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FAQs about Hang-On Skimmers for Marine Systems

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HOB Skimmer sel.    5/18/11
Hey Crew,
Just a quick question regarding HOB skimmers. I have seen and become very interested in the CPR Aero Force for my 38g with a 10 gallon sump/refugium.
It is a newer skimmer and there doesn't seem to be very much in the way of reviews on it online yet. It looks from it's design and bubble production with the dual pumps that it would be a superior foam producer to the Remora pro (my other option). It is also a recirculating design. The other advantage for me would be the extremely low power draw of the unit (it only pulls 8w total). I was wondering what your opinion of this skimmer was and how it would perform against the competing CPR and AquaC products.
The link to the skimmer is here
<I have seen this skimmer in action and it is a great skimmer, on par with the Remora. As for which one is better? In my opinion there is little difference. I still prefer and use the Remora for simplicity and
familiarity to me. You can't go wrong with either choice here.>
As always, thanks in advance for the wonderful insight that you provide us all,
Thom Stephens
<Welcome, Scott V.>

Skimmer Question 4/21/10
Hi Crew!
<Hello Danielle>
I'm interested in buying a protein skimmer.
<An excellent move.>
Because of my current set up, I can not hang one on the back. I have a 6 ft tank, if I put a skimmer on one end, would that be enough coverage for the length of the tank? Or would I need two?
<With proper water movement/circulation in the tank, one properly sized skimmer is all that's needed, and in my opinion it is best to choose a skimmer that is sized larger than the volume of your tank. There are a few manufacturers out there that will rate their product to skim say a 100 gallon tank, when in actuality, they would do a poor job skimming a 75 gallon tank. I'd make a few suggestions here but without knowing the actual volume of your tank, I chose to omit this.>
Thanks for your help in advance,
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

Yet another question on skimming, Two, sel.  1/9/10
Dear All,
<Hello Carolyn.>
After several years I'm having to downsize my 600l reef to a 250l tank (finances, etc etc, the usual sad story!). My current issue is finding a skimmer to fit my new tank - there's no longer a sump and so the stocking level is going to be kept light and I only plan on keeping my soft corals/xenia/Zoanthids together with the few fish I'll keep from the current system (the rest have new homes at Sealife centres who've promised to take excellent care of them all).
The problem is fitting a skimmer along the side of the tank due to the placement of the integral lighting bar and lid - we could butcher a skimmer to allow it to sit fine on the tank however am averse to doing that - however I do have an excellent Nano skimmer I ran for years on a 70l marine tank (a V2 Nano skimmer). This skimmer is only rated for tanks of 120l, however could I run two next to each other on my new 250l tank?
<Certainly, sounds like the way to do it for your situation. Two smaller skimmers can be better than one larger one. It gives you a backup and allows one to skim while the other is being cleaned.>
Sorry for the long question!
<No problem, not long!>
<Scott V.>

DIY Protein Skimmer -- 09/16/09
Guys I love your work, I need help with building a protein skimmer. I had a SeaClone skimmer that worked for awhile but has now stopped working. I wanted to build my own and have it setting in the tank. Do you have any diagrams where people have made with any success or should I just go out and buy another skimmer?
<<I'm sure it can be/has been done, but I don't know of any 'good plans' for hang-on skimmers'¦try a general search of the Net re. However, for such a skimmer, a quality 'manufactured' product is likely a better/more reliable investment. Do check out the Urchin and Remora skimmers from AquaC or one of the hang-on styles from Deltec. EricR>>

ASM G2 Or AquaC Remora Pro? 2/12/09 A HOB Skimmer Or A Sump With Skimmer Hi guys! <Hello David> First, and always, thanks for all of your help--you guys do a tremendous service and I truly appreciate it. <You're welcome.> I'm in the process of setting up a 92 gallon corner tank for the living room. The current plan is FOWLR, and I doubt I'll be going reef any time in the next year or two. The current set-up (all bought used but in fine working condition): 1. 92 gallon All-Glass tank, not pre-drilled 2. Odyssea PC lights, 4x65 3. Rena Filstar XP-2 4. 40lb of Live Sand (looking to add another 40lb) 5. 60lb of Live Rock 6. 29 gallon quarantine tank with BioWheel 200, and 3-4 inch layer of sand/crushed coral. The tank is currently cycling, and the livestock consists of a six hermits, six snails, and a shy peppermint shrimp. Next on my agenda and before any fish is choosing the right protein skimmer. <Yes.> Because the tank is not pre-drilled, I was not originally planning on using a sump. Instead I was going to invest in the pricey, but highly touted AquaC Remora Pro to do my skimming. I had some good skimmate with a CPR BakPak with an Acella pump on an earlier 75 FOWLR, but always found that my nitrates were high. So I did some research at your site and others and AquaC looks like a very good company. <It is and very good customer service.> I asked some friends what they thought, though, and they said I'd be better off with a sump than an HOB. One guy I know is downgrading and selling a CPR overflow, 30 gallon sump, and ASM G2 for about $100 less than the Remora Pro. (It's been used, obviously.) I like the idea of the sump because of the possibility of having a refugium, and although the tank is a corner unit, it's already off one wall 5 inches because my original plan was to have a HOB skimmer. What are your thoughts on the ASM G2--is it comparable with the Remora Pro (better/worse)? What do you recommend? <If it were me, I'd take the used package with the sump, overflow and the ASM G2. A sump offers increased gas exchange and a place to put your heater and protein skimmer. The HOB Remora has no external drain connection on the collection cup. That scares me, there is always the chance the cup may overflow getting the nice brown skimmate on your floor or carpet. If you go the HOB route, I'd suggest installing an external drain to the collection cup. As to which skimmer is better, I've never used an ASM skimmer so my first hand knowledge is nil, but from what I've learned about them, I'd say the G2 would have an edge over the Remora Pro due to your tank size. The ASM G2 is advertised to handle up to a 200 gallon tank where the Remora claims 75+. How far does + go, I don't know. I've also heard the ASM's are overrated as to the tank size they will handle. Just hearsay mind you, I have no facts. The ASM G2 also comes with a Sedra pump which in my opinion is a much better pump than the Rio 1400 that is included with the basic Remora  Pro package. You will be much happier with a sump and an in-sump skimmer.> Thanks always! <You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)> -David

Quiet but Effective HOB Skimmer 1/31/08 Hey Guys, <Hello Chris.> I've in the market for a (hang-on-back) protein skimmer. (Insert you're "good choice" quote here). I have looked into a variety of skimmers so far, and have learned to steer clear of the SeaClone and the Coralife SuperSkimmer. I haven't read a good review yet on the SeaClone, and I've heard the SuperSkimmer isn't really meant to install as a hang-on, although Coralife claims this is possible. <The Coralife is easy enough to install as a hang on the back, though I am not a fan of either skimmer.> I have a 55g fish-only tank right now, but I will most likely be transitioning to a reef tank, sometime in the future. The other consideration to keep in mind is noise. I live in an apartment, so noise is definitely an issue. <Yes, it should be.> That is to say, my fish tank is in the same room as pretty much everything else, so I'd like the skimmer to be as quiet as possible. I've heard the Aqua-C Remora is a great skimmer, but I've also heard that it is the loudest option out there. <I don't feel it is terribly loud for a hang on the back that works. It does process a good bit of air, which is one of the reasons why it works well!> I'm wondering if you could give me some guidance on a particular skimmer that would suit my needs. Thanks! Chris <Two other options for high performance, low noise HOB are the Deltec MCE600 or the Bermuda Aquatics Rogue skimmer. Both will cost a bit more than the Remora, but are great skimmers. I hope this helps you decide, Scott V.>

