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FAQs on Valenciennea/Sleeper, Sifter Gobies: Identification

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Goby ID?      2/13/19
Hi Bob and Team,
<Hi Beta, Wil this morning>.
Any idea on what this goby might be?
<Yes, its a Railway sleeper Goby (Valenciennea helsdingeni). One of my faves! thanks for sharing.>
<Welcome. Wil.>

Re: Goby ID?      2/13/19
Thanks for the ID Wil!
<You´re welcome!. Wil.>

ID for fishes from Sulawesi     1/30/18
would you, please, identify these fishes from Sulawesi
<Hey Igor! Will try my best, the first appears to be Valenciennea limicola, a/the Mud Goby; the second is a juvenile to first phase/female wrasse, likely a Paracheilinus species, possibly P. filamentosus, though there are
other species found in Sulawesi. The last fish is a Gerrid, likely Gerres acinaces, the Longtail Silver Biddy; though the fish is a little off... this appears to be a night dive shot. Cheers, Bob Fenner>
thank you!

A Quick Response Appreciated!! (Sand-Sifting Goby) - 12/11/05 Bullet Goby or Diamond Goby?  Is there a major difference? <<Bullet Goby/Genus - Amblygobius...Diamond Goby/Genus - Valenciennea...similar in habits/feeding.>> I wrote to CREW asking for a recommended critter that would eat algae dust from our sand surface. <<Yes...was I...EricR here again.>> Per your recommendation, was told to get a Bullet Goby. <<Correct>> I sent my husband in search of a Bullet Goby and he came back with 2 small Diamond Gobies, being told they would work equally as well and told we needed more than one because they are small. Tank: 180 gallon. <<Mmm...likely Valenciennea puellaris, the Orange-spotted Goby.  Have had these in the past...can/will do a good job sifting the substrate.  This goby will get large (6" or more), compatibility issues aside, two might be too much for your tank...possibility of not being able to keep both adequately fed.>> Are we ok to add them or should we take them back and hold out to find a Bullet Goby? <<Up to you.  If you like the looks of the Diamond Goby then give it a try...though I'm hesitant to recommend two at this stage.>> Scrambling here, I can't find any differences other than keeping more than one may create an issue, <<Maybe, yes>> thus don't know if I should return both or one, or continue to ready them as new additions to our tank. <<If you decide to add both make sure you do it at the same time, though I would be inclined to only add one of these fish. We house live rock, Naso Tang, Green Bird Wrasse, Fox face, Yellow Tang, Percula Clown, Coral Beauty, Royal Gamma, 3 Blue Damsels, 3 Striped Damsels, 1 Six Line Wrasse and 1 Black Brittle Star along with a host of Crabs that enjoy the night life. Debi Stanley-Viloria Mission Viejo, CA
<<Regards, EricR>>

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