What's your opinion on that? Also, if I decide to keep discus, is it possible to keep other new world cichlids in the tank that are not too aggressive (and if so, any species recommendations?). I've heard that keeping African cichlids might be a better setup because it's tough to keep several species of new world cichlids without lots of aggression. According to some, compatibility between many of the more common African species is not quite as problematic. What's your take on this since I'm hearing some mixed things (in process of buying some good books now).  I'm mainly interested in keeping colorful fish in a setup which won't be over my head as far as difficulty of care. I'd love to hear your advice on what a good mix of brightly colored cichlids for my new tank would be. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, Joy < While you are out buying books I have a couple of recommendations for you. The first is "Enjoying Cichlids" by Ad Konings. Great overview of all cichlids with great photos. The other book is "The Cichlid Aquarium" by Dr. Paul Loiselle. It is out of print but can still be found online. Mixing cichlids is always a problem. Discus require extremely clean soft acidic water. They are a lot of work and not for the lazy person. South American cichlids can get big although most are less aggressive than rift lake cichlids. The "African" cichlids can be aggressive because they are territorial and have teeth that can inflict tremendous damage. Find a cichlid you really want and work your tank around that particular cichlid. The books will be very helpful.-Chuck>

Follow up on RO/DI water; recommended freshwater aquarium books  11/12/06 Ok, one more question! <Sure!>   If I use the DI water OR buy that RO/DI unit, what elements is the water lacking that I have to replace? <Calcium, carbonates, magnesium, to name a few...>   Also, I have been to the book store and have been overwhelmed with all the books and trying to decide which is the best one.   <I know it - there's a ton out there.  Since there are so many opinions out there, I have been building my fish library slowly, one book at a time, as I really like to have a few qualified, but different opinions.  My favorite "beginner" book to recommend is David E. Boruchowitz's "The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums" - very easy-to-read and informative base-line to start from.  Disease-wise, I like Mary Burgess and Peter Bailey's "Tropical Fishlopedia".  I just bought a new "atlas" of popular aquarium fish, and am enjoying it thus far: Glen S. Axelrod and Brian M. Scott's "Encyclopedia of Exotic Tropical Fish".  It's mainly a reference book, but does have some helpful reading information in the beginning chapters.  There's many others out there, but there are my personal favorites. Of course, there are specific species books that are useful as well.> Any suggestions on reading material?? <See above.>   I get a lot of information from the Web, but I do better with a book that I can constantly go back to reference. <I understand.>   I kinda "winged-it" with my 10 gal. (just did a little "web" reading before I started) and don't want to take that chance with a much larger tank. <Good idea.  I'm sure you learned through "doing" though, as well...>   I know about set-up and cycling and the like, but NOTHING about the elements of the water.  Anyhow, my one question is turning into a novel here....any suggestions on books?? <Again, see above!> Thanks a bunch Jorie, you have been of great help to me!  (Can you help with convincing my "frugal" husband that a $300.00 filter system is worth it?!?!?) <You're on your own there, my friend! I am fortunate - my boyfriend is the one who got me involved in fishkeeping, and he's into the *much* more expensive saltwater fish.  Maybe you can do some basic math calculations to show how the unit will pay for itself, instead of buying the bottles of water as you did for your 10 gal.?> Roni <Best of luck! Jorie>

The Aquarium Magazine  – 11/15/06 Dear fish lovers, <Yo!> I have a wonderful collection of The Aquarium Magazine to sell. They belonged to my father. The collection consists of magazines starting with the 1st Vol - May 1932 Vol 1 No 1 - through Jan. 1945  Vol XIII No 9. They are in excellent condition (missing only 3 magazines). Any suggestions of how to find interested buyers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Gale Wright <Mmm... well there are specialty BB's and L-servs... like the Collectors of Aquarium Literature, the AHHS, and a few specialized outfits/folks that sell such lit.... but you're likely to make the bigger bongoer bucks from listing this collection on eBay and/or Craig's List... Good luck and good selling! Bob Fenner>

Selling ARI? - 10/10/06 Bob Fenner,  we needed to pass the library on.  We tried to place the library where it could remain whole, but could not find anyone who could afford carrying it on. <What a shame! I had hoped the Packard folks... Foundation, Monterey Bay Aq.... would have seen the logic, purpose in its acquisition> At least the publications are being acquired by those interested in them. We are keeping a core collection in fish, pets and aquaculture to  keep us informed. /.R3 <Thank you for this Dr. Bob (Rofen). Bob Fenner>

