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 Freshwater Desktop Pix FULL SIZE

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Severum, Banded Cichlid, Heros severus Heckel 1840. Hails from the Amazon Basin originally. To eight inches (12 according to Loiselle). Eats algae, plants, fruits, seeds, detritus in the wild. A peaceful species best kept by itself, in pairs. Conditions: pH 6-6.5, dH 4-6, temp. 23-25 C., though much broader in its environmental tolerance than the wild values stated.  A red morph at Interzoo 08

Betta falx. Tan & Kottelat 1998.  At Interzoo 08. http://www.ibcbettas.org/smp/species/falx.html 
Ctenopoma acutirostre Pellegrin 1899, the Spotted Ctenopoma. Central Africa; the Congo Basin. To six inches in length. Conds: pH 6-8, dH 5-12, temp. 20-25 C. One of my favorite freshwater fishes... very hardy when received in good condition and their minimum care requirements met. Bubblenest builders, brooders.
Trichogaster leeri (Bleeker 1852), the Pearl Gourami. Found naturally on the Malay Peninsula,; Thailand and Indonesia. To nearly five inches in length. Cond.s: pH 6-8, dH 5-19, temp. 24-28 C. Aquarium photograph of a male (longer unpaired fins, much more colorful).

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