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FAQs about Seahares, Suborder Anaspidea, Reproduction

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Doesn't fit any Spaghetti Worm Description   7/11/11
It's in a glass. I took it, and another each day for 4 days from my saltwater aquarium. It looks like cooked spaghetti, sticks to the glass and is not the fine stuff referred to all over the web. It's the same size as real spaghetti. What is it?
<Likely an egg mass... from some species of Gastropod... Do see here:
and the next linked file in the series. Bob Fenner>

Re: Doesn't fit any Spaghetti Worm Description   7/12/11
I recently got 2 Sea Hares. They were "snuggled up" to each other for awhile.
<Ahh! Yes! Aplysiid spawn it is!>
Hmmmm. Well, I thought I had some new type of worms and took them out.
Thanks. You guys always have the best answers!
<A vivid imagination will get you by at times! Cheers, BobF>

Do you want to post this on WWM? Dolabella auricularia, repro.  3/29/2010
Here are photos of what I have decided at Sea Hare eggs and the lovely lady that laid them. The Sea Hare is a Dolabella auricularia, which I bought through Saltwaterfish.com. Use them in an ID forum if you want to. IF not, delete them - just trying to be helpful! Jeanne Warner
<Thank you for sharing Jeanne. Will post with credit to you. Bob Fenner>

Hare and egg strings

Help ID Tank Spaghetti  11/14/08 Dear Crew, <Hello Andy.> It's been a long time since I rapped at you. I've been out of the loop because my tank crashed in September and I haven't had much to write about <Sorry to hear about that.> -my only inhabitants are a Kole Tang, a Sea Hare (Aplysia californica) that I borrowed from my LFS to deal with the incredible amount of algae that plagued my tank after the crash from (I assume) all the nutrients that were released when $3k worth of fish and coral disintegrated, and a bunch of hermits and snails. I know this Sea Hare is a temperate water species and will eventually starve in my tank, which is why I borrowed it rather than purchased it--I needed something big to eat an incredible amount of algae. Anyway, as I mentioned there is very little in my tank--I am letting my tank settle/re-mature and don't want to load it up with any fish for a few months. Almost nothing survived the crash, so almost all life other than the above is new that came in on a few new pieces of LR and some bristleworms, etc. that I transferred from my other tank. So, imagine my surprise when I found the attached on the underside of a piece of live rock tonight. This mass looks like a handful of spaghetti (same thickness and about 4" in diameter). It appears to be some type of egg mass, but the only thing that could have deposited it is the Sea Hare. Am I right on this? <Absolutely. These are sea hare eggs. Thanks for sharing. Do you know the National Resource for Aplysia at the University of Miami? You'll find information on the lifecycle, larval stages there. Rearing procedures are also briefly described on their website http://aplysia.miami.edu.> Thanks! Andy
<Welcome. Marco.>

Help ID Tank Spaghetti II  11/14/08 Wow, thanks Marco. Does this mean I'm going to have 8 million Sea Hares in my tank? <No, are they fertilized at all? I thought you only got a single specimen.> In the normal tank, would most get eaten by fish, corals, etc? <Even if you had two and the eggs were fertilized, few would have a chance. Not all would be eaten, the rest would be filtered, skimmed. If you want to raise sea hares you need at least two, and contact the National Resource for Aplysia and see their site for Aplysia production.> Thanks again. Andy. <Cheers, Marco.>

Help ID Tank Spaghetti III  11/14/08 I assume they are not fertilized--I have only one specimen, and I have had it for 4 weeks or so. I have no interest in raising Sea Hares. Thanks for your help. <Welcome. Marco.>

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