The Handbook of Marine Science-Compounds  from Marine organisms vol 2 going out of stock, hurry and order both vols.!   10/1/06 Dear Sir/Madam, <Howdy "Book Club International"> The Commonwealth Education Foundation, London is making the "The Handbook of  Marine Science-Compounds from Marine Organisms in two volumes by J.T.Baker and V.Murphy, published by the C.R.C.Press International available to interested Researchers  at a substantially subsidized price. The contents include :Vol.1:Introduction-Hydrocarbons-Sesquiterpenes-Higher Hydrocarbons-Marine Prostaglandins-Halogenated Derivatives-Furans-Carotenoids-Sterols-Phenols-Marine Quinones-Compounds Containing Nitrogen (Two Guanidine Units)-Compounds not covered elsewhere, Which display biological Activity-Tabulation of Compounds-Compound Name Index-References-Author Index-General Index. Vol. II: Discussion-Isoprene Derived Hydrocarbons and Their Derivatives-Compounds containing Nitrogen-Tabulation of Compounds (Table 27)-Compound Name Index for Table 27-Tabulation of Compounds from Vol.1 Mentioned in References Listed in Vol.II (Table 28)-Compound Name Index for Table 28-References-Author Index-Taxonomic Index The original price of these two volumes is $184(Rs.8000). The pages number 447.These are  latest editions  in mint condition. Although the original price is $184(Rs.8000),The Commonwealth Education Foundation, London, has made these  two volumes available to you  for Rs.4400 only($99),including freight  packing and registered postage to your door. This means a saving of  Rs.3600 ($85) Volume two is going out of stock, maybe permanently, so please take advantage while both volumes are available for $ 99 only.( Soon it'll be volume 1 only for $ 99.) To take advantage of this offer ,kindly fill out the acquisition form below  and send a draft in favor of World Book Centre to the address below The books will reach you within three weeks. Thanking you, Yours sincerely, World Book Centre <Will post on our site. Bob Fenner> ACQUISITION FORM please fill in and post with draft) To, The World Book Centre Gr.Flr.Rakhi Mahal 209, Sir D V Road Churchgate,Mumbai-400020 India Tel:+91 22 22027299 Fax: +91 22 22844891 email: sales@worldbookcentre.com From: Date: Dear Sirs, We would like to take advantage of the saving of Rs.3600 ($85)on the subsidy on The Handbook of Marine Science by Baker and Murphy Vol.s 1&2 while vol.2 is still in stock. We enclose a draft for Rs.4400($99)( in favor of World Book Centre/We are effecting a wire transfer from our bank please send bank details)/Please send us a proforma invoice for Rs.4400($99) only to email address _________________________ or fax number __________________on payment of which the title will be sent to us by Regd.Post/Courier./We would like to pay online by PayPal. Please send us link to pay  by email/We would like to pay by Western Union, kindly send details. Our address is _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ Thanking you Yours Sincerely ____________ (Signature) The Handbook of Marine Science-Compounds made from Marine Organisms  - 8/9/2006 Dear Sir/Madam, The Commonwealth Education Foundation, London is making the "The Handbook of  Marine Science-Compounds from Marine Organisms in two volumes by J.T. Baker and V. Murphy, published by the C.R.C. Press International available to interested Researchers  at a substantially subsidized price. The contents include :Vol.1:Introduction-Hydrocarbons-Sesquiterpenes-Higher Hydrocarbons-Marine Prostaglandins-Halogenated Derivatives-Furans-Carotenoids-Sterols-Phenols-Marine Quinones-Compounds Containing Nitrogen (Two Guanidine Units)-Compounds not covered elsewhere, Which display biological Activity-Tabulation of Compounds-Compound Name Index-References-Author Index-General Index. Vol. II: Discussion-Isoprene Derived Hydrocarbons and Their Derivatives-Compounds containing Nitrogen-Tabulation of Compounds (Table 27)-Compound Name Index for Table 27-Tabulation of Compounds from Vol.1 Mentioned in References Listed in Vol. II (Table 28)-Compound Name Index for Table 28-References-Author Index-Taxonomic Index The original price of these two volumes is $184(Rs.8000). The pages number 447.These are  latest editions  in mint condition. Although the original price is $184(Rs.8000),The Commonwealth Education Foundation, London, has made these  two volumes available to you  for Rs.4400 only ($99),including freight  packing and registered postage to your door. This means a saving of  Rs.3600 ($85) To take advantage of this offer ,kindly fill out the acquisition form below  and send a draft in favor of World Book Centre to the address below The books will reach you within three weeks. Thanking you, Yours sincerely, World Book Centre ----------------please cut here---------------- ACQUISITION FORM (please fill in and post with draft) To, The World Book Centre Gr.Flr.Rakhi Mahal 209, Sir D V Road Churchgate,Mumbai-400020 India Tel:+91 22 22027299 Fax: +91 22 22844891 email: sales@worldbookcentre.com From: Date: Dear Sirs, We would like to take advantage of the saving of Rs.3600 ($85)on the subsidy on The Handbook of Marine Science by Baker and Murphy. We enclose a draft for Rs.4400($99)( in favor of World Book Centre/We are effecting a wire transfer from our bank (please send bank details)/ Please send us a proforma invoice for Rs.4400($99) only to email address _________________________ or fax number __________________on payment of which the title will be sent to us by Regd. Post/Courier./We would like to pay online by PayPal. Please send us link to pay  by email/We would like to pay by Western Union, kindly send details. Our address is _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ Thanking you Yours Sincerely ____________ (Signature) Recommendation of a coral atlas   6/16/06 Hi Crew! Thanks for your hard work and the excellent help you give to all of us.  I took a week off from work to read Anthony's coral propagation book and the NMA: Reef Invert books.... Ok the truth is it was the family vacation to the beach, but I was reading the whole time.  Both are invaluable!  I have just recently relapsed into Salt Water Dependency Disorder <<Heee! RMF would have named this Saltwater Aquarium Dependency Disorder for the sake of the acronym>>  and so much has changed since the trickle filter system I had in the late 80's.  My LR is finally cured, but after my information overload week at the beach I am going to add a refuge and let things mature a bit before adding any specimens.  (skimmer, ozone, Ca reactor, weekly water change routine all in place) My question is in regard to the ONLY thing lacking in Anthony's book... purty pictures.  I have read everything up to the sections on the individual coral families and held there for my lack of being able to identify in my mind what critter I'm reading about.  I need an atlas or something that I can have open next to the book to make the connections.  I guess I could find pics of most on the web site(?) but would like something bound that would travel.  I am betting NMA: Corals will be all that in one cover but for now I need a recommendation, that or a time machine to go snatch the book from the future.  I didn't see anything in the book review section that looked like a match.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I have a couple of good marine fish atlas type books but nothing with corals. I really enjoyed Anthony's humor throughout both books,  so I have an appointment with a psychiatrist soon and will let you know if there is anything to help that.   Serum Salinity dropping. Will have to sign off now and snort some Instant Ocean to stave off withdrawal. Ron Barton  Knoxville, Tennessee. <<Ron:  The definitive atlas with pretty pictures is Veron's Corals of the World http://www.aims.gov.au/pages/coralsworld/cotw-01.html  It is a 3 volume set.  You can also buy a CD with the pictures and most of the CD is available online as a database.  There are many books with pretty pictures.  Veron's book is great for coral identification once you have a lot of experience.  Borneman's Aquarium Corals is the best all around book for how to take care of corals. Best of luck,  Roy>>   TMC/Kuiter book review/s  - 06/06/2006 hello, <Hi there> I am planning to purchase the below named titles by ordering via the net, since these books are not available for purchase in any book shop where I live, so I am not able to preview the books before I order them....so I would really appreciate your review of these books. in terms of information, content, quality of photos etc.... 1. Butterflyfishes, Bannerfishes and Their Relatives - A Comprehensive Guide to Chaetodontidae and Microcanthidae by Rudie H Kuiter 2. Angelfishes - A Comprehensive Guide to Pomacanthidae by Helmut Debelius, Hiroyuki Tanaka & Rudie H Kuiter 3- Basslets, Hamlets and Their Relatives - A Comprehensive Guide to Selected Serranidae and Plesiopidae by Rudie H Kuiter 4- Surgeonfishes, Rabbitfishes and Their Relatives - A Comprehensive Guide to Acanthuroidei by Rudie H Kuiter and Helmut Debelius 5- Fairy & Rainbow Wrasses and Their Relatives - A Comprehensive Guide to Selected Labroids by Rudie H Kuiter All above books published by TMC publishing.   ( http://www.tmc-publishing.com) Thank you very much for your valuable support. regards, Dr. Anup <I own all of these, and do recommend them highly... for what they are: Largely pictorial guides to the fishes of these groups, groupings. They are scant however on issues of practical husbandry... that is, surprising for their producer/TMC, these are not really "aquarium books" per se. If money is dear, you might want to just order one or seek them on inter-library loan to peruse, see if they are of use to you ahead of purchase. To me they are useful for color/marking identifications, ranges, the beauty of photography... Bob Fenner> Info needed. Marine fish book recommendation    5/24/06 Hi, <Hello> I have purchased a copy of the Conscientious marine aquarist book by Robert Fenner and its an excellent companion to my hobby! <Glad you have found it so> Can you please recommend me an comprehensive book for main aquarium fish identification and detailed info on their individual care. It would be great if they have good quality photos for fish identification. <The best small tome of this coverage is Scott Michael's Marine Fish Pocket Guide (sold by online etailers like Amazon.com). The best series (there are many species) is by Scott as well... under various titles in the Reef Fishes series...> Also is there any monthly or bimonthly subscriptions or magazines exclusively catering to me marine fish hobby? <Mmm, in other countries mainly... the best is Marine World Magazine in the UK... Aqua Touch distributes this in the U.S.: http://www.aquatouch.com/ Coral/Koralle Magazine is also worthwhile, as are the not-solely marine national periodicals Tropical Fish Hobbyist, Freshwater and Marine Aquarium and Aquarium Fish Magazine... all have their Net placement. Bob Fenner>

