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FAQs about Marine Shrimp Compatibility 1

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A CBS being consumed by an anemone.

Shrimp Compatibility 07/04/06 I recently set up my Saltwater system and am have received conflicting information about shrimp. <There is a lot of conflicting information in the world of ornamental aquatics my friend...get used to it :)...> Basically I currently have a Coral Banded Shrimp and would like to purchase a Cleaner Shrimp.  The tank is a 55 Gallon.  Will this work? <May or may not...a crap shoot...depends on aggression level and personality of each individual animal...it could work, but I would be sure to have lots of live rock and hiding places. Have seen many tanks where this has worked and just as many, if not more, where it has not.> Thank you so much for the help you give. <Adam J.> <<Stenopids eat other shrimp family members... often. RMF>>

Bristleworms  9/17/05 I have a small saltwater tank that has been up for 3 months. My water parameters are all good with the exception of nitrate that fluctuate between 10 and 20. The total volume of water is 8 to 9 gals. I perform weekly water changes of 2 gals. I have a cleanup crew of snails and hermit crabs, 2 clowns. <This system is too small for these fish...> I have attempted to introduce a cleaner shrimp on 4 occasions over the last 6 weeks. They have not lasted more than a day or 2. I have recently discovered several large bristle worms (5 to 6 inches) that look like the pictures of a 'pherecardia striata'. Could they be the reason for the demise of the shrimp? <Possibly... but not likely... Your system is likely too small/unstable... see your remark re vacillating nitrate concentration... to keep such a sensitive animal. My real advice... is save up and get a larger tank... much easier to maintain, more latitude in terms of stocking, aquascaping... Bob Fenner> Thanks you for your help. Bill Williams Pistol shrimp with other shrimp 6/6/05 Hey there, I think I will go with the tiger pistol shrimp, but I am not sure if it can peacefully exist with my 2 cleaner shrimp and a peppermint shrimp. Do you think they will be ok? thanks again! <Pistol shrimp with other shrimp can be risky.  Although not predatory, Pistol shrimp will aggressively defend their territory against other shrimps, crabs, even fish (other than their "watchmen")!  Best Regards.  AdamC.>

Attack Of The Peppermint Shrimp...And More...(Maybe Some Attitude?) - 06/02/05 In answer to your questions: My previous Nasos were in 65 shows and 55 long tanks respectively.  Both seemed to be very robust.  Unfortunately, I lost 1 when someone who was babysitting my tank added quinine to treat what she thought was marine ich.  (It wasn't) and made all my inverts go toxic.  That fish had been in my tank for 3 years at that point.  The other one lived for many years until I traded him in when I was moving. <<Sounds like you're trying to justify keeping a very active wide ranging fish that grows to almost two feet in length, in a four foot tank.  Keeping a fish for "many years" does not indicate quality of life my friend.>> The timeline for the larger tank looks like just a few months.  If need be, I have a 90 gallon FOWLR available to place him in immediately.  However, that tank has some more aggressive fish in it, which is why I would like him to be a bit bigger before I would consider placing the fish in that tank. <<OK>> From what you are saying, it looks like I will have to catch the peppermints to save the corals.  Its a shame as I have never experienced problems like this previously. <<And it is possible that if you replaced the shrimp you would not have the same problem...tis a crap-shoot at times.>> As to the coral's possible compatibility issues, I will have to do a tank reorganization if I start to see any negative consequences. Finally, you questioned whether I placed them in a QT tank.  In fact, this is one of the few times in my life that I did not do this.  I currently do not have a QT up and running.  Even if I did have one up and going right now, I may have chosen to place them in immediately anyway as I felt their need to scavenge would outweigh the danger to the 3 damsels.  If I had other more expensive fish in there, there is no way I wouldn't place them in a QT. <<I agree there are instances when quarantine is not the best method/way to proceed.  But basing value of life on its "cost" in dollars does no justice to our hobby.>> I am planning on picking up a new QT in the next few days and place a piece LR (no corals) in there so that I won't face this choice again.  Thanks again, Art. <<Eric R.>>

Compatibility First off, the hubby and I are newbies to the fish world, so I will take total and complete blame if you choose to say, "You are both morons and the fish police should sentence you to a life of hard labor in Siberia." And now, on to my problem. We have a Fire Shrimp (soooo pretty and bright!) and he was all cool when we got him about 6 weeks ago for about 2 days. Then, we noticed his shell in the tank, but with no Jean Luc! (I name my fish. Yes, I'm weird.) Hubby thought Louie (yellow tailed damsel) must have eaten him and hollowed him out, but I had an epiphany and thought, wait a sec, maybe they molt! (People at PetCo love to sell you stuff, but never give you all the information.) So we go online, realize they do molt and about a week later when feeding the fishies some brine shrimp, I saw some antennae poking out of the Apartment Complex (a fake tower that bubbles and has many hidey holes). So, oh-happy-day, Jean Luc lives! Well, in the next 2 weeks, we (meaning hubby) decided to get some live rock because we were told they would grow copepods (yes, I know, that is spelled super wrong)... <Please, if you knew it was spelled wrong, please correct. It really saves our editor time in preparing these queries for posting.>  ... for Lenny (dragonets or blenny depending on who you ask) to eat. With the addition of 3 live rocks (10 pounds), we couldn't get the Apartment Complex to fit anymore. So, hubby gently shook it around (and, I swear, he only made one Godzilla reference) to get Jean Luc out. He came tumbling out and proceeded to make a home in the back of the tank and occasional harass my cleaner shrimp, Pierre (in my warped mind, all shrimp are French. I blame every animated movie that featured crustaceans). We came home today with a new addition, Puck the Hawkfish and proceeded to acclimate him to the temperature. sidebar: we also have Mick and Mack, the Percula Clowns; Rick, the Sailfin Tang; and Roy the Strawberry Crab. As we're acclimating Puck, I notice that Jean Luc is nowhere to be seen. Again. Hubby needed to clean the tank anyways, so he starts moving around the decorations to see if Jean Luc was hiding somewhere. No luck. We actually even looked behind the tank and in the filters in the crazy notion that he somehow escaped. No luck there, either.  I finally glimpse something red and it's Jean Luc! But... he's missing his antennae now!!! All four are gone! Are their eyeballs on their antennae? Do I have a blind shrimp? Should I buy him an underwater cane? Could we have possibly shook him around mid-molt and disrupted the process? Jean Luc has since been sluggish and very not skittery, which he usually is. His legs look weak, too, like they possibly aren't supporting his weight. Could Roy the Crab have grabbed him? another sidebar: we haven't seen Roy in about 2 weeks. He has this propensity for burying himself and we can't find him at all! Please help! Thank you so very much for your time in this!  <Hawkfish will eat small shrimp. You need to look at compatibility charts when making purchases to be sure of a safe addition. Also, do research on all your inhabitants and learn their nature. Plenty of info available here on the Wet Web. James (Salty Dog)> 

Purely Opinion... Hawkfish compatibility with shrimps I've read everything I can on the flame Hawkfish. I know all about their tendencies and the odds of whether or not shrimp will likely become a meal. I'd like a very honest opinion so I know whether or not I should pursue this great fish. I'm currently planning a 375 gallon reef tank (mainly LPS, zoanthids, and mushrooms) 96x30x30. I'll have about 550 lbs of LR and a 4-5" live sand bed. Now, with about 5 skunk cleaners, 3 peppermint, 1 fire shrimp, and 1 coral banded (2 if I can find a mated pair), what are the odds that a flame hawk will play nice if I find one who initially shows no interest in shrimp (I know, personalities change with age)? <Mmm, 'bout fifty/fifty... the smallest shrimp first, especially ones molting... the CBS last> Taking into account that I make sure he gets enough to eat each day and that there are plenty of hiding places and that he would be removed if he misbehaved. Is this a case where I might see one or two shrimp disappear in his lifetime due to him wanting a snack? <Possibly...> Or would it be a matter of months before every one of them has been eaten? <Likely so, but not the Stenopus> I can replenish one or two shrimp, but I don't want to take up a futile pursuit. I just want to make a final decision for once. It's hard enough to hope for Centropyge angels to not decimate my LPS. I'm just wondering if I'm hoping for too much with the Hawkfish. Thanks again for all your help! Nick <There is a good deal of individuality behavior in cirrhitids... start with a small specimen and I'll give you much better odds (ninety-ten) that it will leave your shrimps alone. Bob Fenner> 

Peppermint Shrimp Hello again guys,  <Hello Alky> I have a 12g nano with a purple Firefish, small lawnmower blenny, small emerald crab and 1 big peppermint shrimp. The shrimp walks around the tank like he owns the place day and night and the fish stay out of his way. Is it possible that Mr. shrimp is picking on his roommates when I'm not looking?  <Very unlikely.> Also, can you direct me to a source for macro ID?  <Yes, do a Google search on the Wet Web, keyword "algae". There are several pics there with ID's.>  I have many varieties growing wild in my reefs. Some the fish will eat and some they won't. I am curious to learn the names of the ones they like.  As always, thank you all for this Oracle of Aquaria Knowledge. (O.A.K.)-- What better symbol of wisdom could there be?  <Thanks for your kind words. James (Salty Dog)> Aquaholic

Hosting Sea anemone killed BC Shrimp & Terrorizing hosted Clarkiis Hi. My sea anemone is friends with my mated pair of Clarkiis but today when I came home it had the BC shrimp trapped-not eaten, but dead- and retracts when the clowns try to snuggle. I tried to remove it with a tool but my hands quickly became swollen upon contact with the water. I took Benadryl and am fine. My clowns, however, look sick and are breath hard. my ? is : is the water full of toxin or is it electrified or low on oxygen or what??? Also, the shrimp is large, should I try to remove it? The clowns are still trying to feed the anemone and are not eating themselves. <I don't know what has gone on here... but perhaps the anemone caught, killed the shrimp on its contacting it... You apparently have a great sensitivity to whatever is in the water... I would change out a good percentage of the water here, monitor water quality... Bob Fenner>

-It Was The Brittle Stars In The Tank With The Dead Fish- Please respond at your earliest. Thanks! Dear WWW Crew, <Hello J.D. , Justin here.> I have a 'Who Done It?' mystery in need of solving. <Heehee, I will do my best Sherlock Holmes impression.> I recently lost my second Fire Shrimp/Scarlet Cleaner after it molted. Prior to this loss, I had a smaller Fire Shrimp that disappeared under mysterious circumstances, but prior to that I had a regular Cleaner Shrimp in this tank for years with no problem. So I'm trying to figure out who most likely snacked on a couple of $25 shrimps. It's a 175 g. FOWLR, which at this time only contains: * A Fijian Blue Devil damsel * A 6-Line Wrasse * 4 Blue-green Chromis * A large (1.5" - 2") Electric Blue Hermit * A medium (1") Blue Hermit * A couple of small (<1") Halloween Hermits * A couple of Serpent Stars (Short-spined brittle stars) * A bunch of snail-like critters (conchs, turbo snails, et al) that certainly can't be suspects. Any thoughts? Thanks!! J.D. Hill <Well "Watson" I believe that your culprits are those brittle stars. If they are greenish, they are notorious for eating fish and anything else they can get their arms on. I would try to remove them if you would rather have the shrimp. Otherwise feed them meaty foods to keep them satisfied and away from your expensive "snack menu".> <Justin (Jager)> <Editor's note: Ophiarachna incrassata is the infamous Green Brittle Star, but we can expect other brittles to behave in the same manner.>

