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Lighting/Duro-Test Vita Lite 10/3/09
Dear Mr. Fenner
<James with you today.>
I recently read an article you wrote about lighting where you gave your full endorsement to the Duro-Test Vita-Lite full spectrum light as the best overall useful light for an aquarium. I wanted to know since the writing of that article if you still consider this the best type of useful light or have newer technologies and higher Kelvins become the new recommended way to go?
<Frank, I'm thinking that article was written shortly after the Romans scrapped their chariots for a better ride (no offense, Bob).
<Et tu James? RMF>
 The newer technologies, T5's, PC's, HQI, etc., along with the wide Kelvin range available, is definitely the way to go. Although the Duro-Test lamp is a decent lamp, rendering a CRI of 91, and a Kelvin temperature of 5500K, it is not available in T5 or PC format, T8 being the best they deliver with this lamp. Best to go with the high output/high efficiency systems.>
<Cheers, James (Salty Dog)>
Frank H.

Re Lighting/Duro-Test Vita Lite 10/3/09
Yes Bob, can understand Et tu. I was likely riding along side of you, only a little further back.
<Maybe a side car?>
Nothing like a little humor to break up the dailies routine.
<I'll say!>
<And you my friend. B>

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