Rick, ACI, fish books 4/6/06 Hi Bob, <Hey Rick!> Long time no talk, how have you been, traveling the word I assume? <Yes... about half the year. Just back from HI> We are going to be doing some different advertising in the coming months and wanted to do some banner Ads with you. <Mmm, will ask MikeK to chat with you re> Also, we do not offer any books at this time and other than your's I don't know which ones would be worth carrying. <There are a few... if forty points can be made to be of interest... along with the "good will", "blue sky" of promoting knowledge... associated with your biz> If you have some time, could you give me a list of 5-10 books that you feel are worthy of your recommendation? Also where we could purchase these books. <Mmm, have a few dozen reviewed on WWM... You want to "buy from the source" as much/close as possible... Do you have a trade relationship with TFH? They now produce, do fulfillment for Microcosms titles... these are about the best on the market. There are a few independents but they just have "one offs"... not so sure you want to spend your time/effort on these> I hope this email finds you well and less bored with the industry as was the case a year ago. <Never bored, but at times semi-annoyed at certain acts, individuals. Cheers, Bob Fenner> Thank you in advance, Rick Acero Aquarium Consultants Intl < http://www.acicorp.us/>  Inc.

TFH Marine Aquarium Quaterly  3/16/06 >Bob >I came across a couple of magazines called Marine Aquarium Quarterly. The overall quality of the mag and its photos are awesome. Is TFH still publishing them? >Perry ><As far as I know... have you looked on their website? Now actually websites. BobF> Bob a few websites are selling them as closed out books. Over here they cost US$1.50 each. Perry <Are likely being "dumped" then. Cheers, BobF> The Handbook of Marine Science-Compounds made from Marine Organisms Dear Sir/Madam, The Commonwealth Education Foundation, London is making the "The Handbook of  Marine Science-Compounds made from Marine Organisms in two volumes by J.T.Baker and V.Murphy, published by the C.R.C.Press International available to interested Researchers  at a substantially subsidized price. The contents include :Vol.1:Introduction-Hydrocarbons-Sesquiterpenes-Higher Hydrocarbons-Marine Prostaglandins-Halogenated Derivatives-Furans-Carotenoids-Sterols-Phenols-Marine Quinones-Compounds Containing Nitrogen Two Guanidine Units)-Compounds not covered elsewhere, Which display biological Activity-Tabulation of Compounds-Compound Name Index-References-Author Index-General Index. Velia: Discussion-Isoprene Derived Hydrocarbons and Their Derivatives-Compounds contain Nitrogen-Tabulation of  Compounds Table 27)-Compound Name Index for Table 27-Tabulation of Compounds from Vol.1 Mentioned in References Listed in Velia (Table 28)-Compound Name Index for Table 28-References-Author Index-Taxonomic Index The original price of these two volumes is $184(Rs.8000). The pages number 447.These are  latest editions  in mint condition. Although the original price is $184(Rs.8000),The Commonwealth Education Foundation, London, has made these  two volumes available to you  for Rs.4400 only($99),including freight  packing and registered postage to your door. This means a saving of  Rs.3600 ($85) To take advantage of this offer ,kindly fill out the acquisition form below  and send a draft in favor of World Book Centre to the address below The books will reach you within three weeks. Thanking you, Yours sincerely, World Book Centre A list of our international customers includes MIRADA & REAL (India), International Agricultural Centre, Wagenigen Holland, Institute of Tropical Agriculture (2)(UK and Nigeria) University of North Carolina, UNICEF, Kemik in Korea, the International Potato Centre and Indorama in Indonesia, USDA ARS(2) CABI Nairobi, University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Pesticide Education Center, an Fransisco, Energie- Cites, France, Institute of Entomology, Czech Republic; Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden Corporation, Hong Kong;FAO(2),Rome.IRRI,IIRR(2),IWMI, CRISAT, India & Niger) Lis Petterson, Force, Dk.,Ms.Riis Nairobi,GTI,Virginia Tech,ABB AG and Univ.of Stuttgart,Germany, VA TECH WABAT,Austria,Xenomosis,USA,Brazos River Authority,USA,CMMYT,Texas,Mah.Hybrid Seeds,Univ.of Oviedo,Spain)Hydranautics,USA among others ----------------please cut here---------------- Please email us if you would like us to send you a  invoice to enable you to pay online OR ACQUISITION FORM (please fill in and post with draft) To, The World Book Centre Gr.Flr.Rakhi Mahal 209, Sir D V Road Churchgate,Mumbai-400020 India Tel:+91 22 22027299 Fax: +91 22 22844891 email: sales@worldbookcentre.com From: Date: Dear Sirs, We would like to take advantage of the saving of Rs.3600 ($85)on the subsidy on The Handbook of Marine Science by Baker and Murphy. We enclose a draft for Rs.4400($99)( in favor of World Book Centre/We are effecting a wire transfer from our bank/Please send us a proforma invoice for Rs.4400($99) to email address _________________________ or fax number __________________on payment of which the title will be sent to us by Regd.Post/Courier.We would like to pay online by Paypal/Western Union,Please send us the invoice Our address is _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ Thanking you Yours Sincerely ____________ (Signature) Air pump choices, Printed works on Aquariology  02-05-06 Dear Fenner, <Stephan> As i <... I> consider myself more immersed within the intricacies of the hobby i would like to ask you a few questions, if that's alright. I'm considering building a fish room and would like to know the appropriate air pump for the job. I've done some searching around and found 3 types available to the everyday consumers. Larger regular pumps, air compressors and blowers (diaphragms etc). What i wanted to know was whether high pressure low volume or high volume low pressure air was more desirable for the longevity of the fish. <Blowers are by far the most appropriate technology for such fish rooms... you don't (likely) need high/er pressure... or the noise that goes with such...> As they seem to be the only discrepancy between the available models. Furthermore, i would like to ask if there were more sources that i can view to learn more about the biology of tropical fish. Being a science major myself, i feel that the science behind living fish is pertinent to my needs. Thank you for your time, Sincerely, Stephen Fang <The last is a very good question. Presently there are few "scientific" works on Aquariology... so a person is faced with sampling from related fields (Aquaculture, Ichthyology, Physiology...) and making inference... Perhaps you will pen such a work. Bob Fenner>

