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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Urgent Anemone/Stichodactyla Health 6/29/10
Two days ago I bought a carpet anemone from Pet Co. I didn't plan on buying it but I felt really bad for it.
<What an "Angel" you are.>
The conditions at Pet Co are absolutely horrible for anything especially corals and anemones.
<This alone should have convinced you not to buy it.>
<<RMF urges all who are outraged to write PetCo corporate re the inclusion of this species in their livestock assortment. Totally inappropriate>>
Anyways, I'm attaching a few pictures and possibly you can help me out. The color is a sea foam green, very light. I'm assuming it's bleached but not 100% sure. I've never seen a healthy anemone this light before. I have had anemones for over 10 years and currently I have this anemone in the same (but opposite sides) of my 210 gallon tank as I have my Saddle Carpet Anemone. My saddle is 7 years old (I've had it in my tank for 7 years).
<Very good to hear this. Most do not survive a year.>
Anyways, I'm thinking my new anemone is also a saddle due to the stripes and there's also a brownish circle around it's mouth.
<Likely a Haddoni.><<Is>>
It's foot attaches barely to the rocks, I have tried to dig the sand out so it can attach to the bare bottom but it hasn't yet. The mouth doesn't close as tight as I want it to but does open and close, stingers are fine, very sticky.
<A good sign.>
The guy at Pet Co said he had eaten only a few hours before I came in, I'm assuming he lied or the anemone had spit it out because I couldn't see any food through it's white base as I should be able to since it's so translucent. So, I've tried feeding it yesterday and again today, it acts as normal... grabs the food and leads it to it's mouth but doesn't consume it. Within 30 minutes, the food is let go and drifts away. Any advice as to keeping this wonderful creature alive would be helpful. Hopefully this wasn't a waste of $65 and a waste of a perfect anemone that probably woulda have lived hundreds of years if left untouched.
<I'm hoping you didn't waste your money, but it doesn't look good. The photos are too blurry to be of much use and the file size is too large, but it does appear there are traces of Zooxanthellae present so there is some hope.
I would not attempt to feed again until the anemone gets anchored, as they generally will not take in food until then. Obviously you have the necessary lighting and skill, or you would not have had the luck you have had with your present Saddle Anemone. I would leave be and keep a close eye on it and hopefully the Zooxanthellae will increase along with it's health. Do inspect the oral cavity daily, a gaping mouth is a sign of poor health and almost certain doom. If you have the option of returning it, do it.>
Thanks for your time,
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>
Ps. It does open up, it's not always closed up like the pictures show. The flesh is white with a very subtle pink tone, no brown at all that I see.
<Mmm, keep your fingers crossed.>
Re Urgent Anemone/Stichodactyla Health 6/29/10
Sorry about the pictures,
<Angel, do not send large files, takes up too much room on our server.
Best to resize to a couple of hundred KB before sending.>
I just took more and I think they are more clear.
<One of them isn't bad, but too large, I have to scroll around just to see different areas of the picture.>
I have a few shots of the mouth too which slightly alarms me as my other carpet's mouth is normally more fleshy (puffy) when open.
<Doesn't look good.>
And yes, I shouldn't have bought it this I know but couldn't just leave it there to die. I actually went there, saw it..kept thinking of it till the following day I went back and bought it. I have a soft spot of anemones and figured if anyone can save it it should be me.
<I don't think paying 65 bucks to watch an anemone die is much of a deal.
You are eating Petco's would be loss.>
I'm also attaching a picture of my 7 year old saddle, it's 22 inches across. Oh and pretty creepy, as soon as I sent you the last email, he attached lol.
<Well, hope for the best, expect the worse. The anemone actually looks a little worse/more bleached in these photos.>
Thanks again for your help
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

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