Protein Skimmer Selection (HOTB)  7/11/07 Good day my friends- <Hello.> I feel I must start out like everyone else and state that you guys are my one stop "shop" for info. <Thanks.> You never know what you get on the internet in terms of information but without any doubt (easy sleeping at night ) you guys are the best. <Appreciate the kind words, really we do.> Ok ok, here's my question for the pros, please enlighten me. <Will do my best.> 46 gallon bow, 20 pounds live rock, 15 pounds more on the way, DSB, 3 VERY small green Chromis, 6 hermits, 5-6 assorted snails, fighting conch, the usual small clean up crew. 2 AquaClear 30's powerfilter, Chemi-pure and bio ceramic deals in each. <With the live rock, there really isn't a need for plastic/ceramic bio-media. I would keep the power filters around only for the occasional running of chemical media like carbon. Somewhere down the road you might even consider replacing them for a hang on refugium.> As you see, its in my plans so spend most of my money in terms of filtering on my skimmer. <They are essential, especially to the smaller system.> (and frequent water changes) <That's good too.> I want the best, most efficient HOT skimmer. <The economical choice is the Aqua-C Remora with the Deltec being the overpriced but very high quality unit...in this situation I don't think you can go wring with a Remora Pro though.> I'm not a fan of BAK-PAK. <It has it's place but considering it's price, I'd almost always opt up for the Aqua-C.> I don't know why, they're ugly, huge and have heard less good things about them. What do you guys recommend. <See above.> I'm leaning towards the Aqua C remora PRO with mag drive of course. <Good.> oh-yeah...future plans....easy to keep mushrooms, maybe pumping xenia, polyp colonies...that's it. <Simple, and that's a good thing.> fish to add- mated pair clown, carpenters wrasse, pistol shrimp and watchman goby combo...and maybe one more active, small, peaceful fish if I can. <I have a thing for bi-color blennies in small mixed-reef tanks.> if it matters I'm working with a 196w coral life PowerCompact. <Just keep in mind they burn out very quickly, lumen wise, for best results replace them every 6-9 months with 12 being the absolute limit.> 4 bulbs in all....3 true actinics and one 10,000k . <I would go for at least two 10,000k bulbs if not three.> What'da say on the skimmer choice. <Sounds good.> ALSO, what do you think with my bulb selection for what I plan to keep. <Ooh I touche don that already too, see above ^^^ .> You guys rock!! Could there be a better website with so many people to help us out. NO! Your #1 <Hehe, thanks, Adam J.>

In Tank Skimmer - In Picture in your Book  9/18/06 Mr. Fenner, <Don> My wife bought me your book The Conscientious Aquarist yesterday at of all place a yard sale......$1.00.....best buck ever spent. <Heeee! Guess it was bound to happen... but so soon?! What's that line from that Billy Joel "Entertainer" song? "... I get stuck in the back of the discount rack, like another can of peas..."> When she brought it home I sat down and read half of it..... my eyes got blurry and had to stop. <Yikes!> She saw, in the beginning of the book, a Fish Only aquarium picture.... has blue & white fake corals etc and she wants me to duplicate that tank appearance in our 75g.......and keep the whole process simple. I noticed in the tank description that the tank in the picture has an "in tank" protein skimmer. My wife really liked that idea instead of hanging one on the tank and a possible flood situation. Are "in tank" skimmers ok to use for a fish only tank of my size(75)? <Mmm... well... not really. Let's see... there are some "rather nice" European in-tank units (Sander products: http://www.tmc-ltd.co.uk/aquarium/sander-skimmers.asp on TMC's site... But these are only imported (as far as I'm aware) in the very smallest sizes... require a strong (pressure) air pump, and almost continuous change-outs of air-wood diffusers... besides, they look like heck. For this sized system (and even tiny ones) I'd get/use an outside unit. Oh, please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/proskimrart2.htm and the many skimmer selection FAQs files above. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Ceased operation of protein skimmer recently  - 04/23/06 Dear Bob/ Staff of WWM, <John> I have a protein skimmer called the Skilter 200. This skimmer is modified in which there is a 1" airstone in the reaction chamber and it is powered by a good deepwater pump. <Oh yes... have seen these in operation... very inefficient...> The venturi hose crap was removed. I got this right after my tank crashed due to rinse of other filter under tap water. Since then, there has been no skimmate whatsoever. Even now, when there are 4 fish and 40 lbs of LR, there is no skimmate. The tank is 30 gallons. I replace the airstone in it bi weekly. Even when I crank up the air going in, the foam produced is liquidy and is crystal clear tank water. I do water changes that include 6 gallons taken out and replaced every week. Is it normal to have no skimmate at all for this long? <No... not likely...> The filter is also a highly efficient wet / dry for up to 70 gallons, with bio balls and 300 gph. Any comment on this situation would be appreciated. Thank you once again. John v Ferrante - marine aquarist <Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/hang-onskimfaqs.htm and the areas on "Small Reefs" in Set-Up 1 of the Marine/Root web of WWM. You need a better unit/skimmer. Bob Fenner> Re: ceased operation of protein skimmer recently  - 04/23/06 Thank you for the prompt reply, Bob. I was actually thinking about a DIY skimmer for my tank to replace the worthless Skilter I have now. But would there really be a difference in the efficiency? <Mmm, could... please see WWM re DIY skimmers...> When you use a counter current skimmer, is rated in efficiency by the GPH or power of the pump/ water counter current going through it. Thanks again <?... efficiency is "rated" by how well a given unit works... in comparison to an ideal or other device... Just being "venturi" or "counter-current" in approach/engineering means little in terms of actual efficiency... as you will discover. Bob Fenner> John

Skimmer Size And Quality    4/14/06 I need some help!! <OKAY!>   I need a skimmer that does not stick out the top of the tank very far. <A hang-on variety I surmise.> I want to buy a Bak Pak2 any one know if this is a good skimmer and how far will it stick out? <Mmm, been a while since I have worked with one but about 3" if I recall correctly.> It can be as big as it needs to be width wise it just cant be real tall any thoughts on a good one? <I'd rather see you utilize, the Aqua-C Remora or Remora Pro than the Bak-Pak, and it is about the same size.> Thanks Brian <Welcome, Adam J.> Protein Skimmer Choices, (Hang on the Back Varieties) - Hello Clare! 10/27/05 Hey crew, <Hi Clare!> Tank Stats: -pH: 8.1-8.2 -Ammonia: 0 -Nitrite: 0 -Nitrate: 10 Alkalinity: 11dKH Calcium: 400 Temp: 74 - 78 (need to get that heater soon...) <Yes you don't want the temp. swinging this much, stability is the key.> Salinity: 1.025 <Aside from temp all looks good.> <<Temperature only needs to be stabilized, not raised.  MH>> 75 gallon soon to be reef tank (right now FOWLR) Lights: 5.87 watts per gallon of Compact fluorescents (actinic & white 2 of each) <Once it's a reef be sure to replace your bulbs every 6 to 9 months.> Flow Rate: 1200 gph 79 lbs of Live Rock I have yet another question, it is.....about PROTEIN SKIMMERS ( as if you don't get enough of these) :)  I already have a SEALIFE SYSTEMS skimmer (input on skimmer?)  <No personal experience but I heard it referred to a mediocre.>  However I don't believe that it is working too well, therefore I wish to purchase another skimmer, however the catch is that it must be a Hang on the Tank model (preferably with a pump included) So I was thinking of the Berlin Turbo Classic Hang On from Red Sea.  <No with your heavy bio-load (the tang) I would prefer to see something a bit more efficient like the Aqua-C Remora with an included MaxiJet 1200 pump.>  However I have heard some negative things about Red Sea, so if you had a better suggestion for my tank I would greatly, greatly, greatly, ok you get it, I would appreciate it. However if you think I have made a fabulous choice, then I will stick to it. <See above.> PS. Inhabitants: Yellow Tang  <Your right about at the minimum tank size for this fish, I usually recommend 90 gallons, so keep an eye on him as he ages you may need to trade him in.> Twinspot Goby (MISSING)  <These don't fair well in captivity, especially alone.> Neon Goby, 2 Ocellaris, 3 Green Chromis, 2 Blue Velvet Damsels, 5 Black Turbo Snails  <You may have to supplement their feeding as they age, 25 gallons of water volume is just enough to support one adult turbo.> Thanks, Clare (XXXX@XXXX.com) <You are welcome, Adam J.>  <<Clare, if you're reading these dailies a note: please leave your email addy out of your signature, we don't want to miss deleting it.  MH>>  