Back for More, But Where to Start?  Recommended Reading - 11/15/2005 Hello: <Hi there Shane.> I am just getting back into marine aquaria after having been away from the hobby for 15 years.<Oooh, fresh fish...well almost.> I am planning on setting up a 30 gallon reef aquarium but would like some recommended reading to get back up to speed on changes before diving in head first.<Good call as there have been a few.> I will be focusing on live rock, soft corals, inverts. <Well Shane, welcome back. Here are some of my personal fav.'s; "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" by Fenner, "Natural Marine Aquariums: Reef Invertebrates" by Calfo and Fenner, "Natural Reef Aquariums" by Tullock and "The New Marine Aquarium" by Paletta. I feel this is listed in order of importance for your current state, and should help you progress in a natural order towards the corals and inverts.> Thank you for your time and trouble.  Shane  <Happy to share. - Josh>

Review of Coral ID CDROM & Veron Books  9/17/05 Dear Crew, <Paul> I am interested in coral identification and have found two pricey coral reference materials available from the following URL: www.aims.gov.au/coralidcd.  One is a "Coral ID" CDROM and the other is a 3-volume set of books by Dr. Veron, entitled "Corals of the World."  If any WWW Crew member is familiar with these materials, I'd appreciate reading his review or comments. Thanks very much. Regards, Paul. <Am very familiar with both... My review of the CD is here: http://wetwebmedia.com/fis.htm and have Veron's works... they are excellent... for identification purposes... not so much for aquarium use though otherwise. Do take a look at the survey text by Eric Borneman... Bob Fenner>

Re: Review of Coral ID CDROM & Veron Books  9/19.5/05 Dr. Fenner, <Just Bob, please. No doctorate> Dr. Veron is the author of the "Coral ID" CDROM in the URL: www.aims.gov.au/coralidcd.  It is not part of the 3-CDROM set from Quantum Leap or Two Little Fishes that you had reviewed earlier.   <Oh... yes... sorry for the confusion.> Nevertheless I appreciate your comments regarding Dr. Veron's "Corals of the World" 3-volume publication that is often packaged with this CDROM. <Yes... None other than another "Fenner" involved in these projects, sheesh> Between Eric Borneman's "Aquarium Corals" book and the CDROM's that you have reviewed, which would be better suited for the average aquarist such as myself trying to identify his corals? <For ID, the CD's... but if only one choice period, Borneman's book for overall usefulness. Bob Fenner> Thanks very much. Regards, Paul. Bound material vs. individual magazines I have a question that I hope you can assist me in answering. Are magazines that are bound in a book form (many years worth) more or less valuable than having the same magazines as independent copies? <More... usually these have been done "in-house" at larger libraries... to organize and protect... Bob Fenner> 

The Conscientious Marine Aquarist and Other Books Dear Mr. Fenner, I'm writing on behalf of my employer, Dr Larry Saul. He is a psychiatrist by trade but is sort of a fish nut on the side. He recently read your book *The Conscientious Marine Aquarist *and asked me to let you know that he thought it was fantastic - very informative and enjoyable. In addition, he would like your recommendations of the best up-to-date, advanced books on the following topics with respect to marine vertebrates: Natural history Anatomy Pathology Physiology Veterinary medicine/infectious disease We've taken a look at the bibliography at the end of your book, but Larry would like to know which of those you think are most essential and whether there are any books you'd recommend that have been published more recently. Any help at all would be most appreciated. Have a great day! Sarah Mroue <General ichthyology, fish biology I generally refer to Bardach & Lagler, though there are newer works of the same genre (college texts)... and the fabulous "Physiology of Fishes" series... and Ed Noga for medicine is unbeatable for a one reference guide to fish health. Bob Fenner> 

Good Petfish books Dear Bob Thanks so much for your prompt response. I've ordered the books you recommended below and Larry is excited to read them. I forgot to also mention that he'd also like to know your recommendations for the most current, advanced books on the topic of water chemistry and filtration.  Thanks again - I've been doing a lot of research on Larry's behalf and it is hard to find anyone who is helpful and responsive. Best Sarah <Likely Walter Adey's "Dynamic Aquaria" should get a plug here.... Am also enamored of Svein Fossa and Alf Nilsen's "Modern Coral Reef Aquarium" v. 2 in English, the (Hans) Baensch Atlases (fresh, marine, pond) for straight-forward, almost complete, modern presentations on the topics. Bob Fenner> 

Reef Aquarium book recommendations I read your book and it was great. I was hoping you can lead me to a great book about reef aquariums only. Did you have any suggestions? Thanks <I do... John Tullock's works on the subject, Alf Nilsen and Sven Fossa's "Modern Coral Reef Aquarium" series and Anthony Calfo's "Coral Propagation" book. Bob Fenner> 

Jack Randall has a New Book - "Reef and Shore Fishes of the South Pacific" Bob: Are you living in Kona now or just vacationing? <Mostly just visiting, though am buying/in escrow on another three on one property this go... Am intending to spend a few months a year in HI> My book Reef and Shore Fishes of the South Pacific has just been published by U. of Hawaii Press. Covers 1,496 species, with over 2000 color figs. I am having a discount order form prepared by the Press. Price is $75, but with discount, $60. Aloha, Jack <Outstanding. Where might I, others order this work? Will gladly promote its sale/distribution. BobF>

