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Archive 1204: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Genus Nephthea Audouin 1826: Bush- or tree-like in appearance. To a foot and a half tall. Soft to touch. One type of polyps that are non-retractile, clustered terminally on branches, lobe-like. Most often are colored brownish-yellow, but also found brownish-green to purple. Color owing to their Zooxanthellae. Common to abundant in wave-protected shallow reef areas in Indo-western Pacific reefs. Red Sea 08.

Paralemnalia thyrsoides (Ehrenberg 1834). May be common where found. Shallow fringing reefs, slopes, flats. To 30 m depths. Western Pacific; Australia to Japan. N. Sulawesi pic.

Siphonogorgia sp. Red Sea, Indo-Pacific. Plankton feeders like the true Sea Fans. Have erect two-dimensional branched colonies. Main stem and principal branches bear few polyps. Polyps vary in color per individual. To two feet in height. This one in the Red Sea.

Siphonogorgia sp. Fiji
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