Hang-On Protein Skimmer Mod - 07/15/05 Hello WWM crew, <<Hiya!>> I have a question about setting up a 'hang-on' style protein skimmer. <<Shoot>> I don't have enough room between the tank and wall to hang it from the back; hanging it from the side is also difficult, since I have a homemade hood that's in the way (which I may be able to cut short as a last resort).  I was thinking of extending both the intake and outtake tubing for the skimmer while keeping it at the same height that it would normally function at. <<This can work...I have done same in the past.>> I've also attached an image depicting my problem.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated! (especially regarding water flow/pressure changes with increasing length of intake/outtake). <<As you seem to have surmised, the modification will affect water flow/back pressure...you will need to experiment with pump size/flow rate to determine what gives you best results with the modification.  Likely this will mean a bigger pump than normally recommended.>> Thanks!
<<Regards, Eric R.>>
Re: Hang-On Protein Skimmer Mod - 07/16/05 Thank you for your quick reply!  I'm sure I'll have many more questions for you as I move into the reef-keeping hobby.  Also, I will be sure to recommend you to my friends! Thanks again! Darryl
<<Most welcome... and we'll be waiting... Eric R.>>

Hang on skimmer choice Hi, WWM Crew I just want to start by saying thank you for your web site. I have just set up my 55 gallon tank 4 days ago, with a Fluval 404, two Powersweeps at 190 gph each, and a Penguin 660 at 170 gph, and a 3 1/2 inch sand bed (45 lbs Florida crushed coral and 60 lbs Aragonite Reef Sand). After the second day the water cleared up, so I added the 60 lbs Fiji live rock I had from my old tank. Did I add the live rock to soon? My goal is to have SPS Corals in my tank, and after reading on your web site I wish I had went with a wet/dry sump. My Fluval pump out 340 gph, and I hope by adding a really good skimmer I can make up for the filter. I have read on your web site that Aqua C Remora is an excellent skimmer. Do you recommend any other hang-on skimmers that are better or do you think the Remora will do the job?  <Here is a link to Steven Pro's article on Protein Skimmers.   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ca/cav1i1/protein_skimmer_impressions.htm > If you think the Remora will do the job, will I gain by using the Remora Pro? <Should>  The Remora is rated for under 75 gallons and the Pro is rated for over 75 gallons. Will the Pro be to much  skimming for my tank?  <You can never have too much skimming.>  I am also adding a Current USA chiller with an integrated heater and UV sterilizer, and a Current USA Outer Orbit with two 150 watt MH 10000k each and two 130 watt PC and 6 lunar lights. I also plan to add a refugium with macro algae for control of nitrates. Will this set-up do the job for SPS Corals? Thank you for all of your help.  <It sounds like a nice set up to me, Gabe. No worries about not going with a sump.  If you put an additional 60 lbs of live rock in the system, this will serve as a good denitrifying filter, seems to be the trend now, live rock/good protein skimmer/lots of circulation.  James (Salty Dog)> Gabriel

H.O.T. Skimmer Configuration Do the Aqua C Remora Pro and the CPR Bak Pak come with a motor that hangs on the back of the aquarium with the rest of the components? Remember I don't have a sump or a lot of space. Thanks in advance for your answer. Sincerely, Mark Valentino <Well, Mark-both have powerheads that would be located in the aquarium...You won't have to worry about too much outside space, but pump in the tank is a consideration. Check out the websites for both CPR (manufacturers of the Bak Pak) and Aqua C (makers of the Remora) for pictures of these skimmers. Hope this helps! Regards, Scott F.>

Hang on skimmer recommendation 9/8/04 Hello, admit to buying the worst piece of aquarium equipment ever (sea clone skimmer). <Yikes... agreed perhaps> I have a 29 gallon salt tank that I want to make a reef tank. Now that I've run out of plumbing options and threw the sea clone out the door, what do you recommend for a hang on skimmer? Thanks <an easy one... I believe and many agree that the Aqua C "Remora" is one of the best skimmers (value and performance) on the market. You can buy them from MarineDepot.com Best of luck, Anthony>

Hang On The Back Protein Skimmer Recommendation Can you give me your personal opinion on a great skimmer to use on a 125G low-light reef with no sump? I'm trying to keep this latest set-up, sump-free and everyone has a different opinion on the best skimmers, based solely upon which models they sell. I'd like your unbiased opinion on a plug and play skimmer, that can sit in the dry cabinet under this 125G reef. Thanks.-Pat <Well, Pat, for the money you'd be hard pressed to find a better hang-on skimmer than the Aqua C Remora Pro, IMO. A 125 gallon tank might be stretching its operational capabilities a bit, so you may actually want to run 2 of 'em. Or, email Jason Kim at Aqua C and get his opinion. He's a great guy and runs an excellent company. HTH! Regards, Scott F.>

Skimmer Production... Hi Guys, Excellent website. I'm learning tons of stuff from this site and I'm totally glad I found it. My question concerns my hang-on Amiracle SL-15 wet/dry filter and protein skimmer. My tank has been set up and running for 2 months now. I have a 46 gallon "fish-only" tank. I also have a Fluval 204 for mechanical filtration running with a UV sterilizer. I have about 40 pounds of cured live rock in the tank. The only fish I have in the tank are 3 Chromis, 3 percula clownfish, and one flame angelfish. For invertebrates I have 2 emerald crabs, 5 turbo snails, and about 10 little red leg hermit crabs. <Sounds nice..> My question concerns the protein skimmer (it sits within the hang-on filter). The skimmer was producing quite a lot of foam when I first was curing the live rock. The live rock I bought was only about 50 percent cured with a foul odor to it. The skimmer was pulling out brown liquid quite frequently during the curing of the live rock and I would have to empty the collection cup every day or every other day. Now, Once the live rock finished curing, the skimmer has not really been pulling out much. In fact, the foam in the skimmer never really even rises into the cone shaped part of the skimmer but only has the bubbles swirling just below the cone part.  <Hmm...Needs an adjustment> I told the guy at my fish store about this believing that there was something wrong with my skimmer. He told me that nothing was wrong. He said since I have zero corals, etc. and not too many fish, that the skimmer won't pull out much. He told me it was fine. Then, as an experiment, I bought a piece of semi-cured live rock. I then put the rock into my tank. The skimmer started foaming up within about 15 minutes. The foam stopped after about a day or so later.  <Still think it needs adjustment> In your opinion, do you think that the skimmer is working properly? It is pulling very little out. Its just leaving a brown residue ring of waste right under the cone. Also, when I wipe my finger on the inside of the cone, there is a brown film collecting on the walls of the cone, but as I said, no foam rising. I'm not sure if I should buy a new skimmer or if everything is working ok.  <Well, a well-tuned skimmer should be able to pull some product out of even a well-established, nutrient poor system. I'd try to adjust it until you get some more product> I appreciate your time,  Thanks! Ed Kraselnik (Queens, NY) <It's a good little skimmer, Ed- try tweaking it a bit, and that should do the trick! Regards, Scott F>  Thanks again, Ed Krasenik 

