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FAQs about Mysid Crustaceans

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Chiton Diet/Mysis Distribution - 4/6/08 Hello again Crew, <Hi there, Random> I'm planning on ordering a Detritivore Kit from a certain company and have heard that such kits include Chitons and mysis shrimp. <Okay> 1. Do Chitons eat macroalgae? <Depending on the species, yes, it's possible. Of the herbivorous species (a few are carnivorous), they'll reportedly eat film, filamentous, macro and coralline algae, along with diatoms and possibly Cyanobacteria. These are all scraped off of hard surfaces by way of a radula (tongue like organ with rows of hardened teeth). I'd find out from the company exactly what the diet is of the specific Chitons they offer. If you can get the species name, that would be even better.> 2. I'm making a biotope. Do mysis shrimp naturally exist in the Indo-Pacific? <Yes, the species include Mysidopsis gibbosa, M. indica, and M. kempi.> Well, that's it for now. <Okay> TIA, Random Aquarist <You're very welcome. Take care, -Lynn>

Mysid Shrimp Hello there. I finally ordered the Conscientious Marine Aquarist today. I have no idea what took me so long. Anyway, about a year ago you guys pointed me to a website in Florida that ships live mysids and other amphipods via Priority Mail. I searched the FAQs for 2 hours and could not find the site (It isn't Aqua Farms). Do you know of the website in Florida that ships live copepods and amphipods via Priority Mail? It saves a bundle on shipping.  < Justin, try www.mysidshrimp.com James (Salty Dog)> 

Live Mysis Hello, <Hi again Scott> I forgot to add on my last email but do you know of how I can collect or  purchase some live Mysis or copepods.  I live in Canada so most places don't  deliver here.  <One place that comes to mind is http://www.inlandaquatics.com/. I know I've had a lot of success buying this type of creature from them but there are many others I am sure.  One thing you might consider. If you have a local pet store or friend who has some Mysis or pods. Put a small piece of pvc in the tank where they are and the Mysis or pods will use it to hide in.  Then you can collect it in a week or so and get some pods.  Simply close off the ends and dump it into a bag. Good Luck, MacL> Scott

Mysis shrimp ID, use I'm not sure, they are quite small and look curved like a half moon.  If they are Mysis shrimp, what purpose do they serve? <They do live on or near the sand, they eat detritus from the sand and the fish will also eat them. They are very good to have.>  Do they clean the sand? <Yep and keep your tank healthier, good luck, MacL> Thanks

Mysid e-book now available Hello, apologies for this unsolicited email but, having seen your website, we thought that you might like to know that Pisces Conservation Ltd., have recently released our latest e-book "The British Mysidaceae" by Tattersall & Tattersall. This Ray Society volume has been out of print for many years but is now available again on CD-ROM with fully searchable text and hyperlinks. Price ?30.00. Full details of this and out other e-books can be found at www.pisces-conservation.com/softebooks.html Regards -- Dr John Prendergast PISCES Conservation Ltd IRC House The Square Pennington          Tel     - 44 (0)1590 676622/674000 Lymington           Fax     - 44 (0)1590 675599 Hants               Email   - john@irchouse.demon.co.uk SO41 8GN            Website - http://www.irchouse.demon.co.uk <Thank you for your notice. Will post your note on our root web on the morrow. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia>

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