- Triggers and Ornamental Crustaceans - Dear Bob, <JasonC here this time.> Each time I go into a fish store that has ornamental shrimp, my father stares fascinated at them until we have to leave.  <They are fascinating.>  He wants me to get some.  <Heh.>  He also really likes arrow crabs.  <Tell him these are trouble... even though they look rather like the creature from "It Conquered the World", they are genuine predators and trouble for small fish and other crustaceans.> My questions are:  1) I have a Huma Huma trigger, will he eat the shrimp or the crab?  <Yes.>  2) Do the shrimp or the crab need a reef tank or any special lighting? -if I get them-  <They would need their own system... would suggest you and your father set one up just for this - would be a nice display. If the tank is just simply for the shrimp, then they won't require special lighting... most shrimp are reclusive and prefer the darker corners.>  3) What do they eat?  <Anything they can get their claws on.>  4) How many of each should I get? I read that they do better in multiples.  <Do fine as individuals or in groups. Certain combinations don't work so well though so I suggest you read through our pages and FAQs on crustaceans and study up on these fascinating animals. Start here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marind5_5.htm > I don't have a reef tank or the lighting a reef tank needs.  <Again... could start up a fairly simple system with minimal lighting that would be fine for shrimp.>  I do have live rock. I am also unsure if the trigger would just see them as that nights dinner.  <For certain he would... maybe not on the first day, but is an eventuality you can take to the bank.>  Let me know if they would be ok for me to get. Thanks, Mike <Cheers, J -- > 

I have a question about my inverts I had a scarlet cleaner shrimp and two peppermint shrimp disappear from my tank. <Mmmm, immediately a predatory crustacean comes to mind...> I have a 75 gal with 100lbs of live rock and about 4 inches of live sand. I had a trouble with bubble algae and put 4 emerald crabs in to clean it up. <Mmmm> They worked wonders and I got the bubble algae under control now.  <And maybe these Mithraculus filled up with a bit of meaty shrimp...> I added two serpent stars to my tank the same time as the emerald crabs. I lost one of the serpent stars about 5 days after being introduced into my tank (something attacked it and body of it and one of the legs.) I thought maybe one was ill when I got it and the other serpent star or the crabs dined on it. One day later, I found the head of my cleaner shrimp at the back of the tank and then two days later no peppermint shrimp to be found. I had no activity like this for about 2 weeks and then I woke to find my sand sifter star with one arm missing and pieces missing from two their arms.  I have since removed two emerald crabs and sent them back to the LFS and will try to get the other two during a late night ambush. <... good description> I have read the emerald crabs and the serpent star (it's a banded) can be predatory. I was wondering should I remove the serpent also?  <Mmm, I wouldn't... not likely a/the culprit here> I will list all the inhabitants of my tank, but I don't think any of those would have done it (I could be wrong, my wife tells me am most of the time....lol.) <State of the species... not to worry> I would appreciate any input or suggestions you might have in this matter.  Tank critters:  <This was the end of your input... I would look at the tank with a small flashlight at night... remove the other crabs... perhaps a Mantis there... Bob Fenner>

Cleaner shrimp Is a 29g tank enough to house two cleaner shrimp?... <Most definitely> I already have one but thinking about adding another...or will they eat each other? <They should not eat each other. In fact, Cleaner Shrimps are hermaphroditic and pairs commonly breed in marine aquaria, but the fry are next to impossible to rear. Check this link for more general information on Cleaner Shrimp: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/inverts/arthropoda/shrimp/clnshrpf.htm  Good luck, Mike G>

Lysmata are NOT reef aquarium safe 2/3/05 I was given some nice soft coral frags from some other salt water enthusiasts at work (some mushrooms and some branching corals).  The other day, I noted one of the soft corals was withdrawn and looking rather "leathery" rather than "frilly" (not exactly technical terms, but I'm guessing you get the idea).   <yes... no worries> It stayed that way for a couple of days, but started to return to its normal shape. Today, another friend and I noticed that my pregnant Lysmata amboinensis was picking away at the coral that was looking withdrawn.  The coral has withdrawn again.  This same shrimp was picking away at algae on my live rock and even looked like it was eating some of the patches of Cerith snail eggs that recently got laid down (I'm pretty sure it was munching, but it was moving its legs so fast that I couldn't see what it was putting in its mouth). Is this normal behavior for this shrimp? <yes... although often sold for reef aquaria, species of Lysmata are categorically NOT reef safe. They are not that dreadful either... usually just picking away. Really only a problem in small tanks and with LPS corals> Is "she" having food cravings (protein)?   <heehee... no. Er, well... sort of. Just indiscriminate> I've got a single A. ocellaris and a pair of Lysmata amboinensis in the tank (3 month old tank) and I've cut back the feeding of spectrum A to every other day (phosphate and algae issues). Should remove the shrimp and put her in my QT tank and generously stock it with pickles and Ben & Jerry's Ice cream? (Mmmm ice cream) David <put it into QT, but send me the pickles and ice-cream. I'll eat  them separately :) Anthony>

Lysmata amboinensis eating my soft corals 2/6/2005 Thanks for the heads up on the reef safeness of my Cleaner shrimp. <It's a small but persistent risk with the genus> By the way, we finally figured out what happened, apparently the soft coral made a comment that the eggs made the cleaner shrimp's telson look fat. Can we really blame the shrimp for its reaction? I think not.  <Heheeeeeeeeeee... agreed> And, frankly, if I don't supply the pickles and B&J ice cream, I doubt "she" will go into the QT tank (willingly). I'll just keep an eye on things. Again, thanks for the heads up. David <Always welcome my friend :) Keep smiling. Anthony>

Aiptasia control, Peppermint Shrimp cannibalism HELP! I have Aiptasia everywhere, I have about 25 LIVE ROCKS, they are all covered with this pest... I had to remove all my rocks into another tank. So that my fish could swim freely again without all these Aiptasia bother them so I don't know how much longer I can leave my 75 gallon tank? With just decorations in it for hiding purposes. Do you think I should buy more Live Rock now?  Or just wait for my other rocks to be rid of this pest. Sorry forgot to inform you that I put my Live Rock in a 30 gallon tank with about 6 peppermint shrimps, hopefully this will solve the problem, but I don't know if this is enough because I check my tank, everyday and they just keep growing and growing, some of them are quite big, will the shrimp still eat them? <Mmm, you have a few options, with sub-options beyond... the use of biological predators... starving the Aiptasia by limiting nutrient (and perhaps light)... nuking the present LR... maybe later using it for base... I would read over re these possibilities: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/inverts/cnidaria/anthozoa/aiptasia/aiptasia.htm  see the linked files above in blue? And make up your own mind re how you want to go... I would likely enlist the help of a predator species or two.> I don't feed them, hoping they will fill themselves with all this Aiptasia farm I have.... Another question I don't see them very often, but I do see them once in while, this peppermint shrimp, don't eat each other do they? <Mmm, they can, will if crowded, hungry> Cause like I mentioned I don't feed them. I' am at the point were I am considering leave them outside one night in this cold weather and freezing them to death, Just Joking . Again if there's any other ideas you could help with I would greatly appreciate them. <I suggest you turn off any other distraction and READ where you've been sent. Bob Fenner>

Gnathophyllum americanum, Striped Bumblebee Shrimp Hello WWM crew! Your site is like an online marine bible to me, so I must turn to you for some advise. I know you're busy so I'll try to keep it short.  I am thinking of purchasing a pair of striped harlequin shrimp for my aquarium; but before I get to that I will add some background info. I am working on an algae aquarium that I eventually want to attempt keeping a couple Rainford's gobies in. The 30 gal tank has been running for about 10 months with 25 lbs Fiji LR and 10 lbs Fiji base rock. I have a plenum with 4" crushed coral and 2-3" sand. I have had 0 ammonia, nitrate and nitrite for as long as I can remember. The tank is storming with pods, mysids and many other tiny inverts. I have a broad array of snails (but not a large number, 15 total)... <This is a bunch actually...> ...some of which are proving to be a pain as I try to grow macro algae. ( I transplanted about 3 cups of red Gracilaria into the tank a few months ago and one fat turbo ate it all in one day. I hope he's happy.) <Urp!> So now I'm thinking maybe kelp or another less tasty macro.  I also have 5 various dwarf hermits, one scarlet reef hermit and one  electric blue hermit. The only fish is a yellow damsel which I will probably remove when I am ready to add the gobies because I'm sure he'll be a bully.   <Likely so> Finally, I believe I am ready for the questions. First, will the hermits be a threat to these little guys? <Likely so> Second, do you have any ideas of the possible life span of this type of shrimp? <Mmm, a quick look: http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rls=GGLD,GGLD:2004-27,GGLD:en&q=Gnathophyllum+americanum  doesn't find much... Have seen, photographed this family (underwater), but have no in/direct experience re their husbandry... likely a year, few years> I don't want to try them if they usually only live 6 months or so. Last, do you feel they would work out well in this type of system.  Guess I lied about keeping it short but I did try. <Mmm, do you intend to keep commensal invertebrates with it/them?> Thanks for any help. I would also appreciate any pointers on algae selection you may wish to offer.  <These are posted on WWM... under Refugium FAQs: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/refugium.htm  and Macro-Algae: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/maralgae.htm  Lots of links to read> Currently I am pushing the coralline growth and have spaghetti algae and bubble algae. All of these are beautiful together.  Have a great day. <You as well. Bob Fenner> 

Lysmata debelius & Lysmata wurdemanni - OK With Baby A. percula? >Good morning,   >>And good morning to you.  Marina sipping coffee here. >Thanks for all the past and present help.  This is truly one of the most helpful sites around. >>We're pleased to read this. >Just a quick question if you don't mind.  I currently have 2 small (3/4"-1") True Perculas and was looking to get a pair of each of the Fire & Peppermint shrimp.  Have you or anyone else their ever seen or heard of a Fire or Peppermint shrimp attacking a small clown or other small fish while they are sleeping at night?   >>No, but I have heard of people mistakenly placing camel shrimp (Rhynchocinetes durbanensis) into their systems and losing other shrimp to them. >Just want to know if it's OK to get the shrimp now or should I wait until the clowns are larger. >>I don't see why you can't, especially if the clowns are hosting anemone. >Thanks for your help. >>You're quite welcome.  I'm off for another cup, then I'm out of creamer.  Marina

