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Takes more than just knowing about husbandry... good people skills are just as important.


LFS Employee Concerned about Manager's Ethics 08/14/2008 Dear WWM Crew, As an enthusiastic aquarist, I took a summer job working at a chain pet store to help others with fish. I've only been working about a month, but I'm frankly alarmed at the ethics of the store manager. It is very clear that he has little experience and knowledge in marine aquariums, yet he insists on stocking extremely delicate specimens in the store. For instance, he has Tridacna clams under a single freshwater Gro-lux fluorescent bulb in a 20 gallon tank. Granted, they're Tridacna derasa, but I believe that they're still severely under lit. Also, he obtained a species of Nudibranch that he has labeled "Greek Goddess snail", which I feel is a gross error, especially after reading through your Nudibranch articles and FAQs. I could go on from there (placing a reef lobster into the same tank as a porcupine puffer despite my questioning his judgment), but, to top it off, I've seen him sell "black-slime" and "hair-algae" covered rock as live rock, despite having lost its "liveliness" when a fellow employee washed and scrubbed them under hot tap water. I tried to speak out against it to which he replied to me that I should go work someplace else that sells what I would consider live rock. I'm aware that each of these animals that fall into his misguided hands is collected from the oceans and has an impact on the ecosystem. My concern isn't at all with losing my job, since I have to leave anyway to continue professional school. Rather, I'm more concerned about how to get him to see that he needs to use better judgment and ethics when dealing with marine animals. The problem is that he's rather stubborn and believes that his methods work in making a sale. However, if he can't even keep a collection of tomato clowns alive for one week, I personally think he should quit trying to offer marine livestock. Is there any way I can convince him or maybe even organize a boycott? I'm looking for some advice on how to best approach this situation. Sincerely, James K <<Thanks for the ummm "rant"...he he he...Its always hard when looking from the outside in, onto shop situations on how some certain chain stores handle / order / sell livestock, whether it be marine or fresh, whichever. Unless you have a store manager who's best interests are with the wellbeing of the stock, and not the profits, your work is pretty much cut out to get these people to change their ways. It's pretty sickening sometimes to see the conditions which stock is housed and how its labeled / sold. What can we do? Well, we have some choices, as I see it. We either boycott the store and provide an explanation to the store owner as to why you want people to boycott the store...We help them, teach them to understand whats happening, and what needs changing....or we simply turn our backs.... Personally, I would always choose the help / learn route. Help this / these people to understand the stock they are keeping....Provide web links / info sheets etc etc. Then, if after you have tried all aspects of this route, and they still don't listen, at least you can be satisfied in yourself that you tried your best... Good luck....A Nixon>>

Personal... Personnel, pet-fish... Qatar! 9/13/07 Dear Wet Web Media Crew, My name is Tariq I'm from Qatar Arabian gulf. Could you tell me where is the best place to find professional and pros for my business I need a manager for the store and another for the service section I also need some other staff I will be more than pleased to hear from you soon. <Mmm... don't know much about Qatar... are there classifieds in pet business journals there? Bob Fenner>

Re: personal, Personnel, Qatar  -- 09/14/07 Dear Bob, What I meant is I need personal from the State or Europe I could get people from Asia but they are more as fish breeders and suppliers not managers. Thanks for reply Tariq <Do you want to post your email here? We have 20 plus thousand readers per day... This and a placement in a trade magazine like Pet Business... Classifieds in the back... Bob Fenner>

Job Opportunity Bob, I am sitting here waiting for fish to finish dripping (been working 16.5 hours so far today with another hour or so to go- thank goodness I love this industry or I'd be dead by now!), passing the time by finally taking a good look at your site. EXCELLENT INFORMATION!!  <Thank you Mary> I came across your "jobs in the industry" section and thought I'd throw this out. I would really like to hire a good salesperson for Marine Specialties International. I'm not desperate, so I can afford to take the time to find the right person for the job- plus I'm a really picky control freak when it comes to my business!. As you know, we are a Los Angeles area import/wholesale facility, so job duties would be hitting the phones and rounding up more customers for our growing business. I really hate cold calling (put in 4 years of my life doing that for other companies!), but we've expanded to the point where we need to bring in some new customers. If anyone is interested, they can learn more about our company at www.reefsource.com and can contact me directly at reef_education@hotmail.com. Thanks for being you, Bob! Mary Middlebrook Owner- Marine Specialties International <Will post on the Daily then onto other FAQs areas on WWM. Be chatting my friend and associate. Bob Fenner>

Pacific Aqua Farms I read this on your site: Does Walt Smith need a Network Engineer/Programmer/System Administrator? <Actually yes... for his new operation (Pacific Aqua Farms) in Los Angeles...> Can you send me his info? I'm an IT guy and would love to work/contract for someone "in the trade". <I will Bcc your message along to Walt for his response. Thanks for your interest. Bob Fenner>

Work/training period in aquaculture I thank you for your answer. In connection with your e-mail about my interest in organism. To answer you I would like to work in reef fish production for the aquariology. I have not got specific choice of species , but I prefer to work with reef tropical fish which come from tropical area. Concerning this area I prefer to work with species which come from Antilles sea or Red sea and especially with angel fish. I hope you understand my wishes concerning your answer. Your faithfully Arnaud Blanchard <Mmm, many possibilities here... You're aware of the captive breeding of Red Sea Angelfishes going on in the orient? And the attempts at rearing more expensive species, including pomacanthids, in the gathering of larvae, juvenile fishes in Polynesia? Will post your message on my site in the hopes that others might aid your interests. Bob Fenner>


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