Aquarium Sharks & Rays Book (4/12/05) Aquarium Sharks and Rays: <by Scott W. Michael> I accidentally bought the one published in 2001, not the newer one published in 2003. Are there any big differences? What are the updates? Worth getting the newer one?  <Unless it states "revised" or "updated" on the cover, it is unlikely that there have been any changes. Sometimes you can figure this out by checking the publishing history on the copyright page. Your best bet would be to contact the publisher via their website here: http://www.tfhpublications.com/default.aspx?pageid=6  I hope this helps, Steve Allen.>

Mini Book Reviews (marine) Hi Bob and / or crew, In my constant search for knowledge, advice, recommendations etc. I dived to the internet in search of reading material, lots of. My finding of all of these different writers is generally very informative, interesting and kept me up late many nights. However I am interested in your comments on this list of books shown below (CMA not necessary due to it being 'the bible') as there are many generally small but still many conflicting suggestions between books. It's probably not right to go into specific details, but I am interested to get your far more knowledgeable input to each book so I can make an informed decision on the differences.   Am waiting on delivery of the all new 'Reef Invertebrates' but Amazon and China seem to take a long time!  Thanks for all your time and effort to help us novice but smitten aquarists. Isn't after dark (Simple Reef system) just as interesting as the daylight hours? <To/for me... definitely yes> Books:- 1. The Marine Aquarium - Nick Dakin <A wonderful writer, with many clear, carefully written volumes to his credit... blessed with good editing, layout...> 2. Water Chemistry for the Marine Aquarium - John H. Tullock (Barron's) - (Small but fascinating book.....I think) <Me too... augmented with current reading on the Net (Farley, Bingman... a worthwhile read, reference> 3. CMA (Brilliant, no comment req'd or would be given I think) 4. Natural Reef Aquariums - John H. Tullock <A good general survey work on the topic> 5. Aquarium Corals - Eric H. Borneman <The best general work on the topic. Accurate, complete... the usual good job by the publisher (Microcosm)> 6. Saltwater Aquarium - Nick Dakin 7. The New Marine Aquarium - Michael S. Paletta <A good "yes/no" book for folks contemplating whether they really want to go into saltwater keeping> Thanks again guys, chiller is starting to work overtime in Shanghai now, getting very warm here!! Best regards Dave <Be chatting, reading. Bob Fenner> 

Marine Fish Book How is it going fellas?  <OK>  I got a quick question for you. I'm looking for a comprehensive book that goes in depth about all the marine fish species for identification and husbandry requirements, not a beginner book on setup. I recently checked out Dr. Burgess's Marine Atlas but was not that impressed. I appreciate your help. Have a good one.  <You might want to look at Scott Michael's Reef Fishes, Volume I and Volume II. He also has a Pocket Guide To Marine Fishes. Drs. Foster and Smith handles these books and you also may find them on EBay. James (Salty Dog)>  Finally the New IKAN-Volume! Corals -- Indo-Pacific Field Guide Appeared and I attach the cover as a jpeg. <No jpeg attached> This is another unique volume in my identification series, which includes from the Class Anthozoa: Octocorallians (gorgonians, stoloniferans, leather and soft corals, blue coral and sea pens). Hexacorallians (stony corals, sea anemones, corallimorphs, zoanthid polyps). Cerianthid anemones, black corals, and from the class Hydrozoa filigree and fire corals. There are coral ID books on the market, but only specialized on single groups of the above mentioned classes, whereas this volume includes all coral groups as listed. For the first time the difficult identification of corals was solved, often even down to the species: one of the authors collected parts of the coral directly after photography to forward them to several scientists for correct identification. Please expect another useful ID-book and spread the news..... Greetings from Germany, Helmut Debelius (author & publisher) <Congratulations Helmut. Will post on our sites... Where can folks hope to order this work? Bob Fenner>

IKAN Book <Congratulations Helmut. Will post on our sites... Where can folks hope to order this work? Bob Fenner> Easy, Bob.  Since the book has already been delivered to David Behrens of SeaChallengers: dave@seachallengers.com (mailto: dave@seachallengers.com)  dbehrens@schaferlabs.com (mailto: dbehrens@schaferlabs.com) And to Eric Riesch of New World Publications in Florida: eric@fishid.com (mailto: eric@fishid.com) I shall attach the cover of the book as a jpeg and ask you to spread the news, Bob, Please! Thank you very much Helmut <Guten tag, Her Debelius, ich spreche Deutsches nicht. My name is Marina, I am one of Bob's "minions". He has left for the Galapagos, but I will post this message, along with the lovely book cover you sent, on the site this morning. Thank you.>

New Marine Invert. Book Re: the new Ron Shimek tome, very nice... Similarly arrayed as the fish guide... nice production quality.  A winner. Bob F

Re: Was Refugium, Videos Bob, can you look at the sent mail. I've sent a reply to Jim Aufiero, but also in his query he asks about producing "how to" videos. Thought you might want to read it and add your input if necessary.  James <Will do. Bob><<Thanks James... I feel about the same way as you do re the instructiveness of videos... the reason why I rarely invest time in "watching" the news... too passive, non-instructive... perhaps (for me) too sensory indiscriminate. There are some videos detailing aspects of the hobby... some very boring... George Smit sitting in a chair for hours drolling on re the "Mini Riff/Reef" in the mid eighties... to each their own. The better of these videos is offered by Dr.s Foster and Smith (.com). Bob Fenner>

Sandsifting Starfish 1/2/05 What do mean by algae and live rock? We are new at this and we have been going by what a pet store tells.  Thank-you <Hmmm... I hate to say it, but listening to what the pet store tells you can be one of the worst and costliest mistakes you can make.  There are good ones, but you should always educate yourself.  Strongly suggested reading includes the following books: The Conscientious Marine Aquarist by Bob Fenner The Reef Aquarium, vol 1&2 by Delbeek and Sprung If you hesitate at the cost of these books, consider that they will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in mistakes as well as the lives of many animals.  In the mean time, read up here at WetWebMedia for free!  I also very strongly suggest finding and joining your local marine aquarium society.  The combined years of experience and expertise is amazing, and they are generally nice folks. I could not find your original question, but Live Rock is the foundation of any salt water aquarium.  It provides a surface for beneficial bacteria to provide biological filtration as well as a place for tiny critters to live and grow and process wastes.  It also provides an attractive "aquascape" as a background or place for corals to grow.  Best Regards.  AdamC.>