Shrimp compatibility Dear Wet Web media, << Blundell today. >> I had a few questions; could a cleaner shrimp and fire shrimp coexist. << Yep, but I like to give them some space in a larger tank. >> I currently have 2 cleaner shrimps, and planning on getting a fire shrimp. However, last time I got fire shrimp it died in 2 hours, and the shrimps made quick work dissecting it. IF I should get a fire shrimp would 1 work or would it have to be in pairs to even up the balance. << I'd try one. But how big is your tank?  I'd say in a 75 gal or larger you are fine. >> Also In the past week I have been noticing a few of my fish beginning to scratch against the rocks. The Sixline wrasse, but not "often at all" just a few brushes. The bicolor blenny has been rubbing against the rocks quite a few more times, but it always provokes the lawnmower blenny, and gets chased away. I currently don't see any signs of white dots on any of the fishes, except a little dot on the wrasse which is said to be a natural color. I don't think copper based medicines would work because there are a lot of corals, they are thriving very well. << No copper!  I'd try adding some garlic to their food first.  If not that, then I'd wait it out. >> Is this a soon to be infestation of ich, or is it just a natural habit. << It all depends on water quality.  I think a water change is a good idea right now, with the garlic, and try not to stress out the fish. >> Thanks! <<  Blundell  >>

Shrimp question Hi, <hi Ivan, MacL again with you> Sorry for my delay!  My work keeps me away from home quite a bit...anyway, in response to your questions the hermit is maybe an inch or a little less. <Actually that might be a rather large hermit to keep with shrimps.> I've look around with a flashlight at night and haven't seen nor heard anything out of the ordinary. I'm just a year into the tank and building it slowly. <Slow is very good Ivan, especially if as you say you are gone frequently.> There's currently about 30lbs of live rock for things to hide in and some nylon plants. Most of the rock is claimed by the Tang so I don't know if a shrimp would be allowed in there. <Ivan, tangs can and will eat shrimp if they catch them out in the open. Least mine did.>  My peppermint made the powerhead his home while he lasted.  The Scarlet cleaner didn't make it past one night so he never established any home.   I'm thinking about buying another peppermint to see how it goes...maybe it was a weird week? <<Maybe but do watch it closely and be prepared to rescue it.> -= Ivan

Peppermint Shrimp Compatibility (9/13/04) A couple of weeks after setting up my 125G reef tank, I had a major outbreak of Aiptasia. I added two peppermint shrimp, which promptly took care of the problem. <Lucky you. Mine wouldn't touch them.> My tank cycled very well, and I had an opportunity to add a beautiful rose bulb anemone. Knowing the propensity of peppermint shrimp to eat Aiptasia, I was worried they would constantly pick at the rose bulb anemone. <Not really likely, but possible. Some have been kwon to nip at clams and corals.> I took them out and put them in the refugium. However, I'd like to have them in the main tank in case more Aiptasia appear. What are the chances that if I put them back in the main tank they will pick at or bother the rose bulb anemone? <Difficult to say. I guess I'd have to say possible, but not probable, as if that's a lot of help. It's kind of like some of the medical studies I've read over the years that put the odds of something as "between 20 and 80%." Really helpful. I guess all you can do if you put them back in is keep an eye out for nipping or evidence of damage. Hope this helps. Steve Allen.>

Disappearing shrimp... Previous question for reference Hi, <Hi Ivan, MacL here with you tonight> I've searched around for an answer and haven't been able to find one...hope I'm not troubling you guys too much. <You are fine.>  Anyway, here goes.  55 gallon tank,  20lbs live rock ( I know I know, get more!), up for about a year and a half with very reliable water quality. Inhabitants: 1 yellow tang, 1 hippo tang, 1 clown fish, 1 blue velvet damsel (Neoglyphidodon oxyodon) Assorted Hermits and snails.  One disappeared peppermint shrimp and one half eaten blood red cleaner shrimp. Is the damsel the one eating the shrimp or could it be my blue knuckle hermit?  I doubt it's any of the other fish because they're very relaxed and non-aggressive (except to fend off the damsel). <My guess would be the damsel they are ferocious, or the yellow tang> I love the shrimp but don't want to replace them until I solve this mystery.  Any ideas? <Probably best to get rid of the damsel, they can be so mean.> Thank you very much for your time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi, <Hey Ivan, first let me apologize for the delay, I've been at MACNA.> Ivan here... just wanted to follow up on my disappearing shrimp.  I removed the damsel who was gladly taken by my local store (very nice of them).  Then I bought another Blood Red Cleaner shrimp and tossed him in thinking all would be well.  The next day I found a Blood Red Cleaner thorax and a lighter wallet. Hmmmmm.....the only suspects left are a yellow tang ( 2.5 inches across), a hippo tang 1.5 inches across), <I have to tell you  my purple tang chows down on cleaner shrimps but ignores every other type of shrimp, silly fish.> a typical clown fish and the blue knuckle hermit (carrying about a 3/4 in shell).  I interrogated them each individually and nobody's talking'....what should I do next?  I don't want to keep getting rid of things and I don't have a spare tank to separate these thugs....I'm willing to take the hermit out...is that the next step? <How big is the hermit? Cause they will eat shrimps. Do you have lots of hiding places the shrimp can get to?  Are you sure there's not something like a mantis or pistol shrimp in there?  Do you ever hear clicking in the tank? Don't give up Ivan we will figure this out. MacL> -= Ivan

Shrimp Compatibility Questions (9/13/04) Hi! <Hi. Steve Allen with you today.> We have a 55 gallon tank with live rock. We have 3 blue/green Chromis, 1 royal Gramma and 1 green goby.  We also have a sand sifting star, 2 Nassarius snails and 1 turbo snail.  We have a "scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp" (Lysmata amboinensis) <cool creatures>  Recently we have discovered that we have "acquired" some glass anemone.  *yeah* <I'll bet that every tank ha at least a few.> The infestation doesn't seem to be TOO bad yet, but we read on your website about the peppermint shrimp that may help to control the problem. <Maybe, mine don't eat any, so be prepared to take other measures. Lots of info on Aiptasia control on the FAQs. Nutrient control is key as it is with algae. Personally, I don't seek to eradicate every single one--they can be hard to get at. You do want to keep them in check.> I found the correct genus/species of peppermint shrimp that you recommend to get for sale on LiveAquaria.com...but I wanted to find out from you if you thought that adding this shrimp would be safe with our current livestock. <Should be, no shrimp-eaters there.> Would the two shrimp be compatible with each other? <Should be in this size tank.> Thanks in advance! <You're welcome. Good luck!> Amy

Disappearing shrimp Hi, <Hi Ivan, MacL here with you tonight> I've searched around for an answer and haven't been able to find one...hope I'm not troubling you guys too much. <You are fine.>  Anyway, here goes.  55 gallon tank,  20lbs live rock ( I know I know, get more!), up for about a year and a half with very reliable water quality.   Inhabitants: 1 yellow tang, 1 hippo tang, 1 clown fish, 1 blue velvet damsel (Neoglyphidodon oxyodon) Assorted Hermits and snails.  One disappeared peppermint shrimp and one half eaten blood red cleaner shrimp. Is the damsel the one eating the shrimp or could it be my blue knuckle hermit?  I doubt it's any of the other fish because they're very relaxed and non-aggressive (except to fend off the damsel). <My guess would be the damsel they are ferocious, or the yellow tang> I love the shrimp but don't want to replace them until I solve this mystery.  Any ideas? <Probably best to get rid of the damsel, they can be so mean.> Thank you very much for your time. -= Ivan

Cleaner shrimp pestering anemone 8/1/04 The cleaner shrimp that I have is always in and around my anemone. My long tip anemone is doing very well and is quite large compared to when I first got him. I got him at a very good dealer. but whenever I feed the anemone or even when I haven't, the shrimp either takes the anemone's food or is always digging around in the anemone. I don't know if the shrimp is bothering him- or just cleaning whatever is around the anemone's mouth. <The shrimp is looking for food.  It has been very well trained that a big chunk of food arrives in that spot occasionally.  If the anemone doesn't seem bothered, I wouldn't worry, but some shrimps can turn particularly greedy and damage anemones or corals in their efforts to steal food.  Over all, I would suspect that the shrimp is in more danger than the anemone... my carpet anemone ate both of my cleaners!  It may be best to give up one or the other.> I was also going to ask if bristle worms are a problem in a tank. I get them out when I can and I haven't seen as many as I used to, but they wont harm the anemone or the few mushrooms I have in the tank will they? <Most bristle worms are harmless scavengers.  Only the true Caribbean fire worm and a couple of rare others are harmful to other animals (unless you get a hand full of bristles that is!).  I would leave them in the tank to do their job and consider them innocent until proven guilty.  Best Regards, Adam>

A Pistol Shrimp Quandary Hi fish dudes,<Hi, MikeD here> recently collecting<A fellow native collector...welcome to the club!> and had in a bucket a large crab of some description, bristle worms, orange slug, cowry and two small shrimp when I could here a clicking noise, crab was eating one of the shrimp so I removed it and took rest home <"Removed it" meaning that you released the crab? Probably wise, if that's what you did.>. Now clicking noise is in tank occasionally. <Yep, that's a pistol shrimp. Like two stones clicking together?> I'm figuring after much reading it was the shrimp as it did have one large claw, dumbo here thought it was the crab and he had eaten/broken one of the shrimps claws.<Nope, the big claw is the weapon, the small one is the fork for eating.> Any who will this dude be a problem in my tank, I never ever see him he has disappeared into the sea realm of my tank but hear him occasionally. <Normal. They usually move under the LR and excavate a burrow, post haste utilizing the swimmerettes much like a ditch digger, and are never seen again> Could he actually cause damage to the glass as I fear? <Nope. You're confusing a pistol shrimp with a mantis shrimp of the "smasher" variety, and you're in no danger here.> He was under an inch long a few weeks ago. What will he be eating? <Like any other family of animals there is quite a bit of variation from species to species. Many to most feed on bristle worms, flat worms, pods and whatever pieces of organic food they come across, in some cases even including fish excreta.  There are a few predatory species that feed on other shrimps and small crabs, even the occasional small fish (not all of them are symbiotic with Prawn gobies) but most make good scavengers with all but very small tankmates>

Coral Banded Question Hi-<Hello, Ryan with you today.> -I read your CBS Q&As, and now I'm a little concerned. <About?> I just put a CBS in my 175 gal tank after reading they are peaceful additions, only to read that Ryan has had fish eaten by his shrimp. <I have.> How large a fish could he eat? <Mine ate a 2 inch Firefish, caught it in the cave.> He's probably close to 2". <Mine was much larger, 6 inches from antenna to antenna.> Most of our fish are small: two small false Percula clowns (about 1 and a half inches), a strawberry Pseudochromis (about 2") a royal Gramma (also about 2") and a mandarin dragonet (about 3") and a two-inch coral beauty. Could he eat one of these? Would he/could he eat our red-legged hermit crabs? <Those are all much hardier and more defensive fish than a Firefish...You should be safe.  But, monitor his behavior, and perhaps alert the pet shop that there's a chance he may be coming back.  Hermits should be safe as well.> Another question: I have a yellow tang, about 3". As soon as I added the CBS to the tank, the tang went over to it and lay on its side. The shrimp appeared to bite him. Was he "cleaning"? <Yes, or attempting to.  I have seen my tang do this extensively with my Fire Shrimps.> Also, we would like to get an anemone for our clownfish, but have read that one might eat our mandarin. Are there any anemones that would be safe with the mandarin? <Not a great idea, delicate fish really need a tank free of possible hazards.  I'd steer clear, and leave the anemone in the sea.  A Sarcophyton sp. may be a non-hazardous, easier to maintain substitute.  Good luck, Ryan> Thanks for your help!! R/Janet

