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FAQs about Isopods 2

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Parasitic isopods in pufferfish     3/8/17
Hi all,
Recently I bought a blue dot Toby puffer that seemed to have a mild goiter.
It was in a copper-treated quarantine (2.5ppm plus hypo at 1.015) for the last two weeks and seemed to be doing fine, albeit a little sluggish, but this morning I found it dead. In my experience a dead puffer with a bulge that won't go down is a sign of gill parasites, and lo and behold, a necropsy revealed a pair of gigantic isopods wriggling away inside a very warped gill chamber.
If the copper and hypo didn't kill them, is there anything I can do to help a fish with this kind of parasite?
<Yes. Gone over here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/crustdisfaqs1.htm
plus read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/isopoda.htm >
Toby puffer gill openings are very small in the first place, I wouldn't have been able to pull them out without cutting an opening. I also have to assume this is a rare occurrence or else there would be more literature about treating
them, though this is the second time I've seen them pop out of a dead Toby.
<Mmm; not an uncommon marine fish parasite group... But as the saying goes:
"Successful parasites don't kill their hosts" (generally)>
I've attached pictures of the puffer from when he arrived, plus a photo of the isopods. Thank you for your help as always.
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

This morning find      5/5/16
Going to take a guess that these are marine Isopoda the main question is.
Good or bad and how to kill them if need be.
<Mmm; yes; appear to be... and can't say... May be... and there are more specific economic poisons for such.
Please read here re: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/isopodcontr.htm
and on to: http://wetwebmedia.com/crustdisfaqs1.htm
The only fish is a male blue jaw trigger that has been removed to another holding tank and this tank is off system
<I might well shy on the side of conservancy here and kill off this swarm.
Thank you for sharing.
Bob Fenner>

Isopod help!! Rdg.       2/27/14
Hi Bob, I am hoping you can help, I found this and think it's an isopod!
<Appears to be>
 I am wandering how you can Identify if it is a shrimp of a fish predator?
<Need better image/s. Read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/isopodid.htm
and the linked files above>
This was in our quarantine tank,
<Ah good>
 I am a bit concerned as had to put all livestock in here late December due to a tank leak! Would any symptoms of them being present in the main system be present by now?
None of the fish have ulcers and I haven't seen them on any of our fish!
How do you get rid of them? Your help is much appreciated.
<Read. Bob Fenner>
Isopod      2/27/14

Here is a couple more pics of the isopod!
Re: Isopod help!!      2/27/14
I think it is a spheramatid as the eyes are on the side of the head not the top, it could also roll up!
 Is there a big difference between the males and females tail? Thank-you!
<Not much. B>

Isopod parasite      11/29/13
I have just removed a half inch isopod from the bucal cavity of my forktail
blenny. They blenny was suffering from swelling in the area and labored breathing and so my LFS suggested a freshwater dip as a last resort to see what was wrong.The copper and Prazi-pro I had previously tried treating this fish with seem to have little effect as the "lump" (now confirmed as an isopod) continued to grow. To my horror this giant (compared to the fish) thing tried backing its way out my fishes gills during the dip.
Sadly it was too large for this and became jammed in. I was forced to extract it with tweezers in an attempt to allow the fish to breath. The fish survived the initial removal but was either too stressed or had too much gill damage. He is now barley hanging on and I don't believe he will survive. I am  very concerned about my other fish. Everything I am reading is either about external isopod parasites or the one that eats the tongue. I am hoping one of the crew may know more about this bucal cavity isopod and what I should do to spare my other fish from this horrible ordeal.
<Nothing really>
I am not even sure if they are infected or if this was a one time thing but I do not want to lose any more fish.
 A very sad and horrified,
<Buccal cavities are not strange places for some isopod parasites... great placement for water movement, protection from predators and foods! Due to their life cycle requirements there is not much chance that others are inhabiting or likely to infest your other fishes. Bob Fenner>
Re: Isopod parasite      11/30/13

Thank-you very much. I tried to find out more about what type of isopod this was but quickly found out that classifying these creatures takes a lifetime of study.
<Classifying perhaps; but identification not a big deal...>
 The best I could do is that it is from the family of Aegid. I will be replacing my blenny with a captive bred individual so that
I don't have to deal with the chance of another one of these coming in with a wild caught fish.
<Yes; BobF>

ID Needed  8/13/07 Hi. This little creature from the coast of Maine (Bailey Island) on a mussel shell is 3.7mm long. Can you please ID? Thanks, David Reed <Interesting... appears to be a crustacean of some sort... any chance for an image of the underside (to show its legs?)... almost looks like a juvenile Limulus with the single trailing "tail". Bob Fenner>

Re: ID Needed  8/13/07 Here are a couple more shots taken when it crawled onto my finger. David
<Ahh! Does appear to be an Isopod here. Bob Fenner>

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