Tracking down a book Dear crew members, <Alan> I am looking for the book " breeding the orchid Dottyback." <Oh yes. By Martin Moe> However, I do not wish to purchase it online, I live in Vancouver, and checked the biggest marine fish stores, but they don't have this book. Do you think the library might have it. Also, one of my tanks has a lot of algae, and I was wishing to buy a fish to help control, but the problem is that I have a very active flame Hawkfish, he never bothers the Banggais though. Do you have any suggestions what kind of fish would work in this condition. <Don't think local libraries would carry this title, but maybe a college one would if they had a good-sized biology department on campus. Otherwise, I'd check with BigAl's online re. Bob Fenner>

Reef prep. book recommendations: Do you have any recommendations on books to assist in the planning and setting up of a 75 gallon reef tank? <You are soooo in luck Jason, there are so many great books out there. One of my personal favorites is The Conscientious Marine Aquarist by Robert Fenner.  I also enjoy John Tullock's book and if you want to get technical you can take a look at anything by Martin Moe.  All of the above are marvelous writers. Let me know, MacL>

Quick Note: Thanks for BOCP1 10/20/04 Dear Staff & Anthony Calfo, <cheers, my friend... Anthony here> I have recently purchased "Book of Coral Propagation" by Anthony Calfo. I have been in the hobby for about 9 months and after stumbling onto your web site I have learned so much. Most of all things that I would have done differently from the start. I am now back tracking and replacing or redoing most of my mistakes that I have made along the way from some bad advice from LFS. I guess I shouldn't blame them I was an easy target. I was willing to dish out big bucks without educating myself. <very true/honest in assessment. Its really on each of us as consumers (of anything) to educate ourselves before making decisions> Was there a point to all this? Ahhh now I remember. If anyone out there who is like me and is trying to understand this hobby. I highly recommend you buying "Book of Coral Propagation" This book reads like a novel that you are not going to be able to put down. The first day I got this book my wife was out of town for a few days and instead of going out drinking with the boy's I stayed in and read this book (Oh god what have I become?) I read a review on the book before I bought it. The guy said he enjoyed it except for the humor portion of the book. I totally disagree. It made some boring subjects like water chemistry more enjoyable and understanding. (like the Marble Analogy) I finally understand about Alkalinity and the relationship it has with Calcium. Don't let the title of the book scare you off even if you don't give a Frag about Coral Propagation. It has so much more! I highly recommend it to anyone in this hobby. Thanks again to WWM and Anthony Calfo - Jim <wow! thank you kindly for the overflowing/kind comments and time taken to share it. Very much appreciated and humbling. And big(ger) kudos to the crew here for collective efforts and Bob Fenner for collecting us to all work in our shared passions for this wonderful hobby. Best of luck/life to you :) Anthony> New Reef Tank Do you have any recommendations on books to assist in the planning and setting up of a 75 gallon reef tank? <Yes. If you are very new to the hobby, please look into Mike Paletta's books (insert his name as author in Amazon.com or other book etailer site). If "ready to go" (i.e. with sufficient/comfortable background in freshwater) I'd read through John Tullock's "Natural Reef Aquariums"... Once you have at least this sort of exposure I would gather factual material from websites such as our WetWebMedia.com and bulletin boards like Reefs.org, ReefCentral... make a list of gear (tank, stand, lighting, filtration... AND livestock you'd like to consider further) and investigate your options thoroughly before purchasing/proceeding. You will be very glad you did this research as there is considerable "dis"information, some of it quite popular. Bob Fenner>

Building A Knowledge Base Dear Bob, <Actually, Scott F. in for Bob today> Thanks for the great website!  My hubby and I have purchased a home which includes an existing 100 gallon built in saltwater (coral and fish) tank - established and running about 2 years and upgraded as needed. <You just gotta love that!> We would very much like to become enthusiasts with the ultimate goal of maintaining the tank ourselves (thus eliminating the aquarium service and related costs.)  But, we have zero base knowledge. <Well, the learning is half the fun!> Can we pick your brain as to some suggestions of "beginner" books? We are fortunate to have found a local saltwater enthusiasts group which meets monthly and hope to start attending those meetings in September.   <Excellent. It will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine!> Until then (and even after then) we would very much like to pick up reading material that is not too advanced for us, but that will help us gain a foothold of what we hope to be a new passion.  Thanks for any suggestions you might have. <Ahh- I am a voracious reader of fish books, myself! I'd recommend Michael Paletta's excellent "The New Marine Aquarium", which is an excellent, not-to-technical guide to basic marine aquarium husbandry, Bob's "Conscientious Marine Aquarist", John Tullock's "Natural Reef Aquariums", Anthony Calfo's "Book of Coral Propagation", Scott Michael's "Marine Fishes", Eric Borneman's "Aquarium Corals", and Michael Paletta's "Ultimate Marine Aquariums". These books would give you a great library that will provide an excellent reference source, years of enjoyable reading, and inspiration!> Thanks, Dana McGrath <My pleasure! Have fun! Regards, Scott F>

Aquarium Careers book availability Hi, I read your review of Jay Hemdal's Aquarium Careers and I was wondering where I could get a copy of the book. I guess it went out of print and I cant find it anywhere.  It is the exact book I am looking for. Any ideas? thanks -Becca <Mmm, Amazon.com still lists this title as available. Bob Fenner>

Conscientious Marine Business Practices (8/8/04) Thanks for your reply. <You're welcome.> The brittle star is not of the green variety. <Good. Not to bad-mouth the greens though--I have two in a tank with fish too big for them to mess with.> It is a bluish purple on it's body and dark yellow feet. <Sounds pretty. I am a big fan of these and other echinoderms.> The reason I ask for more in-depth reading material is I own a pet shop that has sold freshwater fish for 20 years. <Congrats on the longevity of your business.> Lately we have had a large request volume for saltwater fish, so I decided I had better start up a tank and learn as much as I can so I can carry saltwater at my store and be able to properly educate my customers (we're not a "sell it so it can die and they can buy more" pet shop, we typically have less than a 10% loss rate with livestock sold to customers, because we spend copious amounts of time educating them, and explaining water chemistry and testing water for free.)  So far I have had my tank set up for 4 months, and I haven't lost anything yet, except some little "alien" like creatures that came all over a bunch of plants I got, but I think they became food. <These small things do tend to come and go depending on conditions, predation, food supply, etc.> Thanks again for your advice, and I look forward to reading more on your site. <Great to hear of your conscientious business practices. I'll bet this gives you a truly loyal customer base. The hobby needs more retailers like you. I think you'll find the books I suggested very informative. You might want to start stocking "The New Marine Aquarium" by Michael Paletta for those who are interested in SW to start learning. My LFS sells it at cost to all new SW hobbyists. Step two is "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" by Robert Fenner. These are a great start for most folks. I'd also suggest "Reef Invertebrates" by Anthony Calfo and Robert Fenner. Scott Michael's "Marine Fishes" is a great pocket guide to the most common fishes in the hobby, though many think his minimum tank-size recommendations tend to be too small. "Reef Secrets" by Nielsen & Foss?is also a great beginning reef book. The others I mentioned previously are much more advanced. Best of luck to you in expanding your business. Steve Allen.>