Shrimp meals and Hawkfish <Hi Sharon, MacL here> I have a 55 gallon saltwater I was wondering if I can put any type of shrimp in my tank with my 2 inch dwarf Hawkfish. is there any type of shrimp that is too large to be eaten such as pistol or fire shrimp? <I'm afraid all Hawkfish I have come across will eat all shrimp, with the possible exception of a mantis shrimp and that's getting into an entirely different type of setup.> also I was going to start up a little 33 gallon reef tank what are the best corals, fish and invertebrates thanks a lot. <The corals, fish and invertebrates are going to depend a lot on what you want to put in there, the water quality and various other things. Its a fantastic question and I would recommend you start here http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marineSetUp.htm.  Good luck!>

The butler did it... Shrimp MIA Hi, My cleaner shrimp disappeared, I bought it and a day later it was gone. I saw a piece of tail but it was clear  and I assumed it had molted.  I have a 110 gallon aquarium  with live rock, a horse shoe crab, serpent starfish, 2 Perculas several Chromis, coral beauty angel, Royal Gramma and an African wrasse.  There is also a small crab that came with live rock (Brown Spiky Crab) but he seems harmless and a small red shrimp ( Half  an inch) that also came with live rock.  I had a coral banded shrimp before but got rid of him because he was attacking the fish.  He was very healthy and was never bothered.  Please let me know if you have an answer because my kids love the shrimp but I don't want to add another and have it die. P.S. Water parameters are perfect Thank you very much. <Ahh, what sort of "African Wrasse" is this? It may have well have munched your shrimp... or that smallish crab... or more happily, the shrimp may be hiding out still... perhaps a post molting event. I'd look about for bits, pieces, perhaps an exoskeleton. And do a bit more investigating re that Labrid before investing in a replacement. Bob Fenner>

Disappearing cleaner shrimp (5/27/04) Hi crew < Hi you have Leslie here today. Sorry for the delayed response I have had some pc problems> Until a month ago I had 8 cleaners in my 9o gal reef tank. 2 skunks, 5 peppermints and 1 fire. over the last month or so all but 1 skunk and 1 peppermint are gone. the skunk that remains is looking rough. It is missing one antennae. and looks beat up. Before the fire shrimp disappeared it was missing all the antennas. I have been on mantis shrimp alert but have seen nothing.<Usually don't see them> I have heard a couple clicks in the night.<Sounds very suspicious> Water quality seems fine according to all the tests and the corals in the tank look great.<That's good news.> there are a couple crabs in the tank. I believe they are female emerald crabs and I have 5 red legged hermits. What do you think is the cause of the shrimp disappearances?? <I have fortunately never been blessed with one....knocking on wood....but it sounds to me like a mantis shrimp is a good possibility. There is some information on about the creatures here http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/inverts/arthropoda/stomatopods/mantisshrimp.htm here> Hope this helps, Leslie 

Arrow crab, missing legs... a big Stenopus... Hey gang, just a quick question here! I Woke up this morning to find my arrow crab hiding in the corner...with only 3 legs remaining. This is a sad sight, even his pinchers have been eaten off, and his little body is just resting on the sand. Here is the question: Can the arrow crab regenerate his lost legs, or is there anything that can be done to help poor Mr. Crabs??? <Can, will regenerate legs if survives... might be best to move this animal... or the offendi> I am afraid that with only 3 legs, and no pinchers to defend himself, he will become a late-night snack...but for whom? I read on your website that my brittle star could be the culprit??? <Possible, but...> Never would have guessed that one. Also, we have a rather large coral banded shrimp (El Pincho) and an even bigger peppermint shrimp (Pepe'). Pepe seems to bother everything from the corals to the anemone, so he was my first suspect. <Mine as well> Any idea which of these might have developed an appetite for crab? On a side note: Had a cleaner shrimp for about a day, and haven't seen him (or any evidence of his body) since. Initially I thought he had found a great hiding spot, but after seeing Mr. Crabs, I am certain that our Cleaner shrimp came across a similar fate. Who is eating my invertebrate friends??? Thanks for the help! Jamie <Other invertebrate friends... I would move at least the larger CBS... if not both. Bob Fenner>

Cleaner Shrimp in FOWLR (4/20/04) Thanks Steve, <A pleasure> Just to let you know, I took a chance and purchased a cleaner shrimp. The lionfish and Niger can't get enough of the grooming treatment. My tangs aren't interested though. <Give them time. Let us know how long the cleaner lasts. If it has some good spots to hide and provides good service to the Trigger, it may not be dinner after all.> Kind Regards, James. <To you as well.>

Purple Firefish - Nemateleotris decora 4/19/04 Hi Guys, <howdy> I hope everything is well in wetwebworld, <were wacky and wonderful> Just a quick one. Had my CBS for about 6 months and I'm looking at purchasing a Purple Firefish. 50 Gallons with 20 lbs of live rocks. Should I rethink this stocking plan? <no worries... room here for a Firefish, to be sure> I read the faq on both species and one hobbyist were mentioning how his cbs killed the purple Firefish. Thank you again. Dan <CB shrimp are always unreliable/unpredictable. You simply never know how, if or when they will catch a little fishy. It is a chance, but likely small. Best regards, Anthony>

The Shrimp Killer?  Hi Guys, thanks for the help with my compatibility problems.  <Glad we could be of service! Scott F. with you today!>  I have a couple more questions for you today.  Firstly, one of my two skunk cleaner shrimp has been killed and I'm not entirely sure who the culprit is. Up until recently my 30g setup has housed a few hermits, 2 False Percs, 2 Skunk Cleaners, and 1 Royal Dottyback, and everyone was doing fine. About a week ago I added a Sixline Wrasse, who almost immediately was bullied by my Dottyback, so I change the rock work around a bit and he seemed to settle down.  <Glad to hear that. Sounds like you've beat the odds!>  But now one of my cleaners is dead, I've seen the Dottyback nipping at my hermits so I assumed he would have been the culprit, but, my girlfriend said she saw the wrasse with the shrimps head in it's mouth! The shrimp is about the same size as my wrasse  (1.5 inches) surely he didn't attack and eat the shrimp? I thought they were quite a timid species? I also noticed that my wrasse has got a bulge in his belly, could this be the remains of the shrimp and if so will it damage his digestive tract at all?  <You'd be surprised! These guys have surprising appetites, and it is entirely possible that he did it! As gross as it sounds- it would have been rather interesting to see, I suppose.>  My other question concerns live rock, to the advice of the experts on this site I bought about 2lbs of live rock to put in my tank as I didn't have any in there before. It's great stuff and I'm glad you persuaded me to get some.  <Me too! A great benefit to your tank and its inhabitants in many ways!>  My question is, will the algae etc. growing on the live rock spread through the tank and begin growing on the other ordinary rock I have in there?  <In all likelihood, if conditions are right- the algae and other life forms on the rock an readily spread to inert materials>  Should I wait and see if this happens or should I just slowly replace all my dead rock with live?  <Well, it's really your call here. Personally, I'd replace all of the inert rock with live rock. On the other hand, given enough time, "inert" rock will become "live"! Quite a choice, huh?>  Thanks in advance for all your help….much appreciated!  Mark (Essex, UK)  <Best of luck to you, Mark...I suppose that either way you go with the rock, you'll win! It's a matter of whether you want the live rock now, or are willing to wait a little while longer and let nature do its thing! Regards, Scott F>

Killer Cleaner Shrimp? Not Likely. (3/31/04)   Hey all! <Steve Allen tonight>   Best site on the web! <Thanks. I have learned much here both before & since I started to help out.> I looked extensively on the site and found many sad tales of fish killing and eating cleaner shrimps, but nothing about the shrimps acting as fish assassins.  I have a large cleaner (Lysmata ambo.) in my 55gal.  The tank contains a few pounds of live rock, some hermits, snails, a 2.5" yellow tang, and (until this morning) a 1.5" tank-raised Perc. clown.  All the tested water parameters are excellent and last night at lights out everything looked normal, both fish eating well, swimming well, looking good, no outward signs of stress or disease...When I looked in the tank this morning, I discovered the Perc was dead and was being eaten by the shrimp.  Now I know the shrimp is a scavenger and would have hopped on a tasty fishy treat once he discovered it dead <Yes, that is almost certainly what happened>, but is it possible/likely that this shrimp caught and killed the Perc. <I'd say extremely unlikely to impossible. Lysmata do not have the equipment to snatch, disable/kill and eat a live, active fish.> I haven't heard of such a thing from Lysmata ambo., but I know many crustaceans will catch and eat fish given the opportunity. <Yes, crustaceans with big nasty claws or spears.> Any thoughts? <I think something else caused your clown to die, but have no idea what. How new was it?> Thanks as always for your brilliant insights and quick responses. Jimm <I don't know about brilliant, but we try to be quick.>

Shrimp Compatibility My husband and I are setting up a 72 gal tank and are trying to research all of the fish we want before we get started. <Great! Ryan here to help this Sunday afternoon> Problem is compatibility. <I see> Everything else we are looking at seems to be compatible with a six lined wrasse and shrimp, but they don't seem to be overly compatible with each other.  Is this true? <Are you planning on filling the tank with live rock?  If so, the nooks and crannies this creates should be plenty of hiding space for your shrimp.  Wrasses are unpredictable in the sense that they're full of personality.  Some can be happy go lucky, some a little chaotic.  Worst case, your shrimp hides most of it's existence.  It would be a little easier if I knew what type of shrimp you're referring to...if these are Mysis they surely have no chance ;)  >   Is there any kind of shrimp that a six lined wrasse might not pick on or should we just choose one or the other?  <Sure, a full grown mantis.  Ha!  Sorry, bad joke.   On a serious note, I think you'll be ok as long as the shrimp aren't bite sized.  If this is a big, open style tank without hiding areas, I would skip the shrimp and choose something a little more "forward."  Perhaps a Splendid Dottyback?  Good luck, have fun, Ryan> Thanks in advance. Cleaner Shrimp a Fish-Killer? (3/26/04) Dear Bob and Crew: <Steve Allen tonight> Experts,  What are the odds of my cleaner shrimp <Lysmata amboinensis?> killing and eating my Firefish, Green Chromis and Dottyback within two weeks? <I'd say virtually zero. I can't see how it could get a hold of a healthy fish and kill it. They just don't have the equipment.> The only things left in the tank are my False Clown, Brown Brittle Starfish and some snails a crabs. I have been able to catch the Cleaner starting to eat the fish, but I haven't seen him actually catch and kill them. <What do you mean by starting to eat them? They're supposed to pick at them and clean them.> By the way I also have soft corals, macro algae and live rock doing very well thanks to your web site. The skunk was the last addition to the tank and everyone was eating good. Thanks for all your help Rex. <Rex. I really have a hard time believing that this shrimp could kill your fish, but it would certainly eat them once they're already dead for some other reason. Do you have LR? I'd be suspicious of a Mantis Shrimp lurking somewhere or of some disease rather than the cleaner.>

