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FAQs on Kent Products for Tapwater Filtration: Reverse Osmosis, Deionized, Distilled Water Systems Installation, Maintenance & Repair

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RO/DI unit not producing product water after filter change     8/25/14
Hi all,
I'm having an issue with my Kent Hi-s RO/DI unit. A few days ago I changed the filters in the unit but since doing so it has not produced a drop of product water. I tried(numerous times) re-seating the membrane. The flow restrictor is still present and looks ok. I even tried putting the old filters back in but that didn't work either.
<Mmm; something (a valve... likely white colored w/ a blue handle) is turned off here.... take the entire unit out where you can look at it (hopefully the tubing is long enough to allow this) and have a look/see to
assure none of the shut offs are "at right angles">
I did notice that if I remove the filter from the 3rd canister I get a pretty strong stream of water from the product line. With the filter in the 3rd canister, the canister will fill with water but no product water
will come out..
<IF you find it hard to locate the occlusion... I encourage you to (starting from the discharge end) to undo and reseat the compression couplings of the tubing for the unit)
Can someone give me ideas on what to look at..The water level in my tank is starting to get low :(
<Do write back if this isn't clear or doesn't solve the issue. Bob Fenner>
Re: RO/DI unit not producing product water after filter change
Thanks for responding!
I took the thing apart today and looked for anything that could be a valve but didn't see anything. And while putting it back together I reseated the compression couplings. However that didn't seem to do anything and it is still not producing any product water. I'm totally at a loss on this
<Mmm; dang... hard to describe the procedure here... w/o having the unit in hand. IS there a fish store nearby you can take it into? Are you willing to ship it to Kent for them to have a look/see? BobF>

Kent Maxima Hi-S RODI Unit, repair  11/26/08
I need help. I purchased a Kent Maxima Hi-S RODI unit from Craigslist. I don't know how old the unit is but it looks like it can't be more than a year or two old. When I bought it, it was new in the box. Never been open. It was purchased from Marine Depot and given to the seller as a present. The seller is moving from SF to Minnesota so can't take it with him. Thus, this is why I have the unit.
The unit is a 60 GPD.
I connected the Hi-S membrane filter into the housing with the o-rings down into the housing. The space from the top of the filter to the housing is 1/2 exactly. I measured it with a tape measure.
When I connect the line to the outside hose (garden spigot) the water moves quickly from the first canister to the second. Then the water moves to the Hi-S filter. From there the water moves into the third canister at the rate of 1 drop every 3 seconds. I ran the unit for 2 hours producing 9 gallons of waste water and 1/4cup of RODI water.
<Not good.>
I then took all the hoses apart to make sure the lines were not plugged up and blew through them with my mouth to make sure I could feel air. I took the filter out of the Hi-S housing and reseated the filter to make sure I had it in all the way. Then reconnected everything and reattached the fitting to the garden spigot. Still the same results.
Can someone please help me. The third canister is only 1/2 full after 9 gallons of waste water and 2 hours running time. From a friend of mine, he says I should get at least 2 gallons of RODI water out of 9 gallons of waste.
<You should.>
My unit does not have the pressure gage which tells me how much water pressure my house puts out. Do I need one of these?
Or is there another way to tell how much water pressure you are getting from the outside of your house?
<Most city water pressure will give you enough pressure for the filter to function.>
Also, do I need to replace any of the filters. However, remember the filters are new (never been used) and they were still in the plastic!
<No, they sound fine.>
I also am wondering can I take the unit someplace to have someone look at it or can I send it to someone for service?
<Well, it is fairly straightforward. From your symptoms it sounds like either the flow restrictor (goes into the waste line coming off the membrane housing) is backwards/not there or there is a bypass on the waste line for flushing the membrane that is on. It would simply be a valve on the line, close it. For the flow restrictor, look here for an idea of what I am talking about:
It just slides inside the waste line.>
Please let me know what I should do.
Stephanie (SF Bay area)
<Welcome, Scott V., Fresno, Ca.>

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