Several Questions and Book Recommendations (8/4/04)   Hello all, I have a few questions to ask you all, and I hope not to trouble you too much with them. <No problem. Steve Allen here tonight.> I have a 72 gal tank w/ 4 misc. Juv damsels,<Good luck with these meanies.> 2 bar gobies, a coral beauty, yellow rope sponge, 2 spider crabs, some flame scallops and a huge brittle star (~2" disk and 5" arms). <What kind of brittle star? Many max out at this size, but the green ones (Ophiarachna incrassata) can get even bigger and eat fish.> small hedge plants, 2 other small plants, and some misc. invert life that came with my live rock.  My questions are:  Is my tank over populated by any means? <It does not sound like it, but be careful about adding anything else.>  Will the brittle star bother the sponge, etc? <Not likely.> I was told it would eat my scallops and hasn't touched them. <The brittle probably won't mess with them until after they starve to death, which the vast majority do in aquariums.> Will it eat any other crustaceans? <If it is not a green, it should be safe, as most brittle stars eat detritus, but no guarantees.> I feed it Tetra sinking tablets (almost look like multi colored aspirin and it seems to like them, as it will come across the tank for them. <Is this a food meant for marine aquariums? I am not familiar with it. I'd say small pieces of marine meat (shrimp, squid, etc) would be better.>   Can you recommend any good highly detailed books on keeping saltwater tanks? I find the general hobbyist books to be too vague and cover too small a range of species. <Perhaps the "narrowness" is because there aren't all that many species that are actually appropriate for 99% of marine aquarists to be keeping. The loss rate in this hobby is heartbreaking. Do you have Bob Fenner's "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist"? Great book. For a really detailed and comprehensive read, I'd suggest the 4-voulume set "The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium" by Svein Foss?and Alf Jascob Nilsen. Expect to pay at least $75 per volume. They have no coverage of fishes. For this, I'd suggest the comprehensive series "Reef Fishes" by Scott Michael. Volumes 1 and 2 are currently available. Volume 3 should be out this fall. Price is about $45-50 per volume. Two more are coming, but I'm not certain when. These have excellent coverage of fishes.> Thanks for your help. <I hope this is helpful.>

Cowry Book I would like buying the book '' cowries of the world'' of C.M Burgess. IT is possible? Didier Briche. XXXX@mls.nc <Am sending your note to some serious "shell nut" friends for their input. Bob Fenner>

NMA, book recommendations, anenome loss Hello Anthony and Bob, << Sorry, you get Adam today >> Just wanted to let you know I received a copy of your book Reef Invertebrates and what a great book it is with a wealth of information. << I agree, money well spent. >> Please keep up the great work and look forward to more books from you folks. Is there any other books that you would recommend? << Yep, Conscientious Marine Aquarist (by Bob) and Natural Reef Aquariums (by Tullock) and for corals get Corals (by Sprung) and boy oh boy I love books and could keep rambling on. >> Also on your advice I have gone to a below tank sump refugium and out with the trickle filter. I am finding my Tank is more stable. Thanks is all I can say. << I would have given the same advice, so I'm glad it worked. >> On a side not I have bought a Heteractis magnifica (Ritteri Anemone) with out  a lot of consideration and ended up losing it due to my own ignorance, it was a hard lesson learned and its not the money but needless loss of life that i am unhappy about. when it was on it way out though and  from what i heard and read this is unheard of but it spawned, and not just sperm but thousands of tiny green eggs. well a month has passed and I have what appears to be a small anemone growing now, i can not be certain that it is a magnifica as of yet but it is not a polyp , it is small whitish with green tips tentacles, as it grows I will keep you updated on what it is for sure, just an interesting tid bit i thought I would share. << Sounds great. >> on closing I would like to say to people looking to buy a Heteractis magnifica that they really research every thing and make sure they have the most ideal tank conditions they can or even better choose another species altogether. << Good Advice >> Thanks Drew Canada Ps. The book I received was autographed, and Yes i have liked my inverts today. <<  Adam Blundell  >>

Marine Biology Textbook Fenner and Co. <Hi there> I am looking for a good marine biology textbook that would give me a solid foundation of information.  I enjoy my aquarium and snorkeling/diving, and am traveling to South Africa in 3 weeks (going cage diving with the Great Whites! I can't wait!).  I would like a good textbook to read on the plane and afterwards.  I have read your book Conscientious Marine Aquarist many times over, but I would like to go a little deeper on the biological side.  Who knows, I might end up going back to school if I like it enough (currently an engineer).  Amazon.com shows Marine Biology by Peter Castro, Michael Huber   but since I really respect your opinion, I wanted some insight.  A good in-depth book that covers everything?  Thanks for your help. Erik W. <It's been a while since I've perused such texts... took a read through the link and this fourth volume does look like a winner. I encourage you however, to post your query to a larger audience... the various bulletin boards (ours: http://wetwebfotos.com/talk/) in the hope of gaining more and recent insight here. Bob Fenner>

CORAL magazine Dear Bob, How would I go about promoting CORAL magazine?  www.coralmagazine.com <http://www.coralmagazine.com/> Thanks, Leng <You just have! For those who don't know it as of yet, Leng Sy (yes, the "Miracle Mud man", is producing, distributing an English version (and more) of Daniel Knop's "Koralle Magazin"... do check out the website and consider subscribing. Bob Fenner>