Who Took It? >Hi Guys, >>Hello. >I can't begin to tell you how good this site is, you're very generous to give up your time to answer all these questions. Well, in keeping with tradition, I have another question for you: Quite recently I've noticed that a couple of the antenna on one of my cleaner shrimp are considerably shorter than they used to be, I can only think that they've been nipped off by one of the other tank residents.  The suspects are either 1 of the 2 false Perc clowns, a royal Dottyback, small red legged hermits (surely not) or the other cleaner shrimp.  The 2 clowns had been in my 30g tank for about a month before I added the royal dotty and the 2 cleaners (at the same time).   I've heard that royal Dottybacks can become aggressive but would it bite the antenna off of cleaner shrimp? >>I think that wouldn't be impossible.  Not highly likely, but not impossible. >Also will the antenna grow back or is poor old shrimpy permanently disabled (not that it seems to bother the shrimp at all).   >>It should grow back within the next molt or two.   >If the royal dotty is the culprit is there anything I can do about it? >>If it's the culprit, there's not much to do but remove it.  Surely can't be 'trained'.  But, if it's really the perpetrator of this crime, then one of two things has happened - they've drawn their borders which both respect, or you'll be seeing more damage and can better determine the criminal in action. >Thanks in advance for your help and advice!  Mark (Essex, UK) >>You're quite welcome, sorry for the delay (recompiling my kernel on my main machine, and was blessed with the loan of a working laptop!).  Marina >P.S. Below is one of the previous questions I asked, unfortunately you guys didn't get round to answering it….I understand you must have a hell of a lot to answer!  Cheers once again!

Shrimp, The Tasty Hawkfish Treat (3/15/04) Hi,   I have a 40 gallon with a Sixline wrasse, Firefish, and Randall's shrimp goby.  I also have a banded coral shrimp and would like to get a Longnose Hawkfish, but am a bit concerned, as I have the shrimp.  Since this shrimp is larger than most other species, would it be advisable to place a Longnose Hawkfish in with my shrimp?  Thanks!! A.  <You'd be surprised what this Hawkfish can swallow with that "little mouth." If it can't take it in one bite, it will break it up. It may take a year or even longer, but the Long-nosed Hawkfish will eventually eat the shrimp. I'd suggest you chose something else. Steve Allen.>

Re: missing shrimp, again hey WWM crew, how ya doin? <Fine, you?> well, i emailed you about a week and a half ago, about shrimp disappearances, and you said that it was my CBS, but like, 2 days after i got you email back, the CBS shrimp disappeared, and now, one of my decorator crabs disappeared. 2, are there any other ideas other than that one, someone said on a forum site, that maybe it was my bicolor dotty back?? maybe? thanks for you help. Austin <Hi Austin, I'm sorry to hear about your further losses. Do you know the scientific name for the "Bicolor dotty back?" I want to be certain that we're talking about the same species of fish, however, I have a feeling that you're referring to a Bicolor Pseudochromis (Pseudochromis paccagnellae). If this is the case, then most likely this would be the culprit for the missing shrimp. I've observed large P. paccagnellae specimens consume ornamental shrimp, so in this case, the fish would have to be removed to keep shrimp and other invertebrates in your aquarium. Hope this helps, Graham.>

Battling shrimp? 2/17/04 Hi all! I've just started my 46 gallon tank with 50lbs live rock and 40lbs live sand. It's been cycling for a couple weeks and shows well in all tests. I'm hoping to add a pair of mated Coral Banded shrimp with a collection of turbo snails, Blue Legged Hermit, a Sally Lightfoot and Emerald crabs. I was hoping to add a Blood shrimp but after much investigation I've decided it wouldn't be safe. What do you think? What I really would like to know is if the CBS will harm any of the crabs. Thanx for any info you can give! <there is no question in my mind that the coral banded shrimp(s) is/are likely to pull the fire shrimp and any other Lysmata/small clawed shrimp limb from limb. They are very territorial, but hardy and handsome. Do pick one or the other here my friend to be safe :) Anthony>

Coral Banded with crabs 2/17/04 Thanx Anthony! I've decided not to put the Blood shrimp at risk. How about the crabs? <sturdy crabs are likely safe with the CB shrimp... but few if any crabs are truly reef safe in the long run. I rarely recommend them if you intend to keep corals or polyps> There's a lot of small hiding areas in my rock work so I'm hoping that will help. But I'd like your impute on it. Thanx again for you wonderful site!! <thanks kindly, Anthony>

Saron shrimp: reef safe? Nope 1/30/04 Hi! I am planning to get a Saron shrimp and I checked your website for more info on Saron shrimps, but I couldn't find anything that says whether they are reef-safe or not, as I've received mixed opinions on them. So, may I know whether I could keep this shrimp in a reef-setting without corals getting pestered. Andrew Lee <an easy one, mate... Saron shrimp are categorically un-safe with benthic invertebrates. They are generally opportunistic and commonly attack bivalves (including Tridacnid clams), harass other bottom dwelling fishes and invertebrates. And frankly are opportunistic scavengers/bullies. Anthony>

Sexy shrimp compatibility 1/30/04 Hello Crew, <howdy> I would like to know if a few sexy shrimp ( Thor amboinensis) would be o.k. to put in my tank. Currently I have 2 Percula clowns, 1 Royal Gramma, 1 Flower Anemone, 2 Hermit Crabs, 1 Skunk Cleaner shrimp, and an assortment of snails, in a 40 gallon breeder tank that is 14 months old.( pat yourselves on the back for my tank being up and running so far without a loss of life.. great advice!). I read your site daily.  Just curious if they will become food for someone in the tank,  if they host in a specific anemone or do they need one at all. Thanks Steve Scott <the do not need an anemone at all... and seem like they may be able to fit into this tank. There is some concern about aggression from the Lysmata shrimp... and hermit crabs are always unpredictable (I almost never recommend them for reefs anymore). Still... your chances are very good here. Perhaps add a small refugium to the tank and introduce them there (first, at least). Anthony>

Coral Banded Meal Sorry about bugging you again so soon, but I have one more quick question.  My coral banded shrimp which I've had for about 2 weeks now seems to be missing those elaborate long arms of his.  I have only seen him molt once, and he was kinda disturbed during this process--->My Valentini Puffer took a peck at him while he was shuffling out of his old shell, so he might have emerged prematurely, if that's possible.  Anyways, I'm not sure what to make of it, I noticed it only late last night.  I know he has the ability to grow them back, but is there any cause for concern?  Thanks again Peace and Chicken Grease.      -Dave H. <Dave, no real cause for concern.  I have had Coral Banded Shrimp lose arms in the past as well; they always grow back.  But, if you're fond of him, you want to separate him from the puffer.  That puffer likely WILL eat him someday.  Cheers, Ryan>

Shrimpy Shrimps - Which One's For Me? >Howdy wet ones, compatibility question for you today.   >>Greetings.  Lay it on me. >I've read that cleaner shrimps have the potential to nip at clams.   >>I've only seen it mentioned very occasionally.  I never once had a problem with my cleaners (Lysmata spp.), and honestly wouldn't worry too much about it. >What about a Coral Banded Shrimp?   >>Never seen one go after clams, but I HAVE seen them shred any other shrimps they can.  They'll give YOU a pinch, too. >Or a Blood Shrimp?   >>Love these shy beauties.  Would be just fine, also have seen these act as cleaners.  Much more shy, though. >Besides clams, will they bother any of the other inhabitants: Tubipora, Acros, Dwarf Angels, Purple Dottyback, Kole Tang.  I enjoy the clams, my wife likes the shrimps... decisions, decisions. >>Generally, shrimps of the Lysmata genus tend to be peaceable and not at all troublesome with inverts or other tankmates.  I would leave out the CB if you think you want to add other small shrimps.  Once established, they own the tank.  ALL fish listed will be unharrassed with the shrimps listed, including the CB.  Marina Thanks and have a good one!  Paul

Fight of the Year!  Coral Banded Shrimp vs. Mantis! >Saludos Salados: >>Greetings! >Last week I purchased a CBS and placed him on a 10gal tank. This tank has been running for a year with no apparent problem. The other tankmates are a Cinnamon Clown a Turbo snail and a couple of Bumble Bee snails. >>Alright.  And now..?? >Recently my wife noticed a strange animal in one of the life rock holes. For her description I think we have a Mantis in the tank. >>Oh no.. <groan>.  I had a tank wiped out by a mantis once. >This would explain the disappearance of a Royal Gramma about a month ago. >>It would explain it quite neatly. >My question is, will the CBS kill the Mantis or the other way around? >>My money's on the mantis, hands DOWN.  As a matter of fact, being as how I'm NOT a gambling woman, I would actually put money on that one. >I am concerned for the CBS (named Jacques) which my son regards as a cool pet to have.  Best Regards; Jos?A. Gonz?ez >>I would be concerned as well.  There are those who've had luck using different traps.  At the very least (and often the best), if you can determine which piece of rock it's in, then you can remove it to a pail of fresh water.  This will cause the animal to exit IMMEDIATELY, and allow you to put the rock back in sans mantis.  Marina

Succulent Shrimp?  Like to say first, thanks for help in the past and keeping the site as great  as it is. <Surely! Ryan with you today>  My questions, any idea why my purple tang is picking on the cleaner shrimp <Yes, tangs can be highly territorial and be intolerant of anything in their space.>  ...and is a Episcopal Miter - Mitra mitra okay for a DSB? Was looking for a  fighting conch to cleanup the debris on the DSB, LFS told this would be a  safe alternative. <Hmmm...An odd choice, but sounds suitable.>  About 6 weeks ago came home to find the shrimp missing and pieces of antenna about, thought it was a molt but the shrimp was MIA. He showed up a few days later less his antennas and some legs. Never had problems before.  Shrimp finally had a molt last night and was back to normal size and out all day. Just was watching the tank and shrimp was back as far as he could go under some rock. As I was shining a light on him to see better, he came out only to have the tang trim off some antenna. <Do you have a sump you stick him in for a few weeks?>  No changes to the tank other than lost a yellow wrasse that when carpet surfing a few weeks ago and added the snail. All parameters okay but for a outbreak of hair algae. <Good>  Tank is 75g FOWLR, up since Oct/02, tang added late Dec/02, shrimp Feb/03.   Tang's now about 4.5-5". Others are 2 clowns and a Dottyback.  <You can try and remove the shrimp for a while, and then bring him back. But, now that he's drawn blood it may be in vain. You may want to try a more substantial shrimp. Or offer lemon and butter. :) >  Mark, Edmonton Alberta (they're forecasting up to 25cm of snow by tonight)  <Ryan, San Francisco, CA. They're forecasting clouds this week! Don't know how you snow-types manage. Best of luck, and get that shrimp out of there!>