-Standard Turboflotor conversion to hang-on?- hello-- I was wondering if the regular Turboflotor 1000 can be converted or modified to a stand-alone or hang on skimmer?  if so how? <You might be able to do it if you are handy with acrylic, otherwise you'll have to suck up the 40 some odd dollars for the hang on model. For about the same performance, you'd be better off with an AquaC Remora Pro. At the shop we run an in-sump Turboflotor and an Remora Pro on the same 90g reef, both take out about the same amount and consistency of skimmate (and that's w/ the RIO pump). You may want to look into that.> I know the multi is available for this, but at a much higher price!  thanks-- brad <I'm not aware of any specific plans for this, but with a few pieces of acrylic, you may be able to do it. I have no idea how beautiful it'll look after that though! Good luck! -Kevin> Skilter retrofit - 5/7/03 Hello again: <Sooooo sorry for the delay. Have not only been trying to prepare for the close of my marine biology course but my job is really busy at the moment. Paul at your service (albeit very very delayed)>   Thanx for your reply, <No problem> I thought you had forgotten about me!!! <Never, a matter of checking my inbox and getting the time to answer. So sorry for the delays> But I have another???(sorry) What did you mean by retro fitting my Skilter??? <I know people add airstones and do some other retro fits I cannot name specifically any retrofit or vouch for its use. Check out the various forums and DIY sites out there and ask about Skilters and ways to improve performance on them. I personally have never employed the use of the Skilter system but have seen it's use in some impressive tanks.>  I'm willing!!! I would like to know how, can you help me on this? <I will keep your email and try to get some help for you, in the meantime, just do a search in google for "Skilter" or "Skilter DIY". Here is a starter link for you to look through http://home1.gte.net/rhe1/nanoreef/comingsoon.htm. Good luck> do you know some one who can!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME!!! <My pleasure. Sorry for the delay>

Looking For A HOT Skimmer! Hello helpful ones, <Scott F. with you-hopefully, worthy of the "helpful" title!> Due to space limitations, and probably insufficient prior planning, I do not have a sump system. Currently seeking tall, slender, blonde (oops, wrong ad) protein skimmer. <LOL> I have done lots of homework on your site, and have narrowed my choices to either of the two mentioned in the subject of this message. My tank is 125 gallons, short term plans are for FOWLR with maybe coral later. Currently using Fluval 403, a sand filter, and a powerhead to keep everything moving. Any help in this decision would be appreciated. Since this is in my living room, quiet would be nice also. Thank you in advance. Bill Harris, Tucson, Arizona <Hey, Bill- I know that it's not blonde- but it is slender, and quite efficient, but I'd go for the Aqua C Remora. It is truly quiet, reliable, and very productive. Your tank would be on the "upper end" of the Remora's capacity, but I think it will do the trick. You may also want to check out one of the Tunze "Universal" skimmers; they are pretty amazing, and can be adapted to "hang on" use. Hope I've given you a couple of leads here! Regards, Scott F>

Skimming From The Top (Hang-On Skimmer Selection) First I want to apologize cause I know that you have answered this question, I just could not seem to find it. <No problem...Scott F. here today> I have a Prizm skimmer which after reading your site I know isn't enough.  I have a 75 gallon with little over 100 lbs of life rock four fish, many snails and crabs and some xenia polyps.  I want to add more but have decided need better skimmer first. <Certainly a good thought!> Must be hang on skimmer no sump. I have been thinking of the Turboflotor 1000 or the Aqua-C Remora Pro.  The thing is that I know that the Remora is rated for 75 gallons and I know that you are supposed to get something a little bigger than what you need. <True...but the Remora Pro is very efficient, as HOT skimmers go...You could conceivably upgrade to a more powerful pump on this skimmer...Contact Jason Kim at Aqua C for more input on this> If that is the case I was also curious about how much micro bubbles made it back into the tank on the Turboflotor.  Which do you recommend or is there something better than what I am considering? Thank you. Kenny   <Well, Kenny- many HOT skimmers can produce microbubbles; usually these can be overcome by creating baffles or other barriers to arrest the bubbles. You can also look into other manufacturers/models, such as the Tunze series, which can be adapted to hang-on use. They are certainly efficient, and worth checking out! Good luck! Regards, Scott F>

Re: protein skimming, ich treatment/avoidance  Anthony: Thank you for the prompt response. May I ask a pair of follow up questions? <my pleasure> Care to recommend your favorite HOT, low profile (not much space surrounding tank to hang anything much thicker than a CPR skimmer {remora is one that comes to mind)?  <exactly... and I an not one that personally like ANY HOT skimmers (my primary complaint is that water is generally pumped up into them and it is difficult to get the thinnest targeted surface water to them... the most protein rich water). IMO any skimmer fed water from even 1/2 below the surface is going to lag behind in performance and certainly below 1 inch. Those with an internal surface extractor cup are helpful as long as you keep the tank water level very consistent through daily evap top off. That said, I really like the Remora and Remora Pro performance and profile. A good value.> I've tweaked what adjustments there are and have never gotten much skimmate out of the thing, even when new or after cleaning. <understood... quite frankly (and this is just my personal opinion... not a WWM consensus) I am not thrilled with most CPR products. I have recommended their skimmers though for aquarists that need an affordable model because for most folks willing to work a little it can fare well. However I would put a half dozen better skimmers in front of it and advise spending the extra $100 plus to get them. Do measure if EuroReef's hang-on skimmer will fit for you too> And what is your feeling about dealing with the ich breakout - improve water quality and watch for improvement or treat aggressively in QT tank and then return fish to improved water quality? <normally I say QT. Probably will say so here too. But am more concerned about "why" and how to prevent it. If you do have measurable temp swings... enough said. If not temp, then we should investigate further> Thanks again for all your help Charles <truly my pleasure. Anthony>

Skimmer Help Hello Bob, Good day. I have a 30 gallon reef setup and despite what my LFS suggest I believe it's time for a skimmer. I've narrowed my choices down to three: CPR Bak-Bak, Aqua-C Urchin, <You probably want the Remora from Aqua-C. It is their hang-on skimmer and all the other ones listed on hang-on designs.> or Berlin Turbo HO. My question is: Would the Berlin be too much or over skim this size tank? <Perhaps> If so, which of the other two would you suggest? <Aqua-C> Thanks a lot, Mark L. <No sweat. -Steven Pro>

Skimmer Advise & Questions Hello, I have a 75g aquarium I am converting from FOWLR to reef, and am looking at replacing the skimmer in the process. I currently have a Prizm skimmer which was never really good in the first place. I am looking at the Remora / Remora pro series from AquaC hang on the back skimmers. Would the one rated for 75g be good enough, or do you recommend using a skimmer that is "over rated" as far as gallonage? <I would get one rated for a little bigger in case you ever upgrade.> On the website for AquaC, it showed a picture of a full collection cup, captioned "Two week's collection." When reading the daily FAQs (as I do religiously) I have read several times that a skimmer should produce a cup full daily on any aquarium.. unless I've read wrong. <That is my good friend Anthony. He is a bit neurotic about his skimmers. I am a little more relaxed but not much, several times weekly.> Any advice is welcome, rest assured I've read the skimmer FAQs a few times and so far I think the remora HOTB skimmer is the best for my setup... <You might want to get the optional, upgraded pump versus the RIO.> Thanks in advance. -Bill <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Berlin HO Bob, I have 2 questions: Can a Berlin 25-250 gal Hang On be used as a sump (currently using a Rio 2100 with horrible results)? <The skimmer as a sump? Or a different pump than the Taam/Rio? Am not following you here> And, how many time a day should the water cycle in a 60 gal tank (the basis for the sump to tank gpm rate)? I do appreciate your assistance. Thanks very much. James Crisall <Depending on a few factors, a handful to ten times or so an hour. Please read: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/circmarfaqs.htm Bob Fenner>

Skimmer I am another guy who purchased a SeaClone before finding your site and other referrals to your site. I gather that there are no fixes for the SeaClone, even upgrading powerhead and air-intake. <Mmm, no... the upgrading is a plus...> So I guess the CPR BakPak or bakpac11 is the way to go, however, I want it inside as opposed to hanging on the back. I have a sump, but my water might be to low for a hang on. Can the BakPak be submersed to a point inside??? <Interesting question. I will refer it to the source it/himself: Tom Mitchell of CPR> Please advise at your earliest convenience. <Will do so. Bob Fenner> Paul

