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Archive 1228: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Leptoseris hawaiiensis Vaughan 1907. Colonies as encrusting laminae. Corallites raised irregularly, rounded. Septae costae even. Green or brown in color. East Africa, Red Sea to Hawai'i, Tuamotus and tropical East Pacific. Nuka Hiva, Marquesas, Polynesia pic. 

Leptoseris incrustans (Quelch 1886), Swelling Coral. Most common member of the genus in Hawai'i. Identified by swellings of septo-costae between the calyces. Colonies of only a few inches across occur under ledges, generally in deeper water. Tan to reddish-brown to greenish in color. Indo-Pacific. Kona, HI pic. 

Leptoseris solida (Quelch 1886). Encrusting colonies with corallites distributed randomly, while forming mound-like ridges concentrically. Redang, Malaysia photo.

Pachyseris gemmae Nemenzo 1955. Colonies with numerous irregular folds. Cebu, Philippines
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