Lysmata shrimp reef safe... Ahh, no 10/17/03 Hello, <howdy> I have a 55 gallon aquarium with these things: blue regal tang (small-medium) yellow tang (small-medium) Naso tang (medium) cinnamon clown (small) neon goby (small, of course) 2 x scarlet cleaner shrimp peppermint shrimp (to eat the glass anemones) pom-pom xenia bubble-tip anemone red and blue legged hermits and one zebra hermit crab Everything was fine until I added the peppermint shrimp and the pom-pom.  After I added them, I noticed that the flowery part of the pom-poms were getting eaten, and now they are deflated and flowerless in a breeder tank to isolate them.  At the same time, the antennae of the cleaner shrimp are slowly getting eaten.  Every day they get shorter.  There is also a little disharmony in the tank now, whereas before I got the peppermint shrimp and the pom-pom, everybody was pretty happy and getting along. I've talked to several people about this and no answer seems to make any sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, Chris <reef shrimps of the genus Lysmata have a long-standing and well-documented history of nipping, eating or harassing desirable reef invertebrates (corals and clams are favorite foods at times <G>). The peppermint shrimp has become popular recently as you have discovered for eating Aiptasia. The addition and practice is ill-advised in my opinion. We cannot expect these shrimp to eat one Cnidarian (the Aiptasia) while leaving other cnidarians (corals like your Xeniid) alone. It just doesn't work that way. More importantly, we are not addressing the problem (inadequate water flow and/or excess nutrients) which are fueling the Aiptasia bloom. Instead... we are treating the symptom by sending in the borderline reef-safe Lysmata. There is much writ on this genus in popular hobby lit, including many wonderful breeding reports, a book on how to breed them (by April Kirkendall) and we too (Fenner and Calfo) cover them well in our latest book, Reef Invertebrates. The shrimp is a hardy and wonderful organism to keep... just not in a traditional reef aquarium. My advice is to trap and remove the shrimp. Best regards, Anthony>

- Longnose Hawkfish and Shrimp - Good Day! <Hello to you.> Firstly, I'd like to thank you for such quick responses to me and everyone else whom depends on you and everyone else involved.  You guys are a blessing for us to be able to get in touch with.  Truly, we consider ourselves lucky.  Thank you. I would refrain from sending in question(s), because I'd rather read through everyone else's questions and problems to see if maybe I can find the answer here within the pages of the site, rather than use of your valuable time.  This time around, I haven't been able to find any readings that make me lean towards more of a well informed and wiser decision.     My livestock consists of-     1 Banggai Cardinal     2 Seahorses     1 Fridmani Pseudochromis     1 Yellow Clown Goby     4 Hawaiian Feather Dusters     3 Peppermint Shrimp     1 Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp     Numerous Nassarius, Cerith, Trochus Snails and numerous Hermits (scarlet reef, dwarf blue legged, dwarf zebra, dwarf red tipped) * 31 pounds of Fiji live rock and almost 28 pounds of live sand plus Caulerpa (30 gal tank) I'm amazed, even though I'm used to it by now... but how well the Banggai cardinal, fridmani Pseudochromis and yellow clown goby get along.  They truly seem to be "buddies"-and don't mind the presence of each other at all.  As a matter of fact they more often than not, hang out together in a little group.  I just got lucky I guess.  That's half the game on some gambles!  Choke it up to the hobby of fish keeping. I ordered a Longnose Hawkfish... I was guided in a direction where as my shrimp are quite a decent size, so he/she may wind up really ignoring them... but as with all livestock, nothing and nothing is predictable.  I cherish my shrimp and especially since I've had one pass away due it's not being able to finish its molting (as I've emailed you prior)    Granted there are no WILLs and WON'TS about keeping a Longnose Hawkfish with these tank inhabitants I already have stocked, but for the most part-with a sharp eye on his behavior and taking the time to see how he reacts to everyone else in the tank over a decent period of time... I was told he would quite possibly be fine in the system.  On the other hand, I've read here a few times that keeping the Longnose Hawkfish along with some of the livestock I have... is more of a risk than it is a chance for the Longnose Hawkfish to wind up being peaceful.  After reading what one of you or your partners wrote, I decided I loved my shrimp far too much to risk the chance of them being considered PREY.  I cancelled my order for the Longnose Hawkfish!  ((((sad sad sad face)))) Can you tell me one on one, why you would consider or wouldn't consider keeping the Longnose Hawkfish in your system if you had mine? <Mostly because all Hawkfish are carnivorous predators. As you mentioned, there are variations and possibilities, but if you really value that shrimp I wouldn't do it. Mostly because things will likely be fine for a year and then one day... the Hawkfish will decide it's time for a snack.> Lastly... I'd like to have at least one more fish... and it's a bit hard to find one that is going to be peaceful and compatible with close to every single inhabitant in the tank... but I think I've come across one... The Filamented Flasher Wrasse... Your opinion on keeping one of these with my described livestock as my last fish for the system????? <Well, you didn't mention the size of the tank...>  Or could you possibly think it's already way too overstocked, or close to be overstocked??? <Really depends on the size of the tank.> Of all fishes whom lend exotic visuals and more of a peaceful temperament... I narrowed it down to the Filamented Flasher Wrasse... maybe you will tell me otherwise. <Is a very pretty fish, but needs some room to be happy.> I can't wait to hear from you guys!!!!  Your time is always appreciated more than you can fathom.  Peace out. Rocko <Cheers, J -- >

Evil Peppermint Shrimp! >Just an FYI to all of you getting lured into buying 'reef safe' peppermint shrimp.  Be cautious.  So far $3 peppermint shrimp wiped out 2 of my plate corals.  Now that they are gone, I can't wait to see what they move onto next.  Any ideas on getting them out of the tank without having to rip a fully stocked tank apart would be greatly helpful.  I doubt the jar trick would work since I have fish and hermits in there and they would probably go nuts trying to get at the bait. >>Wow, gotcha.  This is the biggest problem we have with common names.  I bet you *didn't* get Lysmata wurdemanni, which is the animal that we all love and often use to control Aiptasia.  However, there is at least one other animal that goes by the "Peppermint" moniker, Rhynchocinetes spp., with large eyes and a beaklike "nose" (you'll also note that their color saturation is strikingly different and much stronger).  Now, honestly, I would do the jar bit after dark.  Persistence means that you'll eventually trap these things, unless you're very good with a net (this does take practice).  I haven't got many other answers for you, other than to possibly isolate their hiding spots as one would a mantis, then yank that rock, dip in freshwater and they should exit quickly.  I do hope this helps, and let this be a warning to others!  Marina >Thanks, Andy

-Goby shrimp w/out a shrimp goby!- Crew Person: <Kevin person here tonight> I was able to get a "paired" Randall's Prawn Goby (Amblyeleotris randalli) & Pistol Shrimp.  Unfortunately, a week into QT, the Goby died.  Now I am sitting here with a pretty expensive shrimp (that looks more like a lobster).  Anyway, my question is this:  can I get another fish to pair up, or am I up shrimp's creek without a Goby? <Haha, I suppose that would depend on the goby. Shrimp/goby pairs are actually very easy to set-up, so I hope you didn't pay too much for the luxury. I would just get a hold of another Randall's (after making sure what happened to this one won't happen again) and you've got a pretty good chance it will pair up. Make that a 95% chance.> It doesn't sound likely, but I had to ask the pros.  If the possibility exists, can I get any species of shrimp goby, or stick with Randall's? <The Randall's are pretty promiscuous as far as shrimp are concerned, so I'd go with that one. Good luck! -Kevin> Thanks for all you do, Rich.

Stenopus hispidus and Lysmata Wurdemanni, can't we all just get along? 09/04/03 Hello all at WetWeb, <Hi Peggy, PF on call tonight> Quick question for you:  Will a Stenopus hispidus and a Lysmata Wurdemanni get along? I know the Stenopus is not fond of its own kind short of a mate, but how would it behave around the Wurdemanni? Thanks, Peggy <Well Peggy, it's a might big if. Some do, some don't. A lot depends on the size of the system, bigger is better so they're not always tripping over each other. Also, you might want to try and get a mated pair, I had a pair once, and I'm still kicking myself for losing them. Have a good night, PF>

Shrimp and the dotty... 07/15/03 <Hi James, PF with you tonight> Hi, I want to thank all of you first of all for all of your help and support.  You all are doing a great job!  I have several questions for you.  I have a 75 gallon saltwater tank (fish only).  I have been considering getting a couple of shrimp but was told that many fish (even the peaceful ones I have) may try to eat the shrimp.  I have a pair of clowns and in the future plan on a bi-color Dottyback, a dwarf angel and a flame Hawkfish.  What are your thoughts about adding shrimp to a tank with these fish?  Are the fire red shrimp hardy and do they come out with the tank  light on?  How many would you recommend in a 75 gallon tank?   Also, Is there any type of butterfly fish that would be suitable for beginners and are very hardy?  I was considering a pair of the black and white ones.  Thank you in advance for your help. James <Thanks James, it's what we're here for. On to your questions. Shrimp and Dottybacks (well, most any fish actually) are a crap shoot. My two orchids lived peacefully with my cleaner and peppermints till I bought two more cleaners (in a 75g), and then they hunted them all down and ripped them to shreds. Go figure. The Hawkfish though, rules them out. It will eat them. The fire shrimp come from cooler waters than most reef tanks, in the low 70's (there from deeper in the reefs (IIRC, under 100'), thus their higher price, red color, and preference for cooler waters. As for butterfly's, I would recommend a Klein's Butterfly Chaetodon Kleinii, hardy and they stay relatively small. Have a good night, PF>

Bird Wrasse & Shrimp? Ahhh... no. - 7/14/03 Is any Lysmata or Stenopus shrimp safe in the same tank as a bird wrasse? What about neon gobies? <I would not attempt either with the hardy but predatory bird wrasses. Anthony>