Thanks for response Will wait to hear from you and /or Mr. Mitchell <Very well my friend. Should be within a day or so. Bob Fenner>

Re: skimmer (Tom, have a moment?) Paul, You are correct that the water level in your sump is probably to low for a hang-on skimmer to work. (Unless of course you have built some baffles..) we do manufacture a sump skimmer called the SR2 that is very similar in design to the Bak-Pak, but is meant for use in the sump. This skimmer requires ~6 1/2" x 6 1/2" of space in your sump and 19" of clearance in your stand to be able to easily maintain the skimmer. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Tom <Thank you for your help Tom. Be chatting, seeing you. Bob Fenner>

General help. <fitting an Eclipse system with a skimmer, (over) stocking, more) Good Morning Mr. Fenner,  Was wondering if you could help me with some questions? <I will try> I currently have a 37gal eclipse system with about 40lbs of live rock, live sand, a Fluval 204, 55watt custom SeaLife PC, 3 grabs, (1-emerald, 1-red and some other type unknown.) 4 red legged hermits, 10 blue legged hermits, 7 or 8 snails not Turbos) for algae, 1 yellow tang, 1 Kole Tang, 1 long nosed hawk, <Watch this Hawkfish... may eat your crabs, hermits in time... especially during molts> 1 wrasse (blue and White in color), 2 clowns, 1 angel and 1 goby. (all these fish are small to med in size "3-4")  I also have two anemones, 1 sand sifting tiger starfish, 1 type starfish and 2 horseshoe crabs, and some small rocks with sponges and green polyps.  <This is a bunch of life for this size, type system...> I currently don't have a protein skimmer on the tank, I am looking at getting the AquaC remora hang on this week, I'm not sure it will fit. <The top of the tank will have to be modified (cut) to fit it over the side... Please see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/skimmerfaqs.htm and beyond re others retrofits> My Ammonia is 0, ph 0, nitrites 0, nitrates about .20, and salinity at 1.023. I just did a partial water change (7gal) with distilled drinking water, (my pet store advised Spring Water but I saw on the label that minerals were added so I went with the distilled) Spring OK? <Yes... but would make more frequent, smaller changes... maybe five gallons maximum> couldn't find this in the FAQs. My question is do I have too much going on in the tank?  <You are at a "limit" and will be beyond with fish growth...> The stores I frequent seem to keep trying to sell me more fish and tell me that I'm ok with room. <Get this in writing... I would either secure larger quarters, or plan on trading in the Angel, perhaps the Hawkfish... in time> I seem to think I have reached my limit or maybe passed it. should I worry about trying to lower the nitrates? <Mmm, not likely... especially not from current levels> My tank has been running for about six weeks. I'm a beginner and just need to be steered in the right direction. Thank you in advance for any assistance that you can offer. Brian S.  <Do keep looking into possible amendments to your current system... a natural evolution might be to add a refugium sump to what you have... with more volume, live rock, lighting... Bob Fenner>

Re: Skimmer Selection Could you recommend a small hang-on style skimmer for a 40 gallon tank? (I don't have a sump). <My standard recommendations (and provisos) are posted on our WetWebMedia site starting here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/skimselfaqs.htm and on to the links beyond. I encourage you to posit your query on the WWF Chatforum as well: http://talk.wetwebfotos.com/ as the helpful folks there know collectively much more than I do about what's hot and not in the way of skimmer makes/models. Bob Fenner> thanks!

Nano-Reef Skimming? Dear Robert, I found my self setting up a "Nano-Reef" way before I knew there was such a thing. I was limited by space and money yet was dieing to set up a marine tank. My 7 gallon nano has had it's share of up's and downs over the last 10 months. Particularly the ongoing battle with "pea soup syndrome". The algae bloom in my tank. I'd like to know what your opinion is about using a protein skimmer for such a small volume of water. At present I have 3 small fish, 4 hermits, 3 nails and a shrimp in my tank. I have about 6-8 pounds of live rock and a penguin 125 power filter. <I would use one... probably the Prizm hang on> A recent article I read by Christopher Marks (http://www.nano-reef.com/filtration.htm) suggests that a powerhead and weekly water changes are sufficient in a nano-reef with a high volume of live rock (1 - 1 1/2 PPG)? <Mmm, can be done... but the use of a small skimmer is a real plus. Systems with such are less risky, prone to crash... and (bonus!) much less pea-soup possibility> Quote: "With this natural method, no protein skimmers or dosing is used. Studies of skimmers have shown that they remove various trace elements, along with pods and plankton. When people run protein skimmers, they dose trace elements to replenish them after their corals and skimmers use them. Because the skimmer removes most of the elements, such as iodine, it is dosed back in causing almost an endless cycle. The main problem this holds in nano reefing is that many of the trace elements cannot be easily tested for, so no one ever knows where their level is. This can lead to overdosing which will crash a nano reef in a matter of hours. The skimmer also begins to starve your corals by removing their food source. It's simply too risky. " I have a feeling that a Skimmer on a larger scale does more good then harm but on a nano? <Mmm, no... about the same... there is a huge range in "efficiency" in foam fractionators/skimmers... the inefficient ones (the vast majority of makes/models) are well worth the trade-off in removal of useful materials...> My plans to purchase a Prizm protein skimmer have been put one hold because of this article. I'm hoping you can shed some more light on the matter bob? <I would buy, put this skimmer on... experiment with turning it off after a month or so... see if you can tell the difference in A) the health of your livestock, cleanliness of your system, maintenance, B) the apparent and measured loss of biominerals, alkaline reserve... You'll very likely see why I'd add the skimmer. Bob Fenner> Thanks for your time and help as always, Ed

HOB Skimmer Dear Robert Fenner, A close friend of mine gave me your web address and email address as well. She had hoped that I could search through your pages and answer my questions without driving my LFS crazy and her as well. :) I think I can understand now my most recent main concern from what I have read thus far. Could you just let me know if I am doing the right thing, or am totally off the mark? <Will try> I have a HOB skimmer for my 80 gallon reef tank. It's still in the cycling stage and all is well. I now want to move my skimmer from behind the tank to the wet/dry filter. I have read that a HOB model does not have to do just that. My concern is this that I have a wet/dry filter with the bio-balls. I think it would not matter if the pump for the skimmer is next to the return pump for the filter (forgive me cryptic descriptions.) <No worries, and not much difference as you state. A/the principal concern is that the pumping mechanism not require a certain, steady water level from the tank/source... with the sump volume changing it might require too-often adjustment. Try moving the skimmer and see.> I thought that it would still be an a<e>effective skimmer if the water from the skimmer is returned on the side where the bio-balls are. If this is not a good idea would taking out the bio-balls all together make the difference? <After the system is cycled, it will be a great improvement in appearance, ease of maintenance> I thought maybe it would. :)I hope you can understand just what I am going for. Thank you so very much for all of your help!!! Your web-site is the very best. Even my young and often misguided mind can grasp it. Martha <Ah! A delight. Service to you my friend. Bob Fenner>

Protein skimmers the back of my aquarium is 2 inches away from the wall, so I have no room for a hang-on protein skimmer. what else can I do? my tank holds 90 gallons, what size sump would I need? also, I am a little confused on sump set-up and operation. thank you, Lou Cipriani <Either move the tank out a bit more... or remote the skimmer to a sump as you suggest. Please read over the sections on "Skimmers", "Sumps"... and the FAQs associated with them... and the "Oz's Reef" for more on DIY possibilities (Links on...) the www.WetWebMedia.com site. Bob Fenner>

