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FAQs on HLLE, Head and Lateral Line Disease: Treatments That Don't Work 

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No magic potions, teas... antibiotics don't work...
Neither will Iodine treatments of various valence states.
Nor garlic (unless it's on pizza you're eating while you're working on improving water quality, nutrition)

Iodine and HLLE Hello, I have been reading your site and seen something about iodine and HLLE. Where would I be able to get this and how do you use this? Thanks! <Hi Mark! HLLE is a nutritional deficiency in fish. Iodine itself won't do anything to resolve or treat HLLE. For the FAQ you were reading, go to WetWebMedia.com scroll to the bottom of the page and type "HLLE, iodine" into the Google search. For the information you want on iodine, type it into the search engine and you will find gobs of information on iodine and it's usage. It is available in two forms from most marine fish stores. Hope this is what you had in mind! Craig>

Using Iodine for HLLE II Thanks, does iodine work real good? Just wondering how effective it was. <It is not a cure for HLLE. It can be helpful when used with improving overall water quality, diet, etc. Please read the article and FAQ files on www.WetWebMedia.com concerning HLLE. -Steven Pro>

HLLE It looks like I've got HLLE to combat on my powder brown tang, and I have two questions after reading the FAQs: 1. Can Kent's Coral-Vite be used as a food additive?  The directions only site usage directly to tank, but it has potassium iodide and calcium iodide among its ingredients.  I can soak it onto O.S.I. Spirulina, or Hikari Daphnia. <You can/could, but I encourage you to also look into, get Selcon> 2. Do you have any knowledge on the usage of MelaFix (Tea Tree) for HLLE.  I thought that it might make sense to use this for the skin regeneration while I attack the core of the issue with diet additives and additional natural sunlight. <Yes... and I don't think it's appropriate here> The OSI Spirulina has always been the morning feeding, and they get more of the same plus krill for my puffer at night.  I also have Boyd's VitaChem (which lists no iodide, but it does have the micro algae).  I will also be doing weekly water changes from now on, which I was slacking off to every 2-3 weeks.  Finally, I'm off to buy some Nori shortly. Thanks for all the wonderful info on your site. <Thank you. Do also look into checking your water quality, keeping your skimmer in efficient operation. Bob Fenner>

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