Cleaner Shrimp >Hello, >>Good morning, Marina here. >I am having some trouble with my 30 Gallon tank.  We have multiple Featherdusters, some mushrooms, 30 lbs live rock, 1 clown fish, 1 pygmy angel, 2 green Chromis, 1 Pseudochromis, 1 sally lightfoot.  The problem is we have tried on 2 occasions to have a scarlet cleaner shrimp.  The first one we found in the morning missing part of it's tail.  The last one we found with the sally lightfoot starting to eat it under one the rocks.  Is the sally lightfoot known to go after scarlet shrimp?   >>The crab is known to cause trouble, not specifically to scarlet cleaners, but to any fish or invertebrate it finds tasty.  Otherwise I would surmise you have a mantis, but it would have nailed the crab, so I don't think this is the case.  The Sally lightfoot crab (a common name given to more than one species of crab--some of them quite destructive in a home reef), is known to be unpredictable at best.  This one has proven its propensity and preference for the tiny lobster you attempted.  I suggest STRONGLY that you discontinue placing small, unprotected crustaceans in the same tank.  I would expect that the reef-safe hermits would stand a better chance against this predator.  C'est la vies, eh? >Is the sally just eating the shrimp and the shrimp is dying from other circumstances?  Water levels check out and everyone else looks healthy. >>Again, very doubtful, I place the blame squarely on the crab.  Best of luck to you, Doug!  Marina

Articles?? Hi, I am Marine biology Student at Venezuela! I am making an theoretical research about shrimp and anemone associations. Do you have some other information besides the one that is published?( paper and publications, pdf files???) I would be very grateful if you could reply, or send the information! Thanks a lot! Deborah <Hello from Hawai'i! I don't have much more to send along on the topics mentioned other than what is posted on WetWebMedia.com Bob Fenner>

Peppermint shrimp as cocktails? Hi Bob, <Hi Al> I meet you at the Brooklyn aquarium society on May 9.My question is I just added 5 peppermint shrimp to my 120 gallon tank. Will any of these fish eat them 1) Purple Tang 2) neon Pseudochromis 3)  Kole tang Note : I did take out my flame hawk, I caught him in a fish trap <Ah, good. these other fishes should be fine with the shrimp, given there is enough cover (rockwork) for them to hide in during molts. Bob Fenner>            Thanks Al

Shrimp Hi, Bob.  <friend/author Anthony Calfo in your service> My tank is doing fine (remember, Honduras, 100 gal. FO tank). Question: Can I add a fire/scarlet shrimp and a peppermint shrimp to my banded coral shrimp? Thanks as always, Bernd <All beauties...but alas, not safe with the banded coral shrimp. This large clawed species can be quite territorial and may tear the fire and peppermint shrimps limb from limp. Unduly risky... best regards. Anthony>

Shrimp (Steve's turn) Hi, Bob. <Steven "talking" right now.> My tank is doing fine (remember, Honduras, 100 gal. FO tank). Question: Can I add a fire/scarlet shrimp and a peppermint shrimp to my banded coral shrimp? <Sometimes. Your problem will be the Coral Banded Shrimp. I have seen several instances of shrimp species coexisting in tanks over 100 gallons, but many times some of them "disappear". Coral Banded Shrimp are notorious for killing other species.> Thanks as always, Bernd <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Shrimps Can a Pistol Shrimp and a Mantis Shrimp (Peacock) live together safely? <Not indefinitely... in any but a very large system for their size, species they will see each other as food. Bob Fenner>

Re: Missing Perc Steven Pro, I just wanted to reply to inform you of my new success. I took the initiative to remove my pistol shrimp because when I came home, I noticed that he captured another Perc. I dug up the pistol burrow and found literally a tomb of 2 Percs slowly decaying (not good for tank chemistry). I obviously removed the carcasses and transported the pistol to a quarantine tank. I believe that I accomplished this without disturbing the other fish too much, but only time will tell. Thank you for your help.  AJ <I am glad to help you, but I am still not sure that he killed the fish or merely scavenged the bodies. -Steven Pro>

Fighting Shrimp - 2/15/03 Will different types of shrimp fight in a tank, or will they leave each other alone. <most will fight like reef creatures in general. The reef is a tough and crowded environment and conspecifics are rarely tolerated. Withy so many different types of non-competitive creatures available, our advice is not to mix shrimp, tangs, triggers, most crabs, etc. Enjoy a variety instead> Specifically a pair of cleaner and a pair of pistol shrimp. <the cleaner shrimp may be injured. If you'd like to experiment mixing shrimp... blend the small-clawed species like camel, peppermint, fire/blood and cleaner shrimp and avoid the large-clawed species like boxers/banded corals and pistol shrimp. With kind regards, Anthony>

Small Box fish and cleaner shrimp I saw this cute little fellow at the LFS and he was about a inch long.  He was a yellow spot boxfish! <Sometimes called a Boston Bean!> His mouth looked as big as the point on a ball point pen. Could he harm cleaner shrimp?  ( such a tiny cute little dude) <Not while he's small> How fast do the grow?   <Moderately> I saw in the general description that they eat anything too slow to get away. <Eventually this will include cleaner shrimp!> Is this true of this tiny mouthed box fish? (such a cute little dude) <Yep!> I will have a nest of cleaner shrimp.  And that is the only one thing that I'm settled on for stocking the 200plus tank.  So if They grow too fast, or would eat the shrimp at the present size, then I will kiss them good bye! <There's another problem with this fish. They're not very hardy and are susceptible to parasites such as ich and velvet. If they die they will sometimes release toxin into the water that could take out your whole tank. Ya gotta watch out for the "cute" fish! They can be real trouble!> Thanks Keith <My pleasure. Take a look at the WetWebMedia website articles and facts to find much more information on this and thousands of other fish. David D.>

Throw a Couple of Shrimp On The Barbie? I have two new cleaner shrimp (Lysmata amboinensis) that are irritating my BTA. They probe its tentacles and walk on the anemone's stalk (it's foot is attached under a ledge and the oral disc hangs out into the light), and generally pick at it. They give it this attention even after being fed. Every time they walk on it, it folds up some, and the tentacles shrink away when whiskers brush against them. <Very annoying...> This attention is causing a general shrinking and folding, where before it was open fully and enjoying life. This started as soon as the shrimp started cleaning it. Will the anemone get accustomed to this attention, or should trade the shrimp in? Tank 29 gallons/2x65W PC lighting/2" Caribbean aragonite/35 lb Fiji rock SG 1.026/Ph 8.2/79 F/CPR BakPak II/Penguin 550 PH/Aquaclear 200 with carbon Livestock: Ocellaris x2/2" Regal tang/Hammer coral/Zebra hermits x10/Scarlet hermits x12/Trochus x9/Archaster star/Tuxedo urchin/Feather duster x3/Grn star polyps <A very frustrating problem, one that I have personal had, and hear about from others often. Unfortunately, I cannot give you any 100% certain answer...Sometimes the coral or anemone gets used to the shrimps' presence, other times it can be a terrible problem. If it were me, I'd give them another few days. If things don't improve for your anemone, I'd find a new home for the shrimp before it gets too bad for your BTA. Good luck! Scott F.>

Shrimp in Clam gills WWM crew, I hope your New Years is going well!  Please do be careful if you are on the roads this New Years Eve!   <thanks kindly... Happy New Years!> I have a quick couple of questions! I have a 5" fat, round T. squamosa. First question - I looked inside his exhalant siphon and lo and behold, there is a shrimp living in there!  It is small, clear with lots of black spots all over it.  I don't know what to think, or do for that matter.   <I have been e-mailing Daniel Knop (author of Giant Clams) about this recently as it has come up several times. The shrimp does appear to be at least mildly parasitic- feeding on gill tissue in part. Large clams seem to live with this fascinating arthropod with seemingly little or no ill effects. Your call on removal. May I ask you to take some hi-res photos is you have a good digital camera? You can e-mail them here or to me personally at readingtrees@yahoo.com> Second question - the inhalant siphon is large, and I'm wondering if it is gaping.  I researched clams before purchasing and know that it is very hard to diagnose gaping, as all clams are different.   <hmmm... still... gaping clams are unmistakable. They are slow to respond and just don't look well. I say if it was gaping, you'd know it!> The siphon is about 2" long and is normally open to about 1/2" to 5/8" wide.  When it wants to the clam can almost completely close it.   <a good sign> Overall the color is great, the clam reacts very quickly and very strongly to literally all stimuli, even if I just turn to peer closer at him he'll often cringe up for a second.   <excellent> It is my first clam, so I'm a bit apprehensive.  Much like a new mother I am sure!   <is this the first time you've been called a mother? <G>> Thank you for your time yet again! RVM <Heehee... our great pleasure. Anthony>

Sponge-dwelling shrimp Hello, I'm doing an essay on Sponge-dwelling shrimp. I cannot find out if all shrimp in the genus Synalpheus are sponge-dwelling. <No, not all. Please see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/inverts/arthropoda/shrimp/shrimp.htm> Also, are there any other sponge-dwelling shrimp other genuses? <The plural of genus is genera. And yes, there are other genera, families that live as commensals with sponges. Bob Fenner> Would be very grateful for a reply. Thank you, Rhian

Alas... Shrimps will nibble clams 3/14/03 Hello Bob et al, <cheers, mate> My Tridacnid is doing well but for one problem.  It has decided that it likes its placement on my reef and has attempted (a couple times) to attach via its byssal thread/tissues.  Unfortunately, my Lysmata amboinensis feel that this byssal production is a gift from the heavens and pulls it free to dine upon it!!  I've placed small pieces of rubble around the clam's shell, enough to protect it, but not to impede on its ability to open and close at will, however, the shrimp excavate and harvest with little problem. Is this going to hurt the clam?   <unfortunately... many/most shrimp will nibble and eat clams. It is well-documented in popular aquarium literature. A few behave, but most will nibble> Should I get rid of my efficient cleaner shrimp?   <yes, indeed... with the clam in residence> Any advice is greatly appreciated. PS.. Bob, Anthony, Steven, Jason, David...heck.. all of you are wonderful.  Thanks for all that you do for this community! David <thanks kindly for saying so :) Best regards! Anthony>

Camelback shrimp I have a camelback shrimp and I am wondering if this is a bad shrimp for a reef aquarium? I have done some research that would suggest that this shrimp is not good for the reef, but I'm not quite sure. Before I rip the aquarium apart trying to catch him, could you also tell me if there are any good ways of trapping this shrimp. I also noticed that one of my leathers looked as if it was chewed on. The only culprit in my eyes would be the camelback, beings the chew marks were not on the leather the day before and it had to happen at night. Thank you for your time. Mike <<Camel, aka Hingeback, Dancing Shrimp, family Rhynchocinetidae are definitely NOT safe around soft, leather corals... and will indeed, pinch and chew off bits of these and other polyp animals... On the other hand, folks do keep these gregarious shrimps with stinging anemones and bubble corals.... I would remove it, post haste. Bob Fenner>>