In tank Skimmers Hello again, I am still working on the skimmer problem for my all fish 80 gal. tank. I must use an in tank skimmer model. If I remember right, you are not a big fan of in tank skimmers, but this approach is better than nothing. I have no sump & no clearance in back of the tank. Assuming that EuroReef "G?" has nothing for an in tank application, which of the following is the best bet? - Tunze 3115/2 - Turboflotor 750 - Berlin Airlift 90 <In order of presentation, 1,2,3...> Is there anything else I should be looking at, skimmer or otherwise?  <Hmm...> - I am currently in startup mode & have an Eheim 2026, Rio 600 & Maxi-Jet 900 powerheads. I have also added the Eheim aerator attachment to the filter return. <Okay... sorry to appear so daft... receive return many emails... in a given day... and have been out of the country for a week... Bob Fenner>

Skimming Efficiency Hi, I was thinking about energy efficiency...for a 29gallon mini-reef, if one was to use a Prizm 24hrs a day versus a Turboflotor 10hrs a day, who each do a sufficient job?  <Sufficient? Hmm, both... > (Assuming of course it takes the T1000 to do it's job in 12 hrs time). If you agree that this would be okay and sufficient skimming equally, then one would use less energy since the Prizm uses one small pump as oppose to T1000's 2 pumps. Your thoughts? Thanks! Jack <A few comments here... have heard too many negative reports to date about the Prizm product to encourage it's use (noisy, hard to adjust...) and you don't need a unit like the T-1000 Turboflotor on this size system... I encourage you to re-search your choices here... on tanks about this size we have/use CPR BakPaks... that do fine... are efficient enough... and easy to care for. Bob Fenner>

Thanks Bob, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your advice on the skimmer. I did buy the Remora Pro by Aqua C. I have had a lot of skimmers in the past and compared to this they all take a back seat! This thing produces gobs of micro fine bubbles and it sucks everything out of the water. I have never experienced a drier foam either. I have had it running on a 38 gal curing 45lbs of uncured Deco rock from Flying Fish Express. (Thanks again) It has been a blessing. <Ah, good... the young man who owns the company (Aqua-C, Jason Kim) is a friend who lives, works nearby... I will relate your comments to him> The best thing and I mean the absolute best thing is the fact that you do not have to fiddle with it at all. NO PAIN IN THE BUT VENTURI TO ADJUST! No air stones, nothing. Just plug it in and whamo, your done. Yes, Yes, Yes! Thanks you Bob. Your advice is as always, excellent. Zimmy <Borne of long experience my friend. Bob Fenner>

New 75 gallon tank Mr. Fenner, I am setting up a new 75 gallon tank with both coral, inverts, and a few fish. Clowns, a tang. I have about 40 lbs of live rock, and plan to go up to about 60 lbs. my questions are: 1. what is a good hang on protein skimmer? Bak pack 2? <Yes, a good unit, I use one myself. My review of such are posted in files of the same name on the site: www.WetWebMedia.com> 2. Would it be better to use charcoal, or Purigen, Hypersorb. ( I have a Rena Filstar xp2. with bio balls, and charcoal and Purigen combo). I want to use the best media for my tank. <Activated carbon is fine, switch out about once a month> 3. What is the advantage of an ozonizer ( I am looking at the coral life ozonizer. ( would it be a good purchase?) <Yes, please see my input re on the site above> 4. What do I need to maintain a good environment for my tank. ( I know good habits, water changes etc...) by filtration, ozone, etc.... <See set-up, stocking, maintenance... sections on WWM. Bob Fenner>

Protein skimmer I know I am probably the 1 millionth person to ask this, but. <Not today.> I planning on setting up a 75 gallon reef tank. 1 have a Rena Filstar xp2. 1 130 watt pc SmartLite. 1 32 watt pc SmartLite, ( from the old tank) my question is this: I want a nice hang on skimmer. I am leaning towards the CPR Bak Pak 2 however I question the rating up to 60 gallons. would it still work ok for my tank ( 75 gallon??). Have you seen the new CPR bf Bak Pak? <Yes, have a demo. working on a tank downstairs> would a small bio wheel filter be of any help, or a waste? I have one of the sections in my Rena Filstar full of bio balls. <Likely a waste... once the system is up, going... not of any consequence> what are your thoughts on the UV sterilizers? I was considering an 8 watt u2 double pass from FF express. <Incrementally of value... a few percent in improving water quality, reducing overall microbial populations... would get/use an ozonizer ahead of a UV to put all in context...> thanks for your time. Any suggestions are welcome. <Please read over, the sections on Ultraviolet Use in Marine Systems, FAQs files on Skimmers, Skimmer Selection archived and added to daily on the www.WetWebMedia.com site. You'll find yours there in a few days. Bob Fenner>

Remora (the skimmer) Hi Bob, I decided to just go with a hang on filtration system as well as a 'hang on' skimmer for my 55ga fish only. (with live rock and some shrimp, sm. seastar etc). My reason is lower cost, no plumbing, no chance of flooding (unless tank breaks) and I keep the bending of my back to a minimum. (important for me) So 'hang on tank" it is. A wood canopy should hide it well. You have mentioned how great the Remora Pro is in other articles and hear on WWM. Some time has passed and I wonder what are your impressions on this unit still. Any known problems or tips? <Still a very good unit... a good choice for your application> Is it still in your opinion one of the best hang ons available? Does it re-prime itself after power failure? <Yes and yes> I have read that it outperforms the Red Sea Berlin skimmers. True? <Would have to define terms here... According to some the RS product is capable of removing more stuff "faster" than the Remora... but do you, others need this? Likely not.> Zimmy <Be chatting my friend. Bob Fenner>

Re: Remora. Bradley, Bob Fenner forwarded your message to me, and I just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know I am always available to answer any other questions you might have. Although I might be a little biased, I can give you a pretty good idea if the Remora skimmer is going to be a good option for you... The Berlin is a good skimmer, in my experience the larger Remora Pro performs very similarly to this unit. One thing to definitely consider is size and pump requirements - the Berlin needs quite a bit more room off the back of the tank, and also runs off a significantly larger powerhead. Let me know if you have any other questions! Jason Kim President, AquaC Inc. AquaC, Inc. 7965 Silverton Ave. Suite 1314 San Diego, CA 92126 (858) 689-1121 phone (858) 564-3419 fax http://www.proteinskimmer.com mailto:info@proteinskimmer.com AquaC protein skimmers are protected by U.S. Patent # 6,156,209 <Thanks for this Jas. Will post on the WWM site. Bob F.>

Select a powerful hang-on protein skimmer Hello! Bob. I'm looking forward to purchasing a powerful hang-on style protein skimmer and going to start coral reef aquarium with Berlin maintenance system. my tank size is 100gal. and no sump.) I'd like to ask a question about selection of hang-on style protein skimmers as follow : "Which is more preferable between the Berlin Hot Skimmer(25-250gal.), Berlin Hot Turbo skimmer(125gal.) and Remora-Pro(+75gal.) or else for my aquarium(100gal.)." I'm very looking forward to reply for my question. I'd appreciate sincerely your help. Have a great day. Thank you. <Of these three, the Berlin HOT Skimmer in my opinion... It will/can do most all you want for now (with new tank set-up) and is less likely to remove desirable molecules, plankton than the other Berlin... and both are more functional than the Aqua-C product, which is engineered for a smaller volume. Bob Fenner>

Protein skimmers and lighting  Hi, I wanted to see what you thought of the Prizm protein skimmer by Red Sea for smaller tanks and a small budget. I know you like the CPR skimmers, how does this compare to those models? Below is a link to show you some info on the Prizm.  http://www.redseafish.com/Products/Berlin_Series/berlin_series.html#Prizm  Also, I'm trying to get decent lighting for my tank with a budget of about $120, what do you suggest?...I found a 110 watt power compact on eBay for my price range, what do you think? Thank you for your time...  -Scott  <Haven't used the product myself, or even seen it first hand as yet... But from others reports, reliable opinions, do consider this to be a very nice unit for small (thirty or less actual gallon) systems...  The lighting issue you seem to have well wrapped up... I would gladly buy the power compacts for the sum of money. Further opinions re archived on the www.wetwebmedia.com site under FAQ files. Bob Fenner>