Thanks, Kid-friendly Marine Sites?  >Hi!  >>Hello.  >My husband and I are newbies at keeping a salt water aquarium. Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for being a great source of info for us.  >>Collectively, we are glad to be of help/service.  >We have a feather duster that "popped it's top" thanks to your site we didn't panic and are waiting expectantly to see what happens next.  >>Target feed it and that should help it regrow its crown more quickly.  >We also have a small son (4) who is helping and learning along with us.  >>Ah, my nephew's age.  >Do you have any suggestions for kid friendly sites that we could log him onto about saltwater/freshwater inhabitants?  >>You mean that he would understand? That's a tall order, as most sites, even those dedicated to beginners, may be a bit much for the average 4yo.  >We usually research things all together, but he is very PC oriented and likes to explore (look at pictures and have text read to him) on his own.  >>Then I would definitely look for public aquarium sites, for instance, the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific is dedicated to everything found around the Pacific ocean, and having worked there a short time I know that one of their #1 mantras/goals is to educate youngsters.  >Also any book titles on these subjects that you can suggest which are geared toward kids would also help. Thanks again for great info site! DOD  >>Hm.. well, it's been quite a long time, but the couple of books that I've found that my boys read were purchased at their school's book fairs. The Scholastic Inc., "First Discovery Book" series are short, hardbound, and geared towards grade school age kids (with nicely finished glossy pages that will withstand lots of abuse!). I think those would be appropriate, and a trip to your local public library would let you have a look before you buy. Marina  >Diana D

Looking to get a copy of your new book - desperately! in UK 4/6/04  <thanks kindly>  Dear Crew, Thank you for your fantastic site, it is invaluable.  We'd love to get a copy of your new Reef Invertebrate book, which we ordered from Amazon.co.uk at the start of January only to find out now that it's not currently available, and we've been given a new delivery date of late May. Do you guys ship directly or know of a UK distributor we can order a copy from? Thanks again for the site, our fish love you. Laura & Alec  <we have a distributor right in merry ole England in fact! DO inquire with our dear friend Tim Hayes of Midland Reefs:  website: www.midlandreefs.co.uk   e-mail at: midlandreefs@inverts.demon.co.uk   with kind regards, Anthony>

Book sales 3/9/04 Thank you very much for your reply. Were can I purchase the books that you have suggested?  Richard <many places my friend... online you are pretty sure to find most anything at amazon.com... also be sure to simply try/support your local fish store if they have or can get these books. Numerous aquatic specialty places as well. I list our (Calfo/Fenner) dealers and distributors at readingtrees.com   Best regards, Anthony>

Allen, Allen and Steene's A's and BF's book Mr. Fenner, <Michael> Thank you for recommending the book "A Guide to Angelfishes & Butterflyfishes". It has been an excellent resource, and I have worn out the binding! Just wanted to brag a little on something really cool. Due to the kindness of Rich Pyle, I was able to send the book to him, and not only did he autograph it, he got Jerry Allen and the one and only Mr. Jack Randall to sign it as well. He also emailed me a digital photo of Mr. Randall signing it with a smile. <Wowzah! The worlds leading ichthyologist!> Thanks again for the excellent recommendation. Brandon Wilson <A real keepsake my friend. Thank you for writing. Bob Fenner>

Scientific pronunciation Hi, I am trying to find a book which will help me with pronouncing the scientific names or marine fishes and invertebrates.  Do you know of a dictionary or encyclopedia which provides pronunciation? thanks Keith <I have a few "old" printed works that I use, but I encourage you to "use the net"... Place the following search term: scientific names pronunciation and meaning book in Google or other search engine... and read on! Bob Fenner>

Link (to Robert.G's Native N. Am. Fishes Book at www.tamu.edu/upress/books/2000/goldstei.htm <Will add to a few places on our sites Robert. Bob F> Robert J. Goldstein, Ph.D. Robert J. Goldstein & Associates, Inc. 8480 Garvey Drive Raleigh, NC 27616 tel (919) 872-1174 http://www.rjgacarolina.com/RJGASOQ.PDF  tel (800) 407-0889 fax (919) 872-9214 rgoldstein@rjgaCarolina.com URL www.rjgaCarolina.com

Need to buy your books 1/8/03 Hi guys I am based in South Africa and am constantly reading about the books that Anthony & Bob have written. Which link can I use to purchase these books and ship to SA? Kind Regards, Werner Schoeman <you can purchase signed copies here my friend: https://secure.wetwebfotos.com/order_form.jsp http://www.readingtrees.com/books_in_print.htm we also have dealers and distributors listed on readingtrees.com and WetWebMedia.com where you can find these titles often at great prices. If you order a signed copy, I will personally post the book promptly. With kind regards, Anthony>

Need to buy your books II South Africa 1/8/03 Morning Anthony thank you for the link - <good morning my friend> I see that the only 2 books available are Reef Invertebrates & Coral propagation. What about the conscientious marine aquarist? <that title is Bobs solely (the former two mentioned were co-authored and authored by me respectively). Bob can ship you that title from California and signed too if you like. He's away in Hawaii for the next month though and alas may not be able to post it until early February> Which 1 of these books would you recommend that is not too much aimed at the newbies?? I wont say that I am an expert but I have been keeping reef aquariums for 3 years now . Werner Schoeman <understood my friend. The nature of the content and even the subject matter of each of the three is rather different from each other. Bobs "Conscientious Marine Aquarist" is one of the best all-around books on marine aquarium husbandry ever written, if I may say so (and do look at the outstanding reviews of this and all of our titles on Amazon.com and the big message boards). Its not a reef book though. Our co-authored "Reef Invertebrates" is volume 1 of 3 (number 2 due this year) and covers all of the non-stinging reef invertebrates. It is heavily illustrated with about 1000 color images and has content that speaks to intermediate and advanced aquarists easily. It covers refugiums, live plants and macroalgae and most every reef creature except corals and anemones (Vol 3) that you can imagine. My coral prop book lastly is the most hardcore one for advanced aquarists. A funny/relaxed language... but topically for people with some reef experience. Its a nearly photoless handbook though (450 pages of text). Do check the unsolicited reviews of each on the big message boards perhaps to see which suits you best. With kind regards, Anthony>

Useful Book Crew: I used the e-mail addresses from a recent e-mail from Bob to send this mail to everyone. It seems like there are more addresses than there are crew members, so I hope I am not pestering anyone who is not interested in this. I wanted to call your attention to a useful new book that I use and am going to recommend to some questioners on WWM. It is "Manual of Fish Health by Dr. Chris Andrews and associates. It is only $17.47 on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1552978249/qid=1073200776/sr=1 -1/ref=sr_1_1/102-9344406-5336967?v=glance&s=books It is a 2003 revision of a book first published in 1998. The book is more about FW, but covers most important SW diseases as well. It includes the following chapters: The Balance of Health Living in Water (excellent basic intro to piscine physiology) Understanding Water Chemistry Planning for Health Recognizing Ill-Health An A-Z of Common Pests and Diseases A Guide to Treatment It has excellent photos and diagrams and tables. I quite like it and highly recommend it. Steve Allen


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