Shrimp Hi, I just wanted to thank you for all your previous help...I am still new to this section of the hobby having a salt tank for only 6 months (I did fresh for about ten years before I got brave enough). Any way I wanted to ask you about mixing various species of shrimp...from what I have read on your site it doesn't sound as if this is a good idea.  <Hmm, actually, a bunch of the species regularly offered in the trade can be mixed... given enough room, hiding spaces to shed/rebuild in, food...> I really wanted a couple of cleaner shrimp and maybe a peppermint and a boxer or a pistol (I would like to try a pistol because I have a pair of threadfin gobies Stonogobiops nematodes, not that they are unhappy in my tank....on the contrary that are fat and healthy!) Is this a wise decision?  <Again, can be done...> I will probably wait another six months for any of these additions...I have been having ammonia problems and wish to get this under control before adding too much. As it is this is my tank... A 60 gal (soon to have a 20gal refugium) with an Anthias (Pseudanthias truncatus, and I was wondering if anyone else had this fish as I am curious about behavior and I can't seem to get another one.  <http://wetwebmedia.com/anthiina.htm, don't have pic... have never seen imported... from the western Pacific...> It came in as P. tuka alone and the LFS hasn't been able to get another yet... how long can he go without a buddy... he kicks everybody around the tank except the threadfins which he cozies up to, the threadfins have tried to kick him out of their cave several times but he doesn't seem to get the picture....he eats good and looks good) anyway...there are two very shy damsels in there, a Sixline wrasse, a pair of regularly spawning scooter dragonets, two threadfin gobies, two Condylactis anemones, a flower anemone, a Sea Cucumber, a trio of blue leg hermits, a bumblebee hermit (?), a scarlet hermit, about 50lb of LR, and 45 lb of sand, filtration is a emperor 400, with a protein skimmer, and a bubble wand running behind the LR for aeration and water movement as well as two power heads at opposite ends of the tank for more movement. <All sounds good> I would like to add two more fish and a few more inverts (the fish being another Anthias and a royal Gramma) would this be too much? <I would go with two more Pseudanthias (females) and skip the Gramma... too much likelihood of fighting> Another thing just as a side note.... earth quakes.... If you have well water and are in an earthquake zone...I've had 3 or 4 that you could feel and hear this year alone, then I would be constantly checking your tap/well. My water was perfect until last month when we were hit with a 5.0, and then my ammonia skyrocketed. Before I knew what happened my water had clouded up and my beautiful Singapore angel was being consumed by my flower anemone (I think it was just dumb luck for the anemone, bad luck for the angel) Fore the next month I fought like a demon to save everybody else...I started using purified seawater from a local zoo/aquarium....well everyone is good, the only thing that still "hurt" is the Sea Cucumber whose tentacles are still recovering from ammonia burn... he's eating well, and, though he still isn't coming out as much as he used to, he comes out more every day. (also during this time of recoup he moved, from the time I bought it has always stay right next to the intake to the filter, as he liked to lick it... he didn't move far only an inch but I thought this was interesting.) Anyway thank you for all your help, past and present. Kim <Hmm, do consider, pre-mixing, storing, aerating your new seawater: My protocol, rationale: http://wetwebmedia.com/water4maruse.htm Be chatting, Bob Fenner>

Atlantic shrimps and fish compatibility Mr. Bob Fenner Has been sometime since the last contact with you. It was about my home made Ca reactor.... it is working fine.... Alk is 12 and Ca about 450. <Yes I remember your name. Excellent> This time I need your advice about the possible introduction of two animal species in my main tank : 100 gallons ; half a dozen of soft and hard corals; a lot of small Atlantic Hermit crabs (Calcinus spp?)  <Perhaps> two Lysmata amboinensis and 3 fishes: purple tang, blue damsel and pigmy angel. Other fishes, like 1 Z. Flavescens, 1 Mandarin and a Clown have died with Amyloodinium (probably), four weeks after the introduction of an apparently healthy, but now also dead, Leucosternon. <A shame> In another tank I have for several months 5 gobies, Gobius paganellus and a lot of small shrimps, Palaemon elegans, all collected by myself here in Madeira Island. They look great an growing and I am thinking to put some of them, may be two gobies and two small shrimps, in the main tank. Are there some known incompatibility between this shrimps and the Lysmata? This kind of shrimp is very fast moving in the water, so I think that may be they could escape from the damsel in the first contacts. I am tempted to try the cohabitation but first I want your opinion <Don't know of any such incompatibilities... not specific predators on each other, occupy similar but distinct food, space niches... as you likely know, having collected them> Mr. Fenner, thank you in advance for your reply. Flio Ribeiro <You're welcome my friend. Bob Fenner>

Fish and Shrimp compatibility Mr. Fenner Just to thank for your fast reply to my question about shrimp and fish compatibility. Also to say I hope that all of us but the American People in special, could have enough strength and evidence to deal with this big problem caused by some faceless specimens. Thank you, from Portugal, Flio Ribeiro <Thank you my friend. Bob Fenner>

Compatibility (two marine shrimp species) Hi, Bob and good evening. Can a coral banded shrimp and a fire shrimp live together in a 100 gal FO tank? <These should go fine together in such a size system... with plenty of rock decor> Also a royal Gramma and a dotty back? (Maybe orchid Dottyback?) <I give you better than even odds with these two... particularly if the Dottyback is tank-bred/reared... this species is an easier-going Pseudochromid. Bob Fenner> Thanks, Bernd

Shrimp Compatibility Hi Bob, Thank you again for the information and help you provide. Here is another compatibility question: 300 gallon live rock / live sand reef tank. I have 5 huge common cleaner shrimp, Lysmata amboinensis, already in it. Pretty much just herbivore fish. I would like to add another variety of shrimp to the tank. I want to avoid companion killers, crab predators, fish murderers, and, most of all, the dreaded Shrimp Wars that you talk about. Some candidates are Lysmata debelius, Lysmata wurdemanni, and Stenopus hispidus. Who would be your vote for Mr. / Ms. Congeniality? <Hmm, either L. debelius or a couple of S. hispidus... due to the size of your system, plenty of hiding spaces, good husbandry... these should get along. Do feed existing tank right ahead of their introduction. Bob Fenner> Thanks! Dale M.

Re: Aiptasia, Shrimp, CBS meals Hello Bob, My 40g reef tank is about 6months old and just recently there has been an outbreak of Aiptasia anemones. I've tried adding a peppermint shrimp to the tank but after a few days I can't seem to find it anymore. In my tank, I have a Banggai cardinal, purple Firefish, and a coral banded shrimp. <whoa! Hello killer! Banded coral shrimps pull many/most/all other shrimps limb from limb!> Could the Coral Banded shrimp have eaten the peppermint shrimp?  <does a bear bring a reader's digest into the woods?> I also have a bunch of emerald crabs that came with the LR. <sturdy and safe from the BC shrimp> Thanks in advance. Jason <best regards, Anthony>

Shrimp question Hi, <cheers> I just got a yellow watchman goby for my tank. How do I put a shrimp with it, and which shrimp do I get?  <commensal pistol shrimp generally must be collected with their watchman goby to be compatible. Even when that is not the case, one usually needs to match the exact natural partner species with the goby. You need to get an accurate scientific name for your goby first... then research the commensal species for this goby. It is very unlikely that you will be able to find a compatible match without having obtained a collected pair.> My tank is a 38 gallon with only fish, and a starfish.  Thanks, Dyanna <do tell us if you find a species that works. Kindly, Anthony>

What is my Candy shrimp doing to the mushroom coral? Hi Bob, <Steven Pro in this morning.> I'm a new hobbyist and I have noticed that my Candy shrimp is climbing over my mushroom coral. This does not look good as the coral curls up and lets off a lot of white stringy stuff. It looks like the shrimp is feeding but I need to know if this will damage the coral? <Yes on both accounts, feeding and damage. Try target feeding the shrimp to see if it will leave your mushrooms alone. Many of the crustaceans we keep are capable and willing to eat our other inverts if hungry enough.> Please enlighten me as to what is going on. Many thanks, Dave <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Shrimp question I have had a saltwater tank set up just over six months and I started off wanting to do a reef tank but then decided against it for now. One of the things I added to the tank once the time was right was a cleaner shrimp and a few other reef compatible fish. I ended up giving my fish to someone else who had a saltwater tank but decided to keep the cleaner shrimp and my scooter blenny. I was considering getting a clown trigger and purchased one a week ago, <Yikes!> the first day he nipped at the shrimp taking off part of his tail and a leg or two before I could stop the trigger. I was told that the trigger wouldn't harm the shrimp since the trigger was a baby (less than one inch long and the shrimp is about three inches long) but obviously the person who gave me the information was wrong. <Yes... hopefully they'll be reincarnated as a shrimp... in with a triggerfish!> At the moment I have the shrimp in a refugium and his doing fine, eating normally and everything. I was wondering if the shrimp will regrow its tail and legs or if they are lost forever. <Definitely the legs will regenerate... if the animal lives... likely in a molt or two> I am not going to release the shrimp into the tank once it does heal, but will give it to someone else or give it back to a local fish store. Before I give it to the store I want to know if he will be worth someone buying to put in their tank. <Likely so... gauging from the fact that the animal is still alive. Bob Fenner> Thanks! Brent Miller

Picking on my shrimps Hello WetWebMedia Crew,  <<Hello, JasonC here...>> Your website is great and the service you provide to the hobby community invaluable.  <<I'm happy you find it thus.>> I have a Scarlet cleaner shrimp and a Bali fire shrimp which I introduced to my 46 G just about 3-4 weeks ago. I have live rock and there is enough space to hide for the two of them and the 5 fishes. Only my 1.25" pygmy angel has been using their cleaning services, and otherwise the harmony between shrimps and fishes had been good so far. Two days ago, the fire shrimp had its first molting in my tank and a few hours later, I saw my 2" (juvenile) Hippo Tang and my 1.5"-2" Pseudochromis fridmani (Orchid Dottyback) pick off all its - from the molting probably still soft - antennas and biting off one of its legs. I didn't like that, and put the shrimp in a plastic container within the tank, so it won't be attacked any further. Today, 2 days after this sudden attack by the fishes, they were picking on my cleaner shrimp (not yet molted) which now quite shocked, with only one antenna but still has all legs... The fire shrimp is now enjoying the cleaner shrimp's company in the little nursery plastic "castle". I'm guessing they will be in there until their "extremities" have regrown, or until they molt the next time, or what do you suggest?  <<Well, more cover/live rock perhaps, as even once their limbs grow back [which happens when they molt, and usually not all at once] they will likely get picked on again. What are your feeding habits here - possible your fish are still hungry, so good food is where you find it, so to speak.>> Is there anything that can be done to avoid this newly discovered shrimp picking activity by fishes (the pygmy angel does not participate, and the two clowns, the only other fishes in the tank apart from the tang and the Dottyback seemed to do so only because of them doing it).  <<Not really.>>  Is feeding brine shrimp (currently 2-3 times a week) not a good idea because it creates an appetite in the fishes for shrimp?  <<Brine shrimp and cleaner shrimp really aren't the same - I wouldn't feed brine shrimp for other reasons, most notably because they just don't add up nutritionally, kind of like potato chips.>> I mean, I don't mind them not using the cleaning services, as long as they let harmony rule over the tank again.  <<That harmony might not be so easy to attain - the hippo tang and Dottyback obviously has their own ideas.>> I'd appreciate your comments and solutions very much.  Thanks from New York, Dan

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