Prizm Skimmer? Hi Bob, I was wondering if you have tried, or have heard anything (good or bad) about the Red Sea Prizm Skimmer (http://www.redseafish.com/Products/Berlin_Series/berlin_series.html#Prizm)? I currently have a SeaClone on my 55 gal tank, and I am looking for a suitable replacement. I had narrowed down to either the AquaC Remora or the CPR Bak Pak, but I figured I would ask about the Prizm first (I always like to check out the new whiz bang stuff, although all too often it is more hype than functionality). Thanks for all your wonderful insights, it has proven invaluable to me. - Ken <Thank you for your well-composed query. Have heard what I consider "good things" about this new hang-on skimmer (Prizm, RedSea): It's small/compact (good for a hang on that may well have little space to go on between a system and wall), inexpensive (list, somewhere in the 70-80 dollars US range), quiet, dependable... But/and it does have about the same application limitations as the SeaClone (Aquarium Systems) and would likely only place on a system of 30 or so actual gallons. Look to the makers of larger/more efficient skimmer models. A few of these I've listed URL/links for on the www.wetwebmedia.com page (take a look at the features listed by CPR and Aqua-C on their sites in particular... and do "shop around"). Be chatting, Bob Fenner>

Protein skimmer hi, could you please send me some detailed information of good, low priced skimmers for a tank under 75 gallons. I noticed you have responded to others concerned about getting a protein skimmer for their small aquarium and with a low budget, and I am in the same situation, but couldn't find the products with what you listed in your response, could you list the names of the manufacturers and, if possible, the model name. I would appreciate it greatly. thanks -Scott <Do look into the smaller models produced by CPR and Aqua-C (though there are several other makers that are worthy, these are the ones I'm most familiar with). Their URL's can be found on the Links pages on www.wetwebmedia.com. Bob Fenner>

Noisy Seaclone Hi Bob, What a great web site - Informative - trustworthy - honest - cutting through the c**p. <Yowzah!> I am new to the hobby, just matured a 150 Litre tank (34 UK Gallons), It is a Delta 100 corner unit with the standard in tank filter system (corner box) with upgraded power head and SeaClone Skimmer (I wish I had read your site before purchasing the skimmer).  <Me too... please do send our URL around.> Yesterday I added my first livestock six weeks after the initial set up; 4 very juvenile Green Chromis, they are well and look happy. I also have 6 kg's of live pacific rock in for the last 4 weeks of cycling and reef aragonite substrate. All well? ha not so. It's 2 things really - The Skimmer is really noisy, not sure if its the 'J" tube supplied, the pump the venturi or the skimmer itself. <All the above...> her indoors does not like the noise so I am reluctant to run it very often. Not too much of a big deal during the cycling but now I have fish to care for! Have you heard of this before? Or am I unlucky with something amiss? The unit is hung on the back. <Common complaint... the gimmickiness of this unit to increase sales is insupportable... I would switch it out for a more worthy unit at your earliest convenience... Perhaps your dealer will give you credit... or you can sell it to someone with a smaller system... out in their garage!> Secondly even though I have confidence in the Delta 100 unit, I must admit to being a little apprehensive about the size of the in tank filter unit. No reason really just not sure, if you know what I mean? Will it do the job?  <I understand. Only time/practice will/can tell> If I upgrade to a trickle type, will that also be noisy? <Possibly. Look to good pumps (an Eheim here is the very best choice) and possibly mounting Styrofoam around the unit, within the stand surrounding the sump...> Longer term aim is a fish / Invertebrate set up, I have two 24" with reflectors, one actinic Blue and one white - I really do not want to go for halides (It wont suit her decor!) Bob if you can take the time to reply I would be really grateful, I am really worried about the skimmer situation. If necessary I will buy another but it's a lot of cash in the UK 129 Pounds Sterling for the Seaclone (about 190 USD), so I don't really want to bin it! <Perhaps e-bay or similar e-auctioning propositions could get you your money back/towards the new one? Do check into the simple hang on units manufactured by CPR in the US, sold through TMC in the UK... a very good choice> Keep up the sterling work Bob, I for one will spread your web address around the UK. Top Banana site! Kindest Regards John Mitchell <Thank you so much for brightening my day my friend. Excelsior! Bob Fenner>

Xenia Issues/SeaClone use on an Eclipse System Hello again Bob! Thanks for the prompt response. Here are the answers to the questions you asked: Whose skimmer? Seaclone - I know that you don't care for this brand, but at the time I bought it, I didn't know any better and was desperate for a fix for my algae bloom. After adding the CF lighting, it grew quickly out of control. Since the installation, the green, brown and red algae have all but disappeared and the coralline has taken over. <Actually, this is a very good choice for small/Eclipse Systems... happens to now be made by the same consortium of companies> Could you tell me/us how you retrofitted the Eclipse top? Promise not to laugh, but McGuyver is my middle name…I was told that I would be able to mount the CFs where I took out the old lights. YEAH, right! Unfortunately, the CFs are about an inch wider than the original lights, so I took the original mount piece out. I lined up the CF mount as close to the front of the cover as I could and then noticed that I would have to bend the aluminum in order to close the darned lid…nothing a pair of pliers couldn't fix, right? I mounted the lights and bent the aluminum as close to the lights as I could without it actually touching the aluminum. One more problem…the screw holes aren't very secure so I'm really careful when I change/clean them. I don't want to strip the screw holes. <And I thought I was the only person who could stop a nuclear meltdown with a tic tac!> My next hurdle came when the output valve from the filter splashed water up onto the lights that now lacks a cover. I've placed a piece of glass that sits right on the hood (there are gaps for this) between the lights and the tank water. <Ah, yes... sounds good> Lights...action...HEAT. Yeowza...the lights put out so much heat, they were cooking my tank into chowder! Bought a little chiller for $150 that seems to be keeping the tank at a constant temperature - with the exception of the big freeze while I was on vacation. <Yikes, some project now!> If you would like pictures of this setup, let me know and I'll e-mail them to you. <If you don't mind... and will post them and this to the WWM site for others perusal... unless you object> I'm going to leave the Xenia in as suggested and not try and stress about them. Kind of odd that the other corals seem to be unaffected and are even multiplying. Oh well - one of the mysteries to the hobby. <E pluribus unum for sure... "one out of many"... part of the allure of the interest I'm sure you'll agree> Thanks again for the wise words of advise...I shall persevere! Maryann Moore <Indeed! Be chatting. Bob Fenner>

Sea clone and other stuff :) Sorry to keep asking questions, your last reply that I got had no further suggestions (bodge in the typing probably) never mind. I have now been told that an internal Berlin air lift skimmer would be good for my tank. What reputation do these have???? <Airlifts are not as efficient as fluid-moving pump models... and require more maintenance... airstone replacement/regularly, air pump, check valve... And I really don't like internally mounted units period... Unattractive, hard to service...> I am limited to the type of skimmers I can have because it would be very difficult to set up a hang on device due to the design of my tank (closed hood) unfortunately. <Any possibility of adding a sump elsewhere, placing peripheral gear there?> I am also interested in upgraded my tank to include live rock. The tank is 8months old and from what I have gathered from your site, I need to find the most cured rock I can. I have found some nearby that is said to be completely cured. Can I just add this straight into my tank??  <Better to just find best rock, cure it yourself... often best outside the main system... but if cured "enough", not too much material at once (can be added in batches a month or two apart... in place> and does it pose any threats to the welfare of the tank?? <Yes, cycling, recycling toxicities... introduction of pests...> I have been told that I need to update my lights currently they are in three fluorescent strips 1 actinic 1 triton (the one I was told to improve to a marine white) 1 Glo lux The tank is 67gallon and with no protein skimmer at the mo. Thanks a lot for any advice you can offer Matt, Manchester, U.K. <Is this enough watts/intensity? How deep is this system? What sorts of livestock do you intend? Much more to this picture as you can surmise. Be chatting. Bob Fenner>

Sea Clone Skimmers Hiya Bob I have been looking for a skimmer for my 67gallon Fish only marine tank. I have been recommended a sea clone protein skimmer by my LFS. I have seen it cheaper on the internet about ?80 ($113) so I will probably purchase it online. I was wondering what your opinion was on these skimmers? are there any better models?? I am willing to pay up to ?120 ($170) at the moment, the fish I have are perfectly content but I would like to improve my setup so that I could keep some inverts, if the price needs to be much higher then I will have to save up some more :) Thanks for any advice you can offer Matt <Sea Clones? These are minimal functional units... more gimmick than utility... suitable really only for the smallest of systems, those that don't want to risk "over-skimming". For a 67 gallon, I would be looking elsewhere... this is about the only "clunker" product Aquarium Systems fronts... I would dump it. Bob Fenner>

Re: Sea Clone Skimmers Thanks for the advice Bob. Are there any other Skimmers that you would recommend for my tank?? Thanks again Matt <Yes, look at the CPR, Aqua-C and US Aquarium lines... you can find links to their sites on the www.wetwebmedia.com links page. Bob Fenner>

My Tank I have Eclipse System. It has been running for 2 months now. The LFS said it is the best package system in the market. And that I do not need to put UGF in the tank. Just the Bio Wheel system will do the job. I read from some of your FAQ that you are saying that the bio wheel will cause a high nitrate in the tank. Now, I find that the nitrate level is very high. and the ammonia and nitrite level is good. Now, I would like reduce the nitrate level in the tank. How should I do it. And what else do I need to add to make the system a successful system? <Thanks for writing... and really, just some live rock, macro-algae and a protein skimmer... you'll have to modify your tank top for the latter> And recently I find that there is ICH in the tank. Now, I only have 1 blue damsel and 3 cleaner shrimps left in the tank. And they don't seems to have ICH. But, when I try to add another fish in. It will only last for 3 days. and then it will die from ICH. what should I do? Please help <Yikes... do read over the FAQs on marine ich on the site: www.wetwebmedia.com, and set about a plan for eradicating the infestation, as you state it, "in your tank". Bob Fenner>

Re: My Tank Hi Bob, Thanks for your reply. Can you suggest a Protein Skimmer that will fit the eclipse well? <The puny Eclipse (made by the same consortium of companies) is fine for such small systems, and about easiest to retrofit... most any type can be made to fit, and the better arrangement is actually to add another "tank" (generally underneath) and situate a skimmer in/on it as an added sump/refugium... with only an intake and return device/line having to be fitted onto your Eclipse(d) system... more input on these under "skimmers", "refugiums" on the www.wetwebmedia.com site Marine Index> But, when I ask the LFS. he said I do not need to have Protein Skimmer. He said the bio wheel is doing the same function as the Protein skimmer. <What? No. Ludicrous... look around for another shop.> The macro-algae. What are you referring to? Can you suggest some for me? I also find some brown algae start growing on my die coral. Is this Good or bad. How do I get away of it? <Read over these topics, use the Search devices on the WWM site> I have lowered the SG to about 1.014 and temperature to about 82F. What else do I need to do? How long do I need to keep this running? Should I add any medication to the water? And how long do I need to change for my tank water? <see the WWM site re these questions> Andy PS. Is Eclipse a good system? <This is a "passingly good" product series... not stellar. Bob Fenner>

AquaC Remora Skimmer Hi Bob Fenner, About 6-7 months ago you suggested the AquaC Remora skimmer to me as a good HOT Skimmer for a 55 Gal Berlin System Tank. I bought the skimmer and have had good success with both the skimmer and the tank. The last month or so I've noticed much less and darker liquid collection in the cup; some days no liquid is even collected. Foam is being created but it doesn't quite make it into the collection cup. I've cleaned the pump in hopes to improve flow, but it wasn't enough. Should I replace the RIO 800 with a RIO 1100 or 1400 pump? Would you recommend any other pumps that might improve the efficiency of this skimmer? <No worries my friend... more/most to do with the aging, maturing of your system... Should be less foamage with stabilization. No pump replacement called for.> I have your book and STILL refer to almost nightly. When I first got it, I spent most of my time in setup, maintenance and the disease sections. But nowadays I find myself reading more of "The Improvement" sections, e.g. Fish, Corals, Inverts, and of course Algae. I'm still a little puzzled on starting macro-algae (like Caulerpa) with a Yellow Tang swimming around. <Maybe in a sump/refugium tied in with the system? Or perhaps so much macroalgae that the Tang eats what it wants, with lots left over?> At the risk of carrying on... I live about an hour away from the Atlantic Ocean, in New Hampshire. Is the sand, seaweed or anything I could collect there of much value to my tank? <Could be... but best used in a biotopic sort of system with all other sorts of organisms from the same sorts of micro-environment you collect from... Otherwise, some things... can be collected in the warm months... quarantined and blended in with the tropicals... takes some study here.> Would you please "reply to all" so that I can get this at home too? <Sure>  Regards, Craig Douai >> If you ever need computer equipment, advice or just plain help, feel free to call on me. I own a computer consulting business and I'd be more than happy to help YOU for a change. >> <Outstanding. Thank you for the offer... Do hunt about quite often to upgrade, add to my gear. Appreciate the offer. Be chatting. Bob Fenner>

Ratings: With all the skimmer to date: AquaC, Aqua medic, ETS, etc.. which one have you guys use and which is the best? > thank, sang >> Ah great! Finally a message from the new system! All these mentioned (and a bunch more unnamed) skimmers are worthwhile for their intended application... the Downdraft types like the ETS (Devils...) require a large volume, medium pressure pump of their own, and are very suitable for big (hundreds of gallon) systems that require "good" removal efficiency. The Aqua C type down draft systems are about the same in efficiency, but can get by on smaller pumping values, and are made for smaller size systems (see www.proteinskimmer.com for sizings), the AquaMedic "needle wheel" type technology skimmers are the most efficient (per pass, per dollar in energy consumed in powering them) for systems that require (most don't) the greatest removal of what can be rid of through foam fractionation... Bob Fenner

Protein skimmers Hi, Can you provide any useful reviews or opinions on the "SeaClone" protein skimmer system? I recently purchased one and am waiting for the "conditioning period " of 3 days to kick in.....should I keep this unit or get another...it appears to cavitate very much when adjusting it to the proper amount of air mixture...I am currently running a 72 gal semi-reef with a tide pool 1 bio-wheel rig.....any suggestions to maximize my in sump skimming options.......thanks .nj < "Any useful reviews"? Could look for same... opinions? Yes, my own... this product is not very efficient, useful for any but a very small system (thirty, forty gallons). I myself would "get another" for your 72 semi-reef... My detailed articles and more about skimmers are archived at the website www.wetwebmedia.com Bob Fenner>

Question for Mr. Fenner I was happy to hear that you are interested in going with the AquaC skimmer for your aquarium. Bob was right in the fact that you can't install the skimmer "in line" like you would those Lifeguard products. My site is a bit unclear, but what I really meant was that the skimmer can be plumbed to sit outside but directly connected "in-line" to a sump or water reservoir. Imagine connecting the skimmer's bulkhead fitting to the sump's bulkhead fitting via a pvc nipple. You will definitely need a sump to safely operate the AquaC, and there are a few ways to make use of your cabinet space. Some people fill up their entire stand with a large sump (more water volume is always a plus) and then place the skimmer directly inside the sump. This is probably the safest arrangement since there is very little chance of overflow. For those with smaller sumps or wet/dries you can place the skimmer on a stand alongside so that it drains back to the reservoir (stand beside) or mount the skimmer without a stand alongside the sump but directly connected (in-line) via a bulkhead. Hope this all makes sense. Bob's suggestion about getting a sump without all the extra wet/dry doodads is a good one, it allows you versatility in the future and saves money. Contact me anytime if you have any other questions regarding the skimmer or its use! Jason Kim >> And thanks to you Jason for clearing all this up!

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